Whats The Best Software Program For Organizing Notes

by highbids 7 replies
I need a simple program that can organize the notes I make
from reading ebooks.

I'm thinking more of a database type of program, instead of a
planner or pim.

I"m not putting the info to use after I read it.

I would like to copy & paste the info when I'm reading the ebook
into a program that would be open in the background into groups.
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    My Knowledge Base software would be perfect for you!

    It sells for $79.95, but I would consider a steep discount for Warriors.

    PM me or see DoyleSoft | About | Knowledge Base Software

    Brandon Doyle
    http://doylesoft.com Simple, effective, and affordable software. Knowledge Base software.

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      For note taking I always use mindmanager its a mindmapping software. I can take my mindmap and convert it to a PDF, Powerpoint or word. I can also add hyperlinks, excel files graphic to my mindmap.
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    If your on a mac then hands down its journler. written notes, audio notes, video notes, images, cut and past anything you like. It even has a search lexicon. Powerful program.

    Jesse P. Jameson
    CEO - Black Box Digital Products

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    Is there anyway to run the software in xp or is there
    a similar program for xp.
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    Have you tried any of the add-ons for Firefox, such as Notefish?
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    This thread is about organizing notes.
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    There is a firefox addon called "Quick note" and then there is "foxnotes" foxnotes is fantastic but it falls in and out of compatability as firefox updates.. try the quick note addon

    Did you know that when you write notes out on paper, you are developing tens euof thousands of neuro pathways, and that your tactile senses develop memory quicker?

    Typing generall develops 8-10 neuropathways.. I try to always transcribe my notes by hand as soon as I can.
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