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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    What products or services should I sell next?

    BinBinWu in Internet Marketing

    I found a very powerful internet marketing company online who can rank pretty much any medium high competitive keywords to top 3 results of Google. The price wasn't cheap. It ... [read more]

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    if you had to start all over again, which free traffic method?

    Let's assume you are completely brand new even if you have 10 years of experience.. Which free traffic method would you use to build your business?

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    Just A Quick Tip I Have Learnt From The Past 3 Months [List Building]

    I just wanted to give back some value to this amazing community... So here goes... Many people think that the best way to make a crap ton of money is ... [read more]

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    FTC to look at article marketing

    This is probably of interest to quite a few here on the forum... ------------- The Federal Trade Commission will examine the growing field of “sponsored content” in digital media, the ... [read more]

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    Need some advice from the veterans

    OK guys, I have been watching for a while now and I think there are quite a few people here who could help me out. Here is what I have ... [read more]

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    Is making money with Craiglist still possible?

    IM Player in Internet Marketing

    This may be obvious for some, but I haven't been doing anything on Craiglist for a while, so I'm not sure. As far as I understand, now Craiglist is full ... [read more]

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    Is making $25/hour (and UP) online good?

    I have discovered a very specific niche that absolutely none of you know about or discuss (no, it has nothing to do with the products I'm selling on Warrior Forum). ... [read more]

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    How to use social communication software to conduct small business?

    How to use social communication software to conduct small business?

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    ALEXA vtf ?

    tofrar in Internet Marketing

    My website in hosted on hostgator and my domain name was bought at namecheap. I have whois lock so nobody can see who is the owner. Still Alexa can tell ... [read more]

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    beginner starting a website

    gtat1111 in Internet Marketing

    Hey im just starting a website. Do all I need is to purchase, web hosting, a website, and a domain name? my other question is can I purchase a website ... [read more]

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    How can I promote new flash game site?

    techwiiz in Internet Marketing

    I am running gaming website , my site is doing good from the day i start it, but still i am not getting much users, can somebody help me to ... [read more]

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    How to protect yourself when freelancing

    uptospeed in Internet Marketing

    Hi. I have a question. If you are freelancing outside protected networks like Elance and Fiverr, how to you protect your work? How do you make sure you get paid ... [read more]

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    Email list: Is this an opt-in?

    tritrain in Internet Marketing

    If someone offers their email so they can download something or gain access to the next page, or whatever, is that technically considered 'opting in'? Since there isn't usually isn't ... [read more]

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    How Do i Advertise My Services

    I know that it's easier to sell a service than it is to sell an actual product. so where do i start? Where can i go to market or promote ... [read more]

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    Which WP plugin for autoposting scheduled posts to FB/Twitter?

    cuie in Internet Marketing

    Hi! I´m writing posts for my WP blog and scheduling them to be published every 3-4 days. Is there a WP plugin that would also autopost them to selected FB/Twitter ... [read more]

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    newbie question

    gtat1111 in Internet Marketing

    what are plugins? i see so many things about seo plugins, but what do they do? can you have more than one?

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    How much is it worth? (high p/m site)

    My friend has a micro niche site that does pretty damn well. He contacted me and asked whether it's smart move to sell that site. He is also wanting to ... [read more]

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    Embarrased about MMO niche

    Even if I don't promote and make money from the MMO niche itself, I'm still in the MMO niche consuming those products to learn and make money. So either way. ... [read more]

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    Using Squeeze page on Amazon Kindle Platform?

    52.ct in Internet Marketing

    Does Amazon allow publishers, selling on the Kindle, the opportunity to collect emails addresses, on a squeeze page, like a regular landing page? If the answers is "NO"; then what ... [read more]

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    Selling A High Ticket Item Via Email

    Hey, My newest experiments involve selling a high-end ($497) course from a vendor via email. I'm wondering if anyone has an ideas on how to structure the A/R series for ... [read more]

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    Micro Niche Sites are Dead?

    dman1995 in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I have been tracking this for a while and was wondering what the consensus on the WF was on this topic. On March 19th 2012, Google smushed the Build ... [read more]

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    Alternatives to Paypal?

    Ok, I've been a fan of Paypal since 1999. Loved them because it was a quick setup and no monthly fees....however, the more I sell, the more money they seem ... [read more]

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    Setting Up Gmail for another email account...

    Hello Everyone I am hoping someone might be able to help me with some googlemail advice, please I have gone in Settings to set up an external email account but ... [read more]

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    Typical Opt-In Rate of Blog?

    mikelmraz in Internet Marketing

    What is the typical, normal or your opt-in rate of email subscribers for a blog?

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    I am looking to use 2checkout soon! I need more information though.

    I am looking to use 2checkout for my service here at the forum as an added payment option. I am starting to dislike paypal now. Anyway, just a few questions ... [read more]

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    List Building - Zero to 10k by End of Year

    mikelmraz in Internet Marketing

    How possible is this? I have a couple of blogs in a number of niches and wish to start list building. Any pointers?

