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    Warriors .... Warriors.... what would you like to LEARN? STICKY

    Good Morning awesome Warriors... I'm happy to announce that The Warrior Forum is planning to create our first COURSE. Yes... Powered by Warrior Wisdom... yeah!! Made at home. But before ... [read more]

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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Do you need a separate domain name for your blog?

    zsolt in Internet Marketing

    I am planning to set up a site (it's in the dating niche) in a few weeks. However, I also want setup a blog for the site where I will ... [read more]

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    Denver Warriors

    Hey Guys - I'd like to start a Denver Warriors Meet Up. Are there any Denver Warriors out there that want to get together offline and network/collaborate?

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    Link trouble - please help

    Hi, all, There is a link that gives me an error 404 message when I click it. I've been told that it works because other people have clicked it and ... [read more]

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    Why are these types of domain names only 55 pence on

    I just checked out GoDaddy and saw their prices for .info domain names...they are going for 0.55 pence each! That's insane, are they worthless or something? I can't see why ... [read more]

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    Are you utilizing your autoresponder web space?

    ECS Dave in Internet Marketing

    Are you utilizing your autoresponder web space? Two places that you can increase your "bottom line", and grab more PROFITS are your autoresponder pages. Specifically the Thank You for signing ... [read more]

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    campaign for 100000 visitors

    hi everyone, i am currently working for a company that is about to start targeting Finnish market with a new product (online exhibitions) and the first exhibition is on Travel. ... [read more]

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    Google analytic question

    Eric Land in Internet Marketing

    So i have recently started a website 18 days ago and i was wondering if i can actually see where the people are clicking on my website. Is it possible ... [read more]

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    Chocolate flavored upsell

    Dana_W in Internet Marketing

    So, I am strolling by a chocolate store and a lady is standing outside selling strawberries dipped in chocolate for $1. You had to go inside the chocolate store to ... [read more]

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    Hacked Blog? Would You Buy Protection?

    Jeffery in Internet Marketing

    Curious.. 1. Has your Wordpress "Admin" been hacked? 2. Would you pay for a product to protect it? If yes, how much would you pay? I ask because I created ... [read more]

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    Camtasia Text Links

    Hello all. I have Camtasia 3. Can someone refresh my memory as to how to place a text link in a camtasia video and also on the web page that ... [read more]

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    Question about offering 100% commission

    Why would anyone in the IM niche pay for your product if they can just signup as an affiliate, buy the product, and get 100% commission? Wouldn't lots of savvy ... [read more]

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    Video Template

    dblgdee in Internet Marketing

    I am looking for a template to easily embed a video. No one stepped up Must be available Thanks

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    Anyone know anything about this email provider

    sparrow in Internet Marketing

    I just got a invitation for this email provider anyone know anything about this company and its email service, its looks interesting to me Ed

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    Too much time too less results

    Well, here i go asking you guys for advice (again) I am pretty good at designing a website and writing a nice sales letter and also somewhat good at promoting ... [read more]

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    "Seat Licensing" for lead generators?

    I was listening to a game on the radio the other day, and the announcers started talking about "seat licensing" for the team's new stadium. For those who aren't familiar ... [read more]

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    Inconsistent earnings, why?

    Hello, I am a long time lurker and first time poster to this top notch forum. To make a long story very short, I have recently sold my offline company ... [read more]

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    WSO - great place for market research!

    Dana_W in Internet Marketing

    So, about a week ago I created an information product on Twitter and sold it as a WSO. It sold like gangbusters (whatever gangbusters sell like) and I was thrilled. ... [read more]

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    Help I want to Transfer a domain to a new host

    I have an active domain and I don't want too much downtime. Can I do it? The new host says that I should park the domain in the meantime? Also ... [read more]

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    Yahoo or Google ads - What is the difference?

    Hi warriors, I'm going to place ads on my new website. Are there any big differneces between Google ads and Yahoo. Are there other things to keep in mind. I'd ... [read more]

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    Feeling Creative? I need Your Ideas

    Can anyone give me ideas on how I can make money with this domain name? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Have you ever bought an established website and.....

    Easy Cash in Internet Marketing

    made a buckload of money from it? Something from Sitepoint or similar? Or do you prefer to make your own from scratch?

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    Michel Fortin's blog - Great plugins, but which ones are he using?

    Bishop81 in Internet Marketing

    This guy, Michel Fortin, has a great looking blog, and I really want to find out what plugin he uses for the comments. Do you have any ideas? Thanks!

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    re: quick question-concept review

    May I get some feedback on my business plan? *I am working on my MBA in Marketing *I am putting the finishing touches on my Marketing Coaching program for small ... [read more]

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    Blog Posts - Complete or Teaser?

    Has anyone tested out which is more effective - putting complete posts on your blog or having part of the post with a read more option?

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    What are the "rules" for the Make Money Online Forum?

    Ouroboros in Internet Marketing

    I used to go in there and pick up some good 'free' ebooks, but now I'm seeing a lot of self-promotion and even some warrior introductions?? Has this become a ... [read more]

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    Success With Warrior Classifieds

    Just wanted to ask if anyone has had success with the classified section of the Warrior Classified section. What has worked for you? I don't have my own product yet ... [read more]

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    Joel O in Internet Marketing

    This has been deleted

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    What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Free Sites?

