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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    No Link Love

    I'm trying to understand how Google works. I show links in Yahoo, Links in MSN. I have over 50 articles written on ezinearticles and another 50 written on Isnare. I ... [read more]

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    Is this what a "guru" is? AND, if so, then maybe...

    gjabiz in Internet Marketing

    Perhaps someone can help me to get a clearer understanding of what a "Guru" is? Here is what I think I'm seeing (but it could be a mirage). Guru as ... [read more]

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    I Just Do Not Know Anymore..

    Hey everyone, I have been away from the "make money at home" scene for quite some time. I recently "started" an online store where people can buy auto detailing supplies. ... [read more]

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    What is the difference between .com and .net

    Is there any real difference when it comes to google? or even when it comes to people remembering the website?

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    how many links is not too many

    faranak in Internet Marketing

    i am trying to build some link up to my web sites via articles but i do not want to build so many that i get sand boxed. what is ... [read more]

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    Question about resale rights

    ShayB in Internet Marketing

    Okay, I am almost finished with one of my reports. (Hooray!) I would like to generate income from this other than simply selling the report, but I don't want to ... [read more]

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    Someone Told Me Its More Effective to Create Your Own Domain

    Diontec in Internet Marketing

    I dont know if this is true. Maybe it is for some people they pull a lotta numbers in by just being an affiliate marketer. Im still learning "that" part.! ... [read more]

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    Jason Moffat’s Strategy for Getting Attention, Building a List, and Banking the Dough

    So, raise your hand if you saw Moffat’s video from Frank Kern’s event. He was all decked out in the Mexican outfit, drinking beer, and trying to remember what he ... [read more]

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    Does Internet Marketing Limit You?

    I'm curious. As an internet marketer does your entrepreneurial drive (assuming you have one and that is what you call it) only exist with your online businesses or do you ... [read more]

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    Fake Joint Venture Request: They took your product & never reply

    jhongren in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warriors, I have some email requests from some "Joint Venture" partners wanna-bes. They sent me an email asking for a review copy and saying they have "a list of ... [read more]

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    Please...I need some Adwords tips!

    a04cmccl in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys. I know this forum focuses more on free sources of traffic but I want to experiment with Adwords a little more. I'd really appreciate it if you guys ... [read more]

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    High-end Affiliate Product-Creative juices sucked dry

    Hi Guys, After continually frying my brain to constantly create hopefully eye-catching content (God willing), when it comes to using my articles in the directories, then having them linked back ... [read more]

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    Jason Moffat Is A Man Of His Word...

    Not that I ever had any doubt that he was... but, he had a little contest here: And offered some fantastic incentives to anyone that was willing to give ... [read more]

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    How Do You Form Your Opinion Of Fellow Warriors?

    There have been a few threads recently that have touched on this Paul Myers' "Guru Bashing" John Taylor's 'To JV or Not to JV, That Is The Question" and another ... [read more]

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    J - Mo does know his stuff....

    peteinoz in Internet Marketing

    after reading this reply in another thread Originally Posted by Jason Moffatt Selling all his stuff probably isn't the wisest move either because next month he's going to face the ... [read more]

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    what do you think about this blog title?

    Blogger Frenzy Does this sound dumb, catchy? What do you think? Looking for a new name to a blog I am starting and have a few ideas and my wife ... [read more]

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    Do you ban customers with DL Guard?

    I've just used the ban feature on DL Guard and it feels good. I banned the person via email and IP... is that overkill?

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    Dang Allen, How can I create a Info product abot the WF if you kepp changing it so darn Fast?

    Wow, Every time I return to the Warrior Forum I see something new. Now when you view a thread at the bottom of the thread you see related threads... How ... [read more]

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    Question about topics for reports

    ShayB in Internet Marketing

    If I have a list that consists of all moms and mostly WAHM's, would you suggest creating a report for a topic that appeals to WAHM's, or one that appeals ... [read more]

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    Participate vs Decline JV?

    I was approached with an invitation to participate in a joint venture today where a number of people had already expressed their involvement. When I looked through the list of ... [read more]

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    WSO speed?

    Is it my imagination or are there more WSOs than ever being posted (which drives them off page 1 and 2 quicker)? Wow, I posted a WSO on Friday afternoon ... [read more]

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    camstudio and camtasia question

    ErnieB in Internet Marketing

    I have been messing around with camstudio and i cannot get the audo to stay synched with the video for very long. I have tried adjusting the synch through the ... [read more]

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    getting revenue from a website

    johnbmw in Internet Marketing

    lets say you have a website that contains good free information for people to use. the website gets about 1000 visits a day. how do you think a person would ... [read more]

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    Hey Im new here and lost

    I just got a website. Called I have been racking my brain and spening several days and night tyring to advertise it and it just isnt working. I did ... [read more]

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    Does Anyone Use an Amazon Kindle and What Do You Use It For?

    Ouroboros in Internet Marketing

    One of my friends got one of these as a contest prize. He's not Internet savvy and I guess he doesn't read alot either! He offered it to me for ... [read more]

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    What link cloaking tool do you use?

    Ben Roy in Internet Marketing

    Are there multiples out there? Which one is your favorite, and why? Or do you not use one at all? I should mention, I use a Free Link Cloaker that ... [read more]

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    Article Marketers - Do you go back and edit published articles?

