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    Warriors .... Warriors.... what would you like to LEARN? STICKY

    Good Morning awesome Warriors... I'm happy to announce that The Warrior Forum is planning to create our first COURSE. Yes... Powered by Warrior Wisdom... yeah!! Made at home. But before ... [read more]

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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Any Experienced 'Dog' People to give Opinion on New eBook?

    Hi, Are there any experienced 'dog' people who could give me an opinion on the first draft of my new eBook. It is about the breeding process. I would like ... [read more]

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    How To Find New Product Launches...

    Hey guys! Quick question for the affiliate marketers on the forum, how do you go about finding new product launches? I've never tried to take advantage of a new product ... [read more]

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    Judge my Landing Page

    yamahafzr in Internet Marketing

    I am going to be releasing a clickbank product soon. I want some critique on my LP. You can see it at Thanks for any input

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    How do I cloak links in articles?

    hawkeyez in Internet Marketing

    Is it possible to cloak links in articles? If so, then how? Most cloaking softwares requires you to have a website. Unfortunately I don't have one. Need some help here. ... [read more]

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    I Need Links ! Anyone Want to Swap Links?

    I have been working on my site for around six months now and am getting about 70 unique visitors per day. I don't have many links for my site and ... [read more]

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    Which of these backlinks are more valuable

    The first backlink is on a page that has a pr of 4 but the home page of that site has a pr of 5 The second backlink is on ... [read more]

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    good books

    Does anyone know of a good book related to IM or related to self-employment, starting your business, etc., related to what we do that is interesting and attention getting to ... [read more]

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    how many wordpress,blogspot,etc, can we create in one day

    how many, what is other blog platform have, i am going to create many blog

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    Desperate need of advise on affiliate launch

    I do not even know where to begin. I am doing my 1st product launch as an affiliate and have been set in the top 10 on google for about ... [read more]

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    3 google wave invites left.

    The first None left pending the people that PM'd me send there email addresses. If the don't send within the next few days I will PM the next people in ... [read more]

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    Have you ever patented something?

    Does anyone here have experience with patents? The reason I ask is I came up with an insanely simple idea for a useful product that could be manufactured out of ... [read more]

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    Landing The Whales Offline - What I Shall Call Offline Platinum

    Alright Fellow Warriors, I hopped off the fence an hour ago. I decided to take control of my life after watching all these Robbins/Reese/Kern teasers. I am currently a Realtor, ... [read more]

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    Like many before, a simple request - advice/business manager.

    Hello warriors, I've been a long time lurker and recent joiner. Several months ago I started up an online business which now though it is essentially ready to go, has ... [read more]

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    Boosting clickbank conversions with THIS text ...

    I just found a site that is using very straight-up language to explain the return policy in a way that I've never seen before. I have always *wondered* if I ... [read more]

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    Are those products Scams?

    GeorgR. in Internet Marketing

    I was just browsing and doing some keyword research, and i am sure that everyone doing Clickbank marketing knows about those "Watch Satellite TV Online" products. Now..i read somewhere that ... [read more]

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    Finding the Best Keywords for Blog Posts

    BeckM2 in Internet Marketing

    Before I write a post on a topic on my blog, I normally head to the AdWords keyword tool to search for the topic, and to see what the most ... [read more]

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    An Open Letter To Freelance Writers Worried About Low Prices...

    Hey guys, I don't market article writing or ghost writing services anymore, but I used to. And the least amount of money I EVER worked for, this was a couple ... [read more]

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    Just Getting Started...Just made a website.

    Yobie in Internet Marketing

    Hey everyone, First off thanks for all the help along the way. I'm not sure if i'm allowed to post my website or not. I only do so to get ... [read more]

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    I've lost motivation because I don't know what to do next

    Sour in Internet Marketing

    I haven't worked on my website in about two weeks because I've been feeling a little lost. I've completely exhausted my list of keywords for articles and already created tons ... [read more]

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    Can't see 2nd page sponsored results.

