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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Any Real Estate (Website) Experts in Here?

    Hi gang, I see an untapped real estate niche market out there... and I am researching to see if I can tap into it. Here is the thing.... 1. This ... [read more]

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    Looking for simple coding help to change my post-template.php page

    I've changed my post-template.php file to fascilitate changing the text a person sees when they come across a password protected page of mine in Wordpress, but I don't know how ... [read more]

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    Any Recs for Adsense WP themes?

    Anyone have an ideas for nice simple WP adsense themes? I looked at pro sense but it does not work with current WP.

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    Paul Myers......

    Happy Birthday Paul, you kept that one quiet.

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    How Do I ''license'' Marketing Campaigns?

    Alphy3000 in Internet Marketing

    Hi I'm learning bob serlings stuff about licensing. And i'm planning to build a business based on a couple of his methods. But i'm rather confused about something.. Does anyone ... [read more]

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    Offline Gold Leads. How Much Would You Pay?

    For you guys that market to the offline market. How much would you pay for a guaranteed number of qualified leads per month? Trying to see how much interest there ... [read more]

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    AIR App or Web App?

    chrisfx in Internet Marketing

    I am currently developing an application of my own that I intend to sell sometime down the line. Right now, its just a regular web application, but I was thinking ... [read more]

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    Can you tell me how to find a profitable niche in under 10 minutes

    I challenge any of you so called marketers so see if you can find a profitable niche market in under ten minutes. If you think you can do me ... [read more]

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    GetResponse Question: Is it possible to do this...

    I want to be able to offer multiple inducements for people to sign up for my list. For example, Offer A (one message autoresponder A) Offer B (one message autoresponder ... [read more]

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    Is Mass Article Submiter Worth It?

    NetworxNZ in Internet Marketing

    Hi all, Last week I purchased a copy of Mass Article Creator and to date I'm fairly disappointed. I ended up spending a HEAP of time adding and tweaking the ... [read more]

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    Need a Simple Countdown timer from 1000 to 0

    cganz in Internet Marketing

    Does anyone know how I can find a nice looking countdown timer where I can show how I am starting a membership at 1000 and have the timer time down ... [read more]

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    Help Finding CD fulfillment in AU

    Hi all, I'm looking for a company located in Australia that can do cd fulfillment for me there - one that can burn, print and ship cds one at a ... [read more]

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    Camtasia for Mac August 25th

    It's about time... Hi, I'm a Mac, and I have Camtasia... (Visual Lounge) Interesting that the price point is $99 for the introductory offer. Leads me to guess that some ... [read more]

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    Has anyone used this ad submitter?

    TyBrown in Internet Marketing

    Hey all, Has anyone used this service which blasts your ad to thousands of free advertising sites? If so, what kind of results have you seen? Ad Submitter: Post Free ... [read more]

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    Where to start?

    galexyrrs in Internet Marketing

    Hi WF, I have been dabbling in internet marketing for the past year or so. I know the basics and have bought products and tried them out, but have never ... [read more]

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    How To Incorporate And Which One - Your Thoughts?

    Hello, I've decided to incorporate my business because income seems to be going up and I want to treat this as a real business. I know there are many options ... [read more]

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    how to change wordpress background color

    how to change wordpress theme background color Can Any One Provide me a free tutorials its really help full for me

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    How many clickbank affiliates go to heaven?

    Hi friends, I am Nikhil from India.This forum helped me a lot and I am very fond of it.I don't know whether it is a good subject to discuss here.Some ... [read more]

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    XsitePro - Hosting - Publishing??

    JRecard in Internet Marketing

    Newbie question: One of the stupidest questions ever - but - I can not seem to publish my website using XSP2. The FTP test connection works perfectly - but when ... [read more]

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    Pictures of People for Testimonals

    ex9to5guy in Internet Marketing

    I am in the process of making sites some that deal with fitness and others that deal with health products. I want to promote affiliate products. I want to use ... [read more]

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    How Would I....

    How would I go about starting my own E-how/Associated Content/Bukisa Clone. I'd like to be able to start my own mix of the three and take what I think people ... [read more]

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    Dragon naturally

    Anyone use this software? If it works it would help me immensly, because I really do type much slower than I think. I could win a gold medal for talking, ... [read more]

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    e-newsletter ads & blog ads ... opinions?

    Hi Warriors. First post here in the forum. Looking forward to participating in the community. I had a quick question - I have an information product that I'm preparing for ... [read more]

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    My FIRST Offline CLIENT!!!!! How to approach??

    skorpion in Internet Marketing

    Hey everyone. I got my first offline client who wants me to call him to see how I can help him get more business by advertising on the internet. He ... [read more]

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    Pen Names

    ex9to5guy in Internet Marketing

    I want to know how many people on here use a pen name. I am looking to get into niche marketing and i listened to a podcasts on the subject. ... [read more]

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    What do you think of this site?

    In the interests of honesty, I should probably let you know that I'm the owner of this new site. But, that being said, I am genuinely wondering what people think ... [read more]

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    Building a List Question

    I have two related niche sites. One is content and the other is more review focused. I have the emails of each at both sites, so consumers can go back ... [read more]

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    Clickbank ripping of affiliates - Someone filing charges against clickbank

    GeorgR. in Internet Marketing

    Rip-off Report: - Click Bank - CB - Affiliate Marketing WARNING: Is Stealing Money From Affiliates - Click Bank Shaves Commission Boise Idaho I really, really want to ... [read more]

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    Can someone help to create killer presell and sales pages what are your top tips

    Hey everyone, Like many of you already know I have had some success on the internet and currently generate around $2000 on average each month part time. Now my question ... [read more]

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    Can anyone reccommend any good Aweber Tutorials?

    tjhollins in Internet Marketing

    Can anyone reccommend any good Aweber Tutorials?

