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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Making Money as you Meet People

    dvduval in Internet Marketing

    When I think of some of the very best things that happened to me in life, they started as a result of me meeting someone. Back in 2002 I met ... [read more]

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    Micro Niche Sites

    hyperlite in Internet Marketing

    Hey there, Does anyone know of a service, website, or person that builds micro niche sites? I want to get a few of these going and I dont have the ... [read more]

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    Need buyers, not freebie grabbers

    I've executed on the usual advice: set up some sites, gotten some traffic via article marketing, given away free reports, gotten people on a very small autoresponder list (~75 people), ... [read more]

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    Why Do People "Steal"? Do You Protect Your Work As a Vendor?

    Hi, I often see people using paid or given products on wrong basis. Like if you buy a ebook and then share the information. Share bought videos and other stuff. ... [read more]

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    Freelance marketing and sales ideas needed

    Hello everyone! This is my first post on this site but I have been reading the forums for sometime now thanks to my good friend Sean Gallagher. I want to ... [read more]

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    Promoting Youtube Video

    Karamazov in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys, I've been in the video marketing for a week and I wanted to ask the experienced ones for some advice: Is it good to promote the video building ... [read more]

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    one niche or many?

    jp135 in Internet Marketing

    Do you guys like to try and dominate and become an expert in just one niche, womens health for example. or just go for whatever looks like theres money to ... [read more]

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    How Do You View Other Marketers?...Competition Or Colleagues?

    How do you view other marketers?...Competition or colleagues? Do you know Dean Shainin? He's another article marketer. Do you know that selling Dean's products has made me a nice chunk ... [read more]

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    How to Write a Wordpress Blog Post (for beginners & newbies)...

    BJ Min in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys, I recently came back from an internet marketing seminar by Kevin Wilke. From there, everyone was able to get into a mastermind group. After the seminar, our mastermind ... [read more]

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    Any one is promoting big ticket items?

    zoobie in Internet Marketing

    Just wondering if any one is promoting big ticket items? And share your successful experience here!

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    FaceBook I finally did it...

    I finally broke down and Finally got on FaceBook... Now I just need to figure out FaceBook netiquette Has anyone here really been that successful marketing on FaceBook? If so ... [read more]

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    Paid Status

    carpunky in Internet Marketing

    Hi, If i am paying then I am going to be buying most of these WSO's and letting them have it ! I am tired of these rip off thugs ... [read more]

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    Best way to do a redirect?

    Warriors, What's the best way to do a redirect, if (a) I want to track that people are clicking on this page, and (b) I don't want Google to bite ... [read more]

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    Inserting Links in Videos

    I have a few new video landing pages and Im looking for a product that will allow me to add links either inside of the FLA videos or a pop ... [read more]

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    Article Writing Question

    enwereuzo in Internet Marketing

    How many quality article will i write per day to make $100 per day.

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    Get the double post on Google Page 1

    A lot of people I see are only working on 1 of their pages to rank high for their niche keyword but if you do solid backlinking campaign and a ... [read more]

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    Does adding a buying keyword change my keyword research stats?

    If I found a good keyword... Let's just say "blue widgets". This keyword has 5000 searches a month with low competition. If I add the word "buy" and focus all ... [read more]

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    Not an expert or authority

    I'm not an expert or authority, so why would anyone listen to me? I don't have the confidence that I will have anything valuable to say. (Actually, I know a ... [read more]

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    Article views in EZA. Am I missing something?

    Hey guys, Looking for a bit of advice on article marketing please. Here's my question: I was researching the competition in a particular niche I have started working in and ... [read more]

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    O... M... G... Facebook Users Can't Login...

    Check out this article: Facebook Wants to Be Your One True Login Start by reading the comments... Found by way of a Star Trek forum. Apparently (according to this post), ... [read more]

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    Someone with an iPhone...

    I just installed the "wptouch" plugin for wordpress WPtouch: Mobile Plugin + Theme for WordPress BraveNewCode Inc. onto my main blog site. The plugin is to create a 'theme' for ... [read more]

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    Best theme for conduit site

    andr3w84 in Internet Marketing

    For those who have been developing conduit sites, in your opinion which would be the best theme for this sort of sites (regular sites, not blogs)? From what I've researched ... [read more]

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    Where can i get mass control and product launch formula?

    Hi there dear warriors! I'm aware that the courses mass control (frank kern) and product launch formula (jeff walker) have been sold out long time ago. However, I really wana ... [read more]

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    Article Writing - Advice Needed

    dubhdara in Internet Marketing

    I am in need of some "quick money", so I've been hunting down good - and free-to-join - freelance sites for writers. was recommended, as was However, the ... [read more]

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    Why am I not making any money?

    Debster in Internet Marketing

    Hello, I have a couple of sites and I have some really good affiliates. I've used everything from rich jerk to money mavericks, adwords, etc and a lot of other ... [read more]

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    WP autopost plugin pulls from isnare

    Has anybody used the WP autopost plugin from autosubmitarticle(.)com? The site claims it pulls articles from isnare... I was wondering if anyone has used it, and if you would recommend ... [read more]

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    Get more targeted traffic with article marketing.

    petelta in Internet Marketing

    Article marketing is a phenomenal way to drive quick and targeted traffic to your site. We want this targeted traffic because they are more likely to take the action that ... [read more]

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    helper in Internet Marketing

    There is a book that am almost done with and i want to make a 75% commission jv deal with some gurus or should i say people with a lot ... [read more]

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    Looking for a freelance site to use. Considering oDesk. Thoughts/suggestions?