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    I have been scammed and badly need advice!

    kbplotkin in Internet Marketing

    4 days ago, I bought a plugin, with an upsell for $64,through JVZoo. It's called [product name deleted by moderator]. I did not receive the product. I have sent 5 ... [read more]

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    Google Analytics in Cpanel

    krull in Internet Marketing

    Is it a good idea to install google analytics in Cpanel of your server if they offer the integration, or should you probably do it manually for each page? I ... [read more]

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    I need a Wordpress plugin to create a competition

    harrydog in Internet Marketing

    Hi everyone I am looking for a wordpress plug to create a contest for our site It needs to have the following functionality 1) Be able to have multiple questions ... [read more]

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    how much to charge for adding links in Youtube video description

    buddy200 in Internet Marketing

    A website owner messaged me for adding his website link which looks relevant to the video topic. i have no problem adding his website link. Video gets over 100,000 views ... [read more]

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    Monetize the contest?

    jonels in Internet Marketing

    I have a contest site where participants have a chance to win electronics (MP3, PS3 etc) Please give some ideas how to monetize the contest. Thank You

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    Goldmine of Traffic Gen

    Donowhy in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys, Lets assume you've got the goldmine of traffic gen in your pocket. Your target demographic is social media users (So, majority would be teens?) What niche would you ... [read more]

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    Question Regarding eBay Listings

    Hi. I have been thinking about putting a few affiliate banners in my eBay auctions to try and make a few more sales. Do you know if eBay allows this? ... [read more]

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    Advice needed on getting an Amazon API Key

    ukwebguy in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I'd like to set up an Amazon affiliate web site based on using a Wordpress site and the Amasin plugin, but to do this I need an Amazon API ... [read more]

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    Setting up a buy and sell website any advice?

    Hi all, I have set up a buy and sell site aimed at a particular niche and its been growing progressively but kind of levelled out. Just wanted to see ... [read more]

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    i have started list building FINALLY!

    Hello everyone, I have started my list building i am using getresponse, Email Marketing Software & Autoresponder from GetResponse I must say they are brilliant from what i have seen, ... [read more]

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    When to start building an e-mail list

    wolfe655 in Internet Marketing

    Actually I have 2 questions. I am planning to do some tutorial series in a niche so this is my first question. Eventually I could have 10 tutorial series in ... [read more]

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    This makes me an extra $100 a day

    gasman in Internet Marketing

    This was an idea that I just kind of stumbled upon. Put it into action. And now It's making me an extra $120 a day $100 in profit. Just a ... [read more]

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    The Vital Ingredients Missing From Every Single Mentoring Program In Existence

    V12 in Internet Marketing

    Big claim, but it's true. Missing: Burning desire. Only you can provide that. You have to keep it burning fiercely or you won't make it. Missing: Action. You will have ... [read more]

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    New To E-mail Marketing

    Hey Warriors , I have a few questions here i want you to make it clear 1- What is the budget i must have to start in email marketing 2- ... [read more]

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    is this illegal?

    Newbie880 in Internet Marketing

    Is re-selling marketing lists illegal? I have several lists that I would like to combine into one more effective list to sell to businesses, and am not sure of the ... [read more]

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    New Domain locked 60 days

    I have just took the advice of fellow forum members and bought a domain at Go Daddy and got hosting at Hostgator, then tried to transfer the domain to hostgator ... [read more]

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    Stop The College Threads!

    I have seen at least 2 college threads recently. The latest some dude is asking people if he should leave college... ON AN INTERNET MARKETING FORUM! Seriously? Why you would ... [read more]

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    WarriorForum traffic tips

    I’m looking to get the most out of my signature file, without sounding “spammy” or hard-selling anything… Is there a WF master when it comes to generating signature clicks, and ... [read more]

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    Biggest Solo Ad Vendors?

    itsAtlas in Internet Marketing

    Hey Guys! I am trying to find the biggest Solo Ad Vendors for informational purposes. I am talking about +50k Clicks. Leads preferably in the "Make Money Online" niche. Would ... [read more]

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    How To Use ShutterStock On FaceBook For Free?

    I have read that facebook ads and shutterstock have teamed up. How do we use shutterstock photos in our facebook ads for free? I cannot seem to find the option ... [read more]

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    how did he discover this ?

    newxxx in Internet Marketing

    can someone explain to me how he found this out ? a pr10 website that was listed for sale that checked "valid" on two fake pr-checker tools but, ... [read more]

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    When I Am At My Most Productive

    Now I will tell you when I seem to get most of my best ideas for writing but I do not want you to follow my route for obvious reasons. ... [read more]

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    Using the news media

    tritrain in Internet Marketing

    Have you ever managed to have the media cover your website or product? I know that the guy went from puny membership numbers to one of the biggest, after ... [read more]

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    If Google allowed you to put banner in homepage for one day, how much will you pay?

    If Google allowed you to place a banner in the main page of Google dot com for one day, then how much are you willing to pay for that spot?

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    How to capture email using blogger email subscription gadget ?

    hello. 1st I apologize if this is not the right place for my thread so if you feel move it on the appropriate. I made a simple blog on blogger ... [read more]

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    [Method] Good for newbies to make some extra money!

    Surffing the internet today I found something new and intresting, I think this is perfect for newbies to get some extra money to pay services they need in IM, hosting, ... [read more]

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    How To Make Money and Help Seniors???

    Any ideas would be great pleasure. I'm trying to avoid opening a senior home care agency but I'm open to all ideas :-) My background is sales, medical and basic ... [read more]

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    Online payment platform advise

    Hello Everyone I'm looking to use an online payment platform which will enable the user to sign up as a member of my website before paying. Are there any plugin ... [read more]

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    Anyone selling info-products to the latin american demographic?

    Just wanted to know if anyone on here is selling info-products to the latin american demographic meaning Mexico, Spain, Puerto Rico, Peru, etc. Just wanted to know if anyone is ... [read more]