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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Is this resource available here?

    laurenceh in Internet Marketing

    I was thinking the other day, that one of the things that would attract me to a product when looking for a affiliate opportunity, would be if I knew the ... [read more]

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    Aljiro in Internet Marketing

    Hi there Warriors! I would like to ask about your opinion on minisites. You know those graphical good looking sales pages. Are they important to you? Do you think that ... [read more]

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    Help me by checking this video file

    shekhar in Internet Marketing

    Hello fellow warriors, Can you please check a Camatasia video by running it in your browser. Actually, these videos are running properly in my browsers (both IE & Firefox). However, ... [read more]

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    Looking for a way to "pay it forward?"

    lisag in Internet Marketing

    I don't know about you but I've always found that the more I give away, the more that comes into my life. Money, love, whatever... So if you're looking for ... [read more]

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    Which domain?

    Right fellow warriors, a little bit of advice please. Just about to put a wordpress site together to sell Amazon and Clickbank products. The name I have selected has gone ... [read more]

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    A Word of Caution to Offline Sellers

    Jason_V in Internet Marketing

    I was thinking about my selling days at the phone book company I had worked for. This story popped into my head, and I figured it would be a good ... [read more]

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    I need an experienced domain flippers help with figuring out the value of this domain

    Jason_V in Internet Marketing

    Warriors, I have a domain that I think is pretty valuable. I've had it since November of last year. It's very memorable. It's a 3 word .com but has huge ... [read more]

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    Adding products on CB...

    Hi guys I'm fairly new to CB from a selling point of view so please bear with my newbieness. I've just updated my membership book and I want to be ... [read more]

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    Need help organizing your desktop? Found great free tool

    Bill_Z in Internet Marketing

    Hey everyone, I ran across this great tool for organizing your desktop, thought some of you would be interested. Check it out if you'd like - it's free for personal ... [read more]

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    WF Support -- Holy cow, Thomas!

    R Hagel in Internet Marketing

    I just wanted to give a tip o' the hat, slap on the back and a big round of applause for Thomas (the guy answering the help desk inquiries). I ... [read more]

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    My little Keyword Research Trick-My first attempt to contribute.

    I have read many ebooks and seen many videos on keyword research...But no one is talking about this important step....Maybe they are keeping it for themselves. Many of you here ... [read more]

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    New Rule Prohibiting Unwanted "Robocalls" to Take Effect on September 1

    Just saw this 8/27/2009 Press Release. Potential $16K/Call fine... "Telemarketers Must Obtain Prior Written Approval from Consumers Who Want to Receive Such Calls Beginning September 1, 2009, prerecorded commercial telemarketing ... [read more]

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    lol. Hi! I'm Johnathan. Is this an AA meeting?

    Johnathan in Internet Marketing

    lol... um, yeah. Nice new forum spam... "Hi, my name is so & so! Would everyone like to drop oodles of cash into my lap? Because I am a nice ... [read more]

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    Would You Build A Shopping center Next To A Highway With No Off-Ramp?

    I have been "pretending" to create an internet business for the last year or so. This is my dream business model after being recently slaughtered in the real estate / ... [read more]

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    Newbies-Have You Created (Or Trying to Create) an Info Product?

    Hi, From one newbie to another: Have you created an info product yet? No matter how big or small-free report, ebook, audio, video.. What was or is your biggest challenge ... [read more]

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    Information Marketing vs. Content Marketing

    Lately, there's been a lot of buzz about content marketing. Is there a difference between information marketing vs. content marketing? Or is content marketing just a new phrase?

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    Does you use the Clickbank text ads?

    detooth in Internet Marketing

    I was looking at the Clickbank text ads and the Hoplink Builder yesterday and was disappointed that they followed the AdSense model. It's a good idea to do what works, ... [read more]

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    Is anyone else having problems with StumbleUpon?

    sylviad in Internet Marketing

    Hi, For the past few days, I've been unable to stumble anything. I get to the submit form, enter my info, but when I click Thumbs Up, I get an ... [read more]

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    Best Place to Sell a Website

    hyperlite in Internet Marketing

    Hey all, I recently built an ecommerce store but I dont have time to maintain it. I think its worth some good money, but I'm not sure where to go ... [read more]

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    What's the best commission percentage to offer on a $100-$200 product?

