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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Which day is the best day?

    Hi, I was wondering if those who have experience running WSOs could tell me what day seems to be the best to start one on. Are the weekends good or ... [read more]

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    Are cookies dangerous?

    Hi Warriors, I'm often scanning my computer using different anti-spyware programs, and they usually detect cookies, which they regard as "threats." As far as I know, cookies do not pose ... [read more]

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    Clickbank Problem??? Help!

    chr0no187 in Internet Marketing

    First i'd like to say that in my short experience with clickbank, I think I'm pretty confident in the statement that clickbank customer service reps probably have a collective IQ ... [read more]

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    flnz400 in Internet Marketing

    delete please

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    My Way of Giving Back...Marketing Online Tips

    I joined the warrior forum on 12/17/2006 and although I have not always had the time to be consistently active, I have participated in discussions when I am able. I ... [read more]

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    Which ecover generator do you use and recommend?

    Star69 in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I'm looking for an ecover generator so I can design my own ecovers and boxes. I don't know and don't want to learn Photoshop. I'm not a design whiz, ... [read more]

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    My Website Looks Different in Firefox from IE

    mdotwhite in Internet Marketing

    My website looks totally different when browsing with Firefox copmared to interent exploer. What's the proble and how can I fix it?

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    State Taxes and ClickBank

    JCWHong in Internet Marketing

    Hey everyone, I am trying to file my quarterly state taxes (California), and I am coming up with some problems. I have made sales throughout the country and internationally as ... [read more]

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    Who Get Benefits For A Blog Pingback?

    nRehman in Internet Marketing

    What to do if your blog receives a pingback, is it a good idea to approve it as a comment, because in reality its not..

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    Blogger Design Help

    I am designing a new blog and have added a "slideshow" on the left side. I want to place an affiliate banner ad (I have the html code) under the ... [read more]

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    Alternatives to video for dial up users?

    jonb in Internet Marketing

    Just got a request from a member on my site who's using dial up - she can't watch my videos (hosted on Viddler) and wanted to know if there was ... [read more]

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    Why do you do Internet Marketing?

    Tom E in Internet Marketing

    I'm curious to know what drives you to do Internet Marketing. Is it money, or is it your passion for it? Something else? Chime in, this could get really interesting.

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    Physical product upsell inversion?

    I know that typically a DVD is perceived as having higher value than downloadable or streamed video content; however I'm interested in your opinions on whether or not in certain ... [read more]

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    Domain Name Madness!

    Hello all, I have been struggling with a domain name. I came up with "" Meaning: on demand entertainment network This .com is already taken. I am starting an entertainment ... [read more]

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    Commission Junction Cloaking Question

    Hello all, I am trying to see how you can tell if you link is working properly in Commission Junction where you are a using a cloaking software. I personally ... [read more]

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    Landing Page (feedback)

    We are in the process of putting together the first Wedding Internet Marketing Conference here in Atalanta in July. I put together this landing page last night. My business partner ... [read more]

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    Is EZA interfering with freedom of expression now?

    DavidO in Internet Marketing

    I've seen increasing complaints about EZA here recently. Much of this is about linking. EZA has been getting more and more restrictive about how you link, but some of this ... [read more]

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    So much self serving "social media"

    I see an awful lot of of it around these days. People who's #1 contribution to the community is to push their latest and greatest product or service. Everywhere from ... [read more]

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    Formatting An Ebook In MS Word - Problem!

    Hi everyone, I've got an annoying problem in MS Word that I just can't solve. I want my bulleted lists to be double spaced so that they don't look cluttered. ... [read more]

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    Do I need a Tag List?

    Hello Everyone, I'm going to start building websites and I heard you have to have the right tags. Do I need a list of tags that I should make sure ... [read more]

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    Look MA, I have 1 million Followers on Twitter!

    Deep down inside we all know twitter is headed the same route myspace and craigsllist did with all the spam. Do you guys remember all the "howto make money with ... [read more]

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    WP Blog or Membership Site for overhauling Nonprofit Association Website

    annabanks in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I am chapter board member of a small professional association. We currently have a website that really needs overhauling. We don't know what type of site to establish. We've ... [read more]

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    Branding (in case you need/want it) :)

    I used to use branders dot com when I ran my own web design business... I offered branding to my clients in case they needed mousepads... hats... pens... whatever. I'd ... [read more]

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    Why are so many people in network "MARKETING" bad at marketing?

    It’s amazing how many people in network marketing are lousy marketers. Anybody that thinks this business isn’t sales or marketing is fooling themselves. It says marketing right in the business ... [read more]

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    Hostgator Discount code

    Sid_who in Internet Marketing

    ~Hostgator Coupon Code Working~ Use "HGC25" to get straight 9. 94$ off !!! It is working for me. Try it and all the best. If it works for you, I ... [read more]

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    What are good WP News/RSS plugins?

    What are some good WP plugins that will let me pull in national and regional news stories, and even article directory content on my blog? If this can be done ... [read more]

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    I'm Really Having Difficulty With Keyword/Market Research

    TomWilson in Internet Marketing

    I don't know what I even expect to get out of sharing it hear, but I feel almost like I have the equivalent of writers block. Which is kind of ... [read more]

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    Page Header Generators/Tools

    robbiek in Internet Marketing

    My design skills are somewhat challenged, and I always have trouble creating a decent page header graphic. Can any of you kind warriors recommend header creation tools ? Thanks.

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    Hosting Option Recommendations

    alfardo in Internet Marketing

    I have been with hostgator for a few years now and have been very happy with their service and support. I have about 20 sites hosted with them and they ... [read more]

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    How do I capture email address on a FTM product?

