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    Warriors .... Warriors.... what would you like to LEARN? STICKY

    Good Morning awesome Warriors... I'm happy to announce that The Warrior Forum is planning to create our first COURSE. Yes... Powered by Warrior Wisdom... yeah!! Made at home. But before ... [read more]

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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Music in videos for squeeze page question

    Hey everyone, does anyone know if I can use "any" music as-is in a video hosted on Youtube and put up on a squeeze page? At the page itself, there ... [read more]

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    forex trading bots/products...

    Johnathan in Internet Marketing

    Ok... I've been looking at a few 'forex trading' bots/clickbank products... could someone who has either used these, or knows about these, enlighten me please? Most of these sales pages ... [read more]

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    Hi Warriors, I need your advise

    Renate in Internet Marketing

    I want to promote my new shop which has 2 tiers affiliate program included. What I need is: Promotion package for the affiliates: 7 emails, 1 blog article 1 article ... [read more]

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    Long time lurker, first time poster!

    JesseT in Internet Marketing

    Hey everyone, First post (I think at least lol), but I've been reading these forums for a few months now. I have been in SEO and SEM for about 2 ... [read more]

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    junior warrior member

    faceplant in Internet Marketing

    Hi Guys, I have been recomended this forum by a friend and have stopped in to say hi to everyone. I'm here looking for ways to generate some cash for ... [read more]

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    Niche In A Box - GOOD & BAD - NO GUARANTEE

    anion in Internet Marketing

    I bought NIAB with the hopes and dreams as many, and I must say the content is everything someone trying to get on the grid with Google could want. The ... [read more]

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    New to Worrier Forum

    jaya2018 in Internet Marketing

    Hi Everyone, My name is Jay Rossi and its my first time here. Thank you all for having me. I am also learning Internet Marketing and was advised by a ... [read more]

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    Looking for a flash designer. Any suggestions?

    jonb in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys (and gals) -- I'm looking for someone really creative to develop a flash intro (30 seconds - 1 minute) for a wordpress site I'm working on. I'll do ... [read more]

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    Need Some Free Web Traffic

    dexignz in Internet Marketing

    What are the best spots to get the free quality and LEGIT traffic. If you know any great traffic exchanges or something similar that worked for you let me know.

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    Best System For Setting Up A Merchant Account?

    Hi Warriors, Looking for some alternative merchant account systems to CB... I have heard of Rapid Action Profits, JV Manager, Delavo and PayDotCom... I'm leaning towards the first 3 because ... [read more]

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    Can Anyone Recommend a Good Offline Marketing Course?

    Hello, I have read a lot about how it is relatively easy to profit from offline clients. Can anyone recommend a good course which you have personally benefitted from? Thanks

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    Damn! I can't find this again (a "saying" that was someone's sig) HELP!...

    TimothyW in Internet Marketing

    I thought this was clever + would help me FOCUS... The saying was... F. O. C. U. S. Follow One ???????????? Until Successful I CANNOT figure out what the "C" ... [read more]

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    Where to Find Stats

    Help Warriors! Where on this vast WWW can I find stats about how many people used it last year? I am writing a report for a client and would like ... [read more]

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    socialgo or socialengine ?????

    bbminded in Internet Marketing

    If you had to choose one of these social net. website builders which one would you choose and why???

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    Do You Provide A "Surprise Bonus" With Your Products? Here's Why You Should...

    For some time now, I have been including a "surprise bonus" with most of my downloadable products. (This is in addition to all advertised bonuses that the customer is already ... [read more]

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    Seriously? In sigs now, too ....

    kf in Internet Marketing

    So the crap characters from the WSO forum have migrated to sigs now, too?

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    Spy on your competition...

    Dano77 in Internet Marketing

    I hate the idea of doing this but i just have to... Nothing for sale... BUT... I just wrote the best blog posting in my career. I've WSO'd and PPC'd ... [read more]

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    Can You Recommend An Affiliate Center Script?

