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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Warriors .... Warriors.... what would you like to LEARN? STICKY

    Good Morning awesome Warriors... I'm happy to announce that The Warrior Forum is planning to create our first COURSE. Yes... Powered by Warrior Wisdom... yeah!! Made at home. But before ... [read more]

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    Aussies, which bank do you use...

    jonaw68 in Internet Marketing

    I have a commission cheque from (made out in USD). Only problem is that the Commonwealth Bank won't process foreign cheques (in foreign currency) and Westpac will process it ... [read more]

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    CAMTASIA Expert required to make short Product Reviews

    Hey warriors, I'm looking for someone to help create 6 camtasia (or similar) product reviews every month. I'd prefer to have a warrior doing them so please PM me if ... [read more]

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    Any recommends for IM Sales Management Systems please

    markjuk in Internet Marketing

    I want to set up a system allowing purchasers of my eBook the ability to make an immediate payment and then be directed to a download page. I have heard ... [read more]

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    Selling hard copy version of ebook

    BlogBoom in Internet Marketing

    I saw a Warrior post awhile back about a company that would print your ebook into a hard copy (w/ binder if I remember correctly) and also ship it to ... [read more]

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    What is a good click through ratio on articles?

    Challe77 in Internet Marketing

    What would you consider to be a good click trough ratio on ezinearticles? Some of mine have gotten 50%, and other only 10%. I have learned that having a good ... [read more]

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    Do you know... Who designs THESE websites??

    Hello, First, I want to give a BIG "Thank You" to Josh Anderson for helping me find a flash video producer online. We've hired him - and looking forward to ... [read more]

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    Have you been ripped off with SEO?

    I met someone last week who said that they had been ripped off to the tune of £11,000 through paying a company for SEO and i was also taken for ... [read more]

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    Security On Order Pages - Do You Look?

    Hi Guys, Need your opinion on something. Here's the situation: I'm hosting a seminar next month (see my sig). The domain I'm using is just masking where the web page ... [read more]

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    Anybody else do "IM Giveaways?"

    I've participated in a bunch of IM giveaways in the past and have used them to add a significant number of leads to my list, but all with mixed results. ... [read more]

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    Clickbank Hoplink Problem - Need Help!

    I know this is more of a tech question, but here goes. Ever since I got my new PC with Vista, Clickbank Hoplink pages will not load in my browser. ... [read more]

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    ClickBank - AGAIN ;(

    GeorgR. in Internet Marketing

    Checking my stats, i have 2000 hops and no SINGLE affiliate sale for the last 14 days. I started with some interesting products and did *everything* in my power, starting ... [read more]

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    How Many Articles Do I Need To Write And Link To My Site/Blog ?

    hjm218 in Internet Marketing

    Hi all, Another newbie question coming here... Hope this doesn't sound a dumb question like how long's a piece of string ! When building a website/blog to promote a product, ... [read more]

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    I Love The Internet!

    Lol, I just ran across this website Poll Everywhere | Simple Text Message (SMS) Voting and Polling, PowerPoint Audience Response System (ARS) ( no affiliation whatsoever ) and I really ... [read more]

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    This is absolutely amazing, check this out!!

    GeorgR. in Internet Marketing

    Dapper: How to Create a Feed with Dapper <- DEMO video Main Page: Dapper: The Data Mapper and RSSPECT - automatic and free RSS feeds for everyone. What is it? ... [read more]

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    How can i become successful with clickbank? some one with a little knowledge please![help me]!!

    Dmunny718 in Internet Marketing

    how can i become successful selling digital products? im not paying to learn anything..can anyone help me?? juss help me a littlee...i kno i should start a website...should i make ... [read more]

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    Lipstick Saves The Economy

    nicholasb in Internet Marketing

    I'm not sure about the title but if your looking for a hot trend to make some easy profits lipstick is the answer Read this article and let me know ... [read more]

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    Aweber Opt-in Form Not Showing Up for a Few People

    I'm getting a handful of scattered complaints that the Aweber opt-in form is not showing up on my squeeze page in their browsers. It shows up fine for me in ... [read more]

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    Who wants their own unique custom software built for free?

