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    Warriors .... Warriors.... what would you like to LEARN? STICKY

    Good Morning awesome Warriors... I'm happy to announce that The Warrior Forum is planning to create our first COURSE. Yes... Powered by Warrior Wisdom... yeah!! Made at home. But before ... [read more]

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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Youtube cc transcription beta! And a good laugh :-)

    Youtube released a new feature for transcribing videos on screen... Cool idea right? Its a beta using Google's voice recognition technology which is one of the least accurate I have ... [read more]

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    I am happy! My first Amazon commission.

    NMP in Internet Marketing

    I been promoting Gas Grills for a month and really never made any progress. Maybe off season. However I left the site and today I had a $359 sale. Since ... [read more]

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    Need Your Help on Dating Scripts

    I am looking for a good dating script for a niche dating website that I want to build. I am aware that dating industry can be brutal because of the ... [read more]

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    If i provide a service...

    GeorgR. in Internet Marketing

    what would be the best place to advertise this? Say for article submission. WSO forum? Classifieds? Warriors For Hire? thanks, G.

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    Open Office - How To Hyperlink Table Of Contents Pages?

    halfpoint in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys, I know there is a way to do this but I can't seem to figure out how. In Open Office, how do you hyperlink each category in your ... [read more]

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    Offline Marketing for registering marks company

    Cringer in Internet Marketing

    Hi all, I'm looking for ideas on how a company that registers trade marks might actively look to promote their services via offline marketing. I thought things like tradeshows - ... [read more]

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    Is anyone else having an Internal Server Error with Hostgator?

    I contacted hostgator and they told me they are fully aware of this error. Is anyone else having trouble with their websites?

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    List of buyers = responsive list?

    Vanquish in Internet Marketing

    Hey for those of you who have really responsive lists do you start your sales funnel at the 7-10 dollar range and then move itu p to 37/47 when a ... [read more]

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    Great Domain Names Are Still Available

    Hi folks Well I wish the sellers of domain names on the forum all the best of course. Now Warriors, just one small example of the fact that with research, ... [read more]

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    Anyone using Stumbleupon?

    Hey Warriors, I was just wondering if any of you used Stumbleupon to drive traffic? I was thinking of doing a project revolved around Stumbleupon, but it'd be nice to ... [read more]

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    How would YOU make a small foundation big?

    Hi guys, Imagine the following scenario: You want to start a foundation, I won't elaborate on the goal here, but it's something huge. Putting your own money in (unless you've ... [read more]

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    JKMiller in Internet Marketing

    Hi my name is Jamie, and I am new to the Warrior Forum. I have been doing affiliate marketing now for about 6 months. My first course I purchased to ... [read more]

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    "Refunder Island...?"

    I wish there was an island that refunders would have to go to. It would be a nice place, tropical, full of fruit and animals to eat. But there would ... [read more]

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    Amount of work to change Wordpress theme?

    I've been doing some research into which WordPress theme to go with, (Thesis, Headway, Frugal, etc)... I've narrowed it down (for me) to either Headway or Frugal, but it occurred ... [read more]

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    Niche marketing and .ca domains??

    Hey everyone, we all know that the domain plays a big role in search engine rankings, at least for low competition keywords. This is my question: Does a .ca domain ... [read more]

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    What do you think of sites like this?

    Slin in Internet Marketing

    While designing my new site I realized most clickbank products have the one site layout. In other words one long salespage and some contact information at the bottom. So far ... [read more]

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    How do I promote my business online or even offline?

    JohnATX in Internet Marketing

    I would love to get more business! As you can imagine. However, I'm not really sure how to go about marketing my business online or offline and would really appreciate ... [read more]

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    All In One SEO-pack suddenly stopped working for my blog..need help

    I installed All In One SEO Pack but it's not working anymore. It worked for the first few posts, but suddenly it stopped working. I'll try to explain the problem ... [read more]

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    Video Hosting for Advertising and Infomercials...

