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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Starting a Membership Site

    lawkop in Internet Marketing

    I am exploring starting a membership site and wanted to get some input. I have ideas for the niche and the product, but I could use some suggestions on software, ... [read more]

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    How do I get the content to create an ebook?

    traderfx in Internet Marketing

    Hi fellow Warriors, How do I get the content to write an ebook? Any software out there that gathers the info saving time? Thx, Mike.

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    IM from your hospital bed...

    I'm in hospital at the moment after having some major surgery and yes you've guessed it, I'm sat here on my lappy checking emails and websites etc. lol I couldn't ... [read more]

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    Jim Edwards Interview with an FTC Official

    I came across this which interview a gentleman who works at the FTC Q&A With FTC Re: Bloggers, Affiliates, Advertisers & More

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    Is this what's wrong with some Im'ers?

    traderfx in Internet Marketing

    Many even myself at one time looked at Internet marketing as being about the money. How much can I make a day or week or month? But by doing that ... [read more]

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    What happens in the war room?

    charto911 in Internet Marketing

    Just wondering as I am about to become a pro member but wanted to know what the benefit is?

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    Looking for a keyword tool that does B U L K.

    I have MS/MNF and used to use SE nuke but none of these do what I want for KW research. I am looking for a tool that I can load ... [read more]

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    Free wordpress plugin that helps you sell your stuff

    Question of the day: Which wordpress functionality (free or commercial plugin) helps you make the most money online? I want to gather opinions and considering creating free plugin for you ... [read more]

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    Do I really need aMember?

    Jason H in Internet Marketing

    Honestly, I kinda of confused about what aMember is really needed for so I could sure use some clarification. It said it is a software for building membership, but what ... [read more]

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    slighting embarrassing-simple question re: Private Messages

    Zanti in Internet Marketing

    I'm having one of those days. Can I attach a PDF from my desktop to a PM? Or do I have to upload it to my site and link to ... [read more]

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    Stats Tracking Expert?

    SeanyG in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys, I need a tracking expert that can set my business up on Analytics / Conversion tracking / Adwords. I have all three up and running but none of ... [read more]

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    How do i copy text from a pdf?

    monitorit in Internet Marketing

    I want to copy and paste some text from a pdf document. I can select the text but it wont copy for some reason. Can you suggest anything?

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    Advice needed on increasing qualified traffic to my website

    Tom in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I have a niche website which sells an unusual gift item which is a physical product that is shipped to customers. Looking over my sales statistics since January 2009 ... [read more]

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    How do you capitalize on holiday trends?

    I know we've talked about this before that the holiday's bring the highest amount of "buying mode traffic" but I was curious how my fellow warriors take advantage of this ... [read more]

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    PLR Creating Resources

    Hi, I'm working on a series of articles, reports ect. to sell as PLR. I have tried to find resources that will help me create my own PLR products to ... [read more]

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    At what point do you give up?

    I read a lot of posts that say to pick a niche, make a plan and stick with it. That all makes sense. But at what point do you say ... [read more]

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    Why Women Have A Better Chance of Success in Internet Marketing

    thomashoi in Internet Marketing

    Before all the men in this forum flame me for this, i would like you to calm down and read what i have to say. Why Women Have A Better ... [read more]

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    Anyone having luck with squidoo lately?

    Hey, this thread is for those of you who have squidoo lenses. How is your experience going with Squidoo? Are you able to generate enough traffic to your lenses (as ... [read more]

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    Domain Management?

    Oscar D in Internet Marketing

    Good day all Warriors How do you Warriors manage your domains? I was just wondering if there was an easy way to manage domains, especially if you have a few ... [read more]

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    EZA is killing me again ( informative content)

    thmgoodw in Internet Marketing

    So, up until early last week I had had 2 articles with EZA. After my last article with EZA took 21 days to get through the entire approval process (despite ... [read more]

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    If You Are Planning To Bank Your Whole Life On Internet Marketing...Then Think Again!

    ryanman in Internet Marketing

    There are certain things people do not realize about this business model and believe once they get a site up...They will get money for the rest of their life. Which ... [read more]

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    Quick Market Sam Question

    laurenceh in Internet Marketing

    Well 2 really..... 1. When searching best to do broad or exact match to get true sense of competition? 2. We have a choice of search symonyms or google search. ... [read more]

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    Thanks Solved DNO

    DNO = Do not open, for those who do not know

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    Expert VS Guru

    Jason H in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys, what is the difference between saying you are an expert and guru? Is one title supposedly better than the other to have?

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    site shows up with www. but not with out it (HELP)

    nicholasb in Internet Marketing

    hey guys, I set up a landing page and when you type in Yoga Made Easy the site shows up, but when I just type it in like the ... [read more]

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    where can I Advertise On Warrior Forum To Build My List?

    where can I Advertise On Warrior Forum To Build My List? Is there a paid option on here? Or is there a free alternative? I am giving away 2 free ... [read more]

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    Affiliate link is not working !?? (for Warcraft millionaire)

    myyoulo in Internet Marketing

    Hi, 1 I hope I am in the right place here. When I go to the warcraft millionaire home page I get a Forbidden message like this: "Forbidden You don't ... [read more]

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    Newbie looking for advice

    Ptldspam in Internet Marketing

    OK, I've been searching for an internet business. I'm not afraid of some hard work. I would like something that will still make money even if I'm not watching 24hr/day ... [read more]

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    Paid Newsletter Managment System

    yamahafzr in Internet Marketing

    Hey, I am looking for solution for a paid newsletter system. I want a system that will allow my customers to go there and sign up for the newsletter. I ... [read more]

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    I need some beta testers.

