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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Power Article Rewriter error/support

    Marty S in Internet Marketing

    Does anyone using this software get an error that includes "NilObjectException was not handled... must shut down" I am posting this here because the support for this product is in ... [read more]

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    Help! Trying to figure out how to integrate eBook site, membership site and shopping cart

    I so need some guidance with's the story: I'm about to launch and eBook. When someone buys the eBook they will be given the opportunity to join the membership ... [read more]

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    Best way to get eyeballs on a Youtube video?

    jonb in Internet Marketing

    Anyone care to share their simple recipe for getting a youtube video viewed? I already tweet it, blog it and post links in forums, but I'm sure some of you ... [read more]

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    Legit followers?

    hawkG102 in Internet Marketing

    Anyone have any tips for spotting bots and such on Twitter? I'd like to give having a contest via Twitter a shot in order to gain legit followers, but I ... [read more]

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    Where to Find Frank Kern Video Landing Page Template?

    A Bary in Internet Marketing

    Hello I'm looking forward to use video landing page that's used by Frank Kern in the launch of MC 2.0 and Ryan Diess and other marketers lately, where the video ... [read more]

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    Wordpress "registered user content drip feed" plugin

    Hey guys n gals, Perhaps you can help me out here.. Im looking for a wordpress plugin that lets me drip feed content to registered users in the same way ... [read more]

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    Shopping Cart Help

    Does anybody know where I can find a free shopping cart that will collect my clients cc details? I need buy buttons that are in html format. Something simple that ... [read more]

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    Good traffic but not interested in building it out... Advice?

    So, sometimes I like coming up with article titles, seeing how they work, and then decide if I want to build them out at all. Right now I have one ... [read more]

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    Wordpress Flexx Theme can I get it free or something close!

    Hi everyone Just wondered if any of you know if I can get the Wordpress Flexx Theme free anywhere or cheaper than $79. Or is their a wordpress theme that ... [read more]

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    International LLC Fellow Warriors: Need Your Advise

    Hello folks, My friend from India is keen to start an LLC in the United States. He is planning to sell ebooks online and I have a few questions to ... [read more]

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    Help... Please - How Do You Setup Google Maps

    JaySabree in Internet Marketing

    Hello Guys And Gals... I've been playing around with google maps today... I was under the impression that you could target specific local keywords for (example) a cleaning company in ... [read more]

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    Air card for laptop

    hi Does anyone know if you can get a temporary broadband air card for laptop? I need it for a business trip and do not need a year contract.

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    Any PLR relating how business owners can get a free website?

    This can be huge if you play this right using a free website giveaway promotion. Chris Negro

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    Need help in setting up an Amazon aStore

    kimkitch in Internet Marketing

    I am currently trying to set up an Amazon astore on my blog and have come up against a problem that I need help with. I want to add astore ... [read more]

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    Want a Program Made and Compatible with Mac/PC. Help?

    I want to develop a very tiny and very simple program that runs on both Mac and PC. I want to design it and then outsource it to someone on ... [read more]

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    Google XML Sitemap Generator

    edhan in Internet Marketing

    Hi Wondering if anyone knows where I can create free sitemap online for google sitemap submission that does not have errors. I have tried 2 free sitemap online but after ... [read more]

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    How can I reach more bloggers?

    bbrian017 in Internet Marketing

    I’ve used many webmaster forums to advertise and market my website. I’ve also used mybloglog, blogcatalog, twitter and more but it seems I’m starting to have limitations on my growth. ... [read more]

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    Fake Urgency Countdown Timer

    I've been looking for one of these but can never find one. How can I get one?? Anyone?

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    Why is twitter redirecting my links?

    JoMo in Internet Marketing

    Just in the past week or so every time I post a new link on twitter it posts a redirect from tinyurl or something else instead of my actual url. ... [read more]

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    Another newbie tried to sell me an "Article Marketing Course"

    It seems that all the newbies that learned anything from you warriors lately are only interested in a few niches, "Internet Marketing","Article Marketing" etc.:rolleyes:, Don't these people know that the ... [read more]

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    How Much Of This Wasted Advertising Money Do You See?

    Hey Warriors, I just opened my snail mail for the day, the usual suspects and a few bills, then something funny. I got an ad piece from AT&T U-Verse wanting ... [read more]

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    rss feed

    valtex in Internet Marketing

    Can anyone tell me where to get dynamic updated rss feeds to add to my website? just so you know I am a newbie to the internet business

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    Free Tip From a Newbie to the Other Newbies!

    I put a lens on squidoo the other day and because i don't own a camera i put a picture of a crazy hamster in place of whats supposed to ... [read more]

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    Twitter Trends

    raydp in Internet Marketing

    I don't recall anyone mentioning this tool before, so here goes. Sideline from Yahoo! It is basically a bit like Google trends, but for Twitter. I hope it proves useful. ... [read more]

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    Is WorldwideBrands Any Use??

    I am currently thinking of signing up to WorlwideBrands, and i would love your feedback on whether i should join up with them, or is there any better dropshipping directories ... [read more]

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    Regarding posting Pictures within copyright policy

    Aldenkoh in Internet Marketing

    Hi all awesome marketers around, Thanks for coming in. This is my 1st post. Alright I got a question to ask you guys. I have got a new blog site ... [read more]

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    Traffic to wordpress blog

    amits97 in Internet Marketing

    What are the best ways to get traffic to a wordpress blog? Any good plugins or optimizations available? Thanks in advance!

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    Any wordpress membership site plugins?

