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    Warriors .... Warriors.... what would you like to LEARN? STICKY

    Good Morning awesome Warriors... I'm happy to announce that The Warrior Forum is planning to create our first COURSE. Yes... Powered by Warrior Wisdom... yeah!! Made at home. But before ... [read more]

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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    how do i convert a word document to pdf?

    How do i do this while preserving the links and the material. I used a free one but that did not preserve the links in the documents so they weren't ... [read more]

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    Beta Testers Needed For New Dimesale Plugin

    Hi All, I am currently looking for 5 - 10 beta testers for a new plugin I have developed that allows you to run a dimesale using the $7 secrets ... [read more]

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    Where can i Buy a list !

    Hi, I'm interested to buy a list, anyone have some place where i can buy it ? I tried to built my own list but it's fail me Niche: Making ... [read more]

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    OPE + OPM = Your Path To Success

    Hi Warriors, I just wanted to share with you something that I have used for a long time that has caused me to become successful, my formula is Other People's ... [read more]

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    Which Feed Reader Do You Recommend?

    Hi Warriors! I'm looking for feed reader recommendations -- particularly Web-based feed readers. I'm not very familiar with RSS right now, but would like to be. At the moment, I'm ... [read more]

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    Almost 200 Sales in less than a week :)

    Hey warriors, I just wanted to say that I broken a new personal record! I usually only sell higher front end products $67 and UP, I only end up selling ... [read more]

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    What do You Prefer? - What makes YOU Opt In.

    Real quick.... Do you prefer Video sales pages vs Copy? or just Audio......or both What is the Average Amount of time that you are willing to offer to watch a ... [read more]

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    And How Exactly Is STEALING a Video Any Different Than Stealing an Article? Please Enlighten Me!

    Jason_V in Internet Marketing

    This is a little bit of a rant, but I think its something that really ought to be addressed especially for the sake of any newbies here. I now know ... [read more]

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    How Can I Ask My Website Visitors Questions?

    I want to get my visitors interacting a bit more with my site. What I'd like is to do do is ask them a few yes/no questions with simple radio ... [read more]

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    My New Article Directory

    Fellow Warriors, I've been doing article marketing now for quite some time, so I figured it was time to take it to the next step and open up shop, creating ... [read more]

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    Hyperlinks in PDF

    jan roos in Internet Marketing

    I created a report and converted it into PDF. Throughout the report I have hyperlinked some text but when I open the PDF document the hyperlinks don't work except for ... [read more]

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    Armand Morin's Header Generator - any good?

    tyson4 in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys Does anyone use Header Generator software created by Armand Morin? Is it any good? Does it produce a professional looking header??

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    How Hard is it to Transfer a Domain Name from Blogger?

    Let's say I want to start off as cheaply as possible but I don't want to be building a lot of links (resource boxes for example) to a domain... ... [read more]

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    FireFox VS IE (Both Stink In My Opinion)

    Well, I've been using Firefox for some time now, having finally gotten away from IE, which gave me all kinds of problems. But lately, I am finding things about Firefox ... [read more]

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    Clickbank Check question

    Does anyone know how long it takes to get your first clickbank check once you have met the payment distribution qualifications (purchases from 5 different cc numbers). I think the ... [read more]

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    I know it is very good to price your wso at a max $7 I wanna get a little strategy thread going here because WSO's are an absolute goldmine. I ... [read more]

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    Aaarrrgh! Won't you just confirm your request?!!

    I know we all experience this, but I just don't get it. People who click your ad, read your SP, submit their details, read your step by step instructions on ... [read more]

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    Free Web Based Forms

    Hello Everyone: I recall seeing a website (like weebly, or wordpress) where you could create forms for your website for free. Do any of you remember that site. If so, ... [read more]

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    I Have Writer's Block

    Just thought I'd let you all know that it can happen to anybody! I've been writing web content for years and I like to think I'm pretty good at it...fluent, ... [read more]

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    What Do You Think : Good Or Bad

    yommys01 in Internet Marketing

    I have just finished a mini site using niche list builder and I would like to know if you think it is good enough or bad. Please give me your ... [read more]

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    Using free articles on your blog?

    If you use free reprint articles from article directories on your blog, won't it be penalized for havng duplicate content?

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    Controversial News Blog!?! What do you think?

    Hey fellow Warrior I need your help. Before I began doing Voice Over Production I was a morning radio talent on Top-40 stations in DC and Atlanta! During that time ... [read more]

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    Need Good Affiliate Scipt for PayPal Affiliate Commissions

    UPDATE 11/8/08: I went with RAP for the Warrior Webinar and it worked great. I ran into some issues with the high volume (got a 500 error)...Sid called me up ... [read more]

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    problem turning powerpoint into pdf

    balsimon in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I'm trying to convert a powerpoint presentation with stylized text on a powerpoint theme background into a PDF file. I can do it straight from powerpoint or using NitroPDF. ... [read more]

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    Biggest Firesale - Conversion Rate Flopped *Why?*

    I promoted the Biggest Firesale yesterday. It's a great package. Some of my marketer friends and I thought it should be a no-brainer. Yet it's not even converting at like ... [read more]

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    Newbie - Advice Needed!

    Matty C in Internet Marketing

    Hello Fellow Warrior Forum Members, I am new to the Internet Marketing scene (although I have been reading forums and becoming more familiar with key terms and methods) and would ... [read more]

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    What Do You Do With People With Unreasonable Expectations?