    Anyone happen to know what some of the disadvantages are to using free websites (for your blog) such as those provided by Wordpress and Blogger?

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    Good Luck to all in South Texas.

    Looks like everyone living in south texas is taking a beating right now. Hope all does ok and that everone stays safe. They are saying now that it could have ... [read more]

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    Using IM to help Non-Profits

    Hey everyone, can we brainstorm? Recently my local paper ran a story about a nearby horse rescue ranch that is struggling financially and seeking donations and volunteers. Not only are ... [read more]

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    Is this a new scam?

    I just received this message through my support desk and wonder if this is a kind of scam? "Someone is using my name fraudulently on your site. Please let me ... [read more]

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    Is it worth it to have Aweber or Getresponse to build a List with just 10 Unique Visitors a day ??

    discrat in Internet Marketing

    Just wondering if getting a moderate amount of Traffic to your Blog warrants the need to build a list with A-Weber or Getresponse Atuoresponder ? Like I get 12 unique ... [read more]

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    Is This Any Good Please?

    USEO in Internet Marketing

    Hi everyone, As I mentioned in my intro post I'm new to the IM scene in the US and have been doing a bit of research. I'm wondering what to ... [read more]

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    Have you made a back up today?

    Hello Warriors, I woke up this morning, fired up my main PC, and Windows would not load. I tried to start Windows in Safe Mode, and that didn't work. I ... [read more]

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    Getting my book Printed and CD burned and shipped together

    Hi All, Wonder if anyone could help me with this one?. I have a book that I was getting printed on lulu . com and sending out to when purchased, ... [read more]

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    What Sounds Better... Mini Course or Newsletter?

    Hi Warriors I have an autoresponder series (presently 5 emails of solid content + a couple of sales emails, although this may increase in the future), but I am writing ... [read more]

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    Where Can I Find Article Writers?

    I have an idea for a free website that will help Article Writers and I'm looking for ideas on how to access my target market. If you wanted to build ... [read more]

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    Karl Warren

    thanks again I am just a boatload of questions aren't I? Jeremy

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    What Is Considered A Strong Alexa Ranking?

    Hi Warriors: Just wondering what kind of Alexa ranking would make a site "strong" or considered an authoritative site. 100,000 perhaps? I'm really not sure so would appreciate any help. ... [read more]

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    New to clickbank

    Hi I have newly joined clickbank and with help of cbtop sites i have created a website eBook Downloads , Please let me the good market places to sell these ... [read more]

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    Watch this (warning: strong graphics at the end)

    All I can say is... I don't even know what to say. Chain reaction (no aff links or anything like that) Mark

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    ==> Your best copy

    Hi! I am working on my most ambitious sales project till date and I am writing copy for that right now. Hence I need your help. Please post the links ... [read more]

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    Do you own a copy of the clickbank product you promote?

    jan roos in Internet Marketing

    I have a really hard time promoting something that I don't even know is worth the salt.I see a lot of marketer's promoting products from clickbank, Commission junction etc when ... [read more]

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    Lets say I have a great article in eza

    I have an article on ezine that has over 3000 views and 1500 click thrus. Should I rewrite that article? Submit to other directories? Sublit it to digixmas? How can ... [read more]

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    You can make $102 in your first week, even if you're newbie

    I've been reading many threads asking: - how to make money in a week - how newbie can make money fast - how to make money without having website and ... [read more]

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    I've Gotta Ask This.

    If there isn't already, there should be a place where we can politely ask people to "review my site" without fear of being labeled "jerk looking for free publicity". I ... [read more]

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    Could you pay an affiliate with Alertpay ?

    Hi Living in South Africa means not being able to accept payment via Paypal. Snail mail from the USA takes about six weeks. And if you then have to wait ... [read more]

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    Hello WF! I Have A Question

    How do I make money online? J/K I don't usually visit forums because I personally have never personally gained a lot of knowledge or methods from online forums. I mainly ... [read more]

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    Anybody try this? This is long.(sorry)

    I went to google and typed in the actual names of my competition and looked at all the results. Noticed all the blogs that had mentioned them. Are there people ... [read more]

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    Anyone know of a good Quick Contact Us Form??

    edman78 in Internet Marketing

    I need a simple form to allow my visitors to contact me without emailing me. I've been searching google keep finding scripts from 2004 and beyond. Looking for something newer ... [read more]

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    The 100 Wealthiest People in the World

    JasonKing in Internet Marketing

    Hey Warriors, This morning, I received a very insightful email from a wealthy friend. It's a little bit of a game, so I thought I'd share it with you and ... [read more]

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    $10,000 to invest...

    Hi! Warriors, What if you have $10,000 to invest on Internet Marketing, which area will you go and how you invest this sum of money? Zach

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    Opinions wanted on Open Office V2.2

    mistyone in Internet Marketing

    Hi Folks As an interim before I can obtain Office 2007 I wondered whether to download Open Office as I have just purchased a new laptop and I don't have ... [read more]

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    What would you call this site?

    I was checking around and found this site. I see no real purpose to this site. Just a bunch of ads. What kinda of site is this? Welcome to CERTIFICATE-OF-DEPOSIT-OPTION.COM

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    multiple domains on the same site

    karunnt in Internet Marketing

    Anybody knowledgeable in SEO? A local company has multiple domains all pointing to the same website. They are a roofing company and their domains are like, etc etc. ... [read more]