    I am working out some beta testing bugs right now and decided I need to really work on my new software. I will create some software for people and they ... [read more]

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    closed - thanks

    closed because I got the 10 people needed. thanks

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    Twitter Contest - Awesome Prizes...

    Write a haiku. First Prize – A MacBook Air Second Prize – Free access to Product Launch Formula 2.0 Third Prize – Free access to the new-and-improved Teaching Sells Program ... [read more]

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    How to Scale My Biz Further in Non-IM niches?

    lydia515 in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I'm thinking of outsourcing my free report creation and email campaign to build my list. How much does it cost and where can I find these services? To veteran ... [read more]

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    I need some low cost ppc search engines

    gjd6599 in Internet Marketing

    Does anyone have a few low cost pay per click ppc search engines they would recommendto use. Thanks Glenn

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    I did my first Press Release - Check it out

    joe.marsh in Internet Marketing

    I took the plunge and did my first press release. If you dont mind check it out. If you think I did OK Digg it for me or bookmark it. ... [read more]

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    Why outsource articles?

    I see this all the time. Internet marketers are torn between investing in a writer and writing articles on their own. I'm here to tell you that there are many ... [read more]

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    RSS feed for static html page?

    David in Internet Marketing

    When I left this forum in 2006, Robin Good's Top 55 RSS feed list was all the rage. Since returning to the WF, I see RG's list has grown to ... [read more]

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    50 WP Plugins for Power Blogging

    Andres in Internet Marketing

    For those of you who are blogging or are thinking about starting a blog - I found this site that has 50 great WP plugins. Enjoy! 50 Best WordPress Plugins ... [read more]

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    Anyone Making It Big With Website Templates?

    dexterc in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warriors, would like to know if anyone actually made it big with website templates (those kind of resale/affiliate store from templatemonster) especially when blogs are quite the norm now. ... [read more]

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    One Time Offer Software With Clickbank

    Can anyone share what software they use and which is the best to make the process go as smooth as silk? P.S...i hope it dosen't cost 4 figures and up ... [read more]

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    Customer Etiquette - Mini Rant

    pjs in Internet Marketing

    I've always had a very low refund rate on my products (less than 2%) but today I received a Paypal dispute. The reason was: "Your ebook is useless. Refund NOW" ... [read more]

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    Keyword Research... RELOADED

    Good morning fellow Warriors. I must admit to being a tad bit stumped on my keyword research efforts. I've been using the Google Keyword tool for quite a while now, ... [read more]

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    the best digg wordpress plugin?

    Hello everyone, there's quite a few digg wordpress plugins around...I'd just like a good digg wordpress plugin that will display the digg button at the end of every post. If ... [read more]

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    ClickBank Currency Choice Feature Reduce Conversion Rates?

    Hi, I notice that ClickBank added the Currency Choice feature on their order forms. When was this feature added? Anyone noticed a drop in conversion to sales because of this?

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    I Was Lied To...Big Time

    When I first started my journey, trying to make a living online, I was lied to...big time. I can't really count all the lies...there were so many of them. Let's ... [read more]

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    Where to purchase ebooks that you have complete resell and branding rights?

    Hi Warriors, Where would you go to to purchase ebooks that you have complete resell and branding rights to? P.S If the product comes with their sales page and copy, ... [read more]

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    Advanced DLGuard Users

    Hello all. I hate to bug Sam again, since He has been so helpful and never seems to complain. (Sometimes, it's the quiet ones you've got to watch out ... [read more]

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    Best Way to Sell A Domain Name?

