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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    WP headers

    Please can someone explain to me how to change a WP header?Thank you Nick

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    Link Bating Service

    vealene in Internet Marketing

    Link Baiting Service for Natural Link Building Get Hundreds of Quality and Organic Links| Attract Tons of Traffic | Create a Brand Image of Your Website Link Baiting is just ... [read more]

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    Attn All Expert Bloggers - I Need A Certain Blog Resource

    esr in Internet Marketing

    I need to learn exactly how one can set up a blog to have content automatically added to it, I believe it's through RSS feeds. Does anyone know of a ... [read more]

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    How Do I Collect The Email Addresses For The Customers Through PayPal To My Autoresponder?

    Hello all! I just want to know how do I collect the email addresses of the people who make a purchase through the link from my website that leads to ... [read more]

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    Which marketing Techniques work better To Dirve Traffic To my site?

    driver52 in Internet Marketing

    I am up in the air to find out which way I should go to drive good qualified traffic to my site. Can you worriers please help me out. Thank ... [read more]

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    Anyone else find Wordpress finicky and frustrating?

    rmx in Internet Marketing

    I know everyone swears how great WP is but I usually end up swearing at it. Am I the only one? I know how to build websites. I've been a ... [read more]

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    Dana's Twitter Guide Rocks

    Rien in Internet Marketing

    I started using Dana's Twitter guide at 3 in the morning today. Went to bed, woke up and I had about 160 people following me. Already getting opt-ins from it. ... [read more]

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    Which title(s) would you click on?

    Essence in Internet Marketing

    Without knowing anything about the product, just tell me at a glance which of these would get your 'click'. Thank you!

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    To those who desperately want to secure their digital products download pages from cyberthieves

    Deji in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys.I'm in the process of writing an ebook that will reveal the mistakes that people make on their download pages which absolutely guarantees that people will gain access to ... [read more]

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    Finding Really Really Cheap Article Writers

    mdzarate in Internet Marketing

    Any ideas where I can outsource copywriting to people who speak good english and will cost me less than $5 per article? I have tried a few places but the ... [read more]

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    Payment processors that accept paypal?

    mdunn123 in Internet Marketing

    Hey all, I'm in a bit of a pickle. I've been using clickbank for my current payment processor for my own product, but I want to make a switch. Why? ... [read more]

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    Need a mod_rewrite recommendation

    Matt Hoey in Internet Marketing

    My current hosting sucks. I've got new joomla website to roll out and i want to switch hosting to a more focused hosting. Can anyone recommend me a good hosting ... [read more]

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    Flash Experts reply

    Quentin in Internet Marketing

    I have a lot of old camtasia videos I made which I now want to use in my wordpress site. They were all made using the swf conversion. I now ... [read more]

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    Anyone need a writer? The one I use is good and needs some work...

    Hey I know we are not supposed to promote anything on here but its not for me. I have a writer who cost 5 dollars for 400 words and is ... [read more]

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    Do you like your shopping cart?

    I'm looking at 1shoppingcart, I've heard it's the best. $99/month "aint cheap" but I hear it's the "the one" to have. What do you use? Do you like it? Is ... [read more]

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    BANKCLICK - A great opportunity for the technically able

    KenJ in Internet Marketing

    I am amazed at the number of times that people moan and doubt clickbank. Why doesn't someone else set up with a similar operation? I would do it today if ... [read more]

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    Autoresponder home address?

    sap147 in Internet Marketing

    Since getresponse forces you to put an address in the footer of all emails, what address do you guys use? I am kind of reluctant to put my home address ... [read more]

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    what is the easiest way to put a download link on my website

    Good day, I am looking for someone that could help me with my little problem. i am developing my website and product but do not how to set up a ... [read more]

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    THankyou to all WARRIORS!!!

    Hi there Owen here. You might of seen alot of posts from me over the past few days. Well I had alot of problems but if it wasnt for some ... [read more]

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    a procrastinators challenge - $500 in 1 week

    jelder1 in Internet Marketing

    I can see that many people throughout the forum are pushing themselves to reach their goals by posting them and tracking them in the forum. I find this a great ... [read more]

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    How To Promote Your Affiliate Page Easily

    jrianto in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I just finished my simple 5 step affiliate program promotion written in php. The key is people should easily promote your product and services in minutes and see how ... [read more]

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    Free 10 Minute Articles Ebook in Exchange for Testimonials... first 5 people only!

    Hi Warriors, I'm getting ready to launch my first WSO - it is my new 10 Minute Article System. It is a system that I've used personally to write over ... [read more]

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    How to Get 2,000 Twitter Followers in Less Than a Week

    melanied in Internet Marketing

    Hey So, this is the method that I use to get Twitter followers really quickly for my clients. I will warn you ahead of time, it's SUPER time consuming. So ... [read more]

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    [Problem Resolved] ... PLEASE DELETE

    Please report this thread for deletion... problem resolved.

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    Autobloggers I love you!

    Well, I haven't been too active in the forum lately as I have been quite busy with my business, doing better everyday. Yet that doesn't mean I'm not lurking and ... [read more]

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    Linking to CB vendor pages - as opposed to a "Review" site

    GeorgR. in Internet Marketing

    i would like to know whether someone did conversion testing, aka ) Linking to CB vendor sites (example: health remedies) as opposed to ) let them land on a review ... [read more]

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    Congratulations to Cherilyn Lester!

    Cherilyn, Congratulations! I just wanted to say congrats to you for winning one of the two Free 6 months memberships to May it help you to complete your goals ... [read more]

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    Newbie Finally Takes the Plunge!!! Read on...