    What happend to the "more sponsored results" link button on the bottom of the sponsored results? It seems like there is only one page now.

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    WSO Preview Software -- MUST Have...

    tecHead in Internet Marketing

    This is one of the best Forum Post Preview applications I've ever seen. It allows you to craft your posts and preview them before ever posting to the forum. You ... [read more]

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    This can be frustrating

    Have you ever wanted to test something with 1Automationwiz but because it recognizes your IP, you can't? Also, you have to keep entering the captcha code over and over. Anybody ... [read more]

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    Need for online Video Marketing advice

    Hello, I want to know how effective video marketing is when it comes to internet business promotion. Thanks in advance. -Shirley

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    After you checkout my site rip it apart in this thread...

    I Was a bit bored today so I decided I would try to redesign my site. I'm nowhere near a graphic artist, so I was wondering if you could tear ... [read more]

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    FTC goes after scammer in australia

    pcpupil in Internet Marketing

    Just recieved this in my email today. Its from Mike Young,the attorney who has website legal forms generator site. Im on his list and this is what i recieved, [QUOTE] ... [read more]

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    Google Adwords Account Suspension Notice?

    I got an adwords account suspension notice the other day for having sites that that I promoted that went against the tos of the "Big Google"! I was surprised to ... [read more]

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    Could I get away with this?

    Jon Tees in Internet Marketing

    I’ve been running a free advertising forum for years and its fairly successful. So do you feel it would be a wise move for me to start charging people for ... [read more]

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    Anyone put Bob Serlings Million Dollar Licensing to work?

    I'm sure some of you've heard about Bob Serling's I want to try it but I'm a little skeptical...Have someone actually put the principles that Bob Serling teaches to ... [read more]

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    Is there a Backdoor Access To Camtasia ? I missed to get free version 3.

    bwh1 in Internet Marketing

    I use camstudio but sincerely, it sucks. Jing has a 5 minute limit so I need something else. I got a idea to search for free Camtasia and got to ... [read more]

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    Better Option To Attract More Affiliates

    I run an affiliate program for my Print On Demand line of sites. Due to the success that I have had I crunched the numbers and found out I can ... [read more]

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    opt in or sales page?

    gotdmw in Internet Marketing

    which has produced better results for you, directing traffic directly to a opt-in and follow up with email campaign or send directly to a sales page with nothing to do ... [read more]

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    WANTED: Wordpress Plugin To Preserve PR When Converting HTML Site To Wordpress!

    Hi, I have an older high PR HTML built site that I want to convert to Wordpress but I don't want to lose all my Google PR when I do ... [read more]

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    Need Mac-Compatible PDF Branding Tool

    Hi, folks. I'm looking for a Mac-compatible PDF branding tool that is not too expensive, preferably without a monthly fee. I'd love to be able to insert affiliate links into ... [read more]

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    Google Chrome SEO Tools

    goindeep in Internet Marketing

    Just downloaded it. Was using firefox before, but i cant seem to find any place to download free SEO apps for chrome. With firefox i had all sorts of little ... [read more]

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    Internet Marketing - Men Vs Women

    Adam Carn in Internet Marketing

    Ok before anyone begins rolling up their sleeves I'd just like to say this is an innocent thread (fixes his tie). It's not meant to offend any of the sexes ... [read more]

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    Product creation...with heaps of affiliate links

    endpoint in Internet Marketing

    I am in the middle of writing an ebook at the moment. However it is getting to the point where I have started adding affiliate links to help out the ... [read more]

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    Are you interesting?

    Ya know...I was shooting a video today on squeeze pages...and one of the topics was "be interesting" and I wanted to express the importance of being interesting and different. And ... [read more]

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    rss url?

    gotdmw in Internet Marketing

    how do u make ur rss url "/feed" .... mine is "/rss?=feed" thoughts?