    Talltom1 in Internet Marketing

    Hey Everybody, I'm looking for suggestions and recommendations for a place to host videos and infomercials that I want to create this year for my various websites. Many of the ... [read more]

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    War room question

    TCrosby in Internet Marketing

    I have a question about the war room, which I plan on joining, but want to wait til I finish a project or two so I don't get distracted in ... [read more]

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    Can You Define "Blueprint" for me, please?

    RentItNow in Internet Marketing

    I think marketing a product has a huge semantic component to it. I want to sell a small info product to a very niche market that will explain (reveal) many ... [read more]

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    "WTF" email subject, what are they thinking?

    ozduc in Internet Marketing

    I received an email from a marketer who's list I am on (sorry, was on. I unsubscribed) and the subject line was "WTF?" Now I don't know about you but ... [read more]

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    Giveaway question

    dwatrous in Internet Marketing

    I've recently conducted a survey and had some giveaways that were part of it. In the survey the person had to provide an email address, but not a full address. ... [read more]

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    Raygun in Internet Marketing

    I am getting one of ebooks proofed by a friend right now who is very good at grammar and really understands the fundamentals of the English language. The problem is, ... [read more]

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    Wrote the Opt In Report - Now What?

    I just wrote an opt in report for one of my sites. I put it in PDF format. I have my autoresponder set up also. I am unsure of my ... [read more]

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    Relax Everyone! Nothing Has Died!

    laurenceh in Internet Marketing

    I have noticed recently some rather panicked threads suggesting that various strategies within Internet Marketing have “croaked” so to speak. “Article marketing is dead!” “CPA re-bills are no longer effective”, ... [read more]

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    Is anyone selling to offline spanish business owners?

    I'm in Bogota, Colombia and went to a expo convention this weekend and there were 3 companies offering website, seo services, and google advertising. What surprised me is that they ... [read more]

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    GoDaddy coupon codes

    RWilt in Internet Marketing

    Found these today on Fat Wallet... cjc749fat - $7.49 .COMs (exp 3/31/10) cjcfat30 - $5 Off w/ $30 Purchase (exp 3/31/10) cjcfat50 - $10 Off w/ $50 Purchase (exp 3/31/10) ... [read more]

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    Make Money This Week

    Tmilli in Internet Marketing

    I have set it as a goal this week to make SOMETHING online. have spent a lot of time, money and effort on IM so far and have never seen ... [read more]

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    rss mashing and blending- How This Works?

    Hey warriors, came across this phrase when searching more about RSS feeds. Anyone have an idea what this means? -Matias

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    EZA - New Feature - Lazer Targeted Titles

    quamism in Internet Marketing

    I just got an e-mail yesterday about this and I'm wondering what everyone's feedback is on the new feature. I logged into my account and looked up the proposed titles ... [read more]

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    Your Favourite Email Checking System? (the future of list building?)

    Hi Everyone! I have been wondering for a while - how do people prefer to check their emails. I have a sneaking suspicion that some email systems and devices put ... [read more]

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    Careful with your WP Blog themes: Check yours now.

    Hey Guys, Just thought I'd pass this on because I've seen it happening on some of our clients blogs and noticed it's more common than you'd think. It applies to ... [read more]

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    Free Web Submission- How it could be helpful for me?

    When I was submitting my article to goarticles, I saw a link pointing to Free Web Submission: Free Search Engine Submission and Site Promotion. The site offers free web submission ... [read more]

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    Will smart phones mean the end of email marketing?

    BillyBee in Internet Marketing

    It's clear that pretty much everyone will have a smart phone in the next few years. Which means people won't be chained to their desktop computers or laptops to read ... [read more]

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    Crazy Inconsistencies

    Kenster in Internet Marketing

    I like to diligently track everything I do online. Sometimes I look at my tracking data and find the most inconsistent and unexplainable data that fluctuates insanely. Dont you think ... [read more]

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    How does amazon Justify this?

    sloanjim in Internet Marketing

    Hi I looked at a book Tim Feris was promoting on it was just $17 so I went to and it was £19....WTF is going on here? I ... [read more]

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    Sell an IPhone for £1000 (=$1500) ??!