    I just picked up and thought it would be fun to see how much I can get for it. Is sitepoint the way to go to sell this or ... [read more]

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    Great Launch - now what

    dwoodward in Internet Marketing

    Warriors - I had a great launch of a video interview series I did this year called Legendary Marketers. I visited the homes and offices of some of the greatest ... [read more]

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    Best MRR?

    matthewd in Internet Marketing

    I am sure this has been discussed but I couldn't find a whole lot in the search. So, I am looking to buy an ebook(s) with Master Resale Rights for ... [read more]

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    Ever experienced this?

    I have been recording videos and audio clips for a while now. For some reason, as soon as I transfer the audio clips to a player, the volume goes down ... [read more]

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    Job assigned and completed! Thanks To All.

    I'm going to start selling caller ID spoof cards and I need a picture of a calling card with my logo on it.

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    YAHOO! Search Marketing

    Bakai in Internet Marketing

    I have been putting off advertising with them but have started a campaign with them tonight. Any opinions, tips, resources, etc?

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    For those of you who launched their products on Nov 11th...

    Not sure if they realized that it was Remembrance day yesterday... I know there were at least three internet marketing products that launched yesterday and I'm not sure if it ... [read more]

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    Selling Some Websites & Have Questions...

    Dano77 in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys, As you can tell by my profile, I've been an internet marketer for several years. In the last 4 years of my life, 100% of my income has ... [read more]

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    Any content writers?

    BJ Min in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I'm looking for someone who can write: - ebook content - articles (writing & submitting - less than $10 per article) - newsletters Please let me know your rates ... [read more]

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    Last Call - Info-Products Sale For Charity

    Hi Warriors, I'm wrapping up my info-product sale for this year with all the money raised being donated to our non-profit, all-volunteer dog rescue organization, We've been doing dog ... [read more]

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    Sell Memberships OR Only Download?

    shreder in Internet Marketing

    Hey. I'm about to release my new product though I have a dilemma I'm not sure whether to sell it just as a regular download where people pay and redirected ... [read more]

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    Life Is Changing My Direction

    Life has offered up some strange curves to me in the last few years, some of which were pretty devastating. And yet lately this has taken me to some interesting ... [read more]

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    Internet Security

    tyson4 in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys I wonder if anyone can help??!! I'm based in the UK and my internet security needs updating - i'm currently with Norton Internet Security, and my subscription is ... [read more]

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    What gets boring/tiresome on Christmas day?

    Aurora9 in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I've been modifying the copy for the sales letter on a site I created for 'Christmas games' (Top 50 Wacky Christmas Games) but am having trouble writing about problem ... [read more]

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    Do you know someone that can install a Parabots autoresponder?

    I have purchased several of Kaviraj ("Kavi") Kodai's Parabots CGI Auotresponders and have them installed on several sites. They have worked well and until recently Kavi has provided excellent support. ... [read more]

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    Does Clickbank's recent "Acting Smart" System kill your conversion?

    Terry Ma in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warriors, Lately, when I purchase products from Clickbank, the system from Clickbank detects my IP location and automatically converts the USD price to my country's currency and scared the ... [read more]

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    Midwest or Chicago Warriors

    SullyUI in Internet Marketing

    Calling all Warriors in Chicago or the Midwest, can we get together to plan an informal Warrior meetup this Winter? I'm eager to meet you guys (and girls) in person. ... [read more]

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    Do users who use Awstats call themselves newbie?

    blokh in Internet Marketing

    The answer to this question will help me understand something that may help all the "Newbies" in a great way. Please take out a second and do post your response, ... [read more]

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    My Failed Experiment And Why I Don't Depend On Affiliates

    Let me start off by saying in this post that I am not knocking affiliates. You guys work very hard at what you do and should be applauded for your ... [read more]

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    When should you start marketing Christmas products?

    Aurora9 in Internet Marketing

    Hey everyone, This is the first time I'm going to market a Christmas product and I was wondering when would be the best time to start marketing it? Before December/last ... [read more]

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    Please critique my website! (Built w/ Wordpress, 80% static pages, BayRSS plugin, my 1st Site)

    Greetings, I've been a member for a few months now, and finally my website is getting to the point of where I want to show it to you guys and ... [read more]