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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Where are the Signatures?

    Jo Barnes in Internet Marketing

    Hey Warriors, Where have everyone's signatures gone on the bottom of their posts? Doesn't WF show sigs anymore? Jo

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    Demographics on search terms

    zmorris in Internet Marketing

    Does anyone know where I can get demographics information on search terms such as sex and age? I'm running a PPC campaign and would like to know exactly what audience ... [read more]

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    Ethics question

    BigMike56 in Internet Marketing

    Hello all. I have a question about a certain marketing strategy that could be considered black hat. It has been proven that people love numbers, and will be apt to ... [read more]

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    Werid Godaddy

    matta in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I've bought a domain from Namecheap 1 years ago because Namecheap is user friendly. I've decided to transfer my domain to Godaddy with cheap coupon code, since Namecheap doesnt ... [read more]

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    What should I do with this domain?

    pinks in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I just needed an opinion from everyone. A few months ago I purchased a domain name.Well I actually did my research after I got the domain,since I was very ... [read more]

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    Who Wants To JV A Clickbank Product? Split The Work Split The Profits

    essex14 in Internet Marketing

    This is an option available to CB Afilliate Im wondering If anyone has ever tried and succeeded at?

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    Can a 10 year old start a blog

    Santr123 in Internet Marketing

    My 10 year old girl is an avid reader and doing very well at school. I was just encouraging her to start a blog. Maybe she could write book reviews ... [read more]

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    $1.78 Worker!! Exploitation?

    Hi Warriors, I recently had an interesting conversation with a marketer who is currently outsourcing most of his daily tasks for $1.78 an hour to someone from the Philippines. (Mostly ... [read more]

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    Why You Should Drop Paypal And Get A Merchant Account

    JJOrana in Internet Marketing

    Due to some technical issue, I was forced to use Paypal for 2-3 weeks. I noticed that my sales dropped after I switched to Paypal though I've been marketing and ... [read more]

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    Please stop the "what would you do" threads.

    Okay, we clearly would would never win $10,000,000 so quit asking questions like if we had $100,000,000 to invest what would we do? Frankly, none of us have that money. ... [read more]

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    The 'Corrected Link' Email - As a Tactic?

    pdrs in Internet Marketing

    We've all gotten one, someone sends out an email to their list, only to be followed up 15 minutes later by an email with the right link (as the first ... [read more]

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    Backlinks Analysis Software - What Do You Use

    Hello Warriors I am looking for a new software that can analyse backlink from websites. Searchengine Page with link Page PR Alexa IP Backlinks Title Anchor text Keyword SEO Score ... [read more]

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    When to publish my posts?

    glassgirl in Internet Marketing

    Hi everyone, I apologize if this has been asked already, but I couldn't find a similar thread. I'm getting ready to launch my new website and I have approximately 25 ... [read more]

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    help with bing ranks

    recently seen some great movement for my keywords in bing.. seemed like alot had secured top five after some hard work which is great.. woke up this morning to nothing ... [read more]

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    What's the most profitable ebooks niches ?

    Oliver13 in Internet Marketing

    Hello Warriors, i hope you are in a good mood today. I'm going to create ebook ( information product ), and i would like to know, What's the most profitable ... [read more]

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    E-mails in Schedule

    MikaH in Internet Marketing

    As you could notice I am looking for a marketing tool for my email campaign. It should have option of reminder and sending schedule. Do you know any reliable? Edited ... [read more]

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    What Does Kindle Mean???

    redeem54 in Internet Marketing

    :confused:I have seeing a lot of publication, ads, and discussions about Kindle and especially Amazon Kindle, so what does kindle mean?:confused: Is it some type of technology, sofware or what?:confused: ... [read more]

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    What Do I Do With All These Women?!?!?!

    Mark Kaye in Internet Marketing

    Hey everyone! I have had a LIST EXPLOSION the last two days because of a contest I'm running on my new site. Over 2000 new subscribers in 24 hours. The ... [read more]

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    How to Find Blog that Allow Guest Blogging?

