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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum! STICKY

    Please see the following guides to our community: Warrior Forum etiquette for posting List of the best all in one, knowledge compendium threads You are a moderator If a spammer ... [read more]

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    Google Plus Question

    deebee23 in Internet Marketing

    Everybody keeps saying how you should post post and use pics with content to grow your following with Google Plus and the other social media networks. My question is when ... [read more]

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    Looking for Custom Graphics

    Hi Warriors! I'm looking to have a few custom graphics done for a reasonable price. Who here does them or can refer me to someone who does? Thanks, Michelle

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    Single Optin Help

    Hi! I'm trying to figure out how to set up a single opt in via Getresponse. I built a new list for it, checked off the web and email confirmation ... [read more]

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    buying expired domains?

    Jays80 in Internet Marketing

    Warriors, What do you look for when buying expired domain? How to you ensure that PR is not wiped in a Google update? thanks,

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    Sending Visitors To Blog Post Before Sales Page

    gwpmike in Internet Marketing

    Hello Warriors, What do you think is better for getting higher conversion rates? 1) Sending my list/subscribers directly to a sales page (for an affiliate product) 2) Sending my list/subscribers ... [read more]

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    is get-paid work ?

    hi everyone i really been searching for way to make some money to start invest in IM i working in 2 business model (but i need about 100$ to complete ... [read more]

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    Ebay affiliate

    Your thoughts and advice on Ebay affiliate programme? Is it worth it given the "pay per legit lead/click". And how to get them integrated in the website? Thanks

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    Help please. Is there an option to enable or give permission to someone to install a theme?

    Jensha in Internet Marketing

    Hi guys, I need a little help here. Story summary, I bought a website where the seller will also install it for me. I installed a wordpress on the site ... [read more]

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    For all the Link Marketers out there...

    Teravel in Internet Marketing

    If you're one of the many people trying to scrape together a few extra pennies each month through Linkbucks or Adfly, you should take a quick look at this new ... [read more]

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    Looking for bloggers meetups/exhibitions

    Hi Guys, do you know any directory where I can find a list of conventions/exhibitions specific for bloggers? ( various niches ). I'm familiar with Find Meetup groups near you ... [read more]

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    Embed video into an image

    Hi everyone I have a blank desktop image and I want to include a video into that image so it looks like the video is playing through the desktop image. ... [read more]

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    Cpanel Traffic Stats vs. Analytics

    SeanyG in Internet Marketing

    Hey guys, Do you know which tracking system is more accurate for unique visitors? The stats tracking within my Cpanel on Host Gator vs. Google Analytics? Thanks for your reply. ... [read more]

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    Help for Little SEO for Blogger

    Kom in Internet Marketing

    I am again hope not get borr for my new question. I need some tips from all of you ! regarding how to seo my blog. I got page 2 ... [read more]

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    SOA records keep showing Private email address

    Hi, Does anyone know exactly what determines which email address shows up in the SOA records? I looked at a wiki of what SOA records were and couldn't understand a ... [read more]

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    The Marketplace For Content Has An Echo

    I track the WF and a couple of other marketing forums twice a day for new content that needs to be done. However, it seems as of lately there's an ... [read more]

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    How quickly will I get a C&D?

    Edge88 in Internet Marketing

    So about 2 years ago I bought a domain for a very popular movie that debuted this weekend. it looks like this: movienametoys dot com If I setup a review ... [read more]

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    Whats the best traffic technique that is working for you?

    Hi Fellow warriors I would like to know which traffic technique is working for you best in your online business.I am looking to grow my subscriber and customer lists fast ... [read more]

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    Videos vs Whiteboard presentation For CB product?

    Im gettting a sales page done in the weight loss niche. I see some with video of people talking and I also see whiteboard videos as well. The newer products ... [read more]

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    How 5 Visitors per Day turns in 20475 in 90 Days!

