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    Warriors .... Warriors.... what would you like to LEARN? STICKY

    Good Morning awesome Warriors... I'm happy to announce that The Warrior Forum is planning to create our first COURSE. Yes... Powered by Warrior Wisdom... yeah!! Made at home. But before ... [read more]

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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Affiliate/Keyword Market Intelligence Help

    EndGame in Internet Marketing

    Hi Guys. Sorry the title is a bit of a mouthful. I was checking out Affiliate Elite today, and loved the look of what it does. However, I am both ... [read more]

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    Is Yahoo Answers still Viable?

    Is spending a couple hours a day answering questions with a link in the sources box still a good way to make sales? I used it in the past and ... [read more]

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    Is it illegal to sell a e-book about golf to other people if you've never played it before?

    Is it illegal to sell a e-book about golf to other people if you've never played it before, say if you done the research on it to help others improve ... [read more]

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    Twitter Question: Can a Tweet be deleted?

    SandyHall in Internet Marketing

    Hi Everyone, I don't know if this is possible or not. Does anyone know? If, lets say, I posted a Tweet and there was a mistake in it. Is it ... [read more]

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    Which Is The Best Keyword Research Tool?

    yommys01 in Internet Marketing

    Which is the best keyword research tool. I have been using Seo Book Keyword Suggestion Tool for my keyword researches but for some reason I decided to use today ... [read more]

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    Congrats to Jon Motson on new domain website idea.

    TimPhelan in Internet Marketing

    I just recieved an email from Jonathan regarding this site and I think he has a winner here. What do you guys think about his mystery domain auction? 1 Domain ... [read more]

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    Traffic question version 1.9493950

    xDennis in Internet Marketing

    Hi Everyone, got a quickie. The niche I'm marketing does well via article marketing. I got 100+ visitors today mainly because I had 3 articles approved.. so if I optimize ... [read more]

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    Whats Your Fav Web Page Editor??

    I'm trying to figure out what most people use to create their web pages. I use a combination of Front Page & Trellian Webpage. I don't use Trellian so much ... [read more]

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    Need Some Fun, Blackhat Revenge Help

    I just came across someone ripping the graphics on my affiliate page for use on their affiliate page. They didn't bother to copy them, they're having my server burn my ... [read more]

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    A Question about Rights

    Can anyone help with this rights question? What rights do I need to clear in order to sell something as PLR? In particular I'm talking about graphics and web designs. ... [read more]

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    My First $200 Day! My story and experience

    Jakehyten in Internet Marketing

    Hey everyone, I just had my first 200 dollar day the other day and wanted to post some of my experiences and successes. I have been doing (actually trying) IM ... [read more]

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    I'm finally taking action, and it feels great!

    I've been a member of this forum for a while now, and I haven't ever done anything beyond writing a few DLGuard addons. Until now! Based on Keith Kogane's thread ... [read more]

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    Proud of my first squidoo lens! Check it out!

    Hey guys I made my first Squidoo lens about 2 days ago and it already ranks #464 in Business and #11,363 overall. Is this good or am I getting excited ... [read more]

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    OOOHHHH I missed my 500TH post and what I'm giving away

    nicholasb in Internet Marketing

    I was planning to give something away for my 500th post, but I guess I lost track so what I will be giving away for my 501st post 3 free ... [read more]

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    Share Your Story

    mario2001 in Internet Marketing

    Hello everyone, How do you decide to start an online business? Share your story with other people. Mario

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    Anyone do seminars?

    Callum in Internet Marketing

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone here conducts in-person seminars or the like? I've got a pretty good idea for a seminar in my niche, and an idea of ... [read more]

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    That's it! I'm confuzzled!