    JuryDuty in Internet Marketing

    I've created a 9 mp3 audio series plus workbook and two ebook package. I plan to sell it for $100-$200 (was thinking $147). My question is: What's the best commission ... [read more]

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    How can i make $100 and above daily with clickbank

    lids in Internet Marketing

    Worriors in the house, i am a newbie to IM expecially Affiliate marketing, i want advice and what to do to be able to start earning $100 and above daily. ... [read more]

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    Where can I sell my site?

    I just want to sell one of my site which has good PR and good traffic. Where can I place ads to sell my website? I have tried with cragilist, ... [read more]

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    Video and Conversions

    magwoi in Internet Marketing

    Nine out of the top 10 clickbank products in the make money category have video in their sales pages. But only 2 out of the top 10 sales pitches in ... [read more]

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    Do You Test Different Ministe Designs?

    Hey gang Been looking at a trend here: many Warriors ask what's wrong with their sales copy, what's missing, they even go changing a good sales copy that it's not ... [read more]

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    Easiest way to setup disclaimer, terms, contact page?

    Challe77 in Internet Marketing

    What is the easiest way to setup a disclaimer page, terms of use and a contact page on a site ( wordpress). What information should I exactly put in there ... [read more]

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    What is the best way to sell a product?

    I have got some physical products in hand, I want to make sales, (Paintings & Craft works - There are 200-300 paintings and craft wrks now, more will be there ... [read more]

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    How Many EZA Do You Have Published?

    I thought I would ask a question that comes to my mind every now and again being that I am an active EZA submitter with just around 200 articles submitted. ... [read more]

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    Best Way to launch 10 sites for make money

    I want to start new sites ( almost 10 sites ) for make money online so I need suggestions from senior warriors about launching of new sites as under:- What ... [read more]

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    Social Bookmarking marketing

    When adding your website pages to social bookmark sites like delicious, digg, reddit and stumbleupon, can you suggest all the pages of your website eg 1200 pages (or is that ... [read more]

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    Who Are They?

    Rapido in Internet Marketing

    Who are these mysterious people I keep reading about? They keep send emails to their subscribers. They promote their own and other people's products. They are all members of some ... [read more]

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    How many warriors translate their Info Products into other languages?

    I was wondering if many of the warriors who produce info-products have any of their best selling products translated into other languages? I was thinking about translating some of mine, ... [read more]

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    How do you get started as a Copywriter

    penny_zf in Internet Marketing

    Dear all, I would like to find out how you can get started as a copywriter for websites and started with small gigs? I have been writing sales letters & ... [read more]

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    I love Warrior Notepad.

    Hey Warriors. Right now I am sitting in my school library and I am posting on warrior forum. I just came across a thread that I wanted to bookmark and ... [read more]

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    Ad Copy Advice from Michael Fortin..

    Yeah yeah I know I'm a Mike Fortin groupie. (I just can't help myself)!! But if you haven't read Michael's blog post on writing copy headlines, you're missing out on ... [read more]

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    First ClickBank Check Arrived!

    Talinn in Internet Marketing

    Hi fellow Warriors, I am so happy today! Since I live in Istanbul, it took a long time for the check to arrive (it was sent on 19th of August) ... [read more]

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    How Do You Promote Your PLR Product?

    Matt D. in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I just finished a pretty decent self-help PLR package. I set up my website all the links, vendor, salescopy ... Now the only thing I have to do is ... [read more]

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    Newbie - so where do I start?

