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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    What would you do ?????

    smadso in Internet Marketing

    hi everyone Im new to the forum and would like to say hello to everyone and to pose this question. if you had unlimited amount of traffic what would you ... [read more]

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    How to Sell Articles Direct?

    eQuus in Internet Marketing

    I'm thinking of selling original articles from a web page or a blog direct to buyers instead of going through content outlets, and I have two questions: 1) how to ... [read more]

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    Question About EzineArticle's Most Viewed Section

    enigmanic in Internet Marketing

    Has EzineArticles recently changed their rules for the most viewed section? I have an article that's a little over 400 words, written about 45 days ago, that has gotten over ... [read more]

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    Survey Results- What Site Elements Influence Customers to Buy

    I posted yesterday that I thought my website design was losing me sales and needed revamping. I thought as long as I'm at it I should shoot a survey to ... [read more]

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    Blogs/Adsense as an Article/Affiliate maketer?

    Hello Warriors, As a newbie Article Writer/Affiliate Marketer,how can one employ free blogs and Adsense maximizing earning potential? Thanks.

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    Posting the same article on Multiple directories

    Whats the deal with this? Should I post the same exact article to multiple directories / social bookmarking sites, etc. Or is this a big waste of time. Im looking ... [read more]

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    Curiouser and curiouser

    rosetrees in Internet Marketing

    Someone left a comment on one of my blogs a few weeks ago. Since then, approximately every two hours throughout the day he does a Google search for his own ... [read more]

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    AdWords/Yahoo/MSN Tool Needed, Any ideas?

    Is there a tool out there that will tell me or give me an estimate of what competitors are bidding in certain keywords on Google or Yahoo/MSN?

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    ScreenFlow Question :-)

    Hey warriors, I use Screenflow but one thing I want to now what to do is... How do I blank out certain area's? ie: clickbank transactions?? All help is appreciated ... [read more]

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    How Will Affiliate, Online Sales Taxes Affect You?

    ristvin in Internet Marketing

    I'm situated here in Colorado... As you might know, Colorado passed an online affiliate sales tax law (HB 1193) earlier this year and Amazon and many other affiliate programs that ... [read more]

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    Social Media Marketing: Is it really clever to connect with "gurus"?

    taffie in Internet Marketing

    Social media has created a big buzz and looks like it will continue to do so for the unforseeable future. Question however is, is it really clever to add gurus ... [read more]

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    What's the smartest way to switch domain names without screwing it all up??

    Hey everybody, I'm new here so go easy on me. I have a Google Sniper wordpress site and I have posts/backlinks/etc. It's not ranking well & I've found a much ... [read more]

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    Huh, anyone participating in such partnerships?

    Dmitry in Internet Marketing

    Hey there... This just stroke me reading the forum. There are a lot of folks who seem to have a nice general idea of making money online and are actually ... [read more]

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    Where can I get one of those cool "red-to-green" order buttons?

    BillyBee in Internet Marketing

    You know that style of order button that goes from red to green when your mouse hovers over it? Do you know where I can get those?

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    Can I get some advice please... Starting own Affiliate Network

    LMC in Internet Marketing

    Hello Everyone, So after much consideration I have decided that I'm interested in setting up my own affiliate network... yea, another Clickbank on the market. However, a much different one. ... [read more]

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    How to find an Email Marketing Guru... the dummy asked?

    Dmitry in Internet Marketing

    Google? Yellow pages? No, of course not! The WarriorForum! So hey forum, Who would you consider to be the expert on email marketing? The person who constantly tests and shares ... [read more]

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    Looking For An Affiliate Company Better Than..

