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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    So Sour It Hurts... The reviews i mean...

    goindeep in Internet Marketing

    In doing my initial research for a new site im going to put together, i would like to know what warriors think about the quality of reviews they read and ... [read more]

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    Have You Realized The Power Of MUSIC Yet?

    Branlan17 in Internet Marketing

    Alright everyone... time to deviate slightly from your usual train of thought, however analytic it may be. OK, OK, some of you here are awesomely creative... but bear with me! ... [read more]

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    The Best Warrior Forum Thread EVER!

    808glass in Internet Marketing

    For the newbs, for the part timers, for the gurus! What Warrior Forum thread has been the most beneficial to you and why? FYI - Allen, I think it would ... [read more]

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    Outsourcing a small project; is it better to pay by the hour OR pay a fixed fee?

    Hey guys, I just signed up for oDesk and posted a job looking for someone to help me with a very simple project which involves gathering URLs in a particular ... [read more]

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    This is disturbing!

    I just went through my old emails to see what I have bought in the past and what memberships I had joined. I always keep the emails I receive when ... [read more]

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    Question About Offline Marketing Products...

    I'm looking for recommendations on offline marketing products. I've found myself jammed up time wise and don't have the time to devote to my sales staff...Can anyone make any recommendations ... [read more]

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    That's a HUGE unsubscribe rate

    Hey I've been running my list for a short while now (just over a year I think), and I've learned a lot in the process. However I still have a ... [read more]

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    Ideas anyone...

    JEL0221 in Internet Marketing

    I advertising my services (I am a futures and options broker) pretty heavily through twitter right now and in the next week also with facebook too. I have been mainly ... [read more]

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    Who here has marketed gambling related products?

    Hi, Although fairly new here, Im looking for anyone that markets gambling related products, and/or is familiar with that? I have a solid product that helps blackjack players play much ... [read more]

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    Thanks to everyone!

    mdcnet in Internet Marketing

    I just want to offer up a thanks to everyone here! This is such a great forum/community and I feel honored to be a part of it. I came here ... [read more]

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    Automatic news poster system for twitter: would interest you?

    fablau in Internet Marketing

    Hello here, I am a pretty expert web programmer and I have created a web script that allows to post automatically news related to anything on Twitter daily. On my ... [read more]

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    Is Auto Social Poster Worthwhile Now?

    Hi Guys, I am thinking of buying Auto Social Poster and would love your opinions if you use it right now please. I did see some comments a while ago ... [read more]

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    Ar Tickle Me, CDarklock & The Newbie

    tryinhere in Internet Marketing

    A Short story of thanks for CDarklock and his great talents, As a newbie I suppose very early on I fell into the trap of thinking I would do it ... [read more]

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    Quick Article Marketing Question

    butters in Internet Marketing

    Do you submit to EZA first, all of your articles, lets say you write 5 a day, do you submit them all to EZA first? After, do you use the ... [read more]

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    Your WP Backup might just be bad

    UBotBuddy in Internet Marketing

    I just finished reading a thread in here about the possibility of WP Blogs being hacked. Well one of the comments recommended making a backup. While I agree with the ... [read more]

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    Article Marketing - Getting Started

    katied772 in Internet Marketing

    I've built (muddled through) two regular content websites. Pretty much convinced that this is not the way to go if I want to reach my goal of giving up my ... [read more]

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    What site/tool do you use to find out whats being searched on the internet?

    mdcnet in Internet Marketing

    Just as the title reads.... I'm trying to find out some information to help me with a few potential products and for one I'm trying to modify and I woudl ... [read more]

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    Which Reseller Hosting Service Should I go For?

    denoble in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys, I will like to start a web-hosting business using a reseller account with a solidly established one. Do you have any ideas of good ones that have proven ... [read more]

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    Are My Links Being Stolen?

    Branlan17 in Internet Marketing

    I am going to be cloaking soon but I just wanted to know about something... I wasn't getting sales for a long while before they dropped off, then changed my ... [read more]

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    can someone price a domain?

    arttse in Internet Marketing

    There is a 2 word dot com domain for sale. Currently the site is listed in 3rd position in There are 90000 competing sites in google under quotes (and ... [read more]

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    Am I the only one who has trouble with Aweber templates?

    Laura B in Internet Marketing

    They drive me crazy. It's hard to keep stuff where you want it, extra blank lines are always appearing and disappearing, and all the boxes and handles and X's are ... [read more]

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    Work for PLR?

    Would you? Reason I ask is I'm looking for newbies/anyone who might be interested in getting their own PLR content (articles, etc.) to use as they please (for the most ... [read more]

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    Anyone Seen This Before In Google SERPs?

    Google Changed the URL structure in some SERPs As opposed to Can anyone see why Google would do this or how the webmaster created this effect?

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    How to provide free tool?

    Dear Warriors, I have developed one nice tool,would like to give that to our members for free of cost.Can any one suggest which section would be the right one for ... [read more]

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    idea help?

    Wanting to see if fellow warriors could help me out. I am consulting with a business owner that has a fitness facility. I was wanting to try and get him ... [read more]

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    AWebber vs Autoresponder on my server.

