How did you remove your mental blocks towards money?

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Hey guys! I need your help! I want to remove
my mental blocks towards money.

Can you help me by letting me know how you
removed your mental block towards money?

Here's why...

12 : 05 AM, Monday, June 1st 2009.

I made the biggest decision of my life.

I withdrew from Singapore Management University's
Business Management Faculty.

I decided to drop out of University.


Because I was not going to be happy there.

I want to pursue my passion!

However, I began to realize that I had a huge
mental block towards allowing money into my life.

I began asking everyone I knew who had a great
relationship with money the one question that
was blocking me from allowing money into my
life :

"Why should I have more money than I need
to survive?"

It's a valid question... I mean, I'm the kind of guy
who just buys things that he needs not what he
wants, so I didn't see the point of having more
than I need to survive.

I was talking to my mentor, Suria Mohd and she
answered my question with her own reason why
she's a millionaire and why she has all that money
lying around :

"My vision is to have more than enough money
to set up my very own foundation that teaches
others Entrepreneurship."

However, I wasn't that affected by her answer.

The next day, I asked my Mastermind Group Member,
Madison Soh, and he gave me a perspective that
helped me remove abit of my block.

"Saif, it's a game! I love playing this game of
money... It's just like scoring points and I love
to win big!"

I thought, "That's ingenious.. Treating money as points
you earn as you're playing a game reframes the whole

But it didn't really address my block towards money.
This mindset just avoided it...

I was still unsatisfied.

Just last Thursday, I was interviewing Self-help Guru
Noah St. John
about his new book "The Secret of
which was all about releasing your brakes in
life and thought I'd ask him the same question.

"Why should I have more money than I need
to survive?
" I asked.

He laughed and then asked me, "Saiful, why should
you have more money than you need to survive?"

I stopped laughing, and thought long and hard before
admitting, "I don't know, Noah."

"If you don't know, you're never going to have
more money than you need to survive!"

I was shocked by what he said but I knew it was true.

He then proceeded to tell me that I'm going to really
release all my mental blocks to money if I found it
myself and that what anybody said wouldn't really
have a drastic impact... and that was true.

Today, 9 days later, I believe I've found my answer
and I wanted to share it with you just in case some
of you might have the same block as I do.

The reason why I should have more money than I
need to survive is...

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

"Because I'm worth WAYYYYY more money than I need
to survive.

"Because I'm worth at least $10,000 per month!"

My friends, have you ever wondered why the measure
of someone's personal wealth is called NET WORTH?

Because the amount of money they have accumulated
in their lives is an exact representation of what society
believes they're worth!

I don't know about you but that's probably the biggest
paradigm shift you'll hear today, tomorrow, this week,
this month, this year.

With that I'd like to end this note.

I want to make this thread a reference for people
who have mental blocks towards money and help
them break through that barrier and start making
the kind of money they deserve so here's what
I want you to do next.

Please tell us how YOU removed your mental blocks
towards money.

Maybe it was something you heard at a seminar or
maybe it was something you discovered for yourself
just like me..

Please do this community a favor and tell us how you
removed your mental blocks towards money and
started making money online.

Always Say ICAN!


P.S. If you are earning a full-time income online,
and if you're earning more than $3000 per month,
we would love to hear from you!
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    Man, there is genius in this post.

    That is so true.

    Many people walk around scrapping bottom only for cash to eat and maybe buy some cheap stuff to make themselves happy.

    They don't want more. They only want to live.

    They think it's all just about money to spend.

    But as Saif said, it's more than that.

    If you give more than US$10,000 worth of value, it's jolly fair you get paid at least US$10,000 in value.

    So in fact, if you are more valuable, you get paid more.

    The reverse is also true.

    If you get paid nothing, you most probably are not doing much.

    Ahh ... in this light, what does that say about the poor, idle people you see sitting around on their bums not doing much ...

    And just how deserving is the hardworking, purpose-drive chap out there who actively comes from purpose and makes a big impact ...

    Food for thought.

    Take it to the MAX,
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    Well there are certain things that money just cant buy. For example ones time is priceless be it a second or a minute.

    For many people life is a habit. If ones habit is not money then there will be resistance there. It does not have to be around money for example getting fit, many people are terrified of joining the gym.

    What mental blocks do they have? Not wanting to be slim and sexy? obviously not.

    Habits breed habits. Where attention goes energy flows as they say.

    Beliefs can be easily changed or they can be the procrastinators fuel. Some people talk and walk the walk, others just talk.

    When your ready to change your life you will know and nothing can or will stand in your way!
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    Originally Posted by InspiredMarketingGuy View Post

    Hey guys! I need your help! I want to remove
    my mental blocks towards money.
    You cannot help anyone else until you have the financial freedom to help yourself
    La dominatrix
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