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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Need 10-15 Reviews for a SEO eBook and WP Landing Page Theme.

    Hello Warriors, First and foremost thank you for your interest in reviewing my upcoming products. I just finished my eBook "Lour IM SEO 101" which covers Search Engine Optimization for ... [read more]

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    wjisitt1 in Internet Marketing

    hi all just wondering if google external tool lists say"heartattack men" and i do seo for my page and use keywords "heartattaack in men" would i still get listed on ... [read more]

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    bum marketing question

    Hey everyone, I am getting ready to go full into bum marketing and have been deciding on a strategy to go at it. I have no income and nothing to ... [read more]

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    anyone know of a site that provides average server loadtime broken down by country or region?

    btl1 in Internet Marketing

    Does anyone know where I can find the average server load time per country (or even more detailed per region) ? Is there a database online somewhere ? I know ... [read more]

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    Can this website be salvaged?

    Hanz in Internet Marketing

    I have a horror movies review blog. I created the site back in August '09. The aim of the site was to provide reviews with screenshots of recently-released and lesser-known ... [read more]

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    Squeeze Page

    Texans in Internet Marketing


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    Article marketing tactics?

    Im just curious here, and by no means do i need an elongated, drawn out, advanced strategy but what are things you do to get extra visibility for your article? ... [read more]

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    Possible to get free FULL hosting for percentage of profit?

    Sparhawke in Internet Marketing

    I am in the same boat as many people here, we have the will and the drive, the ideas and everything however what we lack is a suitable credit card ... [read more]

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    Twitter feeds now showing at top of Google organic search.

    Marty S in Internet Marketing

    I have seen a few twitter feeds showing up in Google searches. I don't mean TWEETS either, I mean the feeds and they are updating live at the top of ... [read more]

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    Answers On Duplicate Content

    clint48 in Internet Marketing

    I just ran in to this video about duplicate content and thought you might be interested. Clint

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    How hard is it to bump a PR-2 website out of Google's top 10?

    mdotwhite in Internet Marketing

    I have niche site I want to build for a keyword phrase and the .com extension is available. There are five PR:2 websites in the top 10 for my KWP ... [read more]

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    Indexed backlinks... Is the market hungry?

    RNMKR in Internet Marketing

    This Is like based on opinion... I guess... Do You Think That The IM market is hungry for a method that could get their backlinks indexed quick for free?

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    Limited Release PLR Reports

    joshril in Internet Marketing

    I'm looking to buy some limited PLR (100 copies or less ideally) and would love to buy some from a fellow Warrior. I'm looking for several niches... really anything outside ... [read more]

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    How Many Countries Have Their Own Google?

    halfpoint in Internet Marketing

    I've tried about 10 different searches and can't seem to find a list so I was hoping one of you might have one. I'm basically just looking for a list ... [read more]

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    Unused little customer research trick

    Hey, Understanding as much as possible about our potential customers is one of the most important factors in marketing. If you've ever followed David DeAngelo’s (or Eben Pagan as we ... [read more]

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    How do you secure your downloads?

    troy23 in Internet Marketing

    I have seen various software available to secure ebooks, downloads etc. None seem that cheap. Anyone know of any good, reasonably priced products? Thanks

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    Blog or Html site?

    scrofford in Internet Marketing

    Hey everyone, I'm not sure how to ask this but I will do my best. In your opinion, is using a blog for your niche market page better than standard ... [read more]

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    Selling Leads, Can This Work?

    Hey warriors I had an idea to launch a website where I would collect leads who were interested in cosmetic surgery, then hopefully sell those leads to businesses in my ... [read more]

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    Did I Miss Something? The Wonder Wheel?

    Ok, admittedly I haven't used it for awhile, but is the google wonder wheel gone? I went to try to use it today and can't find the stupid thing...

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    selling domains on WF?

    ZhaoAnXin in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I did a search and looked at some stickies for rules, but am not sure about something. I know complete sites can be sold, but I have a domain ... [read more]

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    Where to Upload PDF files aside from

    2d0k in Internet Marketing

    Guys, Where can I upload PDF files aside from Scribd.. I tried checking OpenPdf but there's no tool for uploading of these kinds of file..

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    Who here thinks "Content is King" is BS

    I mean, I have alot of sites where i just write content (that people want to read about), and they really never make it up in the SERP's. Yet, I'll ... [read more]

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    Closed Heads Up on A Very Dangerous Virus -not real

    WD Mino in Internet Marketing

    Hi Friends, There is a huge problem on the horizon called postcard. if you ever receive an email message whether it is from a friend or not do not open ... [read more]

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    GetAFreelancer issues?

    BenQ in Internet Marketing

    Anyone having problems logging into GetAFreelancer, now Freelancer? I can't login, says my password is incorrect -- even though I use a password manager and know it's correct. I tried ... [read more]

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    This promotion made me money (hope it helps you)

    Hi everyone, Here's a really simple little thing I did this week to make some extra money. I am definitely pleased with the result and I'll surely do this again ... [read more]

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    Keyword Search

    inter123 in Internet Marketing

    Hi. Did a search on GoogleAdwords Keywords Tool, there are 33,100 searches for the term 'kids birthday ideas'. When submitting the term "kids birthday ideas" into google there are 4,200 ... [read more]

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    Site Sell, Without giving away the niche?