    Hey guys, I just wanted to post on the power of consistent action and how over time small things can snowball into massive things. Here is a little thought experiment. ... [read more]

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    Screenshots of Ebook content pages?

    E. Corbo in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I'm putting together a new sales page for testing and I wanted to show potential customers some screenshots sample pages of the pdf ebook they're buying... without revealing too ... [read more]

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    Whoisguard question

    I have enabled whoisguard on an existing domain (two years old). When I search for this domain at the Whois History option says there are 12 records archived and ... [read more]

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    Feedback very much required on my site and opt-in

    beamkiss in Internet Marketing

    Hello, I think I very much need some expert feedback on my website. Outsmart Anxiety In particular the opt-in forms (one on the sidebar, another at the base of each ... [read more]

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    Power / Electricity Problems in Philippines

    Hi, sometimes the virtual assistant I hire from Philippines is unavailable several days, he wasn't able to do the tasks, again and again, and the excuse is power off, there ... [read more]

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    How To Check If Autoresponder Email is Spam Filtered

    SocialWiz in Internet Marketing

    Wanted to know exactly how to check if your autoresponder email is being sent to SOME spam inboxes. Currently using Aweber with a 10% average open rate, however I regularly ... [read more]

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    Confirmed optin for imported list

    Stevie C in Internet Marketing

    Hi Guys, Finally got round to starting my listbuilding something I should have done a long time ago. Here's my question I JV'd with another marketer a while back on ... [read more]

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    How to show your users / clients that their database is protected in SaaS

    as the title, how should we show our clients and users that in SaaS, their database is protected ? I am looking for organization such as Truste in this Pls ... [read more]

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    Embedding video

    Hi everyone Does anyone know how to make a video look like its playing through an image. For example I have a iMac image with a blank screen and I ... [read more]

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    If you had 500 unique visitors per day for "work at home" niche

    Hey guys If you had a few websites that were getting 500-1000 visitors per day in the work from home, make money niche. All SEO traffic from good keywords, what ... [read more]

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    JVzoo - Problems activating product.

    Taniwha in Internet Marketing

    I've purchased a product through JVzoo; Long Tail Pro. When I click the 'Activate your purchase' link on the JVzoo page, it just downloads an unknown file which is named ... [read more]

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    Software for Quick Text to video ?

    Jiverrfan in Internet Marketing

    Is there a Software that turns text to video in seconds?

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    web design help

    gkuang2 in Internet Marketing

    Hi, I bought a reseller site and all the contents within the site was given to me in a file to download. But I want to change the way it ... [read more]

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    Do you save EVERYTHING that you write?

    Do you save everything that you write? If you do aggregate all your writings, then maybe you can go back later and by editing it all, create a book or ... [read more]

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    What's the internet marketing advantage of covering your links with

    Jensha in Internet Marketing

    Hello. I think this is the 4th time I've seen someone comment on a thread to "rewrite PLR articles then post them on your website, then add a link to ... [read more]

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    How do you write you're content?

    nitrojeff in Internet Marketing

    Was wondering how you guys and girls write you're content for you're websites, Do you like to write and use Notepad or Microsoft word and take time on it than ... [read more]

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    Looking for a Domain tool that covers more Marketplaces

    Charli in Internet Marketing

    Hi. While I don't have many post here, I've attended many of TravisTraffic Webinars and get JVZoo's newsletters, but I still haven't quite found what I'm looking for yet. I ... [read more]

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    TRAFFIC: What is the best non-paid way to get some just starting out?

    lgizzle in Internet Marketing

    I'm looking for the best way in your opinion to get traffic without paying for it and when just starting out. What would you recommend?

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    CB product creation in weight loss niche? What can and cant i say?