    I am almost finished with a new clickbank product. I was wondering if there was any affiliate center scripts out there for sell or for free? The kind that you ... [read more]

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    "Duplicate" Videos on YouTube - I Need Your Help!

    coachjc in Internet Marketing

    I've created some good video content that I'm happy with. I've learned enough about YouTube & SEO to know how to get rankings in relevant markets. (Many thanks to Sean ... [read more]

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    I've used 1shoppingcart for autoresponder mail outs etc for the last 3-4 years with absolutely no problem. I've just sent my first newsletter out since I came back online (Last ... [read more]

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    looking for article rewriting service

    Trieu in Internet Marketing

    Looking for a service that specialise in long term article rewriting. Any recommendations from warriors?

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    Niche marketing or just one niche?

    Hey Warriors, Are you doing niche marketing in multiple niches or just becoming an authority in one niche? Would like to know if more people are into niche marketing or ... [read more]

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    Coding Question

    laurenceh in Internet Marketing

    I think it is anyway. Trying to find out how i make an image a clickable link that will take the visitor elsewhere? Short and sweet i'm sure.

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    hiding the price on your sales page?

    Johnathan in Internet Marketing

    Ok... This is an interesting tidbit I hadn't quite thought of... would you guys agree (or specifically those of you that have tested) -- that you've seen an increase in ... [read more]

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    Here are some great free internet marketing videos:

    Here are some great free internet marketing videos I have come across. Dan Kennedy is particularly good on "How principles never change." Internet marketing videos

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    Affiliates ~ How Low Will You Go?

    Do you have a minimum payout that you look for when deciding to take on a new product? Naturally, you can't always tell as some companies pay a % but ... [read more]

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    Bookmarking and Pinging - How Is It Working For You?

    mlongley in Internet Marketing

    just wondering how bookmarking has been working for everyone these days. From what I have found lately, bookmarking still has value, but the trick is getting your bookmark accounts indexed. ... [read more]

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    Article Marketing - Why Do Authors Do This?

    cimbah in Internet Marketing

    I've been looking at a lot of articles lately on different directories and I've noticed something that just doesn't make sense to me. Granted, I'm not an article marketing pro ... [read more]

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    Automate Your Twitter Time

    Here's a nice quick n easy way to automate tweets from your site. Sign up here (not affiliated in anyway) : feed your blog to twitter and add your ... [read more]

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    how to structure an affiliate program

    Hi, I'm wanting to put together an affiliate program for my site. It's a service targeted toward webmasters. I'm looking for some advice on it. Currently the site is in ... [read more]

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    With plr how many to sale

    Tomwood in Internet Marketing

    When selling plr articles I mean a new unique package is it best to offer an unlimited amount at $5 per pack of 10 within do as you want including ... [read more]

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    Help me with Affiliate Marketing on a Budget... Please!

    pwnzor in Internet Marketing

    Okay well I've got a nice site that converts pretty well.. the only probelm is I cannot seem to get any decent amount of traffic to it. I know if ... [read more]

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    Are rented e-mail lists worth it?

    WillDL in Internet Marketing

    I was looking around for potential JV partners, trying to find people with e-mail lists in the real estate investing niche. I came across a bunch of services offering to ... [read more]

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    Muddled/Confused Delavo/Fantasos User Here...

    ... OK, first, I know this is not the support forum for Delavo/Fantasos. But while I'm confused about the "new version" of JVM/Fantasos/Delavo, I'm even more confused about the hoops ... [read more]

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    A few keyword questions

    I'm starting to put together my content for a new site and I'm trying to figure out my keywords. I have the ones that I want to target and I'm ... [read more]

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    Would Like To Determine Keywords Used When Filling Out A Form

    WendellC in Internet Marketing

    Hi. Looking for some recommendations... I'm using Aweber for an input form on my HTML site and I would love to know exactly what keywords were used by the particular ... [read more]

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    Quick Question: Are absolute unique visitors and visitors the same thing?

