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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Best Blogsite Layout

    Which one you like and prefer? I was a fan 3 column layout with central content area. But now I like left hand content area and right sidebar

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    Make a paypal buy link not show your email?

    Hey everyone, I have never used paypal directly to sell any of my products so this is new to me. I created a buy it now button then just took ... [read more]

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    Best Blog Sites

    Jason H in Internet Marketing

    I have never created a blog before, and need some help. What is the best site for blogs (WordPress or Blogger) and how do you professionally customize it because I ... [read more]

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    University vs Web Designing school

    Gereem in Internet Marketing

    I go to University of British Columbia up here in Canada. I'm a pretty smart student and get above average grades in my commerce faculty there. One thing I'm very ... [read more]

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    Ohhhhh The Publicity!

    I appreciate your patience as I've been asking quite a few questions lately. I'll get right to the point. I had my first taste of TRUE traffic a few months ... [read more]

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    How do you add articles to a blog - It doesn't seem possible???

    It does seem possible to add one but not more. I wanted to add my articles to my blog and I don't want them all to go to the blogs ... [read more]

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    Can anyone provide your input on LLC via online services vs Attorneys

    Hello, I am looking to incorporate (LLC) for an ebook that I plan to release soon. 1. I have been told that it is a waste of money to incorporate ... [read more]

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    Which WordPress Survey Plugin?

    I was searching for a WordPress Survey plugin & I found 1 to be quite alright because I wanted to run multiple surveys & to have open ended questions. Surveys ... [read more]

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    Gurus Need your help

    melvinm in Internet Marketing

    Hi All, I have relationship website (blog)which was getting good traffic until two weeks back,all of a sudden the traffic just dropped, not sure what happened. I checked my robots.txt ... [read more]

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    Artisteer question

    Hey everyone, I've been working on designing a website in Artisteer but am running into a bit of a snag. I want to have a web page that has an ... [read more]

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    starting a blog

    bundina in Internet Marketing

    Hello everyone i just came to this site and am i newbie. I just joined hostican, and wanted to start a blog with wordpress on it. I downloaded the wordpress ... [read more]

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    Is there a reseller script that...

    Does anyone know of a reseller script that will work with amember? I need something that would: - allow my affiliates/resellers to accept payments for my products directly into THEIR ... [read more]

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    Need a Mentor

    Hi, I've been studying up on all things OM for the past 8 months, but I'm finding it all hard to get my head around and actually implement successfully. I ... [read more]

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    RIP David Castle

    HeySal in Internet Marketing

    I just got the most horrible news from a fellow warrior. David Castle has died. He had an aggressive cancer that took him quite swiftly and he finally succumbed on ... [read more]

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    What Other Affiliate Tools Should I Add?

    Hello Warriors. I am actively promoting my article marketing training course - Articology with a good response. I have recently added pre-written tweets and one solo email, but wanted everyone's ... [read more]

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    Jump in Traffic Due to EZA?

    slamja in Internet Marketing

    Has anyone seen a similar traffic pattern? Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks. I submitted one article through Unique Article Wizard approximately two weeks before the jump in traffic and ... [read more]

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    A got a rather stingy client who dosent want to invest

    Recently a friend of a friend came to me to set up a website for her selling antiques and ebooks that she had written. She is pretty frazzled at what ... [read more]

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    msuedass in Internet Marketing

    Does anyone knows of any MLM sites that works?

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    $30 Fee To Willing Warrior - Help Me Track Down A Domain Owner...

    Kenneth L in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warriors, I'm looking for a little help. And in return I'm offering $30 if you can help me pull off this small task. Basically, there is a domain I ... [read more]

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    Handing Out Free Copies

    Aljiro in Internet Marketing

    Greetings Warriors! In my efforts to kick up my efforts I would like to give away "review" copies of my product. This will be the full package and you will ... [read more]

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    Just hit 500,000 views on EZA

    Marhelper in Internet Marketing

    Just hit 500,000 views on EZA ... on a total of 680 articles. I have been writing on EZA for about 1 1/2 years now and have learned quite a ... [read more]

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    Duplicate Content 3

    This is a similar, but different issue than in my Duplicate Content 2 thread. Again, the purpose is to get some raw meat, real search results and web pages to ... [read more]

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    I need help with online paper ads

    Can anyone help me with information or referrals on how to place online paper ads? Does anyone have a good advertising agent they could refer me to?

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    Timing of articles make a difference?

    I have about 30 articles for a specific niche that I want to post in a new blogger blog that I created. Is it better to post one per day ... [read more]

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    Hi all. A New Warrior here.

    Hi everyone. Not sure if this is the right section but just thought I'd introduce myself as I'm new to this site. I just recently started reading about affiliate marketing ... [read more]

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    Risk-Free Upsell Script & Paypal...?

    Hey Warriors, Do any of you know if you can use the "Risk-Free Upsell Script" with paypal vs If not, do you know of any other script that will ... [read more]

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    Ultracart Training Videos

    Hi, I've had numerous requests to let people know when I started posting my ultracart tutorials online. So I have started with the first one. Completely free. So if you ... [read more]

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    ArticleBot - too much trouble

    CurtisSWN in Internet Marketing

    I'm finding that I'm spending too much time trying to configure, understand, and register with all the sites that are in ArticleBot. Getting started in the most difficult part, is ... [read more]

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    The "Best Niche" Myth...