    Hey Guys and Gals, As mentioned, I'm looking for a solid freelance site to find potential service providers. I've registered an account at oDesk so far. Their site looks pretty ... [read more]

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    Squeeze Page, Splash Page, Landing Page - What's the Difference & Which Do You Prefer?

    Are these terms interchangeable or do they each have their own specific meaning/purpose?

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    NON-English Publishing in CreateSpace

    Hi guys Asked this question two weeks ago at CreateSpace but they seem to be very busy Can I publish a non-English written book with them? Anyone with experience with ... [read more]

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    How much do you think this business plan is worth?

    Guys, after 2 years in the business (with men's face exercise products), I've decided to call it a day and just focus my efforts on other avenue's and products that ... [read more]

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    War room - worth my last 40 bucks?

    Hazza88 in Internet Marketing

    Alright so for the last week or so ive been debating wether to purchase access to the war room. The trouble is ive got only got about $50 left to ... [read more]

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    Facebook Ad CTR

    robchuah in Internet Marketing

    I wonder if any one care to share how their ad in Facebook is doing ? People say the typical CTR is 1 to 3 % but I am not ... [read more]

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    Web promotion work information?

    How can i get this work? Presently i am doing this job. I writes articles on various topics, article submission and other. How can i start my own business?

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    Hey Site Flippers, What Do You Think of Flippa's New Format?

    Have you guys seen the new and "improved" display at Here is their blog post about it: Browsing Flippa Listings Just Got Easier | Flippa Blog | Buy & ... [read more]

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    Anyone created VRE sites with Xsitepro2?

    NMP in Internet Marketing

    Hi HVRE orginal template package kinda suck. Or at least I think so. Looks cheap and not very attractive. And I was thinking if you can build templates in xsite2? ... [read more]

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    What's Your Big Picture?

    ShaneRQR in Internet Marketing

    I've been thinking about my marketing approach, lately. I browse several IM forums (too often...) and as I'm sure everyone does, I like to check out what other marketers are ... [read more]

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    Hi everyone, new to Warrior Forum

    karis in Internet Marketing

    Hi all, just wanted to say thanks for giving me the opportunity to join WF. Simply love it here. Also, I was very impressed with the War Room Testimonials. Will ... [read more]

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    Video Recording Settings

    Hey, I am hoping you can shed some light for me :-) I have just noticed that when I have recently recorded a few videos of late that the quality ... [read more]

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    Address In E-mails?

    Gios in Internet Marketing

    Hello there, just wondered if I am required to put an address at the end of my e-letters to subscribers? I notice that many lists I am signed up to ... [read more]

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    What use is collecting information to a business that provides a service?

    Gclunis in Internet Marketing

    My brother currently has his own courier service located in florida and he has someone that runs his website for him. I just visited his website and I started thinking ... [read more]

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    Ethics and Failure

    I have seen some troubling things over the past few months, and I just had to get this off of my chest. If you are not ethical in your business, ... [read more]

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    How do I get my Ezinearticles to always rank on page 1 of Google?

    mrtrance in Internet Marketing

    How does Google deteremine if your Ezinearticle will rank on the first page for your keyword phrase? Is it the title of the article, age of domain and/or article, competition ... [read more]

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    Best hosting company for affiliate marketers?

    I am looking for a hosting company that provides good support and unlimited webites and bandwidth? Would that be hostgator? Also are there any hosting companies that provide seo support?

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    Set Up A Subdomain And Then Redirect Through It

    Hello everyone I was just wondering how you set up a subdomain and then redirect through it well redirecting through it is obvious, it's setting up the subdomain, i just ... [read more]

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    WF iPhone App

    Wouldn't it be great if we had a WP iPhone app? I could answer questions and help out members even on the go! Is anyone currently working on this? Does ... [read more]

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    Advice on creating and marketing an ebook / clickbank product

    JustMint in Internet Marketing

    I've had a good search about here on the forum but can't find exactly what I'm after. A google search reveals tons of people claiming to show how to do ... [read more]

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    How Much Is My Domain Worth?

    Hi all I just got an email from a company who want`s to buy my domain How much is it worth? Any suggestion? Annette.

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    For Those Who Are Struggling To Make Cashola... THIS is Why

    I've been having some interesting conversations lately with struggling IM'ers and one thing has become abundantly clear to me: Most people are generally willing to do almost any "activity" involved ... [read more]

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    Questions regarding autoblog

    Nevermind...I found the answer.

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    Learning Annex "You Can Make $1,396 a Day from Google"

    The Learning Annex just sent me a new course "You Can Make $1,396 a Day from Google" "SEO tricks they don't want you to know...." Reminds me of all the ... [read more]

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    Getting Email ID's

    Hi Has anyone tried an email ID generator like Super Email Harvester. It looks like a great way to build Twitter following for example by Inviting People by Email. Obviousley, ... [read more]

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    I found some COOL and FREE tools while cleaning out my bookmarks

    Corwinnx in Internet Marketing

    So I thought I would share them here for anyone who needs information and free tools. Keyword Research Tools- Keyword research service for search engine placement, Google keyword tracking tools, ... [read more]

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    Need Help On Last Leg Of Home Study Course

    jkelley in Internet Marketing

    Hey warriors, I need your help. I'm currently trying to create a home study course package which includes multiple audio discs, a course manual and software. Here are the 2 ... [read more]

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    Please crtique my lens

    Warriors i have a lens and it gets decent traffic but doesn't convert. I think there is a problem in the way it is written. I just want you to ... [read more]