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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Article Submission Question

    waloosh in Internet Marketing

    I just took up a side-job for article submissions for someone else. They gave me a list of the article submission sites and the article with appropriate information... however, I ... [read more]

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    Most bang for your buck

    I'm trying to find out where to get the most traffic and sales from an article? I've searched all over the web, but can't really find a straight answer. Can ... [read more]

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    Need 10 people to review video series

    I just finished up a 7 video series on how to make graphical video squeeze pages. I show you how to create a graphic and cut out the area where ... [read more]

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    What if you don't want to be on video/spotlight? What Strategy?

    Cutthroat in Internet Marketing

    I do not want to be on videos... I do not want my picture everywhere and I don't want to stand in front of crowds and give seminars. I want ... [read more]

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    Business Advice Required

    I currently own a website at which runs a unique script I wrote a few weeks ago. The website is currently very new, and makes money through AdSense and ... [read more]

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    Andy Jenkins leaving StomperNet

    Brad Fallon has bought Andy Jenkins' stake in StomperNet and Andy will be leaving the company. Here's the article I just posted for more details: Brad Fallon Buys Out Andy ... [read more]

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    Check to make sure emailing product deliverability works?

    I finished setting up a site using the 'Listspawner' system; Because of IP logging preventing multiple accounts from same IP address I need someone to test and signup through my ... [read more]

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    Who here uses moneybookers?

    Cryp in Internet Marketing

    Hey warriors, due to some restrictions in South-Africa, im unable to use paypal to withdraw funds. Moneybookers looks like a viable alternative; does anyone have experience with them or uses ... [read more]

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    ArticleBot Question: Do Article Directory Scripts Have A Specific 'Signature'?

    Thomas in Internet Marketing

    Hello Warriors: I bought a copy of ArticleBot yesterday (BigMike's ArticleBot... not the other ArticleBot!) and have been adding my own list of sites to it. I have added about ... [read more]

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    Free article directory submitter?

    Hi! I have just started out with submit articles to articles directories. Do anyone know of a free article directory submitter? I don't want to spend money on it until ... [read more]

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    ClickBank Vendor Tracking

    Is there a method of capturing visitor name/email from a CB vendor sale? a CB vendor, can I automatically get the purchaser info into a file, database, etc? -Scott

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    Combining Online & Offline mediums for massive success

    Offliners... there's a big world of marketing out there aside from just straight-up online marketing. One of the most effective campaign methods is to help your clients integrate various forms ... [read more]

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    Glimmer of success on the horizon...

    or just a Mirage? So far this month -My first adsense check is due -My first membership sale via JV this month -My first clickbank sale (Sonia, whoever or wherever ... [read more]

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    How do I take a cut of profits?

    Freeman77 in Internet Marketing

    I did some work for a client, and he's now inquiring about my SEO services. Formerly, I've only done SEO for myself, though I have the tools and knowledge. He ... [read more]

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    What plan of action would you tell my Dad to do for $750/month?

    My Dad and Mom are visiting me from out of town, and although they are here to see their grand kids they are also here because my Dad who just ... [read more]

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    850 Article Directories..

    I never knew so many existed :rolleyes: and you might not have either.. just look at this list. Big List Of Article Directories on

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    Awstats vs Google Analytics

    jbgal in Internet Marketing

    I have a new website which receives only around 5 (oftentimes less) unique visits a day per Google Analytics but according to my Awstats in cpanel, I have had 416 ... [read more]

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    laurenceh in Internet Marketing

    Hi peeps looking for a domain where the .com is taken but the is available. 1. Is any less valuable? Would i still get worldwide se attention or ... [read more]

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    autoresponder software - Now FREE whats the catch?

    dreamtab in Internet Marketing

    Hello Warriors, I don't have any experience in list building or any autoresponder so I may be wrong. I know aweber is the best but I dont want to commit ... [read more]

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    How to Get More YouTube Views?

    Hello, i am trying to Expand my knowledge in youtube marketing, and was hoping for tips on how to get more youtube views. Please share all the possible ways to ... [read more]

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    Do you trust Trust-Guard?

    DavidO in Internet Marketing

    I just signed up for Trust-Guard security seals. I really feel that this will increase conversion. But I thought it a bit ironic that my browser sent off warnings that ... [read more]

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    How many pages for a mini-site?

    KayBugg in Internet Marketing

    What's the most # of pages I should have in a minisite?

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    Do I Need To Change My Site Competely?

    Alright warriors I have this blog site Quality Private Label & Master Resale Rights Products that shows tons and tons of videos all to do with all aspects of Internet ... [read more]

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    Unique content if you are not after SEO?

    enigma2k in Internet Marketing

    I am creating a new site that is not in a niche and has a competition. So SEO is no option for me and I will only go with social ... [read more]

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    Clickbank TID tracking

    Success in Internet Marketing

    For Clickbank TID tracking codes, will the sellers be able to see my TID codes on their side when there is a sale?

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    Any other consumer protections out there?

    I have a site where I have background checks on internet products and am wondering if there are other consumer complaint people I can check in with? I currently use ... [read more]

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    Clickbank Direct Deposit

    Just posting my reply which I receivied from clickbank for anyone is intereted in this. ClickBank is pleased to offer direct deposit of your ClickBank account payments! However to sign-up ... [read more]

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    Does using a redirect domane still work?

    blueclcl in Internet Marketing

    Hi Is it still possible to make money by writing articles on EZA and using a redirect domane to an affiliate page? Is this within the rules of EZA? Are ... [read more]

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    Affiliate Programs for Tangible Items?

