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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Question About The Legalities Of Buying An Email List

    Joe Ray in Internet Marketing

    Hi Everyone, this is my first post here! Someone is offering me an email list to buy. I am interested in buying this list but I am wondering how to ... [read more]

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    Can I generate a QR code for my video without using Youtube?

    blnwalker in Internet Marketing

    I'd like to generate a QR code for a non marketing video (about 2 minutes long). I did a search on Google and so far, all I could find were ... [read more]

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    Help to post in classified ads site auto/semi

    Hello Can you help me with automating posting in certain classified site like (alamaula , olx), this sites are not equal in the process to post, are differents. I want ... [read more]

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    What do you guys think of livechat?

    aZapX in Internet Marketing

    What do you warriors think about livechat on clickbank sites selling e-books outside the IM niche? Would it be worth it, and how do you think would it affect conversions?

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    How do they find pictures like this

    pvijeh in Internet Marketing

    These are some of the funniest, most unique photos that I have come across. Anyone know how people find photos like this? 20 horrible things you should NEVER do in ... [read more]

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    amazon keywords

    Birdi in Internet Marketing

    hey guys, is there a way to track what keywords are converting on your site for amazon products? ... e.g. does amazon have a tracking conversion where you know the ... [read more]

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    Google Analytics Tracking WP Preview Pages Need Help

    nrupen in Internet Marketing

    Dear Warriors, I use wordpress to build my blogs and review websites. Few days ago while going through Google Analytic I found, it is also tracking post preview pages. I ... [read more]

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    Help with Facebook Ads!!!

    Hey Fellow Warriors, I recently launched a split test for my squeeze pages using facebook as my advertising platform. I set up my 4 different ad copy and was approved ... [read more]

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    Paypal Closes Flippa Seller After Sale?

    amaxlite in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I just bought a website from someone on Flippa based in Indonesia for a couple thousand dollars. A few days later he gets a notice from paypal that they ... [read more]

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    Clickbank mentor desperately needed!

    I have been working my ass off trying to get my first sale. My method is obviously off. I'm just not sure what to drive traffic to my affiliate site ... [read more]

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    For owners of "Successful Membership" sites

    roley in Internet Marketing

    Have you found that the $1 get access and then bill them 7 days or 14 days later the best method for membership sites? Or maybe offering tiered pricing ( ... [read more]

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    Clickbank IPN issues since a few days

    bwh1 in Internet Marketing

    Hey there for those who have a membership site and use Clickbank. Since April 28th we face serious problems with buyers which aren't added to the membership site as supposed. ... [read more]

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    Blase in Internet Marketing

    Looking for advice. My business email is being flooded with spam. This has been going on now for a few months. I've had this address for 16 years so I ... [read more]

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    Equipment Needed To Create Quality YouTube Videos?

    I am looking to create several YouTube videos to promote my physical products, just wondering what equipment is best? I am on a budget and no my iPhone is not ... [read more]

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    Internet taxes again

    seasoned in Internet Marketing

    Well, I was watching "the mclaughlin report". MAN, how STUPID! I guess we know why they have the word laugh in it! They were talking about internet taxes in the ... [read more]

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    How can I report a member that owes me commissions?

    Hi guys, how do I report a member/seller that does not respond to pm's and emails because he owes me commissions for a product I promoted for him? Its not ... [read more]

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    anybody with nootropic or pharmaceutical business experience?

    SimonR in Internet Marketing

    Im looking to start a new venture in the ''nootropic" industrie /pharmaceutical/supplements , i have few simple questions I would be really thankfull for your knowledge, you can pm me ... [read more]

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    Building Your Own Blog Network - Still Viable?

    Snowclone in Internet Marketing

    Couple questions. I wanted to check on the viability of building my own blog network. I had a client who fell through (actually went to jail, probably a good thing ... [read more]

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    3-D Printing

    goindeep in Internet Marketing

    Anyone getting in on this niche or already in it?