    ProEFI in Internet Marketing

    I'm setting up a fixed term membership product (delivered by email/download page). I registered the product on clickbank. The thankyou page is currently the download page but I need to ... [read more]

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    Do You Need An "Angel?"

    RedMatrix in Internet Marketing

    Hello. Some newbies have lots of energy and time but no money, so are left with bum marketing tactics. I, OTOH, have money but no time. So, who here needs ... [read more]

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    Are there any South African content writers?

    Oscar D in Internet Marketing

    Good day, If there are any South African content writers here will you please contact me. Thanks PS: If this post is in the wrong place please let me know.

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    Solo Contact Ads ?

    DK7667 in Internet Marketing

    Hi Everyone, Does anyone know who's the BEST company on the net for sending solo ads to contact addresses ? All The Best, Dave Free online advertising for your websites

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    Do you ever get frustrated while doing this?

    Johnathan in Internet Marketing

    I'm wondering if it is just me... or if other people sometimes get frustrated working on this? Feedback would definitely help. For example... Just recently, I purchased a product (actually ... [read more]

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    Is this price to much for my new membership?

    LMC in Internet Marketing

    Hello Warriors, In the last developing stages of my new idea... I'm working on my price structure. What is it going to cost? Currently, $197 per month. As a member, ... [read more]

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    Have any of you used HYPERCAM SCREEN RECORDER?

    I saw this for sale (Hyperionics - the best screen capture software - Free download) and wanted to know if anyone has used it before I buy it?

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    Does anyone Have an Old Copy of PLF 1.0 that they want to sell?

    winebuddy in Internet Marketing

    i saw a couple on eBay yesterday but didn't get a chance to bid on them. Anyone here got one you want to unload? PM please. Thanks

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    What would you buy?

    jmart57 in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys, This is my first post to any forum, let alone this grandiose site - so please forgive my naivety. I have recently decided to try my hand at ... [read more]

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    Googlebot and Yahoo Slurp

    For a few years now Google bot and Yahoo slurp have been regular (1 or 2 times a day) visitors to my site. For the last 10 or so days ... [read more]

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    Marketing Insurance Online?

    Melody in Internet Marketing

    I seem to remember seeing a Warrior that was in the insurance marketing business - I think building lead gen systems, maybe? I remember that he had a nice business ... [read more]

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    What OTO script do you use/recommend?

    Paulo in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys, I´d like to hear your experiences with the OTO scripts you´ve used - the good, the bad and the ugly and what you recommend after your quest. Cheers, ... [read more]

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    Where to find Clean and Simple templates

    Hi, I am looking for some nice and clean templates with 3 columns. Could you point out some. I found a nice clean looking template here--> Open Source Web Design ... [read more]

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    How do i make my images appear on my newsletter

    ediddy02 in Internet Marketing

    ive been trying to do a newsletter for my shopping store im promoting ,i have done the necessary design with my web editing software,im trying to paste it on my ... [read more]

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    How to tripple your income with use of Language Converter

    Hello Dear Internet Marketer, I start this thread for us to discuss the impact a language converter/translator can have on your business. You can share with us your experience , ... [read more]

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    Selling Websites With Other Peoples WordPress Themes

    Robertas in Internet Marketing

    Hello Warriors, I was wondering if anyone out here sells websites with other peoples wordpress themes. I know that there are literally thousands of themes available, but I think that ... [read more]

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    Are there any services than can convert scanned document into word?

    Hello, I have a manual that is currently scanned and I need to convert it to a word document. I was wondering if there are any services or software that ... [read more]

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    For New Folks Looking for Minimum Posts

    AnneE in Internet Marketing

    If you are new and trying to get to the minimum posts to include URLs, here are some suggestions: 1) Go to the Copywriting Forum and look at a post ... [read more]

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    Need Help: Review My Articles/Website Please?

    tscott_87 in Internet Marketing

    Warrior Forum, I need your help! I've been submitting several articles to EzineArticles (30 to be exact), getting the articles from a writer I have in the Philippines. I've received ... [read more]

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    Twitter milestone

    Just got this off the internet, some most likely have seen it. I guess even the non IM's understand the power of twitter: LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Ashton Kutcher has ... [read more]

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    The Million Follower Mark Broken on Twitter

    As crazy as it may seem, there are many things that are revealed by Ashton Kutcher's competition with CNN in the race to a million followers. Silly, in some ways, ... [read more]

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    PLR Video on setting up blog

    Hi I am looking for some PLR videos on setting up a wordpress blog from scratch (hosted website not free) for a new website that I am setting up , ... [read more]

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    Test if Paypal is working?

    Deric Yin in Internet Marketing

    Is there a way to test if my Paypal checkout is working well? About 15 minutes ago a customer emailed and said that his attempt to checkout at Paypal was ... [read more]

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    Site bans serial refunder

    Amazon has confirmed it has banned a undisclosed 'customer' that had kept returning all purchases on the site. The 'customer' is believed to have returned 100's of items in the ... [read more]

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    2 Conversion Questions

    halfpoint in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys, Now I know what I'm about to ask has many, many variables, but; - What conversion rate do you usually aim for with your squeeze pages? - How ... [read more]

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    Thanks Warriors..thanks alot...

    I mean that. Since I have been here, I have learned an incredible amount and have been putting the info I have learned to good use. The latest success of ... [read more]

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    Warriors: Can you help me test this?

    kenetrix in Internet Marketing

    Hi everyone, I've just installed some new link tracking software, and I'd like your help in testing that clicks and other data are being recorded. All that clicking the link ... [read more]