    Okay .... Maybe someone can shed some light on this? I offer a course right now as a WSO - not much, only 7$ - but still, people pay to ... [read more]

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    Soliciting Testimonials vs. Review Copies...They Are NOT The Same Thing

    Lance K in Internet Marketing

    If you come here soliciting testimonials, perhaps you should take a step back and consider rephrasing your approach. Offering a "review copy" is a much better way to not only ... [read more]

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    Just Did My First Teleseminar

    So, I finally did my first Teleseminar. This is odd considering how long I have been in this game. I've never even actually done an interview myself. I've always been ... [read more]

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    Newbie Clickbank/DLGuard Qestion

    gigabit_2 in Internet Marketing

    Hi everybody, I have a product that I want to market on clickbank. From what I understand I need a thank you page (which should be a random .html name) ... [read more]

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    The art of "testing" a new niche

    I still consider myself a newbie on this forum. I started posting articles at the beginning of November. Unfortunately, due to my new JOB, I haven't had the amount of ... [read more]

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    More on EzineArticles

    ss442 in Internet Marketing

    The top, or the most prolific EZA writer is Lance Winslow. He tops 15,124 articles. He makes it clear he is in the franchise business. Sean Mize uses two pen ... [read more]

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    Orders not completed...

    Talltom1 in Internet Marketing

    From time to time, I notice that I have orders that go all the way to Paypal for processing, where they are dropped without actually making the payment. Do you ... [read more]

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    What do you think is the best way to invest my last $25.00? I have read so many ideas and systems my brain is about to explode. I really need ... [read more]

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    Affiliate program to sell SEO ebook

    Hi everyone. I've been selling an SEO ebook for years, through my website. I'm finally looking into affiliate programs to sell a few more copies. It's a no-fluff, practical, thorough ... [read more]

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    Got Some Free Adwords Money...

    Hey my friend's dad recently gave us a $250 Adwords coupon. We have a small online business and plan to use it to set up a little Adwords campaign. The ... [read more]

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    How do i set up a zipped file

    Eric Land in Internet Marketing

    PROBLEM SOLVED The question is in the title How do i set up a zipped file The reason i am asking is because i am selling PLR rights to a ... [read more]

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    I know that this has been asked before, but...

    The answers I found weren't much help! What Webinar software are you guys using? What's the best out there in terms of features for price? Why? I need to be ... [read more]

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    The Ultimate Opt-In?

    I didn't find this site posted anywhere in the forum, but I think this takes the cake for opt-in: HEMA - online winkelen Click on the cup in the top ... [read more]

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    Anyone here successful with Bum Marketing?

    I finally started Bum Marketing just yesterday. After making many affiliate sales with Adwords, but hardly making any profit, I wanted to try a free route. Just wondering if this ... [read more]

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    cmats in Internet Marketing

    Hi, Does anyone know about Tissa Godavitarne and his affiliatizer niche search engine. Thanks for any information, cmats

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    Has Anyone Used This Automated Newsletter Service?

    WebCoach in Internet Marketing

    Has anyone ever used MyNewsletterBuilder for your newsletters? My Newsletter Builder | Email Marketing & e-Newsletter Solution with Opt-in Email Marketing Software, eNewsletter Templates, Permission Email Marketing If so, how ... [read more]

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    nicholasb in Internet Marketing

    I love opting in to peoples list, especially beginners to find good jv partners to promote each others products, so I opted in to a list to get a special ... [read more]

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    PLR Recipes?

    Does anyone here sell or know where PLR recipes are being sold? I need some healthy recipes to round out a product I'm working on.

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    How Long Does Clickbank Approval Take?

    Does anyone have products on clickbank? If so, how long did it take to see if they're approved or not?

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    Looking For An Accountability Partner

    driven247 in Internet Marketing

    Seeing that it is the New Year my new years resoulution has been to stop procrastination at all costs. One of my biggest problems being in IM is that I ... [read more]

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    I Was On TV Yesterday & Got a TON of Traffic!!!

