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    Warriors .... Warriors.... what would you like to LEARN? STICKY

    Good Morning awesome Warriors... I'm happy to announce that The Warrior Forum is planning to create our first COURSE. Yes... Powered by Warrior Wisdom... yeah!! Made at home. But before ... [read more]

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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Which host is lenient with mass mailers like phpList?

    Hi Warriors, I heard that HostGator has a limit of 500 emails sent per day. Is that true? Do you then know of any reputable hosts that doesn't quite have ... [read more]

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    The South American Enigma

    robbyst in Internet Marketing

    E-commerce cannot be compared to other fields when talking about the Americas. Even though it is still called the third world when refering to South America, how are the developed ... [read more]

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    Hiya buddies!

    george43 in Internet Marketing

    I'd like to exchange comments on this as it's something that is in everbody's mouth…

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    Beta Listeners Wanted For Audio Course

    Okay, So today I wanted to see how fast I could create a product. What I created was a quick audio course. Nothing fancy, nothing too complicated. I even designed ... [read more]

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    Resending CONFIRMATION Emails - Legit Or Not...

    As many Warriors know, autoresponders such as Aweber and Get Response send out confirmation emails with a double-opt in request. I think resending confirmation emails (perhaps at a pre-set interval ... [read more]

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    15 Reviewers Needed For A Report On Product Pricing

    Hi Folks I've just completed an 80 page report on PRICING, which covers all the factors you'll need to consider before deciding your product's price point, and I'll examine things ... [read more]

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    50 Creative Designs of 404 Pages

    Eric Land in Internet Marketing

    Hey, I just came across this and i know that 90% of the people on this forum have there own websites so i thought this might interest you. 404 Error ... [read more]

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    Have you seen Googles new research tool Google Insights?

    This looks really good. Have you played with it yet? Google Insights for Search Re's Rob Whisonant

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    Need Advice/Help Please with Mac to PC email issue

    Hi Fellow Warriors, I have just been alerted to the fact that there seems to be an issue with text mailinglist emails I send from my Mac to PC users. ... [read more]

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    Can you stop being a Warrior For 4 minutes?...

    Ronster1 in Internet Marketing

    This message is not for everyone... This message IS for MANY though... No sales page... No product... No Kidding! Nothing to sell... Except YOU To YOURSELF... Watch a 4 minute ... [read more]

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    Ezine Article Was Page One, Social Bookmarked, Now Gone?

    jsherloc in Internet Marketing

    Has this happened to anyone lately? I recently published an article, and it was doing well for the past several days holding steady at Page One number Three on Google. ... [read more]

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    Aweber Myster.. how can this be?

    BizBooks in Internet Marketing

    Sent an aweber broadcast to a small list of 20 people. Aweber shows Opens: 61 (305.0%) How can this be? someone forwarding around the link? can i find out who ... [read more]

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    Squidoo Lens and Money

    Spiritjoy in Internet Marketing

    Hi, just curious about Squidoo. People say it is great or on the negative too busy but it is hard to find real numbers on how well squidoo does for ... [read more]

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    What's Your Vote For The Best 'Free, Open Source' Forum Software?

    If you had to choose the best free open source forum software available on the market today, which solution would you choose, and why? Jared

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    $7 is the wrong price to sell your ebook.. forget what you have been told!

    BizBooks in Internet Marketing

    Although in the IM Niche we have been trained that $7 is a godo price to get people to buy your report and enter into the sales funnel, I have ... [read more]

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    Article Marketing Vs Video Marketing (Who is the winner as per your testing ??)

    Hi Warriors, I am new to the internet and really debating on this topic in terms of where to focus on. I have been hearing article marketing a good strategy ... [read more]

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    What services would you package for these two types of OFFLINE busineses?

    I have been doing a lot of reading on offline gold, but different nuggets are spread out over so many different threads and posts, that it is hard to catalog ... [read more]

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    What's With All The Abbreviations? Is TYPING Too Much Trouble?

    esr in Internet Marketing

    I've never known what people mean when they write "PR." I believe it means Page Rank, but beyond that, I'm lost. I'm sitting here reading an educational ebook, and the ... [read more]

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    Tech Help..