    LadyL08 in Internet Marketing

    If you have articles that did not make it to the first page(s) on Google and you've only got 4-5K competition and large search volume, do you go back and ... [read more]

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    New Feature Idea - WSO Adverts Storage (saving your wso adverts) Inside UserCP Somewhere

    - I think one of my WSO's fell of the board and I wanted to list it again...but creating the advert from scratch again and again can be a bit ... [read more]

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    Local Business thought just ran through my head

    Corwinnx in Internet Marketing

    Hi warriors, I have been scarce around here the past few days due to a HEAVY writing schedule for a new line of products I'm creating using a system I've ... [read more]

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    Any RSS Submission Experts?

    I know how RSS submission works and have all the tools but my question is "what field in the submission form does the anchor text come from?" Title? Description? Website? ... [read more]

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    what's Aweber's deal? - does their page load for you?

    Hey Guys, I just tried logging in to my aweber account and got this message: Connection Interrupted The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading. The ... [read more]

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    A Question For REAL Networking Business People

    Hi all, I'm a small fish in a big old tank of malnourished, slim fasting piranhas... I need your help with this somewhat sensitive step in my product development. ... [read more]

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    Beta Testing - Get Notified When A "Specific" User Posts A New WSO...

    admin in Internet Marketing

    Mike has done something and needs a few beta testers to make sure it works out alright... WarriorPlus I like this idea. Imagine getting 1000 people "wanting" to be notified ... [read more]

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    My Secret Strategy to create Viral Traffic and Return Visitors with ChatBoxes!

    Hello Warriors, I would like to share one of my strategies in getting return visitors and putting a Viral Twist on it also! Hope this will benefit you so listen ... [read more]

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    The Worst Anti-Spam Advice Ever?

    One of my students is using a domain extension of another country and I asked her why she didn't have a .com domain (her company name is unique). "Oh I ... [read more]

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    Business Branding: What the heck am I saying? (video)

    I rewrote this thread here:

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    question about html button...

    Hey all, I'm wondering how to turn this button into a hyperlink? <input onClick="document.location='#I'" type="button" value="Click Here to Order Now!" style="width: 475; height: 38; font-family: Arial; font-size: 16pt; font-weight: bold; ... [read more]

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    Help - Some websites not opening!

    Warriors, I'm currently facing a problem to which I feel some of you more experienced pros might have a solution. You see, for the last 3 or 4 days, I ... [read more]

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    We Cut Spammers Up With Rusty Knives....Edited By Admin

    I really wanted this to be a nice easy day but I think a few members here are forgetting that just because we don't have official moderators here means we ... [read more]

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    Anybody Else Read Willie Crawford's "Yo-yo Marketer" E-Mail Today?

    That was a great article. Life-changing information really. I guess I expect no less from a guy who's been marketing online since 1995. ...Here's what I liked about it... The ... [read more]

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    Local Business Directory?

    Hi Folks, Did I see a post or WSO about starting a local business directory recently? Can somebody point me to this if you recall it? Thanks, Jane.

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    What would be the best Hosting Account for Large Volume of Visitor

    Hey eveyone, If you have a site that would produce millions of visitors per month what is the best hosting account and what are the specifics that you should look ... [read more]

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    Okay I need to make a decision about payments

    Its no secret here on the WF that PayPal and I have a, shall we say, less than stellar relationship. So I've been researching all kinds of alternates. To get ... [read more]

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    Hurricane Fay is lookin' like a mean and nasty bitch. As someone who thought he was safe in Lake Wales, Florida.....I can tell you that 4 years ago....our entire business ... [read more]

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    PLR - sans salespage & gfx - your thoughts

    Would people buy a PLR book, no salespage and no graphics, just a 60 page ebook on Internet Marketers for Beginniners. Looking at selling 50 copies only for $27 - ... [read more]

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    Would be a viable advertising venue?

    DrC in Internet Marketing

    If you take a look at DRUDGE REPORT 2008® youll see that they average 14 million visits a day, and over 500 million in a month. Now, I know they ... [read more]

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    The source of most spam

    OPB News Most Email Spam Comes From Russian Mobsters

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    Live Webinar: Introduction to Creating Websites 101

    I'm wondering about demand for this... How many people would be interested in watching a LIVE webinar on creating a website? This would involve basic page building, linking, etc. This ... [read more]

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    Question about Article Submissions

    MoaddinFM in Internet Marketing

    I have no experience, when it comes to article marketing. So, let´s say I have written 10 unique top notch articles. Can I submit them to as many directories as ... [read more]

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    Toronto (GTA) area IM'ers

    Heimdall in Internet Marketing

    Hi Folks: Anybody interested in networking offline who are in Toronto area? Would preferably like to network with someone like myself... starting out in IM... has a couple of sites ... [read more]

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    .Com, .Net, .Org.? Whats the Major difference?

    Diontec in Internet Marketing

    What is the Major difference between . Com, .Net, .Org? I think one is capable of holding entirely more extreme info. than the other...i dont know..Does anyone know "exactly" what ... [read more]

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    KW density, CProphet and Adwords quality score

    I just bought conversion prophet. Nice piece of kit, but I have to send PPC traffic to the test page to find whats working in multivariant testing mode. I've never ... [read more]

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    What would be the best forum to add to my blog

    mistyone in Internet Marketing

    Hi Folks I want to add a forum to my new blog 'I Married A Fat Bitch'. I am not very techie so it needs to be simple. What would ... [read more]

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    is it stumbleupon,digg,reddit or delicious work?

    h1dayah in Internet Marketing

    Ia is social network really can get huge visitor. if it is work would you mine to give me the sample.. thanks..

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    I Need Smokers Who Want To Quit...

    TD in Internet Marketing 3 minutes! This isn't a joke and I'm not selling anything. I'm in the process of selling a website and want to get some new testimonials for the new ... [read more]