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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Does Anyone Know About

    I am currently using Linkvana and NextGen for back-links and got an email from someone promoting this site Free 1 (one) way links | Add/Submit URL | non-reciprocal links. I ... [read more]

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    Using the <more> tag for wordpress

    I am using the Flexibility WP Theme 2. I like having post excerpts and a more tag to click on. I tried doing this: <?php the_content(__('Read more'));?> If you change ... [read more]

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    How do you add the Social badge under your user photo?

    How do you add the Social badge under your user photo? TO add twitter, facebook, youtube so that it show the little icon and links to the profile. Thanks

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    Wordpress Themes required

    kimkitch in Internet Marketing

    Can anybody let me know where i might get some wordpress themes on the following subjects. XBox360 Playstation 3 Nintendo Wii Thanks Kim

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    hey guys im new here and also very new to IM, i just got the rich jerk sneeky system and it talks about mini sites, i also got mini site ... [read more]

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    I need a free a membership site

    simtex in Internet Marketing

    Pls i will like you guy to give me some of the free plr membership site that i can register with and download free plr ebook especial career and job ... [read more]

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    Help for a not-so-newbie please...? bit of a strategy critique

    During the last 2.5 years of my IM learning curve, I've been exposed to all the usual strategies and methods offered by all the usual people; and as with any ... [read more]

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    Clickbank rejected my product :-(

    Dear Warriors, Clickbank rejected my product Video Scraper Plus with the reason "Click bank won't approve any product which are related to youtube"..but still i could see so many product ... [read more]

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    how do you download youtube videos?

    BJ Min in Internet Marketing

    hi, how do you download the youtube videos? is there a software to use to download youtube videos?

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    Is your Website Business for Sale?

    I found this site today - it may not be news for most of you but it sure is news to me. I am rather upset by this but I'm ... [read more]

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    0.07% Conversion

    Karamazov in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys, I recently launched my first product and wanted to ask you if a conversion rate of 0.07% is normal. I sent 170 targeted hits which resulted in 11 ... [read more]

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    The best money making website business to own?

    I have been looking at so many different offers to make money online and wondering what is the best website business to have and to own? I’ve factored in the ... [read more]

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    Bookmarks and/or Favs?

    BizBoost in Internet Marketing

    I did... I looked through the FAQ, the helpdesk, and searched the forum and I couldn't find it. I would like to know how I can bookmark, or fav, a ... [read more]

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    Best FREE Marketing type?

    What is the best FREE marketing you can do online, using only organic traffic? Is it Video, Article, Blog ect.. I want to start something new but unsure what.

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    [Beta Test] Need volunteers, New Traffic Software

    Hey Warriors, I need to get some testing done for the final stages of a software product I am producing. I am very excited to get this thing done and ... [read more]

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    Looking for a short-term mentor

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a short-term mentor who is well-versed and successful in affiliate marketing. I say "short-term" simply because I don't want to jeopardize anyone's time, and would ... [read more]

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    Multiple Addresses on AWeber?

    Can you use different addresses (The CAN-SPAM required physical address) for different lists? I've been looking through the settings for a while now and can't seem to find anything for ... [read more]

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    world of warcraft

    Dylantk in Internet Marketing

    Hey Everyone I'm looking for some people who know a lot of World of Warcraft who would want to get together and discuss making a product. Even If you have ... [read more]

  • 1 {{ upvoteCount | shortNum }} vs. Ustream for presentations using ppt

    I put in a support ticket on Ustream to see if it's possible to use powerpoint slides with ustream if I was giving a presentation, and I haven't heard back. ... [read more]

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    Does have limits like clickbank?

    Hello!! I am about to launch a new website with my product...however it is not another one of those "cheap" garbage products being sold, like on clickbank, the price ... [read more]

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    Extract Article Titles -- Software To Do This?

    I'm not an article marketer so I'm not familiar with all the tools out there but is there a program that can extract the titles of articles based on keywords ... [read more]

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    Anybody know a good voice guy who will read and record your stuff for $?

    Anybody? I remember there used to be a guy on Warrior Forum who did this. Can't remember his name. I need a pro-sounding guy to read and record a short ... [read more]

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    Who has a kickass autoresponder series?

    alankay in Internet Marketing

    Looking for kickass autoresponder series that turn people from prospects into customers. Anyone know what websites use killer autoresponders on their pages? I want to subscribe to these autoresponder series ... [read more]

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    Banner Ads vs PPC

    helpmePPC in Internet Marketing

    The PPC world is worrying me. I've spent so much time prepping my PPC campaign it's silly, but almost done. Now I already understand they are different animals, but I'm ... [read more]

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    More Security Risks Using Fantastico Than Manual Install - WP?

    A friend of mine said it was better to install Wordpress manually, and not to use Fantastico. Does anyone have any input about this, pros and cons, regarding security hacks ... [read more]

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    Should I allow comments or not on my blog

    kimkitch in Internet Marketing

    I am currently using the WP Videotube plugin by Neil Harvey on my blog which automatically pulls videos from You Tube at a determined interval. There is an option in ... [read more]

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    Article Submission Tools?

