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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Google Annihilation?

    roley in Internet Marketing

    Whats it actually do? I cant stand mystery stuff, I like a nice up front.. This is what it does, if you want to pay to get access great. Its ... [read more]

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    Not Just Internet Marketing Anymore..

    firstdrum in Internet Marketing

    I'm one of those who realize that continuous learning of our craft is more important than ever. This is true if you strickly operate your business on the internet, do ... [read more]

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    How Do I Do This With Paypal?

    yesacpow in Internet Marketing

    hi warriors, Here is what I want to do, I want to give my subscribers a $1.00 trial offer to one of my product. So they would try the product ... [read more]

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    I need your input! please let me know!

    Guys, I really need your help, just tell me if this is for you as IM'ers you are my target audience. My website idea. (Already in production) An online system, ... [read more]

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    Help Needed Forwarding Domain To Hostgator from 1and1

    bobsstuff in Internet Marketing

    This is my first forwarding experience and my first Hostgator account. I have parked domains at I opened a reseller hosting account at Hostgator. Hostgatore sent me two NS ... [read more]

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    I was cruising the net when I ran across this site, and it occurred to me how brilliant of an idea this site is. How many times have you had ... [read more]

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    Anyone Else have a wife (or hubby) who thinks they are a magician?

    Get your mind out of the gutter! I am talking when it comes to making money? My wife is clueless, despite me oft explaining how I make money online. All ... [read more]

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    Best way to edit Wordpress themes

    Hi, I finally selected a free wordpress theme i would like to use. But how do i visually edit it? I only know html and not php. Any advice will ... [read more]

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    What's the 'Open Rate' on your weekly newsletter?

    Talltom1 in Internet Marketing

    I'm curious as to what your 'open rate' is on your weekly newsletter. I'm not referring to an autoresponder newsletter, but one that's made up and sent out on a ... [read more]

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    Anothe newbie question - affiliate link connected to a banner - how?

    guruwill in Internet Marketing

    Newbie Question again. So, I've started building a list and have even made some money. Loving it! I want to promote some affiliate stuff on my blog - once I ... [read more]

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    Any worthwile outsource companies?

    Adriaan in Internet Marketing

    Hi Can you recommend any foreign companies that I can safely outsource work to? By work I mean any of the following: * Website design/ other graphics. * Seo and ... [read more]

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    How do you list PLR rights?

    Mark Kaye in Internet Marketing

    On the sales page of a product or do they have to be listed in the product itself?

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    Can someone define the PERFECT Warrior Forum post?

    Raydal in Internet Marketing

    OK, I've seen many posts nuked (including mines) and many a debate about what constitutes "self promotion" to what's a great post. Post are often defined by what you can't ... [read more]

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    Wordpress SEO

    Darek in Internet Marketing

    Here is a presentation from Wordcamp Las Vegas 2009 on how to setup your wordpress blog for SEO. Wordpress SEO Wordcamp LV 2009 - SlideShare | View | Upload your ...

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    Web 2.0 Forums

    Deric Yin in Internet Marketing

    Anybody knows any good Web 2.0 forums? Something like the Warrior Forum, but geared towards both the technological development and commercialization of Web 2.0 sites. Thanks!

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    How do I cloak my hop links in a Blogger blog?

    archkre in Internet Marketing

    How do I cloak my hop links from CB or similar in a Blogger blog? Can't find that info anywhere! Thank you

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    Are dot TV extensions worth it?

    Hi all, Is there any real good reason to pay the extra money for a .tv URL? George Wright

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    £4000 in 86 Days is it possible

    Hello All, I have 86 days till I leave for my world trip I need £4k more saved I cant get this from my normal job as I am maxed ... [read more]

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    What Happened To The What Happened To The Thingamy Thread?

    Just a small observation.. Folks seem to be more interested in discussing the running of the forum than making money these days. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, it ... [read more]

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    Paypal Shopping Cart Question - Selling Both Tangible & Downloadable Items

    This question concerns creating a setup for selling both tangible and downloadable items through Paypal. My client wants to use Paypal if possible and not pay a monthly fee for ... [read more]

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    Getting product reviews

    burtie in Internet Marketing

    Hi all, I need to get some products reviews for a review site of mine. Whats the best way of doing this? Offer people a free copy to review? The ... [read more]

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    If you create a product specifically for WSO then how

    Dexx in Internet Marketing

    do you show the "discount" of it? Would you basically say that you WOULD retail the item for $XX dollars, but as a special release to only the WSO it ... [read more]

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    Who do you recommend?

    Paulo in Internet Marketing

    I have a client with an offline business who wants first page of Google for some keyword phrases (his business keyword + area) and he wants my help. This is ... [read more]

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    Can you really make serious money with domain names?

    GeorgR. in Internet Marketing

    I was on ebay yesterday and i saw someone selling the most stupid domain names, eg. some were in spanish...or really stupid names. Like combination "obamapizza"... and they have them ... [read more]

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    Thunderbird Users

    Hello, I am just getting my head around thunderbird and I am just adding all my accounts I dont have any pop3 accounts all mine are like ect ect. ... [read more]

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    Please spam me with Free PLR articles websites

    Hi, I need to get some free Forex related PLR articles. Can you recommend me some good sites where to get free PLR articles. I need to modify these articles ... [read more]

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    YouTube Question

    Do you guys think there's any advantage to creating a new YouTube account for each new niche you enter?? I've had mixed results from using the same account versus creating ... [read more]

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    Do you endorse products you've never tried?

    I read through a review site of several internet marketing products today. It was clear from the text that the reviewer was brand new to internet marketing, had not actually ... [read more]

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    Can you promote your own domain in the main body of your post?