    CPA in Internet Marketing

    Hi everyone, I was wondering and thought I'd ask for fellow warriors. Can somebody link to other wordpress membership site plugins except the IM wishlist one? I'd really appreciate somebody ... [read more]

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    MY Own Tutorial On Making Money Online

    I have created a 3 step prong tutorial on making money online using different types of free software and free marketing tools at your disposal. for more information & tutorial!! ... [read more]

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    auto comment generator

    I have been searching here for review sites and came across a thread prob. a WSO with a script I guess a WP plugin that has option to enable/disable auto ... [read more]

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    How I made $23K with a 5k list, where did it go?

    I was enjoying a thread that someone wrote about how they made more than $23,000 with a list of only 5000 email addresses. Today I can't find the thread. Was ... [read more]

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    What's The Best Way To Get Affiliates To Promote Your Product.

    I know this has probably been out there before so I apologise if I'm asking something already asked, but I searched and couldn't find what I was looking for. I'm ... [read more]

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    Does anyone know of a great lawyer for Internet Marketers?

    Hey guys, I'm wondering if you can refer me to a great lawyer who specializes in Internet Marketing. Specifically, I need a contract for my "expert"... that basically says that ... [read more]

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    Anyone Successfully Built A Cafepress shop with images?

    Andyhenry in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warriors, I'm going to be launching a cafepress shop as part of a new project I'm working on, but the image sizes etc. seem to be a pain to ... [read more]

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    Help - Can You Fix This?

    vvv12 in Internet Marketing

    Hello, Need some help from the Warriors with ideas how to fix my website - Top Yoga Tips!. When I click on each individual post in the blog, it brings ... [read more]

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    Who Are The Best Designers In The Warrior Forum?

    Hey warriors, Who do you think the best graphic/sales page designers are in the warrior forum that you've seen? Also, if you're a designer... feel free to promote yourself. I'm ... [read more]

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    How to track affiliate links?

    Good morning everybody, my friend has a membership site which charges £50 per month to its members. He has no idea about internet marketing. At current he has no affiliate ... [read more]

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    Creating A List With CB Products

    Zanti in Internet Marketing

    I'm a newbie and starting my first camping and creating my website. I've identified 3 CB e-books to promote on my site. I'll have reviews and articles related to the ... [read more]

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    Has anyone else noticed this trend with ClickBank?

    sylviad in Internet Marketing

    Yah, I hear ya! Oh no! Not another CB complaint. But here's the thing. Does your account sales in ClickBank look anything like this? I used to get paid every ... [read more]

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    Ranking Squidoo Page

    Hello, I just created a new squidoo lens and was wondering if anyone can referrer a reputable SEO to help me in getting it ranked on the first page of ... [read more]

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    Seeking Service to Submit to Directories

    halcline in Internet Marketing

    Hi, Does anyone know of a good service who will submit to directories? Thanks. hal

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    Vague idea for a WSO

    Essence in Internet Marketing

    Would it be useful to offer a reading service? You give me an Ebook, I charge something like $.50/page, and I read it into a voice recorder, and Email it ... [read more]

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    Please Critique My Squeeze Page

    yommys01 in Internet Marketing

    I need comments on my squeeze page Crate Training Puppies | House Training A Dog | Potty Training A Dog Took me some time to create but I need to ... [read more]

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    Guinea Pigs Wanted..Now Closed..Do not reply...We now have sufficient testers!

    Hi Guys Hope you can help. We have developed an new application for marketing all the Clickbank products within the Clickbank marketplace. We need some beta testers for this, so ... [read more]

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    What Do You Do When Someone Joins Your Business!

    shmerns in Internet Marketing

    Since guidance and personal contact is so important in online marketing, what do you do personally when someone joins your business? All My Best, Lori P.

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    What Do I Do Now?

    Kirahster in Internet Marketing

    I just wanted to ask a bit of advice. About a month ago I set up a simple 2 page site. The first page is a sales page where I ... [read more]

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    What's a good Newsletter book?

    skyward in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I'm putting together an email newsletter campaign for a brick and mortar company in my area. Does anyone know of a good resource, one that pretty much gets down ... [read more]

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    How do i create?

    Ant West in Internet Marketing

    Hey all, how do i create a minisite? i have photoshop i want to create the whole minisite by myself i learn better by on hands work! can anyone direct ... [read more]

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    Recession is making Domain Shopping Amazing!!

    LMC in Internet Marketing

    Hey Warriors, I don't know if it is the recession that is causing this, but I always love to shop for great domain names for future products. I own a ... [read more]

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    burtie in Internet Marketing

    Hi all, I just got my squidoo lense indexed in google, but it shows this in the title – Here is the lense in question - Oxfordshire PCT - Shame ... [read more]

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    Refund Question

    deanfz in Internet Marketing

    Hi everybody, if I promote a product as an affiliate and I make a sale but the guy who bought asks the seller for a refund. What happens then ? ... [read more]

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    How to do IM while full-time working and persuade spouse to help you?

    yaji in Internet Marketing

    I have a pretty busy full-time job and my IM did not go any further. Since I did not make much I cannot persuade my spouse to help me on ... [read more]

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    Request: Automated submission tools

    Matt Hoey in Internet Marketing

    Linkbuilding, submission and the launch of new websites/microsites can be tedious. I need to take the pain out of launching new sites so for the benefit of us all i ... [read more]

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    Warrior Froum Formatter Version 2.1.4

    Dear Warriors, I'm wondering if the formatter for posts is totally knackered. Does anyone know the creator to ask? I thnk I have the latest version but it hasn't worked ... [read more]

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    Potential customer DB for offline promo

    ThomasTe in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I’m looking to do some offline promotion for a company, with directmails to customers all over the world. Primarily Europe and North America. Do you know where I can ... [read more]

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    My name .com has been taken - Now What?

    Oscar D in Internet Marketing

    Good day, I have looked and my real has been purchased I also checked the hyphen version and it is also taken. I normally use a alias until I ... [read more]