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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Opinion of Infomillionaire Custom Software

    florena in Internet Marketing

    Greetings all. Newbie and first time poster here. I have been studying IM for a year or so. But was also getting a Masters, so like all newbies I saved ... [read more]

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    When is knowing enough, enough?

    ktlasm in Internet Marketing

    Hi Team, Let me get straight to it...I've been in the marketing game for a few years now and have had my share of success and mishaps. But, when I ... [read more]

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    Do security seals increase conversion?

    DavidO in Internet Marketing

    I know these security "seals" are technically BS but do they have a positive effect on consumers? Has anybody verified an increase in conversion with a HackerSafe or WebSafe seal? ... [read more]

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    Top Marketers Of 2008

    Has anyone seen this? Top 100 Marketers of 2008 | 2008 | Conversion rate optimization by Invesp I went through the list and noticed that there are a lot of ... [read more]

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    Is US$ cheap to UK advertisers?

    David in Internet Marketing

    I just got contacted by a UK seo firm. I do SEO in MD (well now it's east coast, I'm growing) They have a client who wants to buy a ... [read more]

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    Article marketing and SPAM

    AbdulAzim in Internet Marketing

    HI warriors, What do you think of submitting one same article to multiple article directories?Can we consider that as a SPAM? Spamming the search engine? Thanks.. Azim

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    Funny youtube error..

    tried to access youtube yesterday and got the funny message... isn't it? 500 Internal Server Error Sorry, something went wrong. A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to ... [read more]

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    Congratulated on marketing by customers - weird?

    futuredan in Internet Marketing

    I just finished a small launch to my very friendly list with a new niche learning info-product (edit: not IM or business related). A bit of PLF and Mass Control ... [read more]

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    100 Tips, Tools, and Resources to Protect Your Online Reputation

    SandyHall in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warriors, Sandy here... I found this great resource I'm sure you'll be interested in. Believe me, knowing how to protect your online reputation is very valuable information to have. ... [read more]

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    Are paid press releases worth it?

    Hello. I have never used press releases and would like some informed opinions. Here is my situation: I have developed a pretty cool web application. To get this thing to ... [read more]

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    SEO Ethics - Let's Try This Again

    tntrader in Internet Marketing

    My last thread was deleted with for no reason, so lets try this again. Is anyone else bothered by people selling products claiming to teach you to rank for terms ... [read more]

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    Need Your Bad Experiences

    Harlan in Internet Marketing

    I am launching a new site shortly that will match marketers with copywriters. Similar to elance but copywriters must qualify to participate so you eliminate people who speak english as ... [read more]

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    Platinum SEO Questions

    Rebtl in Internet Marketing

    I have a few questions about my platinum SEO wordpress plugin I hope I can get some answers for. I would encourage everyone to use this thread to ask their ... [read more]

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    I need opinions on how ot proceed please

    I've got a website on the cancer niche with a small list as well (self hosted) I also have 150 hand researched and written articles, 25 each on 6 main ... [read more]

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    Help me pick a niche

    ct_roy in Internet Marketing

    Hey all, right picking a niche is proving to be a stumbling block for me. I'm a relative newbie to IM but have a lot of web dev experience and ... [read more]

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    Any Experience With Ultracart, Did it Affect Sales

    I am very surprised that no marketer ever mentions ultracart as a great cart to use. It has a OTO upsell feature built in that really is OTO. In comparing ... [read more]

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    Joomal Rss

    Noodle in Internet Marketing

    I am looking for a plug-in for Joomla CMS that will wright the content form a Rss Feed. I don't need a module i need a plug-in. I have looked ... [read more]

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    Domain Help Needed

    Hi guys, was wondering if you could help with something. I have a domain name and it is set up with my capture page but when you go onto the ... [read more]

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    Need Help With Wordpress Upgrade (Solved...Please Delete)

    Well, my web host (thank you Marc) cleaned up my tr*jons and viruses and I just went to do an upgrade to my Wordpress. I uploaded all the new files ... [read more]

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    What to do, Google Blogspot & how to convert to Wordpress?

    I have a modest personal blog on blogspot with 54 posts including articles and book reviews. I have been advised to possibly convert it to Wordpress "just in case" Google ... [read more]

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    Wordpress Problem

    melvinm in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warriors, I have a problem with WP blog. I amusing a php redirect for header banner. The problem is it works fine from the index page but gives page ... [read more]

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    Info Product Inspiration

    Hi, One thing I hate about the Warrior Forum is the amount of 'experts' giving out info and creating guides on how to create 'info products'. They release tons of ... [read more]

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    Yahoo gold account

    Nealva61 in Internet Marketing

    Does anyone know of a way to get a gold account on Yahoo w/o having their required click volume. What I really want is the ability to upload campaigns using ... [read more]

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    A few months back, I read a post on here that described some great outsourcing resources. Namely, a few companies that you could "hire" staff for posting, seo, web design ... [read more]

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    Roadside Signs For Offline Business?

    Bakai in Internet Marketing

    Sign: "Need a website for your business? Go to Local company with full service" And plaster them any and everywhere in your area. If it works out you can ... [read more]

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    How To Get High Ranking Tags?

    jaihyppo in Internet Marketing

    Need some advice from warriors. Simple question, how to get high ranking tags for hubpages? I come to realize that tags are very important to get a high ranking for ... [read more]

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    Look what I found - Non Money Making Niche

    blackjack in Internet Marketing

    Hi Some people find hard to think outside "make money". So I thought I give you a niche which is nothing to do with money making Niche is "Bird Lovers" ... [read more]

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    How much $$$ would you pay for [yourname].com?

