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    Warriors .... Warriors.... what would you like to LEARN? STICKY

    Good Morning awesome Warriors... I'm happy to announce that The Warrior Forum is planning to create our first COURSE. Yes... Powered by Warrior Wisdom... yeah!! Made at home. But before ... [read more]

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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    sell Games

    hi there, i have many mobile and online games that is already done... Where do you think i can sell this few games? can you give me sites or any ... [read more]

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    Feedback on my site and project

    Rob P in Internet Marketing

    Hi all, been a while since I posted anything here. Looking for feedback if that's OK. I am launching a new business on the back of a fairly horrific incident ... [read more]

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    How to create a free WSO?

    Hi all, how do i create a free wso? When i click on the "create wso" , after key in all info, the wso must contain price which I do ... [read more]

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    Traditional forms of media and press agencies - need advice

    I just got an email from a guy representing a national press agency... "I think your work would make a great news story for the national newspapers in the UK ... [read more]

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    Question about affiliate program hoplink

    bugzy in Internet Marketing

    Let's say I'm a buyer and click on your affiliate hoplink, will the cookie be stored on my machine for a period of days/months? and if I end up buying ... [read more]

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    How much traffic do you have from forum marketing?

    acheeus in Internet Marketing

    Yoo, like in thread, and i know it depends, but i want to know your numbers, let say how many post do you have, what are your tricks to get ... [read more]

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    Where and How to outsource a quality eBook (100+ pages)

    TheWebGuy in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warriors! Happy New Year. I have a couple questions about outsourcing an eBook... 1) How would you recommend outsourcing a quality eBook? 2) Should I pay a fixed price ... [read more]

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    How are "data driven influencer" marketing jobs labeled ?

    dom007 in Internet Marketing

    Hi there, I was reading a blog post The Marketing Analytics Practice Is Evolving: How Can You Adapt? that discusses how marketing analytics is evolving. Four job-splits are introduced: data ... [read more]

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    Any 'EasyAzon' type plugin for other affiliate sites?

    Mo in Internet Marketing

    EasyAzon makes posting Amazon products supereasy on Wordpress. What about other affiliate programmes - Share-a sale, Cafepress, Redbubble? Are there plugins that make product selection and link / image posting ... [read more]

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    Android App and Admob

    Jean1 in Internet Marketing

    Warriors, I have a couple of new games I have uploaded on Google play. I have listed the games as free and I intend to make revenue through admob on ... [read more]

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    Need Help Selling My Course on Affiliate Sites

    seomagnet in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I created a course and would like to know what is the best way to create a landing page for my product, I do want to sell on JVZOO ... [read more]

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    Under the New rules ... looking for admin and user clarity

    9AppAve in Internet Marketing

    Just received an email from the WF staff about income claims..... Does this WSO qualify as an income claim ??? I am not claiming I have made a penny.... Is ... [read more]

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    How To Do Ad Swaps?

    jobar57 in Internet Marketing

    I'm looking to do an ad swap for the very first time. I'm aware of the site (I don't know if there are others) but there is nothing there ... [read more]

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    Need advice - coach took my ideas for himself

    gina23 in Internet Marketing

    Can anyone offer me any advice? I paid for some coaching and gave my coach a list of my ideas for a WSO, took a couple of weeks off over ... [read more]

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    How can I make REAL money with a "paid to write" site?

    doink in Internet Marketing

    Hi warriors! Long time visitor, war room member, but I don't post much. I come here looking for some guidance to make my sites more profitable in 2015. So let ... [read more]

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    Techniques to drive traffic from warrior forum to a website while obeying all the roles.

    maxqsoft in Internet Marketing

    How can one drive traffic from warrior forum to a website while obeying all the roles and providing good quality information to the community. I have tried to provide quality ... [read more]

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    Solo Ads Provider

    I want to buy solo ads for my MMO product...from where I can get best Solo Ad Providers ???

