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    Warriors .... Warriors.... what would you like to LEARN? STICKY

    Good Morning awesome Warriors... I'm happy to announce that The Warrior Forum is planning to create our first COURSE. Yes... Powered by Warrior Wisdom... yeah!! Made at home. But before ... [read more]

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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    How Does This Whole RSS Stuff Work???

    busting in Internet Marketing

    Hey warriors, I read a lot of times that submitting a rss feed to aggregators is great for building backlinks. The problem is that I do not have a clue ... [read more]

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    Cons of a Google pages website?

    Hi Warriors, What are the disadvantages of building backlinks to a website built with Google pages to gain a local search engine presence? My client wants to register/redirect a domain ... [read more]

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    Have you ever paid $97+ for a WSO?

    I've been viewing tons of threads over on the WSO forum, and it looks like most are priced at $20 or below....I can see the strategy behind this....but, I rarely ... [read more]

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    No more Bad News

    I am hereby declaring that I will immediately delete any emails that contain "Bad News" in the subject line, and/or unsubscribe. Of the many hundreds of such emails I've received ... [read more]

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    $0.99 Domain names at Godaddy

    Dherm in Internet Marketing

    If anyone needs a domain name, head over to Godaddy and use the promo code "BOWL2010" (without the "quotes"). Limit 1 per account as usual. Comes out to $1.17 with ... [read more]

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    Affiliate Program

    I know that there are many affiliate programs out there that are making millions for the affilite marketers but I am curious as to what each of you affiliate marketers ... [read more]

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    how do I add video to Wordpress

    danjensen in Internet Marketing

    Guys, I want to add video to wordpress. but at the moment the only way I can do it is to embed Youtube videos. any suggestions on other methods? Thanks

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    What do post counts really mean?

    Post counts are one thing people seem to look at to evaluate a person on any forum. The more you have the better for social proof. If you have a ... [read more]

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    Are you using Paydotcom?

    maksym in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I just have couple questions to those who use Paydotcom merchant service. I am looking for creating merchant over there, but... Their HELP DESK doesn't work, their HELP FORUM ... [read more]

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    Looking for a free Video editor, Cheap ecover needed, I Need 10 low cost articles. I need an wordpre

    KenJ in Internet Marketing

    I just want to put in a shout for planning and budgeting. This is a very boring subject for many. But let me make it exciting for you. I admit ... [read more]

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    Article Marketing or Forum posting

    tush in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warriors, Of late, I have been wondering whether I should write articles or do forum posting depending on ROI Here is why..... My main goal is really to get ... [read more]

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    Magic of Numbers in Advertising

    AndrzejR in Internet Marketing

    I have to prepare composition about a magic of numbers in advertising. I specified: magic prices (edining in "7" and ".99"), limitation of offers' time and cut-prices. And I looking ... [read more]

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    Only 2 posts before setting up a WSO ?

    severt in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys, I just noticed a new WSO was offered by someone who had only 2 posts. They could do this because they upgraded to the "War Room". I'm not ... [read more]

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    Security Software and splyware recommendations?

    Magoo4242 in Internet Marketing

    I need to get some new security software and spyware software on my computer. Looking for recommendations? I would love to know what free stuff is out there that works ... [read more]

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    Free Directory Submission

    Why9999 in Internet Marketing

    Are there any sites that do free article submission? I know there are pay sites out there, but I'm making just shy of nothing on my PR0 site right now ... [read more]

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    First Ever Post...

    Why do some people come here just to promote one program or the other, ask for one funny help or the other without thinking of how other forum members would ... [read more]

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    Just been asked for a review copy - what do I do?