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    Need site traffic ideas

    photog35 in Internet Marketing

    I'm developing a new site that selsl mounted photographs of various things for a local professional photographer. Does anyone have and ideas on how to drive traffic to the site ... [read more]

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    Weird comments

    MDalton10 in Internet Marketing

    Does anyone else get comments the look like this "[...] disabling some startup programs that might be hogging your system I made a video here. Stop startup programs __________________ Check ... [read more]

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    I Want To Split Test Headlines For My Squeeze Page

    I Want To Split Test Headlines For My Squeeze Page ...But I don't know what software to use, or how it's done? I'm a newbie at split testing, but I ... [read more]

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    .Doc to .Pdf Convertor (That works)?

    Tom Brite in Internet Marketing

    Hey Warriors, Im in a little bit of a rut at the moment! I have two ebooks now that are in circulation but am not hapopy with the conversion of ... [read more]

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    Use Your AMA Articles With UAW And Other Places

    chrisfx in Internet Marketing

    I have both an Article Marketing Automation account and a Unique Article Wizard account. If you are someone with multiple article submitter accounts like myself, here is a simple tip ... [read more]

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    Click Bank Idea

    What would be the best route to go if I wanted to add this product to click bank. ? I have noticed no one really doing a product like ... [read more]

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    Driving Traffic to Amazon Sites

    I'm dabbling a bit with a few amazon affiliate sites. Was curious how you guys are driving traffic to these kinds of sites? The google slapping over affiliate reviews has ... [read more]

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    Split Testing The Right Thing At The Right Time

    Hi guys and girls, how are you? I'm pretty new to the internet marketing game (have been "practicing" in it since January and ahve been reading about it since June ... [read more]

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    Twitter still having issues?

    Dana_W in Internet Marketing

    Twitter has been slow all morning for me and now when I try to get on it says "no available server." That can't be a good sign. Stupid Denial of ... [read more]

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    SImple Way To Protect Your Download Page

    JaniG in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys, you may know this already but just wanted to share it with you. If you have your own product and dont have a password protected downlaod page here ... [read more]

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    Who would win; A Filipino outsourcer or this software?

    TyBrown in Internet Marketing

    Okay, I'm starting to outsource more and am looking at my options. I want to outsource my article submission and want to know what you think would be a better ... [read more]

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    Need Wordpress experts here!

    Hi guys, need some Wordpress experts here. First, my requirements: I am revamping a website for my Business Networking group and I want to make the website more robust, not ... [read more]

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    Can anyone help me optimize my one page site?

    Bai_Mike in Internet Marketing

    Can anyone direct me to any resources or help give me pointers in terms of optimizing my site, Insider Tips, Tricks and Secrets to Improve Golf Swing and Lowering Your ... [read more]

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    Need some design work done

    Which forum is the correct place to post a job that I would like completed? I tried the 'warriors for hire' but it never surfaced so must not have past ... [read more]

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    Traffic Generation or Good Copy - which one first?

    Hi there, I have been trying to get traffic to my site for about a month now and see a steady stream of maybe 15 - 20 visitors per day ... [read more]

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    iFrame Tracking with Adwords & CPA

    Jet in Internet Marketing

    I have an iFrame setup on my domain which displays a CPA offer. I'm driving traffic to it via Adwords (despite the T&C). I'd like to track the sub IDs ... [read more]

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    Using Camtasia to Record On-Screen Videos and Presentations...

    A lot of warriors would be using camtasia to record videos and presentations. So I am asking the question here. After recording, editing and producing... In the final video, the ... [read more]

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    Google Analytics Importer

    dvduval in Internet Marketing

    Note: I hope this is okay to post, as it is currently free. Want to show potential advertisers your traffic stats? We have a free script available to do it! ... [read more]

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    Best forums to post on?

    int-mark in Internet Marketing

    I am doing a link building campaign and am wondering the best forums to post on ie the highest PR forums? I am guessing that the PR of the main ... [read more]

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    Social Media Clients

    Where do you get them? I know I have gotten a few clients from this forum and some from Twitter. But it is very erratic. I don't seem to have ... [read more]

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    What Gives?

    Undergrad in Internet Marketing

    My name is Peter Giraldeau and this is my first post. I have no reputation online, no one in this community knows who I am or even knew that I ... [read more]

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    I need help with an membership script.

    Hello.., and thank you in advance. My name is Juan Delgado, I have been working online for 1 year and now I want to move to the next step. I ... [read more]

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    Haven't been around....

    Sarge in Internet Marketing

    Hey everybody! Haven't been around in quite some time and stumbled on this forum again... I see some familiar and some not but look forward to spending some time here ... [read more]

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    USFreeAds, CraigsList And What Other Free Advertising Sites?

    troy23 in Internet Marketing

    Apart from USFreeAds and CraigsList are there any other good free advertising sites? Thanks

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    What Membership Script/Software Will Do This?

    I am wondering what membership software script will this do this please? Everybody knows how works right?? Where you join as a member and you allowed to promote other ... [read more]

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    What would you do with 200 dollar?

    geoffcruz in Internet Marketing

    Hi Guys If you only had 200 dollars to spend on your first online venture what would it be and how would you spend that 200 dollars to get the ... [read more]