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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Don't pretend you didn't screw up

    One thing I hate are business people that won't admit they made a mistake. Example: I ordered a banner created and two weeks later I had not heard anything. I ... [read more]

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    Quick PHP Question

    blase40 in Internet Marketing

    The wordpress theme I am currently using is currently set up to only display the most recent posts from one particular category on the blog's homepage. You will see below, ... [read more]

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    Unreal results from spending $17. If you use autoresponders you need to do this.

    Hi everyone, You may recall a thread last week where I mentioned I was hiring someone on elance to do some graphics for me to make much nicer opt-in forms. ... [read more]

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    How Good Are Free Giveaways Really

    Hi Fellow Warriors, I've just completed my new product and was looking around for ways to promote it. I came across these free giveaway events which promise an influx of ... [read more]

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    Is there an interest in making money with Amazon

    dwooding in Internet Marketing

    from content that Amazon provides? By that I mean, is there anybody interested in further development of a script I have that generates the content for Amazon products that you ... [read more]

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    The death of my computer lead taught me something..

    Last week, one evening my computer lead decided to say I've had enough and so it did. I survived until today on crappy Windows Vista but the death of that ... [read more]

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    FTP transferring question...

    hi all, my site url is However, I watched this tutorial on how to start up a wp blog and the guy said to create a folder to store ... [read more]

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    Am2m in Internet Marketing

    Have any of you used revolution money exchange? its a payment processor like Paypal except they don't charge fees per transaction they charge a small fee when you withdraw you ... [read more]

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    Powerpoint presentation

    RoiRaw in Internet Marketing

    Does anyone use powerpoint to create slides and use that in some form of marketing? I think I could create these on a regular basis, custom to what someone might ... [read more]

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    Ezine articles Published Is this really a big deal??? A newbie question

    I have 12 Ezine article going and several have been published. Does this mean that somebody is just taking your article and reusing it? I was wondering what everybody considers ... [read more]

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    Confused by the KEI numbers I've getting

    I've spent the last hour research how to properly calculate KEI for keywords. I've found 2 different ways of doing it ... similar, but different. =IF(C2<>0,B2^2/C2*1000,B2^2*1000) and K=P^2/C Both of ... [read more]

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    Have a look & Suggest improvements please

    nvs74191 in Internet Marketing

    Will the warriors look at my blog post (using wordpress and some plugins) and suggest improvements please? The post is at All about accounting for beginners Will this have seo ... [read more]

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    Difficulty placing videos on website

    The Schwa in Internet Marketing

    So... when I try to put video on a website... it always asks for the viewer to download the latest Windows Movie Player... which is a tuirn off to start ... [read more]

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    Another "Do you have to do it so you can teach it" thread I wanted to share an example to you regarding the fact that coaches should have had success with what they are teaching. I think that is only half right. ... [read more]

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    any tips on getting vendors on-board?

    I'm in the process of creating some membership sites for a few of my hobby niches. The problem is, none of the top vendors offer affiliate programs. Can anyone suggest ... [read more]

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    Current Pre-Launch sites

    summerm in Internet Marketing

    Can anyone point me to any pre-launch sites up right now? Sites that are just collecting names and emails to be notified of an upcoming launch.

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    BIG Seminar Live Training call now!

    Internet Marketing Seminar | BigSeminar Enjoy

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    Brainstorming: Help to come up with a name.

    Valentine in Internet Marketing

    Hello Warriors, My name is Valentine Spitsyn I'm launching a business and need to come up with a name and domain. I'm positioning myself as a freelance web designer who ... [read more]

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    Is it just me or is Google Adwords down?

    Google Adwords has been unreachable for me since last night. Is anyone else having problems accessing their site or Adwords account? - Thanks

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    Successful podcasting anyone?

    I was wondering if anyone here uses their own podcasts to get traffic and if so, is it worthwhile?

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    Affiliate products in paid information.

    kanus in Internet Marketing

    Anyone else have this pet peeve? I'm tired of buying information products and finding affiliate links, or links to sites where people are selling affiliate products? If I paid for ... [read more]

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    If you rewrite it line by line, is it fresh content or copyright violation?

    Hi folks, Here's a thought to ponder. Let's say you have an article that you would like to rewrite and turn into "fresh" content. What does that mean, exactly? To ... [read more]

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    For European Warriors: How To Sell To Those Without Credit Cards...

    Thomas in Internet Marketing

    I know there are lots of sms micropayment services but I've been testing... Zaypay - Big in small payments ...and it's incredibly simply to use. You copy-and-paste 2 lines into ... [read more]

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    Newbie Question regarding ClickBank Video Game Beta Testing products

    Hello everybody I'm still pretty new to this IM stuff and I'm getting ready to start my third campaign. I'm bumming using Squidoo & Hubpages as my landing pages and ... [read more]

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    receiving paypal payments in non-supported countries

    hi guys i'm from the bahamas and even though i can send payments via paypal i can't receive them as they don't support the bahamas yet. i'm told that all ... [read more]

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    does paypal automatically cancel subscriptions?

    I got an email from paypal which says a buyer cancelled the subscription. I felt weird, so sent the buyer an email. well, the buyer told me that he got ... [read more]

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    Any Audio Specialists In The House...? Please Help!

    Hello, I've recorded a bunch of Camtasia videos. Trouble is, there's a lot of hiss & hum. Not only that, but the recordings seem to be at different volumes. I've ... [read more]

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    CB ticket system woes

    wb1 in Internet Marketing

    What's up guys? I am a CB vendor with a few sites in the CB network. I recently noticed that ClickBank has "upgraded" to a new ticket system. I don't ... [read more]

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    Question for PDF experts

    Is it possible to make PDF to "load" picture from external web site once it has been opened, instead of having image embedded in it? Idea is to make PDF ... [read more]

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    Something to Think About when Commenting Blogs

    There are so many spam filters and what not going on... that it's nearly impossible to write an intelligent comment on a lot of blogs. You can spend 10 minutes ... [read more]

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    Jared Alberghini?

