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    Warriors .... Warriors.... what would you like to LEARN? STICKY

    Good Morning awesome Warriors... I'm happy to announce that The Warrior Forum is planning to create our first COURSE. Yes... Powered by Warrior Wisdom... yeah!! Made at home. But before ... [read more]

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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Most I be verified on before I can receive and send payments?

    raven411 in Internet Marketing

    Hi mates, I have verification defers on depending on the country. That I dont need to be verified before sending or receiving funds but the no of funds I ... [read more]

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    What is scope for wp-robot plugins?

    Well my question is simple. I know the autoblogging doesnt exist or they might be they existing? I want to know how many of you think wp-robot plugin is still ... [read more]

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    Any suggestions on Video Affiliate Marketing Courses

    swaffi in Internet Marketing

    Hi all, I would like to have a good go at video mostly Youtube affiliate marketing. I don't have my own product. I'd much rather create videos for other people's ... [read more]

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    Pinterest No Longer Allowing Affiliate Links

    CurtisSWN in Internet Marketing

    I just found out about this turn of events. Hardly surprised. Is Twitter still one of the last bastions of direct affiliate linking? Pinterest Cuts Off Style Bloggers by Removing ... [read more]

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    Demographics for BizOp Offers?

    Hey guys, I'm wondering what demographics to target for CPA biz op offers? What age group, what current occupation (unemployed, IT, general laborers etc)

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    Best Affiliate programs for legal movie site

    PulseK in Internet Marketing

    I have a legal streaming movie site that gets about 1500 unique visitors/day. I'm doing OK With AdSense, but only making about $800/month. I think a good affiliate program could ... [read more]

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    IM world the next 5 years?

    dAce Pool in Internet Marketing

    I remember back in 2009 when I had more time to learn and try different methods and different strategies. I remember how easy FB marketing was in 2010/2011 in terms ... [read more]

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    Withdraw funds from the US Amazon affiliate program as a non-US citizen?

    marcus23 in Internet Marketing

    Does anyone know of a good way for a non-US citizen to withdraw funds to their bank account from the US Amazon affiliate program? I'm currently using Payoneer, but it's ... [read more]

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    Any possibility of blocking Wordpress site coz of Opt in form?

    Can anyone guide me please... If I have an Opt in form (by Aweber) on my Wordpress site (added as a widget), does it create any possibility of Google blocking ... [read more]

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    At last I'm making money online.

    Isandy in Internet Marketing

    In October of 2014 I've started to promote a product that I bought, its called "How To Make $80 Per Day", at first I was discouraged to keep promoting it ... [read more]

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    Is there a way to tell if my Google account is part of Google Apps for Business?

    I recently purchased a website and want to make sure that the Google account they created and gave to me isn't part of a Google Apps for Business account where ... [read more]

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    what type of payment and affiliate system should i use being in india

    meganetwo in Internet Marketing

    what type of payment and affiliate system should i use being in india? i launched a wso with warrior payments and it didnt work. i then redid it with w+ ... [read more]

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    How to run useful split test?

    Hello; What are the best ways to "test"? Does it simply mean send traffic to 2 pages and see which one converts better? My video product is ready to deliver ... [read more]

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    What to start with?

    RealOne23 in Internet Marketing

    Hello guys!, Im new to making money online and as of right now my expectations are low. Im not expecting to make even $500 a month yet. I just want ... [read more]

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    Blog launch strategy?

    hennen in Internet Marketing

    My new blog launches next month. Is there steps I can do this month to make the launch super successful?

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    Giving 90% commission to affiliates

    moneyhd in Internet Marketing

    Hey, I have launch a product and giving 90% Commissions to affiliates. Where i can find them ?

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    What is your favourite System Mailer?

    chewenhua in Internet Marketing

    mine so far is ViralURL what is yours?

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    Facebook Videos Better than YouTube???

    So lately I've been seeing many products and webinars that are taking advantage of Facebook's Video platform and how FB videos go viral "16x faster than YouTube," with some videos ... [read more]

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    Should I charge a membership fee?

    karlstech in Internet Marketing

    Hey there, I'm working on building an online directory for technology (mostly computers, mobile phones and gaming) where the visitor would basically have a massive amount of tech-related sources linking ... [read more]

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    Plugin required for Wordpress that automatically updates req pages

    Hi everyone Not been around for a while had bad end to last year but back now and was wondering if anyone knows of a plugin that automatically creates privacy ... [read more]

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    SRT downloader sub title video text

    Guys I'm looking for a SRT youtube downloader (or for any video site in fact) Right now the one i have found is loaded with viruses ! For eveyone's benefit, ... [read more]

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    Outsource Kindle Books : Any Reliable Information Available ???

    research in Internet Marketing

    Outsource Kindle Books : Any Reliable Information Available ??? I may be right . . .I may be crazy - but I hear there are a wide range of reliable, ... [read more]

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    Can you trust the sellers on Fiverr?

    Mikej413 in Internet Marketing

    Not too long ago I purchased guaranteed signups on Fiverr. I wound up getting nothing but fake names and fake email addresses. I am almost 100 percent certain they were ... [read more]

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    Results Diary for Documenting Split Test Results and ROI?

    Hello. Those of you who measure results by testing and optimizing, can you recommend suitable software for this? Not simple Windows NotePad or Evernote but something that is made for ... [read more]

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    Why are you doing internet marketing?

    I've made another post asking about if money could buy happiness but I guess it links in with the IM. Why have you started internet marketing? Was it because of: ... [read more]

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    Paranoia kicking in - gave guy from india access to ftp account from fiverr...