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    Should social media followers be treated differently than the followers on your email list?

    deebee23 in Internet Marketing

    What I mean by that is start to limit the amount of content you post on the various social platforms and start saving it for your email subscribers. What I ... [read more]

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    What Ways Can U Deliver Content For New Subscribers Via Membership Site

    If you want to create a membership site that offers 12 different text based pdf products delivered 1 by 1 on a monthly basis for 12 months via membership software, ... [read more]

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    Need to choose one of the option - Newbie question.

    kmrpt1 in Internet Marketing

    Hi Guys, May be that question has been asked many times but I still want to ask and really need help and guide. I am a web programmer (eCommerce developer). ... [read more]

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    Any legit white hat reasons an SEO would set up two blogs on the same IP as main site?

    Ringee in Internet Marketing

    Trying to understand why I would be advised to set up two keyword specific URL blog sites on the same IP address as main site. My consultant had me purchase ... [read more]

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    Why you NEED to be consistent

    Jcedric in Internet Marketing

    I'm still sort of new to the world of IM i guess you could say. I'm really into media and entertainment and finding ways to make extra income with methods ... [read more]

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    Strange Site Activity

    I checked my site stats on Stat Counter last week and found something I have never encountered before. All activity -- some 500-600 page loads per day -- is coming ... [read more]

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    Deleted post

    discrat in Internet Marketing

    deleted post wont do it from computer Moved to Offline Forum

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    Looking For License Module For UBotStudio Anyone Have One For Sale?

    I have select BOTS that I would like to offer free trails but need a LICENSE module key where my clients can download these BOTS to their desktop with a ... [read more]

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    BlueHost IP on Blacklist - hurting email deliverability!

    TheWebGuy in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warriors, One of my websites is set up at Bluehost. The IP that website is assigned is on a blacklist because of some spammers sharing the IP with me ... [read more]

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    Anyone with Clicksure ?

    boosters in Internet Marketing

    I am now always checking that most of the guys recommending to join Clicksure. I just signup but they are asking to upload the Driving license, Proof of address only ... [read more]

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    Where to sell high PA//DA domains?

    I notices that the WF does have a buy/sell/swap section for links, but not domains. Does anyone know a good place to sell high PA/DA domains? While we are on ... [read more]

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    Which email ????

    Do you guys use to for long term business purpose and such. I have been using gmail for the longest time (10 years) but I want to switch to one ... [read more]

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    How To Drop Retargeting Cookies On Users in Clicks?

    B Set in Internet Marketing

    I'm running some affiliate offers where the advertiser is not able to place retargeting pixels on the landing pages. Are there any alterantives? Any way/service where I can drop cookies ... [read more]

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    Best Paid Press Release Distrubution site

    Hello warriors, I got to know that Paid PR is the news of the town currently, So I decided to give it a try but I have never used any ... [read more]

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    Media kit for my blog

    There's going to be a load of traffic on my blog next week (I think), and I need to get a media kit done and uploaded before Monday. Can anyone ... [read more]

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    Fast Cash Generation Methods 2015

    C G in Internet Marketing

    Hey Warriors, What are your best new online fast cash generation methods for 2015? Please share your favorite methods. Of course, this is geared towards people starting online so emailing ... [read more]

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    My Amazon Earnings have not passed over to this month ??

    awledd in Internet Marketing

    Amazon usually brings forward the earnings to "unpaid balance" at the beginning of every month. Now today is 4 and they have not moved the earning. Last month I saw ... [read more]

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    A few Joint Venture Questions from a Newbie

    Justinroc in Internet Marketing

    Hi there, I'm the owner/creator of The Under 20 Workout which is a 20 minute workout system. The U20 is already in 50+ countries and growing quickly. I've done done ... [read more]

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    Teespring questions

    Hello warrior forum people! I have some questions for those of you who are Teespring experts (or at least know more than me). 1) When it comes to Fan Pages, ... [read more]

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    Winter on Teespring - tshirts or hoodies?