    Anyone know how i can find blogs that allows guest blogging? Or a method that will make finding them much easier and less time consuming?

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    Building an Email List on a Reviews Based Website

    tigerbeef in Internet Marketing

    Hi all, It is my understanding that it is ever so critical to build a email marketing list, form a strong trust/bond with that list to make money from it. ... [read more]

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    If you will to start all over again?

    Hi warriors! If you were to start your internet business from scratch, what sort of information will you need to get you started? Thanks in advanced!

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    Cheapest hosting+domain to start out?

    ckbank in Internet Marketing

    Okay, after much time wasted, I'm ready to sell web design. Here's my question? What is the cheapest hosting+domain package I can get to build my own web design website? ... [read more]

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    Software to get number of results per keyword

    malugia in Internet Marketing

    Does anyone know any tool or software which allows you to find out the number of google results per keyword. I have hundreds of keywords and i would like to ... [read more]

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    Quick question on domain name and marketing

    Irfan in Internet Marketing

    Hi I have a .com site for a specific physical product i am selling to USA market, if I am looking to target the UK (prices in £ etc) do ... [read more]

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    Traffic plan...not really working too well?

    Hi guys, So, I set my site up about 1-2 months ago, around 10-12 articles. Have had people from both this forum and another IM forum advise me that my ... [read more]

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    A new twist on email marketing?

    So I was just over at Fiverr a little while ago, and a strange thing happened. Within 5 minutes of being on the site, I get an email from the ... [read more]

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    Question concerning microformats in google in IT sites

    untwister in Internet Marketing

    Do you think its a good practice to use this technique according IT site - the site of software development company which sells tools for developers (for different databases). If ... [read more]

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    Accepting payments: Paypal pro vs Intuit

    Pambie in Internet Marketing

    Hi all. I have a number of sites and sell products both via Clickbank and my own sites. My webmaster is putting together a storefront which will centralize all my ... [read more]

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    IM is my life!

    typoo999 in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys! I've just logged in to my old e-mail address for something, and I thought I'll check my old internet marketing stuff like analytics, cheques, etc. Unfortunately I didn't ... [read more]

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    New Blog: Quick Feedback

    I've been blessed to have lived a life surrounded by high-achievers, world class athletes, successful entrepreneurs and millionaires. I began documenting the lessons I've learned for teaching my children: overcoming ... [read more]

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    Does anyone use Jotform?

    It is a free form builder with payment integration as well as a lot of other features. JotForm · Form Builder (not affiliate). Does anyone use it? I use it ... [read more]

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    Web Hosting for Online-Internet Marketers

    Netlink5 in Internet Marketing

    Anyone tried this new Web Hosting for Online-Internet Marketers? Still reading but so far I loved 3 things being offered 1. Integration of Aweber like E-mail Marketing for Pennies ... [read more]

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    Free WP Plugin Similar To Auto Social Poster

    vicone in Internet Marketing

    As members of this forum will be aware, Auto Social Poster is a simple plugin for Wordpress which will automatically submit all posts you publish to your social bookmarking accounts. ... [read more]

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    How important is Alexa ranking?

    kavada in Internet Marketing

    I started a forum in early August and have been watching my Alexa ranking religiously lol. I'm wondering if Alexa rankings really matter. Let me know, I'm a novice at ... [read more]

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    Is it possible to set up a personalised free trial login area on wordpress?

    amunt in Internet Marketing

    I'd like users to sign up to a free trial for my language course via a squeeze page. They'd get login details to the rest of the website that has ... [read more]

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    Does Anyone Like Video Sales Letters?

    Hello everyone I just wanted to get some perspective from both a consumer point of view and a product creator view regarding video sales letters. As a consumer..I can't stand ... [read more]

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    Why is picking a niche so difficult?

    sogregory in Internet Marketing

    I recently started my online journey to passive income and i realised that the time it took me to pick a niche to target was the most difficult part of ... [read more]

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    WP Pop Over Creator

    Just did a search on WF for a wordpress pop over creator recommendations but came up empty. Any recommendations?