    Hi Warriors, Just curious as to how much most of you would be willing to pay for [yourname].com assuming it was already taken by others ... e.g. e.g. ... [read more]

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    Ahh! Too.. Much... Info...Must... Stop Reading

    RedMatrix in Internet Marketing

    ...and Start Doing! It's very hard to stop reading all this good content and great tips. I need to get off my butt, but it's hard. I check WF for ... [read more]

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    First Time I Ever Had This PayPal Problem...How???

    Okay, this is the first time this has ever happened to me and I don't even get how it's possible. So if there are any techies out there who can ... [read more]

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    If You Own A Gmail, Take Note... Do not enter your password in this FAKE email from Google

    jhongren in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I just got a fake email from Google which tells me to enter my username and password again. It seemed to be sent from "Windows Team Live" with email ... [read more]

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    Domain Transfer Demand

    Hi, I was doing some IPK sites before xmas, one of which was called I've now received an email demand from someone from a company called Melbourne IT saying ... [read more]

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    Total Business Cart Support

    FlorenceB in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I would just like to introduce myself, my name is Florence Bony and I work with Paul and Philly Fuggle as the Support Manager for Total Business Cart, the ... [read more]

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    Traffic Generation Workshop - Question

    Eric Land in Internet Marketing

    Hey, Well this Traffic Generation workshop looks well worth the $30 bucks. But I have some questions about it and don't see any where that i can ask them like ... [read more]

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    Membership Site

    Hi there fellow Warriors, I was just wondering which is the best membership site software to use to build a stable membership site I would need to be able to ... [read more]

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    Do you find that a logo is an important part of your business so you can include it in your emails/website header or many other things? Also where did you ... [read more]

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    Amember Trouble?

    DonDavis in Internet Marketing

    I had to change my password at Host Gator. This effected everything including email accounts and databases. I have an amember script that is now not functioning. I am thinking ... [read more]

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    Twitter Fanatics Help Me Out - Apparently I'm Dumb...

    Stupid question of the day time... I only dabble with twitter, but lately I've added a couple of people that I like to follow etc... Enough of that, I'll get ... [read more]

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    My WordPress Blog Question

    Hello All Bloodless Warriors, I have just installed a WordPress Blog on the root of my domain name. I want that root page (i.e index page) to be a static ... [read more]

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    Help with Astisteer please - anyone

    Hi, Having bought Artiseer with expectations that it is rather straight forward, and it is as far as designing a web site is concerned, I am in a muddle. When ... [read more]

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    Youtube slideshows anyone?

    Trieu in Internet Marketing

    I want to start creating slideshows videos like this as an example, and add my own text to it. YouTube - The Revolution: A Slideshow Does anyone one know what ... [read more]

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    n00b questions about protecting your identity

    Brockster in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys, thanks for having me as a member! This is my first post. I've done a few searches and couldn't quite find any posts related to my question, so ... [read more]

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    Seo vs Sem. which is better ?

    vickeyr in Internet Marketing

    which is better ? search engine optimization search engine marketing

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    Newbie Question - Simplest way to sell ebook?

    ProEFI in Internet Marketing

    Hello, I've created an e-book for an automotive related niche. I have a website and have created a sales page with NVU. What is the easiest way to setup the ... [read more]

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    Spam and YouTube

    It's everywhere, even YouTube is getting hammered by Spam: YouTube - Spam Scot

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    Squidoo - How to remove competition

    Hi Warriors, To anyone who's doing squidoo, I'd like to ask if there's any way to remove the "Explore Related Pages" which automatically comes up below the Intro. These "Related ... [read more]

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    $40 to $85 per 100 words translated... In-demand language opportunities...

    Dave777 in Internet Marketing

    As many warriors probably know, there's some good multilingual language opportunity and idea threads throughout the warrior archives! Misc. keywords will help dig them out if you happen to be ... [read more]

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    I was just wondering if anybody's used paul wilson's "response 2.0 autoresponder. he has a free version as well as one for $12.97 a month (unlimited follow-up messages and unlimited ... [read more]

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    ZIP File Download for Non-IM Niche, Is It Affecting Your Refund Rate?

    Hi Warriors, When you're selling PDF ebook to non-IM niche, how are you redirecting the download link? Do you use ZIP file? I like using it only because it won't ... [read more]

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    I am new and need advise

    ronhirsu in Internet Marketing

    Hi all I am new to this internet forum thing. Sorry if I make any mistake. I work for an offline health magazine publication writing health articles. I was thinking ... [read more]

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    First Real Attempt at IM

    Ok so my first attempt at IM involves a Golfing product that runs through their website. I have done some advertising on forums and facebook and such I wrote some ... [read more]

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    Did Ebay switch it's affiliate program?

    I might be late to this, but didn't Ebay run through CJ? Has that changed? If so, when did it change. Looks to me like they're running their own aff ... [read more]

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    What Program Do You Use To Create Videos?

    Allurre in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys, Just wondering, what the most popular and easy to implement video creating tools are out there. The ones that allow you to capture everything that's happening on your ... [read more]

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    Build Your list Quicker! Amazing NEW FREE! Software

    As we all know twitter is a excellent way to drive traffic to your blog or site.... They have now created software that gets you followers in the thousands! I ... [read more]

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    Will you pay for something you can read online for free?

    Hello Warriors, I'm launching a new site, and instead of selling my ebook the traditional way --> salesletter --> download, I plan to give away the content for free. But ... [read more]

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    Need script to calculate recipe.

    Evita in Internet Marketing

    Hey. What would be involved in having a recipe type script, (the script would have to calculate a number of ingredients based on weight and type of other ingredients) that ... [read more]