    Hey guys, As the title of this thread reads, Ive just been asked for a review copy of my latest product by someone I dont know for promotional purposes. Im ... [read more]

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    Offline Marketers:I need your input and suggestions.

    hock1 in Internet Marketing

    Ok So I've been reading about offline marketing alot lately and figured it might be something I could get into since I live in a small town So I purchased ... [read more]

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    HELP - Offline Client Wants and Affiliate Program for Their Book / DVD Set

    Tomorrow I'm meeting with a client and they also want to know how I'd set up and manage an affiliate network for them. We need to define the specifics with ... [read more]

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    WF has no ads

    DanPE in Internet Marketing

    Does anyone realize that "the #1 marketing forum since 1997" doesn't have any ads? it's pretty rare for a popular forum such as this to have no ads.

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    Looking for address of site that finds duplicate images on the web

    A while back I had the address of a site where you can enter an image that you have downloaded and it searches the web and finds sites that have ... [read more]

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    Do most of you "do your own stuff?"

    I'm wondering how many of you do all the things that is required of an online marketer yourself. And if not now, did you before? What are some things you ... [read more]

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    New Niche in town

    mrenish in Internet Marketing

    IPad is gonna be a new niche in the internet world. Imagine the number of games and ebook's that are gonna be designed around this niche and it is gonna ... [read more]

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    I want to start interviewing successful forum and website creators and posting the interviews on my blog. What would be a good way to find the best websites as well ... [read more]

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    Honestly, will this earn me money?

    Branlan17 in Internet Marketing

    Right now I'm working on IM part time because I'm a senior in high school. I plan on jumping into things full time over the summer but for now I ... [read more]

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    Google External Keyword Tool Down For Anyone Else?

    JasonP in Internet Marketing

    As the title states, I'm having difficulty accessing the external keyword tool. I highly doubt its down, but figured I'd ask. Any ideas?

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    Key word domain, or brand?

    YP8 in Internet Marketing

    Hello everyone What is your opinion on the best SEO and building a following: A new website domain name using a combination of good keywords Or Start using a brand ... [read more]

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    Question (Suggestion?) About Warriors For Hire Forum

    I have spent hours searching for a Warrior with experience in a task that I need doing, which is installing and customizing php My Directory. While some ads look promising, ... [read more]

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    Just tried the new Clickbank HopAd Builder and got a sale almost straight away.

    Quentin in Internet Marketing

    We have see a lot of negatives re Clickbank however I have been with them for years now and they have always done the right thing by me. I just ... [read more]

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    What's your favorite Traffic Method?

    cjroads in Internet Marketing

    Hello, I was wondering what traffic methods (free or paid) works best for you for getting visitors to your websites.

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    How much will it cost to get a software bot created for you?

    ebizman87 in Internet Marketing

    I've asked similar question a few months ago but this time it's slightly more specific. So here are a couple of questions that I hope to get answers from WARRIORS ... [read more]

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    Where do I different postcards for each recipient and the mailing service?

    Tsarina in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I can swear I've seen a service like that somewhere among offline-gold-rush post and now I can't find it. So I'm looking for a way to send each of ... [read more]

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    Web 2.0 Sites - Branding Yourself/Your Site vs Posting As An Average Joe

    Apologies for that ridiculous title, hopefully I can explain what I mean better in this post :p OK, so for one of my niches(my main one actually), I am going ... [read more]

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    How to get the rank within 1,00,00 in alexa. in Internet Marketing

    Please provide some important tips and tricks to get into 1,00,000 in Alexa.

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    The next step in building a list?

    YseUp in Internet Marketing

    So I've set up a squeeze page with an offer ( a free exercise in MP3 format ). I've created a video that I've uploaded to YouTube and Dailymotion (I've ... [read more]

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    Wordpress Right (Or Write) Panel Help

    hello everyone I've always used xcitepro to make my websites i've started a few blogs for a new project i'm involved in but i just can't understand it the part ... [read more]

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    Can someone explain to me web 2.0 sites?

