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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    What's the best option for creating a forum?

    I want to add a forum to one of my websites and just want to get some opinions of what is the best way to go about adding one. I ... [read more]

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    ClickBank: Selling Same Products on Own Site?

    rbowen in Internet Marketing

    Does anyone know whether it's OK with ClickBank policy to also sell an eBook that you're offering through ClickBank, on your own site as well, simultaneously? Perhaps if you offer ... [read more]

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    All kinds of things you can say in a book to have reader's participation

    prouser02 in Internet Marketing

    Can some one please share all the things you can write in a EBOOK to have the readers participation. I know some of them are newsletter, polls, Rss feed, subscribe ... [read more]

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    Does CB Auto Approve Additional Products??

    Confused. I just went to add a new product I made to my CB account and it was automatically "Approved" it says. Is this how it normally works? Does someone ... [read more]

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    Secrets to generating 10-20 leads per day with Facebook

    mhobbs25 in Internet Marketing

    According to Alexa, Facebook is the second most popular website next to Google. I researched more and found that around 30% of the global internet subscribers visit Facebook every day. ... [read more]

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    Help Me Make Money Online...

    Hi Warriors, I really want to make online this 2010 and i have plans and i work online for 8 hrs everyday what else do you think am not doing ... [read more]

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    To Domain, or not to domain. Question:

    JTread in Internet Marketing

    For those of you who have many affiliate products across many affiliate networks.. Are you buying domain names for each product? Or are you doing a simple review of 2 ... [read more]

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    An Email List.... Impossible Dream?

    esr in Internet Marketing

    I've read it a million and one times, here and elsewhere online; "To make money online, you need to build a mailing list." I'm writing this post out of total, ... [read more]

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    Squidoo Help

    How do I reorder my content in squidoo?

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    Is There A Way to Get My Article to the Top of Search Engine?

    I often ran across a lot of articles in different article directories that are on the first/top page of the search engines. Thou some of my article are on the ... [read more]

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    All right guys, I'm debating.

    Just bought a brand-new domain name for a blog I'm resurrecting: It used to have a name, but I got the domain from Godaddy and am currently using ... [read more]

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    Free Video on How to Outsource Article Writing & Article Marketing

    BJ Min in Internet Marketing

    Hey Here's a quick video I made to share with you how to outsource. Specifically, I teach you how to find good article writers to outsource article marketing. Basically, here ... [read more]

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    AWeber Trial Period

    SRLee in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warriors, I recently signed up for AWeber with the $1 trial. It's almost ending and I only have 2 non-buying leads. Is it OK to drop the subscription and ... [read more]

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    New Member Here

    fudomyo in Internet Marketing

    Hey folks, I stumbled onto to your forum and liked it so much I became a member. There's some great info and talented people here, I look forward to learning ... [read more]

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    Has Twitter Cracked Down or what?

    I'm curious about whether Twitter has been axing spammers and aggressive marketers in the last two months? I'll admit, I really have not paid attention at all. What I have ... [read more]

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    RAP addon question

    OK, I've gotten my RAP Dimesale Addon all uploaded, registered, etc. Can anyone tell me how to create the buy now link? Thanks.

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    Can anyone refer me to a good logo designer? Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

    JasonP in Internet Marketing

    As title states, I need a logo designed for my business. If anyone knows anyone please send me a PM or post here, thanks

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    How'd they do that?!

    C.T. in Internet Marketing

    Back in November Frank Kern sent out an email that asked his ex-Infomillionaire subscribers to take a survey. In return you would get to watch a special "Prank John Reese" ... [read more]

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    Are there any free Amazon WP autoposters?

    The title says it all. Are there any free plug ins for making an amazon blog?

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    Google Search Bar Help !!!!!!

    dlinden in Internet Marketing

    Fellow warriors I wanted to see how you guys deal with the google search bar when customers start to type in your targeted keyword only to have a bunch of ... [read more]

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    How am I doing so far? (noob!)

    condra in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys. I've been reading a ton of things on this forum for the last few days and have decided to compliment my product sales project with some promo affiliate ... [read more]

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    Getting The Most Out Of Content

    I look at Content different than most . Many will take the time to write, optimize, and submit a 500 word article . Then they might drive a few back ... [read more]

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    do you take any .EDU backlink?

    ok, stumbled upon this .EDU forum/guestbook which has dofollow links: GuestBook of jcoops but, as you can see, it's full of 'spammy' comments/guest-book-entries. So, my question is: as the overall ... [read more]

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    Did The sitebuildElite and GtrendsAssassin Softwares works correctly?

    Did The SitebuilderElite and GtrendsAssassin Clickbank Softwares works correctly for you? Hi, Sitebuilder works for you to make cash automatically with Google adsence, and any affiliate program you want like ... [read more]

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    Is there any free replacement for camtasia?

    AFD in Internet Marketing

    I tried camstudio but the video is jumping... I don't know what's going on but the same thin happens in both computers... I am not ready to buy camtasia yet... ... [read more]

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    Facebook issue

    PhilG in Internet Marketing

    I set up a page for my church as the administrator. The page was created with no issues, but when I went to create a username (vanity url) to make ... [read more]

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    Anyone Have Problems Withdrawing Funds From Alertpay?

    mdotwhite in Internet Marketing

    On February 2, 2010, I requested a bank withdraw from Alertpay for $1,800. As of today I still haven't received the money to my bank account. It's been 10 days ... [read more]

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    Thank U

    VansGroup in Internet Marketing

    Thanks guys for welcoming me at the Warrior Forum, I appreciate it!