    Just seen this on ebay: Brand New Apple iPhone 3GS Black (16GB) Cell Phone on eBay (end time 09-Mar-10 16:44:17 GMT) Why is it selling for such a high price, ... [read more]

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    Email template to make money now

    I'd like to share a an email template you can use to email your list and make money with today. It's an email template for selling your own product and ... [read more]

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    My Internet Marketing experience 3 years Later

    Warriors! It has been close to 3 years now and I have a ton to look at in retrospect when it comes to internet marketing. Over the years, I have ... [read more]

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    Who gets the Cickbank sale?

    bertuseng in Internet Marketing

    If someone stumbles upon my sales page via Google etc without an affiliate link and buys. Who gets the commission? Does €lickbank get this or me or some unknown affiliate. ... [read more]

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    why my website shows moniker's parked page?

    I bought a domain and changed the DNS and everything to my hosting and created a nice website with around 5 pages. Most of the Times when i type my ... [read more]

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    help with clickbank

    TheKing in Internet Marketing

    Hello i created one landing page to promote a product.When i open my hoplink ( which provided by click ) it takes me to another site...i want to generate a ... [read more]

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    What steps am I missing for sales page launch?

    edd666666 in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I need help determining the steps that remain to get a website up and running, given that I have all the individual pieces needed on the site ready. The ... [read more]

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    how can i deliver ebooks after cpa offer submitted?

    monitorit in Internet Marketing

    I am looking for a cheap and effective way of delivering ebooks to people after they complete a cpa offer im running. I am open to suggestions. Thanks Alan

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    100 Uniques Per Day, How Would You Get?

    For Sure in Internet Marketing

    Hello everybody, I've launched a new website few weeks ago and I am getting about 20 or 30 unique visitors per day. According to Google Analytics the conversion rate of ... [read more]

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    How to Make Serious Affiliate Money in 14 Steps

    How to Make Serious Affiliate Money in 14 Steps Affiliate marketing can be one of the easiest ways to make money on line. If you want to make serious affiliate ... [read more]

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    Can anybody suggest a good autoresponder series writing course?

    Hey Warriors, as per the title of this thread does anybody have any suggestions? I'm not looking for anything in regards to getting my emails read, I already understand all ... [read more]

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    Anyone Else Tired of Windows 7 Permission Crap!

    ronr in Internet Marketing

    Anyone else sick and tired of the Windows 7 permissions crap? Trying to do normal things like change a folder, download a fie etc. sometimes meets with some version of ... [read more]

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    My kid may quit her job to become a 'BUM' marketer...yikes!!

    gjabiz in Internet Marketing

    Hey, back in the day I used to win all kinds of contests, even had a subscription to a newsletter called The Contest Newsletter. Boy did they make the money. ... [read more]

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    Tracking and Analytics - A Better Way?

    R.Rapp in Internet Marketing

    Hi all, I feel like I'm missing something obvious here, so I thought I would take a moment to gather some other opinions - sometimes you cant see the forest ... [read more]

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    Big Number 100!

    RyanT in Internet Marketing

    Hey warriors! Well this is the big 100th post! YAY I want to start this post out by saying thank you to every single one of you. I have gotten ... [read more]

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    Search Volume

    CarloD. in Internet Marketing

    Hey All, I was doing some research as I do daily finding keywords and domains... I Use the Google Keyword Tool, and have Keyword Elite 2.0. The results are always ... [read more]

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    Best Practices for Paying Affiliate Bonuses

    Jay F in Internet Marketing

    I've been thinking about my launch plan for my first clickbank product. I want to be sure and attract affiliates, so I have been considering paying a bonus for the ... [read more]

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    changes to XP - any thoughts about how this will effect us?

    I found this article on the BBC news website - is anyone up to speed with ti already...? BBC News - Hard drive evolution could hit Microsoft XP users