30 Days to Make Your *First* Clickbank Sale! - 29 Days Left!!!

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Update 2016: You can follow my journey at OneMansBrand.com as I rarely come on Warrior Forum any more. Currently I am building a niche Amazon associate website and an Authority site which has over 25k being invested in it find out more here.

Hey everyone,

My name is Will and I have over 6 years experience in Online marketing, currently work for Groupon UK and also run my own group of websites as a hobby/additional job.

I started online marketing with Clickbank and as many found it extremely difficult to nail that first sale, now as I surf the Internet it still seems that many beginners in Internet marketing find it extremely difficult to overcome that first sale barrier on Clickbank. So, to help these beginners on their path to success I have decided to create a 30 day challenge.

What will this 30 day Challenge entail?

Well, I have created a brand new Clickbank account solely for the purpose of this challenge and I will try my hardest to make the first sale within the first 30 days using only free methods of leveraging traffic. In this 30 days I will find the Clickbank product(s), I will research and register a domain name, create a website and use my 6 years experience to market my website to help leverage potential customers to my website in which they will then 'hopefully' purchase a product through my affiliate link.

I will be completely clear and honest with everyone here, I will share every technique, every method and strategy I use to harness the traffic, and also share my methods for choosing the right product, the right domain name, doing the right market research and so on so fourth. The challenge thread will be updated daily, as I will be working on the site every day.

Overall I hope that the 30 day Clickbank challenge will help educate and motivate the beginners in the Online marketing field. If anyone has any questions or needs any support feel free to ask.

First steps

As I have already created the Clickbank account, the first steps will be finding the right product(s) to promote. Once I start the challenge I will research the best market to enter, the best product(s) to promote, the best domain name to register and the best type of website to create. This will all be covered in my first post, on the first day of the challenge.

The challenge has begin on July 1st 2011 - 29 days left!

If anyone would like to join me in this challenge or has any questions let me know.


P.S I won't redirect you all to my own personal site to follow the challenge, everything will be done right here for you all to see!
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    Clickbank is hard
  • Profile picture of the author Raja Kamil
    Sure you can....good thread for newbies to follows.
    Wish you all the best !
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    I'll subscribe to this thread, looking forward to your success. I have started promoting a few CB products just a few days ago.

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    all the best man..this will be interesting
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    Thanks everyone for the support and enthusiasm, didn't realise the thread had been accepted. I will be starting this on Saturday now since the thread was accepted later than I thought. I've already been doing some research and have found a couple of good markets to enter, will post my findings tomorrow.

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    Good luck on this one! I'll subscribe to this thread as I think a lot of valuable information is to be harvested from you! *evil laugh*


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    I already subscribe for this thread, I have no experience in clickbank, I wish learn how to start.. thank you
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    Very cool, looking to see what happens! Love the company you work for too!
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    I'm subscribing this thread. Really very excited to know the recipe to sell an affiliate clickbank product. Nice idea of "30 Days Challenge" research thread.

    Best of Luck Will!
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    Hey willyboy 104
    I lived in Wythenshawe for a year, so anything from Manchester gets my support!
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    First, Good luck to you about this problem. I hope you will try hard to success. This is good person.
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    This sounds interesting. My first sale on clickbank is still yet to come, so let's see how it works out for you... subscribed. And good luck
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    I just got my first clickbank sale last week. But that was it
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    I had used Clickbank in one of my sites earlier but had a poor result. After that I never ued it. I have lost faith in clickbank and also in Junction.
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    This s going to be a wonderful 30 days got to sub to this thread
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    I'm subscribing this thread
    and going to create Clickbank account
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    Originally Posted by willyboy104 View Post

    This will all be covered in my first post, on the first day of the challenge.
    The challenge will begin on Saturday June 25th 2011 at 9.00am or whenever I wake up
    Nothing happened, nothing posted :confused: ......Still Sleeping?

    Originally Posted by willyboy104 View Post

    06-16-2011 02:19 PM
    Re: 30 Days to Make Your *First* Clickbank Sale!
    Thanks everyone for the support and enthusiasm, didn't realise the thread had been accepted. I will be starting this on Saturday now since the thread was accepted later than I thought. I've already been doing some research and have found a couple of good markets to enter, will post my findings tomorrow.
    Nothing happened, nothing posted?? :confused:

    Willyboy, whats up?? Or is there anybody who know whats going on here???
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    I just found this thread as I'm new in IM & Clickbank... I earned some dollars last few weeks through adsense, fiverr...
    I decided yestherday to start with clickbank - trying to sale some niche related products.