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    Directory Submission software

    Hi all, Yes I am a newbie! There must be an easier way to submit businesses to all the different yelp etc Please let me know what you use!! ... [read more]

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    Clickbank Unique Affiliate Id, script? (click here to generate your link) - what is the script ?

    What is that script, for clickbank where when you enter your clickbank ID, it generates your clickbank Affiliate id for that product. (as you being the affiliate). and it converts ... [read more]

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    Questions about an XML datafeed

    Talltom1 in Internet Marketing

    OK, I admit I'm tearing my hair out and I don't have much to begin with. I'm taking on a new supplier, that has xml datafeeds for the products. I'm ... [read more]

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    Going Full Time in Internet Marketing from 2012

    Hey there fellow Warriors! Just posting to share my joy with you.On December 31st will be my last day as an employee working for someone else!I am quitting my full ... [read more]

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    How can I promote an affiliate link here?

    So I read on the newbie sticky that we obviously can't add an affiliate link in our sig. So, can anyone let me know what is the correct way of ... [read more]

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    Package / bundle book for tourism

    Hi everybody, I need some help as my book is almost complete. My book is about my world travels working for the rich and famous on boats. We probably all ... [read more]

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    Offered £1500 for domain name. Real or not?

    GL Croft in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys, Am a newbie here, just want to know if this person is taking a mick or not. I have been offered £1500 for a domain name I have ... [read more]

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    McAfee Anti-Virus discriminating links to Warrior Forum..?

    Meharis in Internet Marketing

    In two different ocassions got the display advising not to go there. The links come from two Warriors. Obviously, I let them know about it. Anyone having same message? Meharis

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    Looking for some feedback

    JJfitness in Internet Marketing

    What's up guys, Looking for a bit of feedback on my website: I am unsure how to move forward with it and tackle two issues I've outlined below. 1. ... [read more]

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    TOP Marketplaces for Affiliates?

    BJ Min in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys, Other than clickbank and clicksure, where are other TOP marketplaces to find affiliate products to promote? Especially for the IM niche... Thanks BJ

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    Short Stories Banned on the Kindle?

    angela99 in Internet Marketing

    I know that many writers are writing short stories for Amazon's Kindle Store; I'm doing that myself. The Digital Reader had an interesting article yesterday: Is Amazon Banning Short-Short Fiction ... [read more]

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    What is Google Tag Manger?

    imv in Internet Marketing

    Hello, anyone knows exactly what google tag manager does? how does it compare to google analytics? what kind of extra data we can get from google tag manager? Thanks.

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    Help With Fiverr? Please?

    trnz in Internet Marketing

    I want buy some Facebook page likes. I would be grateful for ANY advice and /or ways for how to do this the clever way. How to find a seller, ... [read more]

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    Share your Amazon affiliate sites here!

    Hi warriors, recently read lot of generous amazon affiliate website tips and guides shared in the forum to newbie marketers. But I think it would be better if we can ... [read more]

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    Has YourNetBiz Died

    Guys, I have been looking on getting started with this business opportunity from home but from what i have seen all the last posts and videos where from back in ... [read more]

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    Membership site: WordPress vs vBulletin

    Something I've been thinking about today and I'd like to get the forums input on.... I'm investigating membership sites but I'm trying to see why I need WordPress at all ... [read more]

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    Working with Google Analytics and Crazy Egg

    imv in Internet Marketing

    What is the best strategies for using google analytics with crazy egg. I understand that crazy egg may cost some money, but it does seem to give stats that google ... [read more]

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    Like, tweet, Google + OR NO ACCESS!

    I've tried 2 plugins for wordpress recently but both have their flaws in terms of what I want them to do or they just are not supported anymore. I am ... [read more]

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    How would you do it? OTO / Reccommendation at the same time?