    Can anyone tell me how to set up a scroll across the top of my website? Pete

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    A VERY Interesting IM Lesson/Warning on SUCCESS Straight Out of the Bible

    I was reading this a couple of days ago, and I found that it applied to my own personal venture into IM, as well as other struggling newbies on this ... [read more]

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    I can't find my product in Clickbank!!

    Talltom1 in Internet Marketing

    I'm new to Clickbank; actually just published my first product there a few weeks ago. However, when I search the Marketplace, it is nowhere to be found. I went to ... [read more]

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    Getting accepted to Ebay Affiliate Program?

    The_Light in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys/gals, i was recently rejected by Ebay affiliate program, but I NEED to be accepted. Does any1 know how I can go about getting this done? what are the ... [read more]

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    100K As Of 8/11...Real Hope For Noobs

    At 7:24 PM on 8/11, I broke 100K for the year. On 6/1/2003 after 5 months of slaving away at my Internet business, I made all of $28. I was ... [read more]

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    Starting out with $200

    Hello Everyone, I am new to the WarriorForum ( but have been reading for a while ) and this is my first post. First of all the W.F is a ... [read more]

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    Different Strategies to Promote your Website

    Different Strategies to Promote your Website Search Engine Strategy – Search engines send robot "spiders" to index the content on your webpage, it is better to leave them in abundant ... [read more]

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    Stuck? Try These For Ideas & Inspiration!

    Stuck? Niche ideas, new products ideas, domain names, ideas for articles / blog posts - here's something from my ebook to help you get "un-stuck"... Idea Generators Lycos Movers and ... [read more]

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    How do you decide if a stranger is worth being followed on Twitter?

    I quickly check ratio of following vs./ followers: If it's like 100/1 - automatic trash can. 10/1 - red flag + suspicion check 1/1 - quick check >1/1 - almost ... [read more]

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    Question on PLR/Ebook Sending

    Bean77 in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys- I'm having a serious brain fart right now and need some help. This question may be under the senior warriors but I was hoping someone out there will ... [read more]

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    Calling all designers - FREE LAYER STYLES!!!

    kswr123 in Internet Marketing

    Hi all, I have recently made a set of 20 web 2.0 orb layer styles. I need people who are willing to give 'em a go, and test them. I ... [read more]

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    How to Track Outbound Links with Analytics?

    csstanton in Internet Marketing

    Warriors -- I am looking to set tracking on my site to see if people click my "Buy Now" button. It's a sales page, so there are 4 different spots ... [read more]

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    Need some UK Warriors....

    BizBooks in Internet Marketing

    Any UK Warriors (No Superbowl Insanity in the UK... Right?!) that Can spare a few minutes to take a look at My New 200+ Page Book kindly reply or PM ... [read more]

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    Where to start

    Hi I am a novice/newbie to IM and would like to know where to and what to do to get started on the first step of the ladder to try ... [read more]

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    Is there anything better out there than SEnuke?

    burtie in Internet Marketing

    Hi there, I was very excited by SEnuke, but wondered if there was anything better? I road tested it last night to promote this page The OCD Workbook: Your Guide ... [read more]

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    Google Keyword Checker...

    Where on google can i check the popularity of a certain keyword? Thanks.

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    Help finding quality posts from the past

    JMartus in Internet Marketing

    Hello everyone. 2 or 3 years ago I devoted almost all of my free time learning internet marketing. Well, some things happened in my life and I made some terrible ... [read more]

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    Terrible News About The Economy!