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    Infusionsoft Users

    GlenH in Internet Marketing

    HI All, I'm looking for any members out there who are current using the Infusionsoft system ( Infusionsoft - CRM, Email Marketing, eCommerce, Automatic Follow-up) who wouldn't mind sending me ... [read more]

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    Global Internet Seminar (Singapore)

    metask in Internet Marketing

    Hi all kind soul. Just attended a Global Internet Seminar last two days in Singapore and speakers include Ewen Chia, Shuan Stenning, Shuan Clarke, Alok Jain etc. My question is ... [read more]

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    Is selling a turn key business THAT profitable?

    Hello, I've got a quick question and I'm looking for a bit of a consensus: Would you purchase a turn key business? i.e. Something you could purchase, upload to your ... [read more]

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    Does this domain name sound ok?

    CBGCash in Internet Marketing

    HI Warriors, I'm planning to open a six figure job search site (100K and up). I've had a hard time coming up with a name for it. After three days ... [read more]

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    do you care what the system is? or just that it WORKS?

    hey everybody, I want to ask you a quick question: Do you care what the system you use to make money is... or just how much it makes you/how much ... [read more]

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    Warriors, I will believe in your judgment!

    Hi warriors, I have put online a site about Christmas gift ideas, I have contact someone who has a site about Christmas decoration about the possibility to share link, he ... [read more]

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    Domain Name question.

    xDennis in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I've recently become an authorized retailer of a popular product. I want to setup a website for it as there arent to many sites for it believe it or ... [read more]

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    What Do You Do With Old PLR Products?

    Hello Fellow Warriors! I was recently cleaning out one of my computers and found a stash of PLR Products I purchased when I first started out online. I never did ... [read more]

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    What is THE autoblogging plugin to use for Wordpress?

    I recently installed a free plug-in called Article Fetch that seemed very is supposed to pull articles from various directories, that are related to your topic, and give you ... [read more]

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    Looking for software ideas and advice

    tommygunn in Internet Marketing

    Hi All, I'm a programmer, primarily desktop applications, and I have over 10 years experience. I'm looking for your ideas to create better software for internet/information marketers. I realize some ... [read more]

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    What's Best For An "Honest Review" Type Website?

    Branlan17 in Internet Marketing

    Hello everyone, Right now I'm making a review type site for two pet care guides. One has a higher price point but is more detailed, the other has slightly less ... [read more]

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    What is the best hosting solution for my site?

    dwt in Internet Marketing

    After months of painstaking work, my video sharing website is almost done--WOO-HOO! I have almost everything in place now except I don't know what the best hosting solution would be ... [read more]

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    Blog with no comments

    BeckM2 in Internet Marketing

    I have a tutorial blog that's been out for a couple of months that is getting a few hundred visits per month, but I find that I'm not getting anyone ... [read more]

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    Split Testing Squeeze Pages

    dlucca in Internet Marketing

    All, I'm pretty new at this and still trying to figure out the "how do you do this" stuff. In this case, how do you split test two different squeeze ... [read more]

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    Finding the 'MOST POPULAR' articles on EZA per niche- How?

    entry in Internet Marketing

    I entered my keywords in Eza to search the articles which have been written for my keywords/niche - just as a little bit of research, to see whats up there, ... [read more]

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    Learn this and you are going to make money! Guaranteed

    I know I sound like a GURU. And NO.. I'm not going to pitch you anything. What I have to teach you guys today is pretty important as a general ... [read more]

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    100% of my Amazon/Adsense Revenue?

    fir3d in Internet Marketing

    Are there any web 2.0 sites that rank high in google (hubpages/squidoo) that let you earn 100% of your amazon or adsense earnings? I tried searching them but some people ... [read more]

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    How did you started to build your list?

    Hey folks, I thought it would be awesome (and helpful to newbies) to hear how you got started with your first email list? There are many ways to get subscribers ... [read more]