    Hi there! I would like your opinion on the timing of different offers once people sign into my list. I offer regular tipps via email, that´s what people sign up ... [read more]

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    Social Media and Nighclubs

    tropstorm in Internet Marketing

    I'm thinking about writing a "smart guide" about using social media as a gateway to nightclubs in large cities; for meeting people, finding hot spots, great deals, VIP treatments, invites ... [read more]

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    Postcard mailing house and design services reommendations?

    BJ Min in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I am looking to get into postcard marketing. Do you any of you guys know of recommended postcard design & mailing services on the internet? Thanks BJ

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    Semi-Successful Website But Hit a Wall. Need Advice.

    teedizz in Internet Marketing

    I have owned/operated a website since 2006. It has generated as much as $6000+ a month to as little as $600 a month. With the way eCPM for websites like ... [read more]

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    Free Public Domain Art Images

    If you can use some high quality pictures of art for your blog posts or other content, here are some recently released free public domain images:

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    Looking for "Justinsch"

    sand1 in Internet Marketing

    Hello, I am looking to get in touch with Justin, user "Justinsch". Does anyone have contact info for him? Or, can someone please contact him and have him PM me ... [read more]

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    Writing articles or blog post - What do you use?

    When writing articles for your site or blog what do you use ? Is it more practical to write it in something like word first then copy and paste it. ... [read more]

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    REAL Mentor NEEDED! (recommend)

    Chris Cho in Internet Marketing

    Are there any REAL internet marketing mentor/coaches you guys can recommend? I want to take my internet marketing to the NEXT LEVEL and I'm looking for a mentor. I'm a ... [read more]

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    Celebrity Web Sites... Where do you get your photos?

    For those of you that have celeb web sites, where on earth do you get your photos?

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    Tips on monetizing celebrity gossip blogs?

    Hey Guy's, I'm getting some decent traffic coming to some articles I've posted in the celebrity gossip niche. Adsense isn't cutting it, and CPA offers just don't seem targeted...Anyone have ... [read more]

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    How to organize your ideas and knowledge about IM

    cup243 in Internet Marketing

    How do you guys organize all your ideas, information, things to remember, etc? About IM and all that. I constantly have many ideas and learn new things so I keep ... [read more]

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    Audio e-mail newsletter possible? Good idea?

    dee100 in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I'm pretty new to all this kind of thing. My dating tips newsletter, will be question/answer format (questions from my readers). My answers are quite long (first newsletter - ... [read more]

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    Claims of Yelp extortion starting to hit the news

    zoomsixx in Internet Marketing

    Many business owners in Sacramento and around the country are frustrated with Yelp. Gonul Blum has been in the restaurant business for 10 years in Sacramento and said Yelp employees ... [read more]

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    Images in Kindle?

    I would love to hear some feedback on your experience with images in your kindle books. I haven't been using images, but want to hear what others are doing. Thanks! ... [read more]

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    Ways to make money online? VS Online ways to make money? Which term is more commonly known ?

    Ways to make money online? VS Online ways to make money? which one is more commonly known by the public/market/niche for people who want to learn about how to make ... [read more]

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    So why will YouTube not let me add my tags to my video? HELP

    timpears in Internet Marketing

    I have a video on and I changed the description and added a bunch of tags. I was told that I could add as many as i want as ... [read more]

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    Good product on how to convert from Niche sites?

    mpluto in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys and girls, first I want to say big thanks for all your help. I got 80% SEO rule from Source Wave and it is a great system to ... [read more]

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    Warriors Please Help

    mcderex in Internet Marketing

    Hi Warriors, I tried to install "G-Lock WPNewsman" plugin in my wordpress and its saying i cannot install it because i have PHP 5.2.17 installed but it needs PHP version ... [read more]

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    Google Plus Question

    deebee23 in Internet Marketing

    Everybody keeps saying how you should post post and use pics with content to grow your following with Google Plus and the other social media networks. My question is when ... [read more]