    For example, if I have a total of 100 unique visitors for a span of one month, does that mean that every single of one these people have different ISP ... [read more]

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    You count visitors, but do your visitors count?

    Get it? Play on words? OK, so normally I spend an hour or so on Sundays planning the coming week. Yesterday I got distracted by the BENGALS WINNING and so ... [read more]

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    Which RSS directories?

    Formulam in Internet Marketing

    Hi, can anyone tell me whether it is worthwhile submitting the RSS feeds of your articles on EZA to RSS directories to create backlinks, and if so, which ones? :confused:

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    Sell products on google base for free

    I was just passing a bit of time exploring google and was surprised to learn that you can sell products on googlebase for FREE! Information for Sellers Has anyone ever ... [read more]

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    Anyone use Volution?

    Hi, I need a better shopping cart and site which has around 1500 products. Has anyone used Volution? I need multiple size and pricing options-- am very limited currently, Need ... [read more]

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    What are the Pros & Cons of setting up an Autoresponder on your own Hosting/Domain?

    Lance K in Internet Marketing

    Does anyone have any advice regarding autoresponders on your own domain/hosting account? The list will be an announcement list. To get on the list, people have to PAY. So I ... [read more]

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    Good mind mapping software?

    jasonl70 in Internet Marketing

    I'm looking for mind mapping software (it does not need to be free), and was wondering what others out there have come across. I'd like something the looks really sharp, ... [read more]

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    First Page Created in XSite -- and Freebie

    Jennienbr in Internet Marketing

    I just created my first site using XSitePro2. Can you let me know what you think? I am offering a free report on the site. Thanks! Jen

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    How do you cope with information overload and wso addiction

    Tomwood in Internet Marketing

    When i first started in Internet marketing all I did for buy the latest products especially w.s.o.'s, searching for that elusive shortcut to internet riches more traffic or whatever was ... [read more]

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    MVP Card, CVS Cards, etc - What Software?

    rushindo in Internet Marketing

    Hi, Where do you get the software to offer reward cards like Food Lion's MVP card, CVS cards, etc? Thanks, Brandon

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    Looking for info on one time offers...

    colinjoss in Internet Marketing

    I'm working on a product about one time offers. I'm looking for some stats around how much a OTO can increase profits. Anyone got any stats on this? Colin

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    What is the best way to prevent duplicate content.

    I hear you should create differenet versions of your article and then submit them to article directories. 1. Put article on your website 2. Put rewritten article on your blog ... [read more]

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    When using Paul and angelas backlink list is it worth signing up with different email addres ?

    Hi Guys, I`m using Paul johnsons backlink list and was wondering is it worth signing up to the same site if its a high PR something like 8 with a ... [read more]

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    Hello all - couldn't find an Introduce yourself section

    Hey all Just thought I'd say hello - I'm back here after about a year away, working hard, trying to make money, as we all are. I had to sign ... [read more]

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    Resigned this week!!!

    serrow in Internet Marketing

    Just wanted to share a quick little pat on my back. I had a great few days after I turned in my resignation to my company president. It has not ... [read more]

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    Benefits of Blogging

    Jack Chua in Internet Marketing

    Blogging is a strategy that gives so much benefits. To mention a few would be for SEO which is one of the most visible benefit from it. How does blogging ... [read more]

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    Internet Marketing Workshop

    Jack Chua in Internet Marketing

    Who have tried attending workshops? I have not tried having a workshop on internet marketing. I wonder how effective would that be and what are the benefits that one can't ... [read more]

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    does your cash cow step on its UDDER?

    A few days ago we had friends over for dinner and the sleep over, and we talked about cows that are breeded in such a way that their UDDERS are ... [read more]

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    What Exit Pop Up Do You Use?

    jhongren in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I am looking for an exit pop up for one of my sales page to capture name and email. Any to recommend? Thanks in advance. John

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    Feedback Please on Sales Page

    st2009 in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys, First off, don't think this is me spamming as there are no links active on the page below, I am still designing it. I am just looking for ... [read more]