    I bought (on namecheap) a dot com domain name with the keyword in it. Now I need to wait 24-48hrs until the domain is activated and I'll be starting building a wordpress blog.

    I also did some research of which niche I will base on. It's a health related one and I found some products I would like to promote with clickbank.

    I downloaded couple of WP themes that I like, I have couple of plugins written down.
    As soon as I get my domain activated I will start:

    -Setting up the website & writing first article(s) + clickbank Aff(hop) link
    - Promoting through youtube, SEO, article on article directories, forums & blogs.

    I'm only for 2 months in the IM business so this is all new to me.
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    Hey everyone, thanks for reading and replying I appreciate everyone's support here and thank you for subscribing those that have. Firstly, allow me to apologise this thread is a bit behind, I left Groupon UK this week and have been interviewing for several PPC Search Executive roles in London.

    Amidst all this I have completed several of the first steps for this 30 day challenge, so lets activate this challenge from today the 1st July 2011.

    30 Day Clickbank Sale Challenge: Started 1st July 2011: First Steps

    Day 1: Product Research & Keyword Research

    OK, first we need to head over to Clickbank's Marketplace now this is your starting point for any marketing campaign you will create. There are others ways of doing product research which I will mention in a later post but for now let's keep things simple.

    In the search box on the marketplace page, type in a market/product that interests you, something that interests you, something you would enjoy writing about and marketing to other people, something you have a passion for. After clicking search you will probably find several results, each of these are different products and underneath each result you will find a load of random numbers and statistics.

    Which will look like this:> stats: Initial $/sale: $xx.xx | Avg %/sale: xx.x% | Avg Rebill Total: $xxx.xx | Avg %/rebill: xx.x% | Grav: x.xx

    Each of these highlight important factors of the product it's self, such as:

    Initial $/sale = The basic revenue you will make per conversion. Although this isn't always accurate as it is now popular on Clickbank for vendors to have upsells and downsells or different price points such as 10% discounts on the exit page.

    Avg %/sale = This is the commission percentage you will receive per sale. For example if the initial $/sale value is $20.00 and the Avg %/sale is set at 75% (most common commission) then you will receive approximately $15.00.

    Avg Rebill Total = The amount of revenue you will receive if the product you are selling is on a payment plan. For example a monthly membership product which has an initial $/sale of $100 plus an Avg Rebill Total of $75 means you will receive 75% of the initial sale ($100) plus the %/rebill (explained below) of $75.

    Avg %/Rebill = This is the commission percentage you will receive per recurring payment/rebill, as explained above.

    Gravity = Now, this is a very conflicting, easily manipulated number which is not to be taken very seriously. The gravity is a number which calculates the amount of different affiliates to make 1 sale with the same product in the last 8 weeks.

    For example: If 100 affiliates made a sale on a brand new product within an 8 week period the gravity would be 100. However, if 100 affiliates were to make 5,000 sales in an 8 week period the gravity would still be 100.

    Why? Because the gravity only takes in to account one sale per affiliate, per every 8 week period.

    This figure can be easy manipulated by creating new Clickbank accounts or by adding unique affiliate IDs to a rotation system before the payment page to ensure that every sale is pushed to a unique affiliate ID.

    The reason vendors do this is to be further exposed on Clickbank and on other sites which record product growth statistics such as NicheJunky.com & CB-Analytics.com.

    What I did when looking for a product?

    I enjoy hunting for new niches, sub-niches, trending markets and up and coming market areas and I am not only an affiliate but also a vendor. However, when it comes to product research I like to use several tools to help me find the right product for my next campaign.

    Step 1: Check out Flippa.com - See what's selling, if it's a Clickbank product check how many sales they have made, what products they are selling, how they drove traffic to the site and what methods they used for driving traffic to the site.

    Also see what's not selling, this is important because at the final stage of your campaign you will inevitably sell your website so you want to ensure you enter a market which you can A) make money and B) make more money by selling your website.