    Hello fellow warriors,i have a site I'm about to sell but how do i do about doing this without giving away the niche,. I want to sell this site on ... [read more]

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    should i bookmark backlink checker web pages?

    iwantmore in Internet Marketing

    im just thinking out load here really. when you use a backlink checker tool you usually end up with a page full of backlinks to your sites (as its supposed ... [read more]

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    gotdmw in Internet Marketing

    how does everybody cloak there links?? is redirect 301 a cloak? is this the best way to cloak?

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    When will Traffic Bug Work Again?

    I went on their website right now and it said it will work till 12/10/10 Have they made a mistake on the year? Let me know your insight.

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    Google caffeine

    Hey guys, I hear Google caffeine is going in as we speak, anyone with any news?

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    Timely Tip/Reminder for 2010

    Simo in Internet Marketing

    Hey Warriors, If you want to really start making an impact in 2010 then I would suggest you read this thread started by James Schramko If you elect not to ... [read more]

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    Hiring a "face" for your product

    Has anyone ever hired someone else to be the "face" of your product: provide their picture for the sales page, and possibly even promote it through video marketing efforts. Is ... [read more]

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    PDF Editor and creator

    Johnny O in Internet Marketing

    Anyone have any recommendations for a good but affordable PDF editor? I need to be able to open up a PDF doc and change/add text, images, links, convert files to ... [read more]

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    Tribute site...

    As some of you may know, my sister died very suddenly at the beginning of November, she was only 50 and has left a huge hole in our lives. (We ... [read more]

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    The reason I want to share this with you is....

    because I love you and I always have. You just never knew. Oh really? They may as well say that. It never rings true when someone explains why they are ... [read more]

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    Case Study: "Operation Troll Picker" (Thanks, Allen -- it works really FAST!)

    summer07 in Internet Marketing

    One of my threads just got spammed by a troll. This is a case study of what happened (it's very short): Case study of Warrior Forum anti-trolling system: I was ... [read more]

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    Spanish Blog gets 2,000 uniques/day

    Re-cycle in Internet Marketing

    My friend owns a blog in spanish and gets 2k uniques each day. The blog is a very good place to promote spanish dating sites but I do not know ... [read more]

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    You best Method to Stop People from leaving Without Subscription?

    Hey all. I have ultimate footer ad for this job but at the moment with Aweber's new design Graham has had to start fixing it because it looks awful the ... [read more]

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    Coupons and Discounts offers?

    chassm in Internet Marketing

    Can somebody tell me where some of these coupon sites actually get their offers from? I see discounts and coupons for everything under the sun, are they dealing with affiliate ... [read more]

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    Should I open Affiliates Links in New Windows

    burnsai in Internet Marketing

    Everything I read says to open links in the same window. But my site is a little different - it's a dating site so users will, more often than not, ... [read more]

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    PDF question

    dyaonna in Internet Marketing

    What is the best service to use to convert your documents to PDF , that leaves your hyperlinks for anyone to click on them to take them to the website. ... [read more]

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    How did you pick your direction in IM?

    How did you arrive at the "thing" you were going to concentrate on in IM ? There are so many directions you could have gone. What attracted you to what ... [read more]

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    Brainstorming Alone Sucks!

    If you've got a brainstorming partner, more merit to ya. I've been sitting twiddling my thumbs trying to put together a new site but lack of reassurance kills me. I'm ... [read more]

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    running 2 auto-content plugins - bad?

    mdcnet in Internet Marketing

    Hello, I had soem blogs created for me recently by a few diff warriors and I am checking them out and I see that the one warrior installed caffienated content ... [read more]

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    Membership or Adsense site?

    theteach in Internet Marketing

    I know this is an open-ended questions but does anyone have an opinion? I am also aware that there are many factors involved and the answer to this question depends ... [read more]

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    Pre-Built Scripts VS. Outsource Scripts???

    bbminded in Internet Marketing

    Lets say for example you want a niche social networking website. Now you can obviously choose from many pre-built scripts or post a job on a freelance website directory. What ... [read more]

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    Site Conversion Issues

    samcarson in Internet Marketing

    Will exact keyword domains trump backlinks? I think so, wanted to get a consensus opinion Sam

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    Powerful Tips To Get Success Online

    xstrobex in Internet Marketing

    I've mentioned in my other post about these tips but i didn't explain them in details but here i'll explain these powerful tips in more details for some readers and ... [read more]

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    Share Your IM Mistakes

    Alumni in Internet Marketing

    hey warriors I know we all have made our share of mistakes is this world of Internet Marketing. I know I have most definitely. So I wanted to start this ... [read more]

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    How do you determine your price?

    Johnathan in Internet Marketing

    Curious -- how do you personally determine your price? Of course product pricing is subjective, and I suppose it depends on the copywriting involved to sell it... but overall, what ... [read more]

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    Who can tell me who the top IM trainers are?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone can help me identify who the top Internet marketing trainers are. The reason is because I'm working on a plan for building a large ... [read more]

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    A little help for a newbie... Need a plan to make $2,000 in 30 days

    Jack25 in Internet Marketing

    Ok well... I am not a complete newbie. I made a few bucks online last year, but not enough to pay the bills. I am starting up a particular website ... [read more]

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    Estimated Average CPC

    inter123 in Internet Marketing

    Hi. Looking at the 'Google Adwords Keyword Tool', is shows the Estimated Average CPC which I'd imagine is the cost to adverisers for using the keyword. I am assuming the ... [read more]

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    How to build buzz emails

    troy23 in Internet Marketing

    Does anyone have a series of emails to use for building buzz for a forthcoming product release?