Reading books more than once...?

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Does anyone else find the need to read a book more than once to really absorb the wisdom found within the material? I end up finishing a book or audiobook and I find that I forget some things and I don't really know and fully understand the material.

Do you think it is normal to read a book more than once to really get the message? How many times would you think is normal to read a certain book to fully grasp the knowledge and fully understand through and through?
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    Depends on the book. I read The Sciene Of Growing Rich 3 times, but any of Perry Marshall's stuff, I have to read a few more times, becuase of the technical content, and I'm not so technologically gifted.

    There are people who read through their entire library every year, the idea is that you always miss something during the first read, and get it on subsequent reads.
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    I do not read a book more than once
    Some people might need to do that more than once to get the message
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    Absolutely. Some books I have read over and over and over throughout my whole life. Usually, the common denominator of books that I read time and again, is that the author is vastly more progressed than myself in understanding. Then, I find that as I grow myself over time, each re-read reveals something new to me that I didn't have the capacity to understand before.

    A major example of that for me, though the subject matter isn't specifically relevant to this forum, is "The Prophet" by Kahlil Gibran. I first read that when I was about 12 and I've been re-reading it over and over again for the subsequent 18 years and getting something new out of it every time.

    If you really feel that an individual has an advanced breadth of understanding, it would be a shame not to go back and re-read. Until you reach the same point as them or surpass them, you should be able to absorb more and more every single time you revisit.
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    Depends on book.
    for me science sure read it several times
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    I guess I'm more of an auditory learner. I seem to comprehend and remember audio books much better than reading. In books, I would get to chapter 3 and forget what I just read in chapter 1. I must have read "Think and Grow Rich" 4 times, but I got much more out of it when I listened to it on audio book.
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    Really, it depends on the book.

    "If it is a great life changing book, why not make it a multiple time life changing book"
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    I think it depends on your previous knwoledge of the issue. If you didn´t know about the issue, then it´s normal you read again the book. And if the book is very practical, then sure people need to read again.
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    As often as you needed and it may depends in your interest and likes.
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    Re:Reading and listening to the audio book. We all process information differently so the audio can impact some people more than reading, others can be the opposite, and then watching a movie on the subject can be a different experience too.
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    If it's good the first time around, it's better second time around, and even better the third.
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    If it's instructional (how to) I read it at least three times. The first time to get a grasp of the material, the second time taking notes and the third time to "set" it in my memory and to look for additional things I may have missed.
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    What is going on?
    I have posted in this thread twice and my reply just
    doesn't come up!

    OK, I am gonna try the third time!

    I am usually continue straight to the next book.
    Most books in similar categories share similar advice
    that's why I don't bother worrying about missing

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    Yes, I always read books more than once, especially interesting book.
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    I used to read informative books more than once, now I have learned to always have a pen and paper nearby so I can write down the information that is important to me. I also like to write down anything that is motivatonal as well.
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    Yes, some of the best books I will go back to again and again. I have read several of Tony Robbins books many times. I have read Think and Grow Rich several times, plus a book called Wink and Grow Rich which I put in another thread.

    I am in the process of listening to a great book called "It's not about the money" by a guy named Bob Proctor. That book has made a huge impact on my life, I would love to know if anyone else has checked it out.
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    I do read my spiritual books more than once.

    Especially the Abraham-Hicks material as they are speaking to us at different levels, and there are understandings found, especially after one experiences.

    I kept finding and reading older versions of Think and Grow Rich.
    Finally I was led to the original manuscript.
    Napolean Hill did hold back on where the information came from..He said it would not have been published at that time.

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    This is a little off, but my son Jack is now in home school.
    I am reading the Little house series by Laura Ingalls Wilder to him, and since I am an adult and have much improved reading and comprehension skills, it has been a treat and delight to visit once again.
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    Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill is like a manual for life. Nearly every other self help book in existence can be traced back to Napoleons hill's classic.

    This book should be required STUDYING material for ever student going into further education.

    The mind can only hold one dominating thought at any one time. It makes sense to read and hold the thought.... in order to absorb it into the subconscious.

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