    Hi I want to submit some articles but not sure what the best route is. Would you say an article submission tool is the way to go and if so ... [read more]

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    I'm new, got a little overload, trying to make sense...

    ok I am new to this, I have seen the long thin websites, with all the hype such as: CopyNProfit Recession Proof Fast Cash Strategies (they wouldn't let me link ... [read more]

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    Twitter Marketing Integration - Site Review Requested

    o_brient in Internet Marketing

    Hello fellow Warrior. This week I am launching a new site (major press release etc the whole works etc...) but before it kicks off, I'd like your input on the ... [read more]

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    Ok, So Why Do Wordtracker and Google Keywords Give Such A Big Difference

    Naithan in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warriors, I am currently researching a new keyword, and I found one that shows in google as 4400 searches in February and in wordtracker it does not even show. ... [read more]

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    Looking for an up to date Wordpress video tutorial

    kimkitch in Internet Marketing

    Does anyone know where i can find a video tutorial for wordpress 2.7. The only ones i can seem to find are for version 2.6. Regards Kim

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    Is this feasible?

    edhan in Internet Marketing

    If this is the wrong section, please move this to the correct forum. I am wondering if it is feasible to package the entire modified video sharing site (Share Video ... [read more]

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    Hey....... im new here :)

    Hey everybody, my name is Alan and im from dublin, Ireland. I have been lurking around these forums for a while and finally decided to register because im really interested ... [read more]

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    Most of us will fail... Here's what to do about it...

    nick1123 in Internet Marketing

    Is this really for you? Many people have been attracted to the idea of making vast amounts of money in little or no time at all using this new technology ... [read more]

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    High Conversion Rates?

    JMB in Internet Marketing

    Hey, I've noticed ever since ive created a much bigger budget for my adword campaigns my traffic has been over the roof. I want to be able to leverage this ... [read more]

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    Is posting my articles from ezine to my blog a bad idea?

    I don't think it will hurt me (duplicate wise), but cany anyone shed any light on this? Thanks

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    Is a wordpress*.com* site pretty much worthless?

    Hililuud in Internet Marketing

    Should I give up with seo on a wordpress .com site and just swich to blogger. Since I cant really afford a wordpress .org site? Has anyone here ever succeeded ... [read more]

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    Twitter with video intro. and it's FREE

    I've wanted to add video to twitter for a while now.. I use twitpic and love it However.. video seems to rule in today's market.. found a cool "free" service ... [read more]

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    Youtube how to compile the videos

    jobowen in Internet Marketing

    Hello all warriors, i know that someone will help me to know how to compile videos with youtube and how to upload it as well. Knowing how important it is ... [read more]

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    First Coaching starts next week - Advices?

    Hello Warriors, Next week i will start my first Coaching course. Its called "How to make money online in 30 days" and its a free coaching. Since my students are ... [read more]

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    PLR copyright infringement concerns...

    balsimon in Internet Marketing

    A question for those much more experienced with PLR than me... When you buy a PLR package, how do you know that the seller truly has original work and that ... [read more]

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    Rate My Copy - My First Product

    What's up WARRIORS! Ok, so I finally finished my first product and I wrote the copy myself. Will you go check it out and give me honest feedback? I think ... [read more]

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    Article Writing - What's The Best Way To Generate Traffic From The Article Back 2 Your Site...?

    Beau in Internet Marketing

    Hey Warriors... Just wondering if you might wish to share the ultimate article writing formula that will get the reader of your article (posted at one of however many article ... [read more]

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    Domain Name Mareketing - How does it work?

    Gwuido65 in Internet Marketing

    Hi there, I was wondering if someone can help explain what domain name marekting is. I have identified a number of keyword rich domain names that are related to my ... [read more]

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    Wordpress Template Suggestions Please

    I am looking for a free Wordpress template. Must be pink, two side bars, fixed width, replaceable header. Any suggestions that fit those criteria are welcome. Thanks in advance

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    The Best Widgets For Your Blog - Can You Think Of Any?

    Beau in Internet Marketing

    Hey Warriors - I'd like to put together a list of the best widgets you can put on your blog/site that help give it the 'X' Factor - whether it ... [read more]

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    Paul Myers Saved My Life Tonight

    Okay, maybe a little over the top, but not far from the mark. I've been reading Paul's latest book, of which I am almost done with. I used to consider ... [read more]

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    Alternative to GoToMyPC for MAC??

    scrapper in Internet Marketing

    What would you recommend for something similar to gotomypc for a mac.. Right now i'm running the new macbook and have a LCD screen so i can use as a ... [read more]

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    Steps to Change Aweber Double Opt-in to Single Opt-in

    Well warriors, I have seen a lot of warriors complaining aweber autoresponder service that they do not allow single opt-in. But that's not true ! I myself have an account ... [read more]

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    Why Aren't Impressions Showing Up?

    I've just started promoting a product that's powered by 1shoppingcart but my account is showing 0 impressions. It is showing clicks and sales, but surely you have to have an ... [read more]

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    Any blog post writers?

    Is there anyone who can write blog posts? If I assign you to write 50 posts on a same keyword, can anyone do it? If so, what's the rates like? ... [read more]

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    Articles? Are they still an effective marketing technique used?

    Joesy in Internet Marketing

    Hello Fellow Warriors, I quit Internet Marketing 2 years ago to start University study so I'm rather out of touch on what's still being used and what's not. Do people ... [read more]

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    A Career In Internet Marketing

    Hey everyone, most of you probably don't know me yet, I'm Josh, and I'm new to the site, and am new to IM in general. I have recently become very ... [read more]

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    Offline Direct Mail Technique that caught my attention

    Hi All, Dont know if this is really worth a post but I thought it might be worth something to someone! As I'm sure many of you are, I am ... [read more]

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    If you have 10 staff how could you maximized them

    I have 10 staff in the office right now, but I really don't know how to maximized them for now I am not making that much with it. I am ... [read more]