    Im not saying that because he is indian he's inherently untrustworthy, just more likely to be "opportunistic" when exploiting peoples stupidity. So i ordered a 20$ gig to have him ... [read more]

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    Can I Use My Competitor's YouTube Video Against Him?

    whoserman in Internet Marketing

    What are your thoughts on engaging a competitor directly? I'm in a performance art niche and have a video of me performing very well. My competitor has a similar video, ... [read more]

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    Anyone know this WSO? I remember the seller put your adsense code

    like for rent than you pay him some sum his site is highly target and traffic is high aka like " sharing " wonder will break adsense ruleS?

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    What to show the prospect after opting in?

    Hi; Newbie here, advise please: Ok I got the visitors email! Now is it better to 1 - Show the the pitch page straight away? 2 - Get them to ... [read more]

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    New Products - Sales Funnel Question

    Gambino in Internet Marketing

    I run an ecommerce store, which sells one physical product. I've been looking for the right product to offer as a back end and I've settled on four. According to ... [read more]

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    Videos of Real People TestingYour Website on Mobile and Desktop Devices.

    KamesCG in Internet Marketing

    The other day someone asked if it was possible to record videos of their users. The answer at the time I thought was "No', but go figure anything is possible ... [read more]

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    Purchase The Latest Expired Domain

    KamesCG in Internet Marketing

    Domain inferno lists recently expire domains - alongside how pronounceable the domain is. It's could be great for quickly buying domains, designing a website in a day or two and ... [read more]

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    What Would YOU Do With This Domain Name??

    So I got a domain a few months back when it was dropping and I am wondering what to do with it, wanted to get some advice from anyone here ... [read more]

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    Is the warrior book club worth $40?

    HamishW in Internet Marketing

    Is the warrior book club worth $40? I've already got my first book to publication - will there be anything in there for me?

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    Does Traffic Exchange Site Work?

    arif4562 in Internet Marketing

    I want to know does traffic exchange sites work for clickbank products? If so then please mention some example sites that work. Is there any sites that allow advertising not ... [read more]

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    I need to talk to more marketers

    I've been doing online marketing since September and have recently decided that I want to talk to other marketers. Doesn't matter if you've been doing marketing for 20 years or ... [read more]

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    The Future is so bright! :-)

    dvduval in Internet Marketing

    It's been tough recently... I think the part that has been difficult to accept for most is idea that you can go get links and then rank well on Google. ... [read more]

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    What are some good marketing books?

    Please post ones you have read and personally recommend.

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    Please Delete (Moved to a more appropriate forum)

    I have a bit of a conundrum on my hands... I purchased a subscription to Elegant Themes, just because I like what they have to offer and also because I ... [read more]

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    Internet Marketing Strategies For My Small Business

    justahope in Internet Marketing

    Hey Warriors, In the last 6 months i am making a constant income from Web services working together with 2 partners (web site creation, SEO, fixing web site bugs etc..) ... [read more]

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    Moneypak going away

    seobro in Internet Marketing

    Most of us use pay pal a lot in our services. However, getting money in... is a pain. Bank transfers take me five days. Fee bay puts a hold on ... [read more]

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    Free Give Away To Attract Offline Clients!!

    Geek3000 in Internet Marketing

    Does anyone know of an PLR or Magazine like the IMG (Internet Marketing Guide which vanished by the way?) I'm want to be able to offer a free guide to ... [read more]

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    getting raped by comment spam

    All my sites are getti g raped by spammers... akismet is doing sod all at the moment. .. A royal headache

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    Which Niche is More Profitable: Sports vs. Gaming?

    Which have you had more success in, and which is easier to build a list in. Sports is pretty vague, and there are many mico-niches like 'sports teams/fans' (Seahawks, Pats ... [read more]

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    Download my site for offline browsing ?

    myyoulo in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I want to make an offline version of my mp3 rich website ( it is several Gigabyte sized, maybe 8-12 GB ). Then make it 100% free to download ... [read more]

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    Where to find amazon affiliate stores?

    Hi. I'm looking for amazon affiliate store sites. Is there a list of them? Do you know any method to find them?

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    help me sell academy award nominated dvd

    cliqmoney in Internet Marketing

    i have never sold anything online.. but i very interested in learning how.. i sell investment property in orange county and a client i had introduced me to an actor ... [read more]

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    Too much confusing information on my website worth

    itunesguy in Internet Marketing

    I have a site (mostly blog) that gets 1,200 unique visitors a month. I make around $200 a month from it via Adsense and Amazon affiliate income combined. I try ... [read more]

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    how to set up website menu

    BIBI15 in Internet Marketing

    hello folks, i am new, so i need your help. my site is about computers, how can i set up my pages, categories and articles?? should i make for example ... [read more]

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    Owning niche sites that sell in the US while being a non-US citizen

    I have a question. i am thinking of starting creating niche/authority websites that will eventually promote/sell products to people in the US (mainly). I want to know whether there will ... [read more]

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    questions about selling dvds vs hosted video content to save shipping

    cliqmoney in Internet Marketing

    so my pops produced this foreign short film called "MOST" back in 2003 and it was actually nominated for an academy award.. anyhow he actually sold a bit over 500,000 ... [read more]

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    A one page site designed to spread an idea

    I have a lot of knowledge and information about a particular topic that I feel strongly about and was thinking of creating a one page site to get the word ... [read more]

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    Learning hint for newbies and those who don't get answers to their questions!

    Hi all, I would like to give you some quick tips to help newbies and anybody having trouble getting answers to their questions. 1. Write a heading that fits your ... [read more]

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    How can I make money today? Is there a way to make money without having an audience to sell to?

    I know it takes time to develop an internet business by creating blogs, PPC ads, video marketing etc, but is there a legitimate way to making $20-$30 (or more) a ... [read more]