Make Money With Amazon in 30 Days!

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Whether you have a full-time job, self-employed or still at school if you’re looking to make money online then Amazon is a great place to start! However, it seems a lot of people discard Amazon straight away because they look at the commission tiers and think “geez I will never make any money getting 4-9% commission” then they compare it to the likes of Clickbank or other digital product vendors with their 70% plus commissions and potential upsells/downsells as added commission. However they never consider brand awareness, market leverage, exposure, refund rates, conversion rates or any other fundamental metric in online marketing. If this is you, then STOP having that mentality and read on!

I was like you once, I started with Clickbank and was straight away lured in to the foreign exchange (forex) market, with its great conversion rates, huge commissions and amazing upsells, but it was soon to blow over when refund rates hit 30-50%, products started to launch and disappear within 30 days, the market was at war with its self and I was the ammunition. I quickly got out of the Forex market, and then went in to promoting other products, such as SEO tools, audio software and by this time had enough experience, know-how and skill to realise that Clickbank really wasn’t the best platform for an affiliate promoting products through websites.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I am not a clickbank hater, I have my own products on Clickbank and I honestly believe that’s where the money is on Clickbank, in being a vendor – if your new to affiliate marketing, you can make money through Clickbank but I feel it is a long, cold road ahead with lots of competition, lots of sneaky vendors and affiliates and a massive learning curve. If you have an E-mail list, or a website which is a great match for a Clickbank product then go for it! You would be silly not to, but otherwise why not look elsewhere...or heck, why not compare two options, Clickbank and Amazon.

Well, with this case study/challenge I am going to be using Amazon as my platform of choice. I have been using Amazon for the past 12 months, I started with paid media activities, not a long term strategy but something that lasted about 9 months where I was making £x,xxx per month. Since then I moved my strategy to a long term approach, focusing on SEO, authority and niche content websites. However, the more I read, the more I realise that people are still struggling to crack that first sale, or first consecutive month where sales continue to come in and I cannot understand why.

Amazon has amazing conversion rates – especially when you focus on niche content websites leveraging traffic from long tail search queries.

In this case study/challenge I am going to challenge myself to research, create, promote and rank a completely new website. I’ve already done the research and registered the domain name which I will discuss in my next post tomorrow, the next step is choosing my platform, choosing my theme/template and writing down a layout/structure for my navigation of the site.

If you are interested in learning how to make money with Amazon then stay tuned, subscribe to the thread and let’s get going!

A 30 day journey to researching, developing, optimising and ranking a niche content site monetized primarily through Amazon, stay tuned to learn more!
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    Thanks very much.. I'm in
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    I'd want more info too
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    Yes, please!
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    I love the idea of this thread! Any updates, OP?
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    me too. looking forward to it.
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    I agree! Amazon is really no secret! This guy has a good focus on what to share. I just wanted to share that 30 is really good enough time for you to make money on amazon. I myself started making money with amazon on by first 60 days while being a member of HubPages! I never though I would be able to sell a $700 notebook computer from by page and make really good commissions!


    Don't get me wrong, but since you posted this message more than a week ago, it would be nice to the new followers if you updated the thread every two or three days. This will also help you maintain your focus on your objectives.

    Best of Luck to you all!
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    I'd be in! Any updates yet?
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    Hi everyone, updates coming tonight - just wanted the thread to grab some attention first

    Prepare for the best 30 day challenge
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    This is really great! Count me in...
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    interested to see how you get on
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    I''m in!...Looking to starting my new campaign with you
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    Im in, well I already started with Amazon 2 years ago so a bit too early.

    Will you be discussing your backlinking strategy? It would be interesting to hear how you intend to rank, now that Penguin has changed the face of SEO.

    I have been using Amazon for the past 12 months, I started with paid media activities, not a long term strategy but something that lasted about 9 months where I was making £x,xxx per month.
    What platform did you use for paid traffic? Did you test multiple platforms or just one?
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    I am interested in learning your strategies.
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    Is this challenge still going ahead?
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    I'm also interested Where or when are the updates?
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    Updates update update
    where is it now

    em waiting for it anxiously
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    OP where you are? Half of those 30 days have passed. Please update.
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    I agree absolutely!
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    Everything needed to know about making money with Amazon has already been posted in the recent topics on this forum so why not jump on the train and do this with you.

    Don´t worry, I wont be ruining your topic with my own results, just found motivation from your post.
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    I still need more information about how to join this challenge..
    Gonna join this challenge soon

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