    Magoo4242 in Internet Marketing

    I hear people say that they promote and drive traffic to their sites from their web2.0 sites? Can someone break this down in a way that is easily understandable? I ... [read more]

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    Any free software for this?

    nmh in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warriors, Looking for some free graphic software that will open .PSD files (from Photoshop) and allow me to save in PDF. I tried GIMP and it is NOT user ... [read more]

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    Technical advise needed

    schubb in Internet Marketing

    Dear fellows Warrior. I want to buy a specific domain name but the dot com is already taken so here is my question. If i buy the dot info name, ... [read more]

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    error 999 at Yahoo Site Explorer

    Ryan700 in Internet Marketing

    I keep getting this error when I try to access Yahoo site explorer. Anyone else get this? It tells me that it is temporary or I may have a virus ... [read more]

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    Quality Article Writers help.

    ripley607 in Internet Marketing

    Hi. I've been learning the basics of IM for over a year and think i'm ready to go but I need some quality article writers to help me achieve my ... [read more]

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    How to know what a domain is worth?

    I have been working on a few domains I have. Making them get more traffic and better Alexa Rankings. I am going to sell them on either Flippa or to ... [read more]

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    What does it take - for you?

    I was reading Terry Kyle's big 60 day backlink experiment thread in which he combined article marketing with backlinking and compared it to a wordpress site. All very interesting. What ... [read more]

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    Why $1000???

    What's with all the $1000 posts :confused: These post have been popping up everywhere... $1000 in a month, a week, 24 hrs....just wondering why the number $1000... Why stop there...there ... [read more]

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    Search Engine List to submit you site

    Hi All, It is said that submission to search engine now a days done much effect your site from SEO point of view. But still it makes sense to sumbit ... [read more]

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    WP REMIX Discount Coupon... anybody?

    chassm in Internet Marketing

    Does anybody have a source where I can get a discount coupon for this theme? Looks promising but a little steep for me. Thanks if you can help. Charlie.

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    Marko Vel in Internet Marketing

    Is there anything similar to TubeMogul? Thanks Marko

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    Loving boring tasks

    dh5114 in Internet Marketing

    Few months back I read this quote (can't remember the source): Do what others won't to do what others can't. So, I'm asking you, what boring (or tedious) tasks are ... [read more]

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    How do you manage your websites/rankings? Do you have a system?

    I run a lot of websites and out source all the link building, it's easy to build links for new sites at the start, I usually assign a link builder ... [read more]

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    What to Do with 300-400 articles?

    Wiggy0618 in Internet Marketing

    Ok folks - I need your wisdom. I just came across a stockpile of roughly 300-400 articles I forgot I had. The articles are in the same (or related) niche ... [read more]

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    Affiliate Product Search Engine

    deonmfe in Internet Marketing

    Would anybody be interested in collaborating on search engine results refinement for a search engine designed to find affiliate products? I think this could be of great assistance for the ... [read more]

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    Keyword Research Discrepancies

    Epicurus in Internet Marketing

    Hi Guys. I got asked an interesting question today regarding keyword research. Specifically, the differences in localized versions of Google when searching on things like competition. This person is trying ... [read more]

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    Some doubt about affiliate marketing

    Darni in Internet Marketing

    I have built a lense in Squidoo,it's about affiliate marketing.And I sell The Clickbank Code on it as an affiliate.I submit one article a day to dictionaries such as Ezinearticles ... [read more]

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    Who has Google Voice? Who sells Google Invites?

    I just bought a google voice invite off of Ebay. I think it is so worth it for internet marketers to have a phone number they can have transferred anywhere ... [read more]

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    Redirect Blogger to WP

    sanhal in Internet Marketing

    I have imported my blogger posts to a new WP blog and have got a redirect plugin which redirects individual posts to the same post in WP. I have to ... [read more]

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    Looking for template/theme to sell one specific niche product only.

    apples in Internet Marketing

    Looking for template/theme to sell one specific niche product only. I want to sell the one product. Either Wordpress theme, Xsitepro 2 template, or html and css combination. Because this ... [read more]