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    AVI player with speed control???

    Kurt in Internet Marketing

    Does anyone know of a program that will play AVIs but has a control where they can be sped up a bit? I'd like to be able to adjust the ... [read more]

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    How do I make my sites IPhone compatible?

    Being a bit of a nerd, I was going through "hits" records to a site I'm working on improving. I noticed a browser accessed the site trying to find files ... [read more]

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    Add on domain question(Help)

    I want to have an addon domain to be displayed in the address bar as and not as all the add on domains i add are getting indexed ... [read more]

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    Joint Ventures and Product Launching

    Where can I find more information on how to properly do joint ventures and how to properly launch a product where you can get massive amounts of affiliates to later ... [read more]

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    Autoresponder: Follow Up OR Broadcast

    Melodican in Internet Marketing

    I regularly consult to offline business about how to fully utilize their online strategies to reach the potential of their marketplace and compete with the best. A big part of ... [read more]

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    How do you check stats on an EZA article?

    Hi, everyone, First of all - let me just say that without this forum I wouldn't have been in a place to get my first article published and approved with ... [read more]

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    Effective Preselling

    Biggy Fat in Internet Marketing

    Okay, I am quitting IM. Once and for all. Alright, I kid. But yeah, today I want to ask about preselling. What I wanna do is some simple article marketing, ... [read more]

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    about Twitter?

    I have my new articles tweeting to my twitter account. I am getting other ppl who are linking to follow me. Is it customary to follow them back or do ... [read more]

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    Can I sell a domain here?

    Brotato in Internet Marketing

    All I see is where you can sell sites and services. I have a myspace related pr1 .info that expires in a week or so and would like to sell ... [read more]

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    Looking for a "Gatekeeper" WSO from months ago

    Hello all, There was a WSO a while back that prompts/displays your CPA offer before the user is allowed to access the content of the website. I did a search ... [read more]

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    How do you build your list?

    I am creating a new product and I would like some of your input please. What are ways you use to build your mailing list? Currently I have... 1) Traffic ... [read more]

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    How Slash Your Response Rates Using This Type of Video Technique...

    ... and it's a technique that inspired a rare public rant from me. I know I'm not alone in feeling this way. I got two emails today from well-known marketers. ... [read more]

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    Are you doing this?

    I have noticed a lot lately that I may sign up for "Bubba's Internet Marketing Essentials" and as such I expect to receive offers from Bubba and company. Yet on ... [read more]

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    Making Money as you Meet People

    dvduval in Internet Marketing

    When I think of some of the very best things that happened to me in life, they started as a result of me meeting someone. Back in 2002 I met ... [read more]

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    Micro Niche Sites

    hyperlite in Internet Marketing

    Hey there, Does anyone know of a service, website, or person that builds micro niche sites? I want to get a few of these going and I dont have the ... [read more]

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    Need buyers, not freebie grabbers

    I've executed on the usual advice: set up some sites, gotten some traffic via article marketing, given away free reports, gotten people on a very small autoresponder list (~75 people), ... [read more]

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    Why Do People "Steal"? Do You Protect Your Work As a Vendor?

    Hi, I often see people using paid or given products on wrong basis. Like if you buy a ebook and then share the information. Share bought videos and other stuff. ... [read more]

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    Freelance marketing and sales ideas needed

    Hello everyone! This is my first post on this site but I have been reading the forums for sometime now thanks to my good friend Sean Gallagher. I want to ... [read more]

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    Promoting Youtube Video

    Karamazov in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys, I've been in the video marketing for a week and I wanted to ask the experienced ones for some advice: Is it good to promote the video building ... [read more]

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    one niche or many?

    jp135 in Internet Marketing

    Do you guys like to try and dominate and become an expert in just one niche, womens health for example. or just go for whatever looks like theres money to ... [read more]

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    How Do You View Other Marketers?...Competition Or Colleagues?

    How do you view other marketers?...Competition or colleagues? Do you know Dean Shainin? He's another article marketer. Do you know that selling Dean's products has made me a nice chunk ... [read more]

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    How to Write a Wordpress Blog Post (for beginners & newbies)...

    BJ Min in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys, I recently came back from an internet marketing seminar by Kevin Wilke. From there, everyone was able to get into a mastermind group. After the seminar, our mastermind ... [read more]

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    Any one is promoting big ticket items?

    zoobie in Internet Marketing

    Just wondering if any one is promoting big ticket items? And share your successful experience here!

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    FaceBook I finally did it...

    I finally broke down and Finally got on FaceBook... Now I just need to figure out FaceBook netiquette Has anyone here really been that successful marketing on FaceBook? If so ... [read more]

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    Paid Status

    carpunky in Internet Marketing

    Hi, If i am paying then I am going to be buying most of these WSO's and letting them have it ! I am tired of these rip off thugs ... [read more]

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    Best way to do a redirect?

    Warriors, What's the best way to do a redirect, if (a) I want to track that people are clicking on this page, and (b) I don't want Google to bite ... [read more]

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    Inserting Links in Videos

    I have a few new video landing pages and Im looking for a product that will allow me to add links either inside of the FLA videos or a pop ... [read more]

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    Article Writing Question

    enwereuzo in Internet Marketing

    How many quality article will i write per day to make $100 per day.