    RCGurus in Internet Marketing

    Jared and I have been on a JV for a little while now. About a month of go he just kind of dissapeared. I understand there is life beyond IM ... [read more]

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    huge relevant link acquisition and pricing help

    whseo99 in Internet Marketing

    hi guys, ive been asked to look into gathering a huge link acquisition for a quite high results keyword search (about 13million). I have no clue how to price this ... [read more]

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    Recommend me a skilled and reliable article writer.

    gjedda63 in Internet Marketing

    I need a skilled and reliable article writer for three articles. I have had some bad experiences with some of them and will avoid more, so do me a favour;recommend ... [read more]

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    Rebrandable Products

    anton343 in Internet Marketing

    Hi Does anyone know of any rebrandable products that comes with the right to offer the rebranding option to my customers Thanks Anton

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    Amazon Products Solt..But No Indication of Pay?

    phish3rz in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys, I'm completely baffled by this Amazon website! I've set up a website dedicated to selling a specific product last week. This week i've recieved indication on my affiliate ... [read more]

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    Enough of the "This is weird" please!!

    Hi Gang Sorry, quick rant of the day, it seems that the "Opps I mess up" email subject lines have died down now...only to be replaced with "This is really ... [read more]

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    Opinions on a header

    So I'm putting together my website where I'll be offering niche finding services, among other things, to niche bloggers. The website is called the Niche Whisperer. What kind of image ... [read more]

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    Do conduit sites still work?

    Learnanew in Internet Marketing

    Little curious after finally reading my copy of Confessions of a Lazy Super Affiliate, I know the book was created and sold during 2007 so I'm wondering if the method ... [read more]

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    Anyone running a PAID social networking site? Think Facebook/Myspace/Wordpress all in one

    ehicks727 in Internet Marketing

    I'm trying to find the best platform/framework to run a paid social networking site on. This is going to be sports related, where teens/young adults (or parents) can create a ... [read more]

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    Help! What Do You First Look for in a Content Service Provider

    Hi! If you are to hire a content service provider, what would you really root and look for? I, mean what do you first like in the offering of a ... [read more]

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    Newbie needs help with Clickbank

    Poglia in Internet Marketing

    Hello guys, I need help to make money with Clickbank. I currently resell an ebook advertised with a YouTube video and I make 100-150 € per month, but I would ... [read more]

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    Increase your income

    Is there anyway to supplement my income? I had to face a paycut owing to the current economic crisis. So I am on the lookout for some proven business which ... [read more]

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    Help with Isnare support

    Can someone help me with Isnare support? I have had a support ticket in for 11 days and I wonder if I'm doing something wrong because I haven't gotten any ... [read more]

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    How To Convert Traffic From The Social Site...

    L.Roman in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I'm a bit confused as to how to convert traffic from myspace to my site... I currently use Friends Adder software to request mass friends. Ok, so I request ... [read more]

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    Track Your Tweets...I'm Dead Serious

    Those of you on Twitter, track your tweets. See what times of the day give you the best results. This is similar to email marketing and the times you send ... [read more]

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    New FTC monitoring of blogs, affiliates, etc

    karakoram in Internet Marketing

    I'm an affiliate that markets using EZine articles, etc. I am wondering if I now have to say in my articles that I am paid by the product's maker or ... [read more]

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    Question about Google quality scores

    Are there any free services that can tell you what your websites quality score is? Also, any sites that can help you improve it? Thanks!!

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    new to area

    Joanna M. in Internet Marketing

    hi , my name is Joanna M, just recently moved back into the gainesville area, looking for new ways to make a lil extra income , would appreciate any ideas ... [read more]

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    My Experience As A Affiliate & Ebay Marketer (Inspiration 4 U!!)

    Hey people, My name is Josef Benjamin, and I am a Professional Ebay & Affiliate Marketer. I wanted to share with you newbies out there a brief story about my ... [read more]

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    How Do You Promote Your Physical Products?

    I am currently working on repositioning a couple ebooks I wrote and sell through Clickbank for $47 and $66 into a big box of stuff (printed manuals, CD's, DVD's, etc.) ... [read more]

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    Yahoo Rolls Out Self-Serve Display Ads!

    quiescen in Internet Marketing

    Well, showing that they still don't get it, Yahoo has rolled out self-serve display ads. Just like Google does. Only problem is they require a $30 a day minimum spend. ... [read more]

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    PLR book/product for adwords advertisers?

    I am planning the website for my new product, a service which can track the clicks, sales, revenue and profit from all your online advertising. I would like to offer ... [read more]

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    Best Online Classified Ad Submitter?

    dizen in Internet Marketing

    I am looking for best online classfied submitter software that blast an ad to all classified sites. Have tried but am not happy with their service. Anyone here can ... [read more]

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    Witty Writers

    Does anyone know where I can find a witty writer to scribble some short but funny quips? A good writer can be hard to come by, but a consistently funny ... [read more]

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    Weight Loss Products on Celebrity Gossip Blogs......

    discrat in Internet Marketing

    I recently saw the fatloss4idiots Thread here and it made me wonder. If you didnt read this Thread it talks about how you should focus Affiliate Weight Loss Products on ... [read more]

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    Allen Says is mentoring me and that is the truth!

    How did I manage that? Well, let me tell you... First off, I have always thought Allen had one of the greatest creative minds I have ever seen... that is ... [read more]