    I hate to break it to you, but there is no such thing as the "Best Niche". I see so many people asking the question "What's the Best Niche to ... [read more]

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    where can i find go web designers

    where can i find good web designers? Appreciate the help , Nick Carter

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    which is the best click bank guide

    RAJ Wells in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys Which is the best product or wso about promoting click bank products using ppc, social media, viral marketing and article marketing. As well as how to pick products. ... [read more]

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    PSD to HTML (CSS)

    Anyone around who can help with getting a PSD design to HTML, I think it would need to be CSS. We have tried a very different look, and never really ... [read more]

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    Duplicate content question

    Greetings all, My question has to do with how different an article needs to be to avoid a duplicate content penalty. What percentage should be different? I am tinkering with ... [read more]

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    Done this video on saturday if you can feedback to me Thank you

    Hi I would like your feedback on my video which I shot last saturday in loch lomond I am not 100 percent sure if I can post this link to ... [read more]

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    Would you help me, please

    Rezbi in Internet Marketing

    I'm writing a report which should be beneficial to almost anyone on here, especially if you're new to marketing or even have a moderate amount of experience. All I need ... [read more]

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    IM for offline client ... Suggestions and best practices?

    Hey everyone...I need some advice, and I'm hoping you might could help. Maybe I'm making it too complicated, but I thought I'd ask anyway. A local business is looking for ... [read more]

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    Clickbank tracking...

    On the clickbank reporting bit, is there anyway of finding out where your hops have come from e.g. which page on your website they've come from? Cheers, Chris

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    How to add video to site WITHOUT youtube embed?? Help?!..plz?

    skorpion in Internet Marketing

    good afternoon knowledgable warriors, I need to add a video onto my clients new website but I dont want it to be a dinky little youtube ebedded video. I think ... [read more]

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    Need advise from a blog expert...

    Paulo in Internet Marketing

    Is it possible to transfer a blog with plenty of content hosted (on a personal domain) on Blogger to a WordPress on my own domain? Do you know can this ... [read more]

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    Haven't got commisions in clikbank yesterday

    Adwords shows conversions but clikbank stats stands on zero since yesterday. Anyone has the same problem?

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    Quick Question because I'm Curious

    Can anyone tell me what these "style citations" are in EzineArticles? For example, below one published Ezine article I saw the MLA, APA and Chicago style citations. I see them ... [read more]

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    Clickbank Top Affiliates

    robcole in Internet Marketing

    Is it possible to find the top affiliates for a certain product on clickbank? If you can maybe you could look at their websites and see what is working for ... [read more]

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    Who Are The Most Interesting Warriors To Follow On Twitter?

    chrisfx in Internet Marketing

    Just created a new Twitter account and am looking for some fellow Warriors to follow. Don't nominate yourself! Chris

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    WordPress Help-Great Source!

    Lesboy in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I just wanted to make a helpful/useful contribution by making a recommendation. I recently published my first blog which was all done for me by: The service was ... [read more]

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    Generating leads, but don't know how???

    Jayson L in Internet Marketing

    I have been working on my website for about 2 years and am still a novice at best. Here's the thing though. I have been generating leads the last couple ... [read more]

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    Selling abandonware

    I came across this webshop: classicgamingpresents . com. Among other things they are selling the old Transport Tycoon game. And that is AFAIK abandonware, but still is it legal...? Microprose ... [read more]

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    From Intermediate to Advanced

    Jayell in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warriors, I have wasted way too much time looking for a solution to a problem that i'm sure at least one of you can answer. The problem is that ... [read more]

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    Domain Name Ideas

    galexyrrs in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I was going to try and use Nameboy Ultimate Domain Name Generator, search, creation, domain name lookup and domain registration to get domain name ideas, but it doesn't work. ... [read more]

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    Power Article Rewriter and MyArticleNewtwork - Video

    Marty S in Internet Marketing

    Video on how to spin quality output using Power Article Rewriter - Then how to use that output if you are a member of MyArticleNetwork or that other PLR place. ... [read more]

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    Question about squeeze page visibility?

    I'm building a website at the moment and I have a squeeze page and a Sales Letter page. I was wondering what the URL of the Squeeze page should be? ... [read more]

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    Do You Collect Social Security Numbers?

    I am about to run my own affiliate program (using Post Affiliate Pro). Thinking in terms of the future, is it important to collect tax payer/SSN information from your affiliates ... [read more]

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    Hey everyone! Where can I find out about seminars/meets in the UK from? Thanks Craig

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    Forced PayPal Payment Plans [Solved]

    Hey guys, I have a question that I can't seem to find an answer for. Recently I've been playing with extremely high ticket items across a few niches. And an ... [read more]

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    How To Generate Leads Using Dead Clickbank ebook?

    How To Generate Leads Using A Dead Clickbank ebook? that is my question, I have a fishing lures ebook that has sold hundreds (maybe 300-400 copies) over the last few ... [read more]