    BKenn01 in Internet Marketing

    Ok, I recently joined the forum and I have to say the enthusiasm generated here has my curiosity peaked. Let me give you some brief details of where I am ... [read more]

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    Looking For An E-book I Saw About Making Post In Forums & Creating A E-book From The Post

    highbids in Internet Marketing

    I read an ebook a while back about someone that posted a question in a diet forum about whats the best "diet program" He then collected their email address & ... [read more]

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    Facebook & Sales

    Is there anyone had got sales via only Facebook? Say, If we can get about 200-500 friends online + If we get a popular product+If we write a review of ... [read more]

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    Services like Unique Article Wizard?

    Kadence in Internet Marketing

    I've read a couple people elsewhere say good things about Unique Article Wizard, the article submission service. Are there other reputable services like this - where you submit articles in ... [read more]

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    Email Marketing

    Azzurro in Internet Marketing

    Hi hope someone can plz help ?, where can I get email message content for a email marketing campain Thanks in advance

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    Opinions Required Please

    James401 in Internet Marketing

    Hi All I'm completely new to this forum and decided to join to ask for opinions of 2 opportunities which I am currently considering : 1) My Internet Business 2) ... [read more]

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    Which Autoresponder Service Lets You Provide A Subscription Date?

    One of my customer email lists got a bit jumbled so I had to remove and import those customers over again so now I'm kinda screwed because these customers still ... [read more]

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    Choosing a domain name

    F360 in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warriors, Its finally time to choose a domain name. Theres only one other competitor on the web, and they own: and Now my question is, is it ... [read more]

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    What's your favourite article writing tool(s)?

    Simo in Internet Marketing

    Hey Warriors, I often find article writing the most difficult aspect of Internet Marketing. What tools would you suggest to help with: 1) Writing articles from scratch (is there a ... [read more]

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    Who I Am Makes A Difference Movie - The Blue Ribbon Story... Serious message and a few good lessons

    Dave777 in Internet Marketing

    Received the following through an email newsletter from a business associate and good friend. Might be a good addition to consider for some with your own misc. newsletters in particular ... [read more]

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    Second sale! I am UNSTOPPABLE!!!!!!!

    newBum76 in Internet Marketing

    I was excited about that first sale a couple days ago, but I gotta admit I was thinking "maybe I just got lucky" or "it could have just been a ... [read more]

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    e-Bay tips needed

    I am new to affilitate marketing, I have planned to chose e-bay for this. Is that good idea, please give me tips and advice Warriors

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    Ok I really really need some advice, please

    thenns in Internet Marketing

    Hi all, Following the success of my niche that I had gathered 3 sales in 1 week, I am now without a sale for the last 7 weeks. lol I ... [read more]

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    Looking for someone with a wine consumer related list

    pede in Internet Marketing

    In a few days I will be finishing up on a high quality, high end info product that the wine consumer market would be interested in. If you have a ... [read more]

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    Please shoot me.

    Pnigro in Internet Marketing

    I'm in a relationship niche and I'm getting tons of emails everyday of people asking me for help. How the hell do I handle this? Should I answer every email ... [read more]

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    Split Testing

    I need to test a sales letter change. Just was wondering what you guys use for a b split testing? I used a program called Split Testing Pro, however cant ... [read more]

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    Can a WP blog be installed on this site?

    pcpupil in Internet Marketing

    I have been to the oscommerce forum twice. I have asked questions,had views,and no answers. I guess they dont know how to support there products,and the users dont either. Anyway,can ... [read more]

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    How to set up a Membership Site

    ebpglobal in Internet Marketing

    Hi, What do I need to set up a membership site? Is there specific software that anyone can recommend? Can I use something already in Cpanel (please, please say yes ... [read more]

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    Loyalty rate Vs. Clickthru rate!

    For the benefit of all Newbies like myself is it better to have a good loyalty rate or a better click thru rate to improve your conversion rate? How do ... [read more]

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    Fox adds on-air tweets to "Fringe" reruns

    I didn't see this tonight, but I've seen the show several times. Fox adds on-air tweets to `Fringe' reruns - Yahoo! News Very interesting use of Twitter. The tweets were ... [read more]