    Hey Warriors, I'm in search of an all round product company with a good affiliate program. Ie Clickbank but with every physical product. I've been using eBay partner network but ... [read more]

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    I Need Help With Traffic - Now!

    grosvenor in Internet Marketing

    I have been struggling to attract traffic to my website for a long time now and I really need help from some of you experienced folks. I have got a ... [read more]

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    Study - People More Likely to Buy After Reading Article than Email or PPC

    mikemac1 in Internet Marketing

    Interesting study that was commissioned by, which is a article driven advertising site, so that might make the study seemed biased, you'll have to draw your own conclusions but ... [read more]

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    Blogger Question?

    tjp33 in Internet Marketing

    I created a blogger blog for a specific niche keyword and will be using that blog to sell affiliate products. But if I target a TOTALLY different niche, does that ... [read more]

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    Meta tag and snip it description...How do you

    newpatch in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I finished my first worpress website on my niche. I started it a week ago and today I added it to google analytics and submitted a site map. Much ... [read more]

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    What info shows up in a Mailchimp email footer?

    What info shows up in a Mailchimp email footer? I am starting a mailchimp account and would prefer not to have personal information displayed. Does anybody know? I am new ... [read more]

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    What the most unusual item you'll sold online

    Tomwood in Internet Marketing

    I have sold some pretty unusual items online including Lunar Land when I first start in IM sold some lunar real estate I don't know if came with planning permission ... [read more]

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    Embed Audio in Wordpress

    Hey Sorry about such a novice question, but how would I embed an audio player into a self hosted word press blog? I have used Impact Web Audio in the ... [read more]

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    Does anybody know of a good free email marketing basics guide?

    Does anybody know of a good free email marketing basics guide? I have searched, but everything I have found is a bit on the vague side. Thanks in advance...

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    Keep Getting Hacked

    2gts in Internet Marketing

    I need your guys help... My site is continuously getting hacked. The hackers are getting in and changing the home page to redirect to this anadian-discount-pharmacy- removed the com I ... [read more]

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    Video submission sites are there any do follow ones left

    kimkitch in Internet Marketing

    I have just spent the last 4 hours checking out video submission sites to try and find any that would accept my video. The problem i have is that I ... [read more]

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    Quitting Internet marketing For 3 Months - Warriors i need you help...Suggest me further -Look here

    yodhudu98 in Internet Marketing

    Hey warriors, Basically Google shuts my money making blog and i have no time to make another one... I am decided to quit internet marketing for three months, my mom ... [read more]

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    What methods should I use?

    I'm finishing up my ebook and membership site and want to know what you suggestions you all have for how I should market this. I have very little money to ... [read more]

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    So, How Do You DO Yours? :)

    Howdy. Whilst sitting in the bath this morning and taking some time to relax I was pondering over the term leverage, and of course what this means to internet marketing. ... [read more]

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    Opt-in form RIGHT BEFORE checkout page

    Hello warriors, I know some gurus place an Aweber opt-in form between the sales page and the checkout payment page. I guess to send emails to those who fail to ... [read more]

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    Please help me.

    Adriaan in Internet Marketing

    Good day My name is Adriaan Louw, and I have Bipolar Disorder, severe depression and social phobia. I've been trying to earn a full time online income for quite some ... [read more]

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    Warriors..What Do You Think This Domain Worth?

    A Bary in Internet Marketing

    Hello Warriors.. I am talking about : What does it worth in your opinion (it has been created back in 2004) A Bary

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    No One Knows? Really?

    Hi Warriors, I REALLY need your help. Please? I know someone out there has to know how to do what I'm needing to do. Please tell me how. I've been ... [read more]

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    Does doing a subdomain redirect cloack my traffic source?

    I was wondering if i do a subdomain in hostgator then do a redirect to the offer page does that cloack my traffic soure? Some people say yes some say ... [read more]

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    What CRM to use?

    Hi all. I currently use Basecamp from 37Signals to manage web projects and work with outsources, and like giving a client access to see their project. I have a question ... [read more]

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    More Blogs or More Traffic? Or Both?