    I am honestly starting to lose my patience with people in the IM make money niche as customers. I'm not going to mention any names but here is the scenario. ... [read more]

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    How To Redirect an RSS Feed to Another Location

    Careygee in Internet Marketing

    If you have an RSS feed that you want to redirect to a new feed in another location, you need to use mod_rewrite in your redirecting .htaccess file in the ... [read more]

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    Do business-in-a-box type of products/WSO's work? Need some opinions

    hello everyone. I recently discovered a niche or sub-niche or whatever that could be pretty profitable and theres not alot of competition yet...the deal is that I cant attend to ... [read more]

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    Impossible To Find... Secrets To Find Most Profitable Ads?

    xposed in Internet Marketing

    I'm looking for someone out there who compiles back issues of MAGAZINES for niche related interests... Let's say the Dog World magazine. I'd like to see the last 5 years ... [read more]

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    Password protecting a forum

    stoaf88 in Internet Marketing

    Ok this is a technical question and I'm not sure where to ask it, but any help would be appreciated. How do you password protect a forum, for like a ... [read more]

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    The missing ingredient to article marketing is...

    For the record, I rarely do bum marketing anymore (anything that EZA can rank for, I can with little effort). That said, I think a lot of newbie marketers think ... [read more]

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    100K Unique visitors per DAY... What would YOU do with this amount of traffic?

    I have developed a viral marketing system that has been proven to get 100k targeted uniques to any niche per day... very quickly after launch... how would you monetize this? ... [read more]

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    What Do You Think : Good Or Bad

    yommys01 in Internet Marketing

    I have just finished a mini site using niche list builder and I would like to know if you think it is good enough or bad. Please give me your ... [read more]

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    Anyone looking for a webmaster?

    Jeff B in Internet Marketing

    Anyone looking for a webmaster to handle the technical side of things for you while you focus on the more important things? Please private message me. Thanks.

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    Can you make changes to your WSO if it is on like page three? I wanna make some changes and then bump it. Possible? It may be in the rules ... [read more]

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    WSO Sellers Beware - We Have a WSO Con Artist with us

    I have just noticed someone who has only made 15 posts and all of them are asking for refunds on 4 different WSOs he has bought. Has to be a ... [read more]

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    Please help me out with this squeeze page and clickbank problem

    aikay77 in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warriors, Please my problem is, I want to promote a Clickbank ebook, using a squeeze page. But the thing is... I don't know how to configure the squeeze page ... [read more]

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    What to do with PLR package

    Ronwag in Internet Marketing

    Thank you all; I learned a lot from your answers to my previous post. Might as well press my luck and ask some more things. I have a PLR package ... [read more]

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    The cheapest domain names?

    I need to buy a couple of domains - where do you suggest is best? Regards Robert

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    Warrior from Sweden?

    Challe77 in Internet Marketing

    Is there more warriors from Sweden here? I have a question on how you handle clickbank taxes and payments Please PM me Sincerely Karl

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    Traffic43 - Beta Testers found thanks

    [All spots have been filled thank you. We'll see you in December ] Traffic43 is launching in December as a WSO. Traffic43 is a complete system for getting 800+ targeted ... [read more]

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    Fake fakes and Scam scams

    rosetrees in Internet Marketing

    Is it just me that is getting totally p****d off by the number of fake adwords ads, that claim to tell you something is a fake, but just link directly ... [read more]

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    putting an article wso together

    lazavas in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys Just wondering I am thinking of putting a wso together with 10 original articles for $20 I would like to know what your thoughts on this are? Is ... [read more]

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    Growing your userbase

    dvduval in Internet Marketing

    I think all too often people focus on building "traffic", but fail to interact with that traffic in a way that leads to increased user participation and growth of the ... [read more]

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    Massive Leverage: How To Get Yourself To Do What You Know You Should Do

    Warriors, warriors, warriors, I have been fixated like a **** on a **** analyzing the reasons that myself and probably you as well, do not take enough action on those ... [read more]

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    Best PLR memberships site?

    erickz in Internet Marketing

    hi warriors, i am currently thinking of joining one PLR membership site to provide me some useful content for my niches. anyone recommends any good PLR membership sites that provide ... [read more]

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    what should my blog be about?

    I want to create some content on a niche but I don't know what to do. Where do you go to find some inspiration to write on a certain topic? ... [read more]

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    Ezine Advertising

    Hello Do many people use ezine advertising - and if so do you get good results with it? Also, are there any central places you use to place the ads? ... [read more]

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    I Just Realized I was a "Guru"/Are You?

    Guru - a person who is regarded as having great knowledge, wisdom and authority in a certain area, and uses it to guide others. As part of my goal for ... [read more]

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    Adwords Expert Need ASAP........

    yesacpow in Internet Marketing

    Hey fellow wariors Let me get straight to the point. I have $50 to spend on adwords on a campaign. Now I am no expert at adwords and so i ... [read more]

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    Is article writing the quickest way to make cash online?

    aball6412 in Internet Marketing

    Hello everyone. I'm new to the IM world and I need to make around $225 over the next few days. Would it be possible for me to do this by ... [read more]

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    Lasik eye surgery affiliate?

    Alexandar in Internet Marketing

    Hello everyone, I was just wondering, does anyone know of an affiliate program for LASIK eye surgery?

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    Problem Getting Web Template

    For those of you on InfoProductKiller..I need help. I downloaded the web template to start on it and it ends up on my "downloads" page as "untapped template". I need ... [read more]

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    Best Place To Buy Expired Domains

    alfardo in Internet Marketing

    I'm competing in a niche pretty well, building backlinks etc etc. but my domain age is poor compared to comp. my question is where is the best place to buy ... [read more]

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    Easy Member Pro install -- $$$

    briankoz in Internet Marketing

    Hey all, Is anyone here familiar with Easy Member Pro and how to install it and add a minor customization to it? We're looking to add a custom field when ... [read more]