    Hi Guys! So i'm getting up and running and had a quick question. I know that my web hosting company allows me to use an autoresponder on their server for ... [read more]

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    Critique my BodyBuilding Blog

    gareth in Internet Marketing

    I just did a make over on my blog - what do you guys reckon ? Next I will add a lightbox optin popup and a footer optin popup ... [read more]

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    How fast is fast?

    css in Internet Marketing

    Just looked at YouTube and that Lambert kids video is on there from last night. 15 hours and hitting 50k+ hits!!! That would have been alot of fast links if ... [read more]

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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Mmfh in Internet Marketing

    Hello Warriors, Just a quick Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, and Thanks for answering my stupid questions! May your New Year be Prosperous! Happy Thanksgiving! Mm

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    Amazon plugin

    Goatboy in Internet Marketing

    I'm setting up a site that I want to run as an Amazon affiliate and I'm curious to know what everyone's opinion is on the best Wordpress plugin for handling ... [read more]

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    Help needed for my eBay items

    Hi, iv started a business on selling UGG boots as they are very much in demand for this winter, I am dropshipping it and I have very reliable and trustworthy ... [read more]

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    Ever Had Someone Request A Refund On An eBook Then Ask How To Return It?

    Ever Had Someone Request A Refund On An eBook Then Ask How To Return It? Yeah... this really happened. I am sure I am not the only one this has ... [read more]

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    Artwork for CD's

    Hi all, I'd like to produce a physical CD and need to have artwork done for it. I know the specs for artwork for a physical product are different than ... [read more]

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    Which do you like best for Wpress?

    nmh in Internet Marketing

    Hi All, Would you use Fantatico or SimpleScript? Trying to decide b/n HostMonster or HostGator. I am told simpleScript is much easier to use. THANKS!

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    Anyone offer a "cast Iron" Guarantee with a real book?

    KenJ in Internet Marketing

    I am using create space to publish One of my ebooks. The ebook version has had few refunds - 3 in 2 years and they were because the buyers didn't ... [read more]

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    Do You Want a Free Copy of My Report?

    Hi. I am giving a way 6 review copy of my new report "SPY and FIND Profit Pulling Keywords in Less Than 5 Minutes For FREE" to Warriors with more ... [read more]

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    Affiliate Marketing & how to get there....?

    Fraserb in Internet Marketing

    I have read some much about IM recently that my head seems as though it is going to explode... Excuse me if I'm making assumptions but I believe that one ... [read more]

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    But...It's So Painful!

    debra in Internet Marketing

    What do you do to keep yourself on track with finishing an important task? I created a market reach spreadsheet for a popular and competitive niche. Now...I have to write ... [read more]

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    buying trendy domains?

    saw this post: Originally Posted by newBum76 Aside from just parking the domain and waiting for people to find and make an offer, anybody know of a good way/place to ... [read more]

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    making money with writing articles

    Lett in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys, lately i am trying to make some money with affiliate marketing (launched my first affiliate website almost month ago), but still i am not successful. I DON'T LEAVE ... [read more]

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    Does it really annoy you when .....

    Dave d in Internet Marketing

    you are reading a sales letter and the price is not revealed on it. I've been seen a lot more of this lately and I find it really annoying jumping ... [read more]

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    How much would you pay for this?

    How much would you pay for 5 keywords with minimum 80 searches per day, maximum 30.000 in competition and PBR minimum 15%? Just wandering if there is a price tag ... [read more]

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    Question : Best Way To Give List Building A Viral Quality ?

    I am trying new techniques for building my list. (new to me anyway) Is there a way to make list building viral by adding something to the free eBook (or ... [read more]

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    how to create a niche site

    loginname in Internet Marketing

    hi So I've found a keyword I would like to create a niche site for! I think I will create about 5 - 10 pages of content for the site. ... [read more]

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    Why Blame Money?

    If you're having money troubles, this may help you reframe your beliefs about money so you can start actually acquiring it. I feel sorry for money because it gets blamed ... [read more]

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    Membership Websites and Affiliate Merchant Account...

    Hi Warriors, I am setting up a membership website with yearly subscription fees. I also want to launch an affiliate program to get more people selling my membership. Also what ... [read more]

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    eBay question

    Hi Warriors, Ok, I've never sold anything on eBay, although I've bought from them a couple of times. I'm not all that familiar with eBay and know next to nothing ... [read more]

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    Directories - good or bad, what's your opinion?

    zcx in Internet Marketing

    I've read in a lot of places that in terms of SEO, submitting to directories is waste of time at best, and in some cases could actually be detrimental. But ... [read more]

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    Anyone have a designer who can format print ads?

    Need some quick help. I need a designer who can format a full page newspaper ad, to look like an article. Need this asap. If anyone can do this, or ... [read more]

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    Listbuilding and MLM? What can I offer for free?

    Steve23 in Internet Marketing

    What value can I offer mlm prospects in return for their name and email address? Think of this from the mindest of a reseller for a business opportunity lead generation ... [read more]

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    Test affiliate link?

    gotdmw in Internet Marketing

    Is there a way to test a affiliate link and conversion, and make sure everything is working. I have a campaign running for an affiliate offer,i have had about 500 ... [read more]

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    Spam Mail Sent By My Mail

    carlo_sim in Internet Marketing

    Hi Fellow Warriors, Last night, My yahoo mail sent out spam mails over to my address book and it kept on sending a google sites link that I didnt bother ... [read more]

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    Camstudio and Vegas Integration-Im Bummed

    Ok warriors I need you to help me stop wasting time and money! I've been at this all day long :confused: I have come to my last resort when it ... [read more]

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    I Need Wordpress Expert Or Help From Someone To Answer This Question, I'm Going Nuts!!!

    Hi, I am looking to know if anyone has a solution to my problem. Recently I remember seeing a brand new blog that was created in a video and they ... [read more]

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    Are people really that stupied and lazy?

    Challe77 in Internet Marketing

    Anyone here promoting water4gas, free magnetic energy or any other strange product that promises incredible results that seem almost too good to be true? And you know what they say ... [read more]