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    Warriors .... Warriors.... what would you like to LEARN? STICKY

    Good Morning awesome Warriors... I'm happy to announce that The Warrior Forum is planning to create our first COURSE. Yes... Powered by Warrior Wisdom... yeah!! Made at home. But before ... [read more]

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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Undecided on Niche - What would you do?

    CynthiaC in Internet Marketing

    Wrong place to post this - sorry about that

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    Looking for Health and Fitness Clickbank (or Other Alternatives) Affiliate Offers

    nodaev in Internet Marketing

    I'm fairly new to email marketing as I started a few months ago in February 2014, first in the personal development field and now in health and fitness. I'm promoting ... [read more]

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    What wordpress plugin do you use for changing logo

    Hi,i need a plugin which will help me to change my theme logo with an image. Thanks.

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    Creating WP online Game site. What theme to use ??????

    WayneT in Internet Marketing

    I'm creating a new online game site, actually 3 of them in a range of age ranges. I have not been able to find a suitable theme. I have top ... [read more]

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    Easiest Shopping Cart Plugin to Use

    I've been doing a great deal of research of plugins for wordpress and software that you can use to create a shoppingchart service like Ejunkie, WooeCommerce, Paypal, etc. I'm just ... [read more]

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    Best High Traffic Ecommerce Websites Vendors Can Sell On???

    bigfoot12 in Internet Marketing

    Do these all have lots of traffic? What websites do you guys use the most to sell? What websites aren't worth the time listing your items for sale? Best Social ... [read more]

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    I must be stupid...JV Zoo question

    I have been looking for the link to contact product vendors, I'm affiliated with, and can not figure it out. I asked support and they said it's on the vendor ... [read more]

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    I need help choosing a network marketing company

    Or an affilate company I'm up for anything anyway-> So I'm 21 years old male been in network marketing before and I left due to I couldn't drink the shake ... [read more]

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    Online advertising methods with low cost targeted traffic

    Davidwr in Internet Marketing

    I own a small online selling niche physical products, I've been using for a short while, which has delivered good returns and I'm looking at what other methods I ... [read more]

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    Finding a Mentor

    I'm curious about the path that successful people in IM take. Did you have mentors? Learn it all on your own? Fail a bunch of times until you struck gold? ... [read more]

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    A newbie intro and giving my premium domain name for your help!

    liltceo in Internet Marketing

    Hi all fellow warriors, My name is Lilt Thomas, i am a new member to warrior forum but i am not a newbie in internet marketing. I am in internet ... [read more]

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    Affiliate program for Magento

    Adegn in Internet Marketing

    I’m an e-commerce store owner and looking for a tool to run online affiliate program for my store which is based on Magento platform. It will work like this: Referrals ... [read more]

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    Bulk email question: Is it legal to use my customer list from past sales?

    Hello, I have an internet retail business ( in which I have acquired about 60,000 emails from past sales of my own personal customers. Is this a legal list to ... [read more]

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    If you still aren't making money online - this is probably why

    winebuddy in Internet Marketing

    Hello fellow warrior, I spend a little time every day reading the posts here and making a comment now and then. I figure if I can help one person do ... [read more]

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    Worth of website for sale on

    srikarnl in Internet Marketing

    Guys i just kept my blog for sale on, but i still havent kept the buy now price, my website has alexa rank of 200,000 and has been maintained ... [read more]

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    Where to outsource content research for PowerPoint presentation?

    Hello. I would like to know where do I find person who will do research for me to find content that would be used in PowerPoint presentation. Let's take popular ... [read more]

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    What To Watch Out For With Affiliate Programs

    bostjan33 in Internet Marketing

    Here are my 2 cents on this topic: What to watch out for, before consider joining any of the aff. programs out there; 1. Do they pay for one-time sale, ... [read more]

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    The five paragraph essay can be applied to ebooks?

    Hi all Who can teach me how to use "the five paragraph essay" to write a good ebook for the kindle? Thanks

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    What tool do you use for tracking

    What's your best tool for tracking, Clicks, Leads, Sales. ?

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    Tool to monitor outsource staff (like odesk)

    I heard there is a tool you can buy so you can watch your outsourcers work behind their computer (like Odesk does) but I cannot find it. Any one know ... [read more]

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    Scalable online business ideas

    fekfek in Internet Marketing

    Guys, let's talk about scalable online business ideas. I'm not talking about finding the golden idea to make 1 million dollars Let's share some of what you know. Maybe you ... [read more]

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    Why Bluehost

    tompw in Internet Marketing

    I see a lot of marketers recommending Bluehost as the choice for setting up your first WordPress website. Are they recommending it because it's the best solution around for a ... [read more]

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    First timer here when it comes to domain selling.

    Spree Ads in Internet Marketing

    Anyone would know of a marketplace that i could sell domains names i have a bunch of parked domains which are high traffic and 5-6 figures searchers per month. You ... [read more]

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    How Long Does Muncheye take to Approve A Listing?

    Hi Folks, I'm currently trying to publicise an upcoming product launch and I submitted all the details to several days ago ... the post is still "pending" - so ... [read more]

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    Is a product sample the way to go?

    Hello fellow Warriors, I have a question to ask you guys. I'm in the process of creating a website to sell an eBook that I've written a little while ago ... [read more]

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    Need Help Tracking Sales

    Our company uses Infusionsoft for our CRM, Order Forms, etc. We have about 30 different products and advertise on multiple platforms. I'm using tracking links but a LOT of our ... [read more]

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    If I give you $3 dollars, what are you going to do?