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    How do make my youtube video autoplay?

    sean83 in Internet Marketing

    I've tried adding this script &autoplay=1 after the youtube video url, but it still does not auto play.

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    Is Aweber down?

    timpears in Internet Marketing

    I was on Aweber, and then got page not found. Could n't get back on. Is this me (having many strange computer problems) or is it down for everyone. I ... [read more]

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    NameCheap $0.98 Domains

    bd02 in Internet Marketing

    I've seen them do this before. I think they came up short the last time. Let's make it happen people. Namecheap Deals • 20,000 Retweets of a message needed to ... [read more]

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    What was your 'lightbulb' moment

    Hey everyone, Firstly i would like to say thanks to everyone that contributes to the WF, the level of knowledge and expertise on here is outstanding. Secondly i would like ... [read more]

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    Pop Up Subscription Box Service?

    Anyone know or remember their was this software I saw about a year ago that was a Pop Up subscription type software. It said that it had a few features ... [read more]

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    Resurrecting an old forum. How?

    cpt in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys, I'm new here and I'm new to internet marketing. I have a forum for fitness professionals that I have had since 2006. It was once a fairly active ... [read more]

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    Looking fir Wordpress theme or plugin to sell leads

    micalo in Internet Marketing

    Hi, Was wondering if any could recommend a plugin or theme for wordpress where I could collect local leads and then sell the leads to companies. As people want 3 ... [read more]

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    WOrdpress plugins w muti-tier affiliate programs plz advise

    loryl77 in Internet Marketing

    Anyone w wordpress plugins or themes that has an affiliate program let me know. I am putting a list of multi-tier affiliate programs together on a page of my site ... [read more]

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    Will i get commission?

    Wahaha in Internet Marketing

    I joined affiliates. But i want to know. If some customers buy products from my affiliate links. And they clear the cookie first, will i get my commission?

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    Newbie needs advice on new venture

    Mk282009 in Internet Marketing

    Hi, Just signed up and have been trawling the internet for a decent business forum and found this site. Loving the content so far. I'm a complete beginner with regards ... [read more]

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    Anyone making money from Amazon's MTurk?

    Working on Human Intelligence Tasks (HITS) seems fairly mind-numbing to me, especially when you check out the rates being paid. Is there a secret to maximising earnings here? Doing jobs ... [read more]

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    Email Templates Suitable for Arbitrage Deal

    rmmidgley in Internet Marketing

    Hi, Does anyone know of a good place/source/product etc.. to head for email templates suitable to be used for brokering an arbitrage deal by email? Dealmaking is not my mojo, ... [read more]

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    Is Gmail About to Torpedo Email List Marketing?

    andreas3 in Internet Marketing

    It looks like Gmail is about to revamp their inbox to hide-by-default email newsletters and the like. The spam filtering in Google’s Gmail email service has long been praised by ... [read more]

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    SOCKS - weirdest membership site ever?

    HypnoHugh in Internet Marketing

    I just came across this membership subscription site that sells socks! Prices start at $89 for 9 pairs delivered over a year. You might think this mad but they have ... [read more]

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    Anyone having success with selling affiliate products via a review blog?

    My traffic is steadily increasing, but Im not converting. Any advice?

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    Desktop to Desktop Messenging

    leeson01 in Internet Marketing

    I saw an old post reference Corey Rudl and his company, Internet Marketing Center. Corey was brilliant, one of his products was Desktop Marketer which, once a person opted-in (just ... [read more]

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    jkiley in Internet Marketing

    I added sharethis icon on one of my sites about couple of months ago, as of right now, it has 5668 shares on the main page. There are over 3 ... [read more]

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    Symantec report: Mistakes cause most security breaches -- not hackers

    Before heaping all of the blame on cyber criminal methods, perhaps we should all step back and take some responsibility for security failures too. Dang-it! It's that personal responsibility ... [read more]