    The economy is only going to get worse. So, I have decided to not participate in the recession. That entire "recession" thing is not something I like. So, I'm going ... [read more]

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    do we even need to do keyword research to find profitable niches...??

    jennyuk in Internet Marketing

    Hi, Maybe I am missing something here (I am blonde) but-- -- I keep reading how important keyword research is to find profitable niches. Surely just going to Clickbank (lets ... [read more]

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    How to build a data base?

    jan roos in Internet Marketing

    If I want to for instance build a data base of leads in our local real estate market and then sell it to realtors how would you do it? Would ... [read more]

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    Integrating email marketing & shopping cart programs - any suggestions?

    ss61288 in Internet Marketing

    Hi friends Are there any suggestions you may be able to point me to regarding the best place where I can have a shopping cart, and email marketing program all ... [read more]

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    Using Smart Window Maker In WordPress

    Mo Goulet in Internet Marketing

    Has anyone here used SWM Pro in a wordpress blog? I have a question regarding uploading the gbeffects folder. If I paste the code into a page or pages on ... [read more]

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    Website / Blog Submission Directory (for a Fee and Free)

    JNFerree in Internet Marketing

    Would appreciate it if someone could recommend BOTH (for a Fee & for Free) blog and website submission directories. I've been hunting all AM on Google trying to ID a ... [read more]

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    Software to spider site, extract URL, title, metas?

    gcrocker in Internet Marketing

    Any pointers to (ideally free) software to spider a site and extract the URLs, titles, and meta (keywords & descriptions)? I usually use Xenu for spidering, but it won't pull ... [read more]

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    looking for a Internet Marketing Manager for

    davemoniz in Internet Marketing

    I have this great membership site. I want to significantly increase the trafic and conversion but I don't want to spend the time learning and re-learning all the ways to ... [read more]

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    SEO vs PPC

    23hitman in Internet Marketing

    SEO or PPC? I have keywords but what I need is to just get the word out that my product exists. I have an opt in list...just need people to ... [read more]

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    Looking for an emyth partner

    davemoniz in Internet Marketing

    Hi all, I'm doing the Emyth course called Embark Live. Rather than pay $1200 a month for emyth coaching, I thought it would be better to find others using and ... [read more]

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    Which variation of article marketing is better?

    SocialWiz in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys i am new and been reading alot of useful information here about article marketing so I just had a question. Which variation of article marketing is better? Sending ... [read more]

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    Any one knows a good banner exchage script

    Oddssy in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warriors I have been looking for a good banner exchange script or software for my web site. One that someone can recommend there are so many out there to ... [read more]

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    Simple SEO question ;(

    Robertas in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys, I was wondering how long it will take for Google to re-index(is that even a word?) my website? Basically my main website got ranked for one phrase, which ... [read more]

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    5 Testimonials Wanted For Make Money Online Product

    Hi, I'm looking for 5 people to review my forthcoming ebook about ghostwriting articles for profit, and hopefully provide a testimonial before I launch on February 16th. The ebook itself ... [read more]

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    RSS Frustration

    I've been trying to get RSS feeds to populate my WordPress blog, but I'm finding that a lot of feeds eliminate the content. You get the Subject, description, author, date, ... [read more]

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    Would You Like a Free BMW or a Luxury Boat With Your New House?

    ...some developers in Adelaide (South Australia) are having a 'Summer Sale' on houses and apartments in a couple of new developments in Adelaide and are offering several BIG incentives for ... [read more]

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    2 hours a day ... is it enough??

    Oscar D in Internet Marketing

    Dear Warriors I have been an active member of this forum for quite a while and I have to ask this question. My Situation: I started Internet Marketing about one ... [read more]

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    Free Traffic

    I found this site Warriors, and I was thinking of joining: Free Traffic System - Free One Way Links : Free Traffic System They give you two backlinks per article ... [read more]

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    Edit Images In Your Browser For FREE! Just Like Photoshop!

    Online image editor pixlr free - fix photos direct in your browser Amazing stuff! Thought I would share Basically a Photoshop clone. Very, very impressed.

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    Design a Company Logo - Who is the one to go to?

    With my new company, I will need a new company logo. I do not need site banners, ebook covers or anything else of that nature ... just a standard company ... [read more]

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    Good web designers

    Barnokian in Internet Marketing

    I could do with some recommendations for good web designers. I'm talking about just the design part, not the coding. I need someone that thinks out of the box and ... [read more]