    Does anyone know how to set up an affiliate program for a tangible item? Clickbank doesn't allow tangibles, are there other large affiliate networks that allow this?

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    shango11 in Internet Marketing

    I know this is going to sound foolish and what not but i dont really care, i just made my first cent ($0.1) in online marketing! I know its only ... [read more]

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    Can anyone help with my frustration?

    Voyager64 in Internet Marketing

    Hi there all, I am in need of some help and guidance please! I have recently tried using both TubeMogul and Scribd for my marketing and in both instances my ... [read more]

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    Suggestion for article writers

    maxi991 in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys ned some help here, a lot of the writers I have been hiring have been producing very bad quality content for me. Got any suggestions for some good ... [read more]

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    Enough of the BS. Some of you won't have a clue what I'm talking about here. If that's the case, don't worry about it. If it doesn't apply to you, ... [read more]

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    Kick start your internet marketing campaign

    Recently, there has been a huge influx of new members into the forum and the question of where to start within IM has repeatedly come up. I thought that I ... [read more]

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    Script installation services

    Dr-Neo in Internet Marketing

    Hello Warriors , im a professional PHP developer who planning to create a Script installation services website . im going to work with those script " wordpress , PHPBB , ... [read more]

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    Did you all know this about Ezine Articles???

    Hello All, I found something cool looking through Ezine Articles. I not sure if this is new or not. Maybe I am telling everyone something they already know. But Ezine ... [read more]

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    Blogger sued and sent to jail

    Wow! Another blogger sued by Anna Nicole's mom sent to jail | Houston & Texas News | - Houston Chronicle This blogger was sued by the mother of the ... [read more]

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    tool to download youtube videos?

    jkiley in Internet Marketing

    Is there any tool which can download youtube videos? I want to download, burn the cd and then watch them on my is just better that way....any way to ... [read more]

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    RSS Blogging

    AJD101 in Internet Marketing

    Hi all first post so please be gentle. As a newbie I was wondering if this works for SEO 1- Create a two page blog with page 1 being static ... [read more]

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    Made my first Clickbank sale

    I'm pretty amazed at the moment, the niche site the sale come from has only 'officially' been finished and up since Monday. I logged on to CB tonight to check ... [read more]

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    Crying : Need Help With Email Aces!

    celente in Internet Marketing

    hey does anyone out there use email aces..i just started to use it with one of my lists how do i write a name in the subject and the body ... [read more]

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    Need Suggestions for Clickbank Affiliate Software

    I am looking to buy software that supports Clickbank. That is, something like EasyClickMake that allows your affiliates to promote multiple Clickbank products, and send buyers directly to the correct ... [read more]

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    Would Anyone Be Interested In This?

    hjalte81 in Internet Marketing

    Hi... I use butterfly marketing for some of my pages and I know it can be a pain to set up a custom squeeze-/salespage. Now, I'm pretty ok with HTML ... [read more]

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    How Do You Guys Create Software?

    ebizman87 in Internet Marketing

    Hello there.. I'm just wondering how do you guys here create your own software.Do you need any programming basic such as a degree in software engineering? or is there any ... [read more]

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    Online advertising catalogue

    I'm thinking to try to make some form of a online ad section there all the local shops in my area can reg. for a account and advertise their weekly ... [read more]

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    how was this video done?

    davemiz in Internet Marketing

    I know how this was recorded (ichat with skype on another side) Health Business Confidential and recorded in screenflow..... but when i do this, my audio doesn't snych up with ... [read more]

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    ClickBank Gravity Conflict..

    I got a report recently that said to pick products with gravity between 70 to 100, but listening to a video it said to pick products with the highest gravity. ... [read more]

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    Where to buy domain names

    Oriam in Internet Marketing

    Is there a good web site where i can search for available domain name for sale. And also where is best to buy them, I'm in Canada, if ever that ... [read more]

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    Bigger isn't always better...

    I came across this on Andy Beal's Marketing Pilgrim blog yesterday. He writes about new research released by a company called Dynamic Logic. The research reveals that half banners (234 ... [read more]

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    Can i use the same server to host two domain?

    Hi, I have purchased my domain name and server space from NameCheap some time back.Domain name and server has been mapped and my website is running fine.Still i have lot ... [read more]

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    Does Paypal Allow Gambling Sites Or Software?

    I read some where ages ago that paypal does not allow you to sell anything that is relating to gambling at all? Can you please confirm this??

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    Help Me, Confide Me! Is This True?

    fattysolo in Internet Marketing

    Okay, I've been holding back to post another silly post about article marketing and I'm sure to get scolding from Warriors but I need assurance and something to build up ... [read more]

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    Can i use youtube videos?

    Hey Warriors, Just want to check if anyone else is using Youtube videos on their site? I dont mean to sell them just to have them as additional content. Thanks.

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    Can i add a Blog,& Rss to my site?

    pcpupil in Internet Marketing

    Can i add a blog and an RSS feed to my site below. The one thats in my sig. Im going to go to the oscommerce forum or website and ... [read more]

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    Save Firefox Windows

    Hi Warriors, Most of the times I have multiple windows open with my firefox, I like to keep different windows for different things. Anyway sometimes I want to do other ... [read more]

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    They are trying to take my money, help!

    You have initiated a payment for $25.00 USD to This payment will be completed once the recipient has accepted the payment. Payment details Amount: $25.00 USD Transaction ID: 47R6338T21003K ... [read more]