    I need some beta testers for an application i have been developing for the past few months. Its essentially a shopping cart that helps sell via design. A simpler more ... [read more]

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    Single opt-in Prior to entering a ecommerce site.. good idea?

    xDennis in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I want to capture all the visitors of a new ecommerce site. Would it be a good idea to setup a single opt in page prior to entering?

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    Where to sell high traffic domain names?

    newBum76 in Internet Marketing

    Aside from just parking the domain and waiting for people to find and make an offer, anybody know of a good way/place to sell domains? I have a couple that ... [read more]

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    Conversion Amazon Product

    What kind of conversion should I expect promoting an Amazon product? So far, I have probably gotten 100 unique page views for one of my product reviews, but only 10 ... [read more]

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    Cheap High Quality Article Writer

    I'm looking for Cheap High Quality Article Writer on the Net. Anyone know? Please help. Thanks. :rolleyes:

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    5 clickbank sales before the 16th - Here's my plan.

    Okay, so, I'm trying to make the minimum requirement for clickbank payout (5 sales from 5 different credit cards) before the next pay period on the 16th so I can ... [read more]

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    Just saw this quote on a blog... True or false

    People are selfish, lazy, want instant gratification, are never happy, want everything free, and are hypocrites (everything should be free but people should buy my product). Lets start a ... [read more]

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    Custom Website Template And More Q's

    Hi all, it's been a while since I've been on here, but I have a new project I'm planning, and it's time to start getting some more details. So, like ... [read more]

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    Weight Loss Sub Niche = BIG conundrum

    Hey Fellow Warriors, I have a bit of a problem and am needing some guidance on this as I have done some niche and keyword research to find a market ... [read more]

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    Affiliate Commissions - Who Pays The Taxes?

    I have just set up my first affiliate program, and I want to affiliates may a large commission in order to really motivate them to sell - perhaps 75% or ... [read more]

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    Social Media Profile Set Up Questions With Different Email Addresses

    Wish to set up profiles at hub, squidoo, facebook, myspace etccc what is the best way to create multiple profiles. I wish to create some profiles at some of the ... [read more]

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    Crawl Errors - Broken Links- Delisted in Google

    warfore in Internet Marketing

    I have PR2 blog that is no longer listed in Google because of a high number of broken links (assumed according to Webmaster tools). These broken links are links on ... [read more]

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    Matt Cutt At Google on Big Changes To Search

    Matt Cutt at Google answers "What do predict will be the big changes to "search" as we know it today over the next 3 years? What are some of today's ... [read more]

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    What can I give away?

    gasman in Internet Marketing

    I plan on putting a "tell a friend" script on my webpage and I need to give somthing away free to anyone who sends say... 10 people to my website ... [read more]

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    How Do You Personalize Direct Mail?

    rushindo in Internet Marketing

    How do you personalize letters sent via direct mail to a list of names and addresses you have? For example saying "Dear <Name>" just like email. Thank you, Brandon

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    Wordpress theme question

    I am looking at setting up a video blog, where could I find cheap/free themes that will allow me to embed movies from quick silver screen?

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    Can I get a couple of reviews for my site

    seanyd in Internet Marketing

    I built this site about a month ago.... It has so far got about 900 views but no sales can anyone tell me a better way to market it , ... [read more]

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    New to IM, Need help.

    Jawshh in Internet Marketing

    Hey, I just decided to step into IM because I'd like to have some more money to spend, actually I am a college student and I don't work. The truth ... [read more]

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    HostGator Reseller Set-Up Please Help

    willz605 in Internet Marketing

    Hello all.... I'm a little confused about setting up a HostGator reseller account and I want to make sure I do it correctly. I don't intend on using it for ... [read more]

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    Audio Content Creation Marketing Questions

    I will be conducting my 1st interview of a financial real estate investing expert on financing and creating a audio of my interview with him. I have a site at ... [read more]

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    How should I capture CUSTOMER'S Email Addresses?

    ktpasco in Internet Marketing

    Hey all, I'm going to be launching my new eBook next Tuesday and I have a question... I have a separate free report that I'm giving away which requires an ... [read more]

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    Why is my site loading so slowly? Urgent advice needed!

    Hey guys, I'm not much of a web designer but I've been working hard on a new index page for my website all week. I've finally got it to the ... [read more]

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    How to get affiliates fast?

    feiyie in Internet Marketing

    Err, I got a Christmas related product.. And I need affiliates. How and where should I get them? lol. I was thinking if I could post in the Warrior Joint ... [read more]

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    Creating a training course is....

    Hi, I'm creating a training course for the internet marketing/SEO industry...but I am having a hard time organizing my content and it's a pretty large course yet I am 100% ... [read more]

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    for you successful marketers.....

    This might be similar to another thread here, but I want to ask it a different way. For those of you who are successful or satisfied at the success you ... [read more]

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    Which one better to learning internet marketing??

    dr.el in Internet Marketing

    hello all....just curious... what do you think..which one better learning internet marketing from guru's workshop one on one or learn by yourself by reading e-book or product that you buy?? ... [read more]

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    Amazon Products

    As I have mentioned in one of my previous threads that I have a few websites and blogs and was running Adsense ads on them. As I can't get to ... [read more]