    Step 2: Clickbank.com - If Step 1 didn't bring you any results (doesn't always) then as I mentioned earlier trawl the marketplace for markets that interest YOU. Find a product with a good commission, and good price then click through to the sales page, read it, try and get yourself in to a customers mindset, forget all your marketing knowledge and pretend you know nothing about Clickbank and nothing about the market, your just interested in the product and see if you would purchase. If your not even half-interested in purchasing walk straight away, move on to the next product until you find something ideal.

    Personally, I enjoy products with a relatively low gravity 30+ and a commission of 75% for a product that sells at $30-$60. Why? Because a gravity of 30+ means it sells, they are probably not manipulating the gravity score, so it converts and it's not overly competitive.

    Step 3: Once you have found the product you are going to promote in the market you are interested in developing a campaign within it's time to do your keyword research.

    Here are some Keyword Research tools:

    Google Keyword Tool

    Heck, I am just going to give you one! Why? Well you don't need any other, you don't need to spend a dime and this will serve the very purpose you need for your keyword research.

    Keyword research is basically extensive market research, you may know you have an interest in Snooker or in Weight Loss but you might not know exactly what people are looking for, that's why you use a keyword tool.

    The Google Keyword Tool will tell you exactly what people are searching in to Google and how many searches each key term receives on a monthly basis. All of this from just entering one generic keyword in the search box titled 'word or phrase'.

    So, enter your 'word or phrase' keep it generic, simple and short...so if you do like a weight loss product, type weight loss. After this enter the captcha code and click search.

    Note: The tool may automatically target a specific country related to your IP address, you can leave this as the search will also bring up a global match.

    You will find approximately 100 results, from short tailed key terms, to long tailed key terms and besides each of these you will find global/local monthly searches.

    You want to look out for 'buy'/'product' type keywords, keywords which give you the impression the user may be looking to research in to purchasing a product, or is actually looking to purchase a product. Whether they want an answer to a problem or are searching directly for a product.

    For example: Sticking with the weight loss market:

    'How to lose weight' - if you confront a user who has just typed this in to Google and clicked search with a detailed article which highlights several ways you can lose weight and at the bottom suggest the user to take a look at such a product, then heck they are likely to click through and check that product out.

    This is a buying type keyword, another example below:

    'Weight Loss Program' - these users are probably desperate to lose weight, they are looking for an answer and YOU will give them one. Develop your landing page and communicate with ALL of there inner emotions, their desires and thoughts - think like a customer!

    Now back to the results you just found, compile a list of buying/product type keywords and use these to do further research.

    The best type of keyword is a buying/product type keyword with lots of searches per month (at least 1,000) and little to no competition (100,000 pages or less). However, being realistic this doesn't happen often especially with Clickbank products so take what you can!

    Since this is a guide to making a Clickbank sale in 30 days using free methods, I plan on using article marketing, video marketing and social media marketing as well as a bit of SEO (but hey I have 30 days!) to make my sale. Therefore with the keywords I found I plan on writing articles and creating videos surrounding these areas.

    As this is getting to be quite a long post I will cut it short and leave the rest till tomorrow, but let me conclude, after doing the product research and keyword research I have chosen the following:

    Market Choice: Online MMORPG Guides
    Clickbank Product(s): Rift Supremacy & Xeres Rift Guide

    Rift Supremacy: Price: $26.57 (75% commission) & upsells - Gravity 28.85

    Xeres Rift Guide: Price $19.88 (60% commission) & upsells? - Gravity 51.11

    The reason I chose these products is because the Rift niche is a growing market, the game is similar to World of Warcraft however I don't have as big as expectations for the game I believe creating a campaign surrounding the products would be very effective.

    After doing the initial keyword research I have found a huge amount of long tailed keywords, which means there is a large amount of low competition keywords with a sufficient amount of searches (1,000+ per month).

    Tomorrow, I will update this thread with the domain name choice and landing page information. Until then, if anyone has any questions please let me know.
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    @willyboy104 thank you for answering the questions.
    I have something else to ask, is it better to start with 1 website (promoting clickbank products) or 2 at a time? I don't mind writing 2 articles each day for 2 website's and promoting them on forums, etc... ?? any tips?

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