    Im about to get a sales script done for a CB weight loss product. How can I find out what Im allowed and not allowed to say. Who would I ... [read more]

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    How I stumbled upon thousands of visitors

    Dburn in Internet Marketing

    Hey Guys, I wanted to let you know about this awesome website called Basically what happens is when somebody finds or "stumbles upon" a site that they find interesting ... [read more]

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    Keyword research for diabetes & golf

    Anyone help me with finding keywords for golf and people who are diabetic. Google keyword tool isn't doing much for me and I don't believe there is no one searching ... [read more]

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    does youtube traffic convert?

    Joshua P in Internet Marketing

    I havent used youtube for traffic yet so I'm well does youtube traffic convert? I tried facebook and I must say its the cheapest and the lowest quality traffic ... [read more]

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    How Much Do Ad Swaps Cost??

    I know that ad swaping is a very easy way to generate some new opt-ins, but, i do see people charging fees for ad swaping. I thought this was a ... [read more]

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    Skin care solo ad

    mcderex in Internet Marketing

    Hello Warriors, Does anyone know a blogger in the skin care niche that i can do a JV or solo ad with? Thanks guys.

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    youtube search?

    Joshua P in Internet Marketing

    i want to know if theres some service or way to find out which keywords are most searched and their volume on youtube. is there some way to get around ... [read more]

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    Anyone affiliate marketing using Pinterest?

    I recently revisited trying my hand at integrating Pinterest into my affiliate marketing efforts. I ran into the same old problem of trying to set a Pin URL of my ... [read more]

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    Retargeting - good results so far

    Hey guys Has anyone tried remarketing networks such as AdRoll? We've just started some remarketing campaigns and are seeing click-through rates 3 times those that Google typically deliver for us. ... [read more]

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    Quick Theory Lesson: CPM vs CPC

    fotoflo in Internet Marketing

    Dear Warriors, I was responding to a thread where someone asked how to buy advertising on facebook, and I thought this response might be applicable to more people so I ... [read more]

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    What would you charge?

    erikcairo in Internet Marketing

    Starting work for new company and my duties would include, blog posts (1-2 per week) tweets (2-3 daily) FB page updates and general customer service. Will also speaking to whoever ... [read more]

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    How do you know if a domain is worth flipping?

    vf8170 in Internet Marketing

    Just as the title says. I'm newer at domains and have what I think is a good brandable one. How do I know if it is worth flipping besides putting ... [read more]

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    How is my website

    I'm proud of what I did. What is good and can better. Doing e-mail marketing to sell my products to em later (has an OTO on it, ... [read more]

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    Can't Upload Images To My WP Site

    Every time I try to upload an image to my word press site I get a message saying MISSING TEMP FOLDER. Any one familiar with a problem like that, and ... [read more]

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    FB ad question...

    jpfritz in Internet Marketing

    So I have now figured out there must be some "mystical" formula for FB ad given my first 2 runs. lol I set up 2 different campaigns, both were setup ... [read more]

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    Beyond Hosting unable to handle high volume traffic?

    spartanic in Internet Marketing

    Any high volume affiliates running CPV Lab with Beyond Hosting? I had assumed that since they're VPS servers were optimized for CPV Lab then there shouldn't be any issues but ... [read more]

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    Google Analytics and Crazy Egg.

    imv in Internet Marketing

    Anyone has any experience in both google analytics and crazy egg? What is the best way to use them? I don't think they do the same thing, but what are ... [read more]

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    Is this the Right Time to launch an Internet Marketing Product

    biznics in Internet Marketing

    Hi all, I was thinking of few of my plans for next month and one of them is to launch an info product (ebook) for Internet Marketers (SEO Course basically). ... [read more]

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    Feels Good To Wake Up...

    and see over $200 in clickbank returns! Most of these look like serial refunders. I know many go through this but does anyone get less returns using other affiliate marketplaces? ... [read more]

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    How much longer can Interruption Marketing Last?

    I'm not sure who coined the term 'Interruption marketing', perhaps it was Seth Godin but don't quote me on that. I'm interpreting it a little different to most. What I ... [read more]