    Okay, Before I give you $3 dollars, Let's assume your paypal account have no money, you don't have credit card, you only have one paypal account. Okay, here is your ... [read more]

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    How do you split test a campaign?

    jbprich in Internet Marketing

    Over the years, I have heard a lot of people speaking about split testing but, no one ever shows you how to do it. Can someone please explain how you ... [read more]

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    Tracking & Hosting

    MediaDon in Internet Marketing

    Hey Guys, Setting up tracking has been a huge hurdle for me and as well as the other tech stuff. I would like ask your opinion in a few areas.... ... [read more]

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    Coming soon. Our biggest sales contest ever

    Just got an email from clickbank saying that in June they are holding their biggest ever sales contest. Sounds great, but they failed to give any details. Does anyone know ... [read more]

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    Is there something like a 'Refer To Download' script to reward people for sending traffic?

    I'm setting up a membership site. unfortunately, the plugin I'm using doesn't allow me to implement an affiliate program. So I was wondering if there was a way to still ... [read more]

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    Bubblews alternatives?

    Hey warriors! Is there any website similar to Bubblews that pay for every view ,like , Share or comment?

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    Online store....only know html ;-/

    I believe I found a product I could sell online. But eventually I was thinking I'd like to have the ability to grow the website into an online store selling ... [read more]

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    How should I first start selling on Amazon

    bigfoot12 in Internet Marketing

    Does used stuff sell more often and better than used stuff?

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    Drop Down Menus - Cripple Your Profits

    For people who use drop down menus on their site via the nav bar. I am wondering if you have any issues with these when traffic comes to your site ... [read more]

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    Anyone know of a good graphic designer?

    brianac in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good graphic designer that can make things like logos, 3D ebook covers, and banner ads. Thanks.

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    Planning to publish a ebook ( essays )

    kenshi3 in Internet Marketing

    Hi I've written a 20 page essay, not really considered a book yet, but its based on BlackJack, and its general information, but after letting over 20 people read it ... [read more]

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    AdSense vs ClickBank vs CPA to monetize relationship advice blog?

    My site is marketed towards women, we currently get about 30,000 visitors per month. Our main monetization as of now is AdSense, but we only make $200 per month with ... [read more]

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    listbuilding with kindle

    jumshi in Internet Marketing

    hi guys listcapture idea here basically my optin is set set it up with 3 lists: 1 option is linked to 1 book,( free audiobook giveaway) 2nd is another book ... [read more]

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    MLM comp plans.. help!

    gwpmike in Internet Marketing

    So I understand 1-up and 2-up but can somebody explain binary, matrix, and board comp plans? And which do you think is the best/most lucrative for everybody? Thanks!

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    Easiest way to sell services online?

    What's the easiest way to sell services online? Would be nice if there could be management tools (i.e. customer support, emails inquiries, order statuses, etc) all into one platform. Anybody ... [read more]

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    what are you expect from someone who ask for joint venture?

    Hey guys, I really want to joint venture. This is the things. No response. They don't know me. I am in their list. If you put yourself into the position ... [read more]

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    Is PTC good to earn?

    gtasa720 in Internet Marketing

    Whats your thought on PTC earning method? They really pay for there users? Whats your recommended PTC website? Moderated: Try posting this in the Ad Networks forum where it belongs.

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    Selling My Web-Hosting Services with Additional Value

    evanbang in Internet Marketing

    Warriors, I would first like to wish you all a wonderful memorial day weekend. I'm trying to think about how I would list my web hosting services to include additional ... [read more]

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    build authority site video guide?

    tomswe in Internet Marketing

    I'll build an authority site, but need some more experience is there any video guide how to build an authority site? or a service similar nice profit classroom, but for ... [read more]

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    JvZoo Tips and Tricks

    I am not going to lie. Today is the 3rd day after deciding that I want to become an Internet Marketer. I heard so many stories, horror and happily ever ... [read more]

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    Article Syndication

    js5810 in Internet Marketing

    Hello everyone, I have been expirimenting on article syndication and have posted a few articles on EZA after they were indexed on my domain. I have had a decent amount ... [read more]

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    Amazon Daily Trends Report - Unusual Pattern In Data

    finman in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I recently graphed one years worth of Amazon "Daily Trend" data on an excel spread sheet. I have attached the graph as an image. The graph shows date on ... [read more]

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    Clickbank Promotion

    So, I've done a lot of research and for promoting clickbank products the process I'm seeing that works is: Find a good quality product build a review site write articles ... [read more]

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    Best Membership Themes?

    Hey, I'm working on a Membership site but can't decide on a Wp theme yet. I would be thankful for all suggestions of free or cheap themes that are responsive ... [read more]

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    Best Lead Capture Tool- That You Use !

    Syed Raza in Internet Marketing

    What kind of tools do you use to capture leads for your content and marketing. For example: Vimeo and so on. Would love to hear any cool tools/ways of capturing, ... [read more]

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    Is Craigslist Really an Effective Source Of Traffic?

    bigfoot12 in Internet Marketing

    I have only had one call from all the ads I have posted. I don't understand how some people get 3 or more calls per day. What the fck are ... [read more]

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    Godaddy Auction Bought too Many Domains

    jwans in Internet Marketing

    Hi, Recently just bought too many domains at Godaddy Auction, but thing is I'm currently short on cash. Should I contact Godaddy, or just ignore to pay?

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    Review Copy Fraud! What I should do?

    Khondoker in Internet Marketing

    Hi all, I asked for reviews of my WSO in exchange of a copy of my product and sent copies to few interested warriors. Accidentally I noticed, one of them ... [read more]

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    Wordpress Theme with Amazon Associate

    N1tro in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys, im new to this forum and would like to learn a bit and help also with my strength and skills here. I search for a wordpress theme that ... [read more]