    Hi Warriors, I have got about 10 niche sites and they are all promoting well-searched brand names. Each sites brings about 15-20 unique visitors a day (yeah I know, it ... [read more]

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    Uber Noob question. How to set up email from Hosgator

    racso316 in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys, just wanted to know how do I set up my email address from my site From Hostgator and how to manage it, write email, reply, forward, etc. I ... [read more]

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    Who does video sales letter critiques?

    Hi guys, I've seen some WSOs over the years by copywriters offering to do a video critique of your salesletter for you, but I'm having trouble digging up any of ... [read more]

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    Problems with autoresponder

    I'm going to sound a bit like a noob, so I apologize. However, I really don't understand how to correct the issue I'm experiencing and would greatly appreciate any help ... [read more]

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    Anyone seen a date script that will do this?

    ronr in Internet Marketing

    I've used date scripts in the past that allow you to show a date on a web page so many days in advance and will keep rolling over to the ... [read more]

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    DaWarrior in Internet Marketing

    Anyone get banned from adsense/etc... for using wp-robot? I guess the key concept is to have auto blogs generated very slowly?

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    Free + Shipping ???

    Doug88 in Internet Marketing

    I keep getting mixed reviews about whether or not you are still aloud to offer free + shipping trials. Does anyone know what the rules are with this? It seems ... [read more]

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    Aweber Is Such A Screwed...

    I was testing some broadcasting emails headlines and it somehow got backfired. And out of nowhere, aweber sent me an email (you can see the email optin right below... It ... [read more]

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    Custom vBulletin 4 Theme Designers Recommendation

    I'm looking for a designer who is very talented in designing custom vBulletin 4 themes around a specific niche. It's not internet marketing related but I wanted to inquire if ... [read more]

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    Do you know another payment method on ebay?

    e-service in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I have a business on ebay, I want to sell some themes , sofwares on ebay. I am from Vietnam, I don't want to use paypal payment because they ... [read more]

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    Autoresponder Switch - Which one should you choose?

    Hey guys, would like to ask for your opinion.. Just yesterday, as previously mentioned in the other thread, I've gotten my aweber slap and they forced me to double opt ... [read more]

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    Sorting Autoresponder Lists

    Hi, I was wondering if there was some good info about how exactly to optimize your autoresponder and sort your leads. Some of the things I want to be able ... [read more]

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    What's Your Profitable Traffic?

    Notitia in Internet Marketing

    Just curious what people will say - so we all know that traffic is king, blah blah blah, but I'm curious what types of traffic people find most profitable in ... [read more]

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    We want to start an affiliate program to sell our product

    drmurray in Internet Marketing

    Hello I am a co-owner of a small group of entrepreneurs who have designed and patented a product that we would like to sell on the internet. I am exploring ... [read more]

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    Domain Age Question

    bgan10 in Internet Marketing

    Hey, Did a search but couldn't find much on this in particular. How is domain age calculated: If a domain was registered at godaddy in 2002 but hasn't had any ... [read more]

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    What happened to "Google insights for search"?

    THK in Internet Marketing

    Can anyone see the page? When I go to the site, I see a blank page. It has been like that for several days now. Does anyone know what's going ... [read more]

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    Is there a way to turn this experience into profits?

    I have been working in the cellular industry for nearly 10 years, and even now, am working for a regional cellular provider. I have done some light technical work, but, ... [read more]

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    Make 1 big article directory, or smaller topic-directories?

    Chris- in Internet Marketing

    Everything else being equal, do you think one big article-directory would earn (AdSense etc.) more or less than the exact same content divided into smaller topic-orientated specialist article-directories such as ... [read more]

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    Looking for Custom Blog

    nofearman in Internet Marketing

    Need a custom blog for the Internet Marketing Consultant niche. I asked several of the Blog designers in the Sites for Salesection but no one is doing custom blogs. Seems ... [read more]

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    Have 13 One Word Domains - Need Help

    keadams26 in Internet Marketing

    I have 13 domain names that are of the 1 word variety. Granted, only 3 are .coms and the rest are .orgs and .nets. Anyway, I want to sell them ... [read more]