    JazzOscar in Internet Marketing

    Maybe a dumb question. I just came across a short post that I felt was blatant self promotion through a link to someones own domain in the body of the ... [read more]

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    Simple piece of technical advice for JV / Affiliate for a Noob!

    guruwill in Internet Marketing

    Hello Folks I have finished my first product after hanging around here and asking questions - many thanks to all who have answered. There is an ebook for sale and ... [read more]

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    Aweber links in emails - what are they for?

    guruwill in Internet Marketing

    Another dumb question! I get loads of IM emails - some have long uncloaked links that start with www.aweber..... Why? Why and how is that done rather than linking to ... [read more]

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    is this a hostgator scammer

    Jeremy123 in Internet Marketing

    After I paid for one month for hostgator I got this email. Thank you for your order with! [did have my domain name] Your account has been marked ... [read more]

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    Rapid Action Profits 2-Tier ?

    Is anyone using Rapid Action Profits in a 2-Tier setup? And if anyone knows how it functions, I'd appreciate the details. I also assume that it doesn't fall under PayPal's ... [read more]

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    Another Offline Idea

    matthewd in Internet Marketing

    This is just an idea that popped into my head last night. It may have already been discussed and it may be complete crap, but sounds good in my head, ... [read more]

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    I'm looking for an internet marketing seminar schedule for 2009??? - Anyone?

    Does anyone around here know where I could find a schedule for internet marketing seminars in 2009? I'm trying coordinate my vacation with an IM event. Anyone? Thanks, Ken

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    WordPress Expert "Go To Person" Needed....

    I need someone to help me customize my wordpress blog i.e. edit the wordpress .php files, add custom header pic etc... Will pay for help. Thanks, Mike

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    How do I change the main keyword for my website at this stage?

    JennyDeen in Internet Marketing

    I started a website about 3 months ago. I followed the 30 day challenge for it. It was # 30 or more for exact phrase search and about 200 odd ... [read more]

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    I Found the Coolest Google Tool Yet!

    Ouroboros in Internet Marketing

    I know I'm old and kinda' slow but this is cool as hell for any kind of research! Google Book Search I know, you guys already knew about this, but ... [read more]

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    Need a shopping cart across multiple sites besides 1shopping cart.

    I'm looking for a good shopping cart with an affiliate module that will work across multiple sites. Please advise of any apps that will do this. Thanks! LIFE

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    Good Email Capture Software

    tim27487 in Internet Marketing

    Does anyone know any good Email Capture Software or applications (preferably non-subscription) which I can use to capture first names and emails on my website?

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    Would you guys help me with this possibly? please? :)

    Hello Warriors, I want to develop a curriculum for Internet Marketing. I want to use this curriculum to develop a case of starting Internet Marketing classes amongst colleges and universities. ... [read more]

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    Quick question about MRR

    AussieT in Internet Marketing

    Can I change or use the contents of an ebook with MRR rights or do I only get the rights to sell it as is? Thanks in advance

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    Recommend a good YouTube/Video marketing product with resale rights?

    tomcam in Internet Marketing

    I'm putting the finishing touches on a YouTube marketing product. Some of it is based on the excellent YouTube Domination, and of course the rest is my own. I'd like ... [read more]

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    Looking for a directory submition tool!

    Tron2k in Internet Marketing

    Looking for a directory submission tool! anyone got a good link?

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    List of RSS Feeds?

    I'm just starting to understand and work with RSS Feeds. Is there a list of RSS sites that we should feed our articles to? If so, can some point me ... [read more]

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    If I have a Blog in a Subdirectory....

    winebuddy in Internet Marketing

    and have a domain forwarded to the subdirectory, how much does it effect my SE rankings? Will the forwarded domain name even register in SE's? Will I get any benefit ... [read more]

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    Gee...uhhh... Help me Obie Wan!!!

    winebuddy in Internet Marketing

    Got a small problem that I need an automated solution for and I can't figure out how to do it... When people get to my Thank You page (it's one ... [read more]

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    Why Do People SPAM My Helpdesk?

    Gary M. in Internet Marketing

    I direct all my customers to my helpdesk for customer service. My helpdesk uses a captcha code and the domain doesn't even have any page rank. Still, I get hundreds ... [read more]

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    The Product Creation Lab....?

    steve m in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warriors, I was just after knowing why the product creation lab is private. Is it a paid section like the war room, if so I cant seem to find ... [read more]

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    Squidoo Developed a Viral Twitter Cobrand!

    Hi Warriors! If you like to use both Squidoo and Twitter, then you'll want to try Twttrstrm - the new Squidoo cobrand that connects Twitter with Squidoo. It's not the ... [read more]

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    Personal Twitter Ad Campaigns - Pay Me to Tweet About You

    Hi Warriors! So I just found out about Magpie, which sounded REALLY cool at first - till I went to the forum and discovered people signed up and get no ... [read more]

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    Which Membership Site Software do This?

    ab4444 in Internet Marketing

    Hello, I want to put up a membership site where each person joining starts receiving month #1 content, no matter when they sign up. Then in the second month they ... [read more]

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    The Importance Of Free Marketing

    The three forms of advertising that you should be implementing as soon as you have your website up and running. Forums: Myspace, Twitter, Youtube are the major players when it ... [read more]

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    How To Increase Link Loading Speed

    When I click on my affiliate link, there is about a 5 or 6 second delay before the site pulls up. The link is picture link. What can I do ... [read more]

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    What Does Your Pricing Tell Your Customers?

    Mangozoom in Internet Marketing

    Just wanted to share a thought on pricing Figuring out the best price for any product can be tricky. A temptation when creating and launching our own products is too ... [read more]