    Hi All! Let me cut to the chase, I don't aim to bore anyone... Well, I started looking into IM a couple of months ago... last year June to be ... [read more]

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    Warrior's Rock

    It seems there are a lot more negative threads dealing with members than there are positive ones as of late. I figured I would share a positive one. I met ... [read more]

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    Articles, Membershiip sites, and SEO

    Jnassise in Internet Marketing

    Are articles published to a membership site built in Wordpress and using a membership plugin to protect the content from non-members still accessible by Google for indexing and therefore still ... [read more]

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    I found a cheap way to add a second monitor...

    In case other warriors are interested in expanding the size of their computer's "desktop", gizmos now exist that allow you to connect a second (or third, or fourth...) screen to ... [read more]

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    RESOLVED: I need advice on a matter...

    CmdrStidd in Internet Marketing

    I have a skill that is valuable to many here on the forum and I am sure could be put to good use. The problem is that it is a ... [read more]

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    Am I Out Of My Mind?

    I had a potential client that wanted me to do dry voice over work said it would be long term. When he asked for I price quote I sent him ... [read more]

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    Paydotcom Question

    Does anyone here know if there is a way to automatically confirm affiliates? i.e. sometimes people get put into "pending affiliates" and I have to manually say they're OK to ... [read more]

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    Hostgator Affiliate Question

    Eric Land in Internet Marketing

    Hey everyone, I am starting to promote host gator and i had a question. If the person decides to sign up for hostgator through my affiilate link and uses a ... [read more]

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    Where Do I Get The Pop Ups That Ask To Give A Visitor A Dicount When The Try To Leave?

    yesacpow in Internet Marketing

    hey fellow warriors, I am about to add my first product to the clickbank marketplace I want to find out how do I get one of those exit popups that ... [read more]

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    I need some formatting suggestions on my blog

    Talltom1 in Internet Marketing

    Hey everybody, I've got a relatively new blog located at Before Your Business Files Bankruptcy or Closes, Give Us 90 Minutes of Your Time… I'm not entirely happy with the ... [read more]

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    I can clearly see it, the money in offline gold is Huge!

    Hey folks, I just finished an online poker tournament, and made the final table. So there were some chatting going on, and joking back and forth, and then I got ... [read more]

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    Product Creation Resources

    Vanquish in Internet Marketing

    Does anyone know any good sites that can give advice and tips on how to write an ebbok, set up sales copy, get the secure download page, set up payment ... [read more]

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    HELP: What pixle X pixle size should I choose?

    Hi All, I've been asked by an application to choose. "What size?"\ Some choices are..... Description Theme has a width of 760 and includes or It is designed for 640x480 ... [read more]

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    How can I post audios to my WordPress blog

    Hi Warriors, I'm looking for a simple plugin or utility that will let me post audio to my WordPress blog. I read the post in December about the 1pixelout plugin. ... [read more]

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    Sometimes I'm a jerk...

    So I just logged onto the WF like an hour ago and I just finished reading and responding to what was a very inappropriate and short lived thread that had ... [read more]

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    Front-end to Upsell One to Upsell Two

    JJOrana in Internet Marketing

    Hello Warriors. Anyone who have experience in this strategy? Where you're offering front-end and then two upsells after. I was watching the video of ryan lee with regards to this ... [read more]

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    A Question To Site Flippers..

    yesacpow in Internet Marketing

    Hey warriors (Site Flippers) I would love to know how to value a website I want to sell. The site gets very little traffic per day and it is just ... [read more]

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    Who are the so-called Gurus?

    picus in Internet Marketing

    Hello, This is an interesting question. I have like 1 year in the IM arena, so not very familiar with lots of things. I know that a IM Guru is ... [read more]

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    Facebook Fan Pages vs Twitter

    So what's your take on the news about Facebooks new "Fan Pages" format? The changes are coming or are already hitting. On Facebook it reads... "Pages are now more like ... [read more]

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    Targeted email blasts

    hitman22 in Internet Marketing

    Do targeted email blasts work? Also if they do i fine someone willing to send a blast out for me?

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    UK Warriors Interested in the "Offline Niche"

    Hi Guys, I am Ed in London and Hertfordshire. I have been working in the Offline Niche arena for the last 6 months. I was about to start the Internet ... [read more]

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    How to see which of your pages are indexed?

    jan roos in Internet Marketing

    I know theres a tool to check which of your pages are indexed with google but I can't remember where I fund it last time. Anybody care to share the ... [read more]

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    HostGator and the Carts it Offers

    After doing some considerable research on hosting companies, I've determined that Host Gator is the one I will use. They seem to have an excellent reputation. I'm wondering about the ... [read more]

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    Which shopping cart will be best for me?

    jan roos in Internet Marketing

    I am going to be selling a physical product that is about the size of a pen on my website. The site will only sell the one product and I ... [read more]

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    how do I deliver a bonus

    nicholasb in Internet Marketing

    I am now going to offer the people who purchase through my affiliate links a really expensive bonus, so my question is after someone purchases through my link, how do ... [read more]

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    Possible to secure a pdf file using openoffice?

    J smith in Internet Marketing

    As the title says, is it possible to secure a pdf file using OpenOffice (or some other preferably free program) so that people can't edit it and/or save it as ... [read more]

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    CPA in Internet Marketing

    lollol deleted. others will be wondering what was in this one. nothing. cheers

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    Please review this site...I want your feedback

    Hi, I'd like to have feedback on this site: specifically, things that you would do to provide social proof AND how you would drive traffic to the site. PLEASE ... [read more]