    Mark Kaye in Internet Marketing

    I recently finished a book called Unemployed for a Living: The Inspiring True Stories of The Rich and Jobless. Yesterday morning it was featured on the local news here in ... [read more]

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    I've been offered reproduction rights but have no idea how much to pay for the license....

    jennyuk in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warriors, Could someone help out this old timer newbie please? I have found through my research a cheap ebook ($5). I have purchased the product as a trial and ... [read more]

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    OT - Cruise Feb 14th Eastern Carribean - any Warriors going to be there?

    winebuddy in Internet Marketing

    Leaving Port Canaveral on Valentaines day. Just wondering if any fellow forum members might be on the boat. Maybe we could have one of those "Millionaire Mind" meetings/drink fests. We ... [read more]

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    Where do I find uptime for a site

    steelhead in Internet Marketing

    I am looking at buying a site that is resident on cheapo host and find myself asking if the company is paying its server rental bills or has engineer problems. ... [read more]

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    Trying to setup with Commission Junction for the first time

    absbica in Internet Marketing

    So I am trying to setup with Commission Junction for the first time as an affiliate...and it is asking me for a website url, site name, etc... Well, thing is... ... [read more]

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    Clickbank Question

    tntrader in Internet Marketing

    I just made a Clickbank sale and for the life of me I can't figure out what I sold. All that it shows is the publisher. Am I missing something? ... [read more]

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    Powerpoint presentation -> Crystal Clear Video?

    richpeck in Internet Marketing

    Hey Warriors, Has anyone got any experience taking a powerpoint presentation, some audio and putting them together to make a crsytal clear DVD? I've been screen shotting my slides (they ... [read more]

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    Today Is My Birthday, I Just Turned 21... and I'm RICH!!

    Hey Guys, Just wanted to let everyone know that today (Dec 18) is my birthday This may seem like a weird type of post but I'm not just searching for ... [read more]

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    Who are the MAC users and do you LOVE IT? Here are some questions for you :D

    MicahF7 in Internet Marketing

    Hello Everyone... I am planning on purchasing a Macbook pro ( The New one ) and I am wondering how you guys like your Mac... Maybe even why... What are ... [read more]

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    Feedback needed (for the goal setting product)

    Arina in Internet Marketing

    Hi fellow warriors, I just finished my brand new product that will launch on January 13, 2009. It's called "Goal Setting Studio" and it's an audio program that will guide ... [read more]

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    How To Correctly Create Text Links"

    goindeep in Internet Marketing

    I have just signed up for the Amazon affiliate program. But when checking their links on my site and also using their link checker none of the links work. I ... [read more]

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    Why is it never enough??

    Helllo Warriors, Been working my nuts off for the last few weeks on sites writing articles ect. I am making a nice seccond income but it never seems enough. every ... [read more]

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    Noob question

    xenter in Internet Marketing

    Could someone give me a link or tell me what is cookie stuffing and how it can make money? I'm still confused after reading it on some anonymous sites lol

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    newbie- something I'm confused about

    SAHM4ever in Internet Marketing

    I am reading til my eyes go blurry I know lots of people have different opinions on everything too. Just want to see what you all think. I am going ... [read more]

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    Ebay Sellers - Advice Please

    I am new to selling on Ebay - But basically i do not understand why ebay hasnt listed my item for search yet. Is there generally a reason why it ... [read more]

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    Just When is Your "Make Money" System worth Launching?

    I've seen a variety of IM "Make Money" systems being launched recently, many of those with negligible earnings claims. Just how much money has one have to have earned before ... [read more]

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    An introduction plus an invitation to other lurkers

    Hey everybody, I've been visiting for a few years, a member for a few months, and decided as a New Year's resolution that it's time to de-lurk and try to ... [read more]

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    Help with keywords research

    J smith in Internet Marketing

    This is somethign that has been on my mind for a while now. I usually use seo book for keyword research: Seo Book Keyword Suggestion Tool lately I've also been ... [read more]

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    link: Where did my links go

    I used to use the on the googlse search box and I had 30 links now nothing shows up?? Also tried mydomain in a link checker tool that used ... [read more]

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    WEIRD SEO STUFF part the #1st!

    okay this hasn't been confirmed by anyone.. it's all about my personal experiences since '04. but thing is: i tested, replicated, duplicated and always came up with the same results. ... [read more]