    Hi, It is winter time in US and Canada so I'm curious how your Teespring sales look like now - do you sell less tees and much more hoodies and ... [read more]

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    How to start freelance writing

    Hello fellow warriors, I have a quick question. What would you advise somebody who wants to start freelance writing? If you jus wanted to make some start up money for ... [read more]

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    International Traffic For Clickbank Products?

    Hey everyone! So I'm currently using Bing ads and I'm promoting Clickbank Products (users submit their email to me and then are taken to the offer page.) I'm using the ... [read more]

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    How to make clickable hyperlinks in ebook

    Hi everyone I was wondering how to make clickable hyperlinks. I'm writing an ebook. I can't find any good information online. The document is currently in Microsoft Word then it ... [read more]

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    State of the game regarding Amazon affiliates?

    Hey guys, I was into affiliate marketing a few years back. Made some money, had front page rankings for few decent keywords, but nothing too noteworthy. I find myself missing ... [read more]

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    2015 IM Predictions

    C G in Internet Marketing

    Hey Warriors, What should we expect in 2015 in terms of marketing online? What traffic source will crush it? What technique/software will boost our conversion the most? Cheers, C.G.

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    Products for My site

    sidha in Internet Marketing

    Hello friend, If any one here can help me in finding more products like I want Quality Products to give to my members to make their membership Worth. thanks ... [read more]

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    What are some great hosting companies besides hostgator ?

    dyaonna in Internet Marketing

    Is there other hosting companies that charge a monthly fee other than hostgator ? Thanks

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    I am a crafter with cool product to be launched soon. Need advice

    popo0000 in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys, In a few weeks I will be launching my website that offers some cool wedding gift. (I cant tell more at the moment as I am in copyright ... [read more]

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    my 2 years path in internet marketing

    Hi guys, I want to share my story, I think it could be useful for beginners. Also I'd like to have some suggestions. 2 years ago I started a website ... [read more]

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    Looking for online marketing forums

    Mikej413 in Internet Marketing

    Hello, I am wondering if someone could please tell me the names of a few internet marketing forums where I can use a signature link at the bottom of posts. ... [read more]

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    Banner blindness and ad-blocking plugins

    skitblack in Internet Marketing

    I was reading an article on Banner blindness and ad-blocking plugins and it really got me to thinking. Do you think these have a big impact on commission based websites ... [read more]

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    Buying and selling email address

    Hi all, I saw many people buying email address.. I am thinking if it is legal to buy and sell email address? Similar to swap email address.. Like solo ads, ... [read more]

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    Best analytics software

    Hey, I've got clicky web analytics, but I hate it! I'm not a coder and I want a simple program/service that will do the following, without having to know a ... [read more]

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    Great Sales Tips Video's

    Anyone have any videos (YouTube, etc) with great sales tips? I think many could use brushing up on basic sales tips and techniques. One example, an icon in sales, Brian ... [read more]

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    Website Design/Development

    rsolanki in Internet Marketing

    Hey everyone. I am in search of a website designer/developer. I have a design ready on paper that I would like to be made into a wordpress template. Does anyone ... [read more]

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    A forum site like Warrior Forum

    arabmoney in Internet Marketing

    Hello Everyone, Please I need some expert advice on how one can build a forum as neat and classic like this forum. Although, there are still some other social features ... [read more]

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    Best way to Track Users after Clicking on Bing AD

    tolson in Internet Marketing

    I am about to create an ad and I was wondering the best free (if possible) way to track what people do after clicking on the link. With Adwords it ... [read more]

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    How To Get An Auto Responder With No Credit Card

    nik0 in Internet Marketing

    How can I get an auto responder without a creditcard? I tried it with debit card, first month went well, after they were unable to charge from it despite having ... [read more]

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    Recipes website - Ideas for traffic?

    auditt05 in Internet Marketing

    Hello, We are developing a high end domain (CaribbeanFood .com) and we are going to have around a 1000 recipes and photos within the first few weeks. Most of the ... [read more]