Hemi-sync, holosync or lifeflow

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do you have any experience meditating with binaural CDs?

Or even better, which one would you recommend and why? I did my own little research. Hemi-sync Gateway Experience (18 CDs) and Lifeflow (10 CDs) cost approximately the same, holosync (also about 10 or more CDs) is much more expensive.

As far as I understand, Gateway Experience is a set of guided meditations which train the listener to achieve states they call Focus 10, Focus 15, and so on. What is important, passive listening to the tracks is not enough. Users may have some benefit if only they actualy perform excercises. In this sense, listening to GE should be active.

But holosync and lifeflow tracks are entrainment sounds only. Both use the same strategy - they lower the entrainment frequency in succesive steps. By listening to CDs without falling asleep the user is trained to stay alert first in alpha and next in theta states for say, half an hour or more. It looks like passive listening.

I wonder if passive listening to holosync or lifeflow can give the same benefits as active listening to GE.
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    You should check out Holothink.

    You'll get better results from remaining
    conscious, however the brain still receives
    the sounds and entrains to the state.

    Now, a good program (like Holothink) will
    include spikes in a higher state to pull you
    back out of sleep.
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    I've tried both holosync and lifeflow, and lifeflow wins, hands down. It is amazing - download their free demo and see for yourself!
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    Might I suggest that before you buy *any* CD sets you take a look at the range of products from Transparent Corp?

    Transparent Products - Software, Audio CDs, Accessories (Light/Sound Devices, EEG Units, etc)

    Basically, they make software that allows you to create your own brainwave entrainment CDs/mp3s, using your own choice of background sounds/ music, suggestions recorded in your own voice, and so on. The website is cram full of helpful information that they could easily be selling. There are presets for beginners, and advanced options for professionals - including to create sessions or products to sell, if you get the commercial license. And there is a 90 day guarantee, which is much much longer than you need to experience good results.

    No affiliation - just a happy owner of NeuroProgrammer 2.
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    Hi everyone,

    Recently, I got interested in Holosync. I didn't buy it, I was still thinking about it.

    Then, a few minutes ago, on a site, I found a comparison between Holosync and Lifeflow.

    The fact that Lifeflow costs less is very interesting.

    What surprised me even more was to find this discussion here about that same subject.

    I had never posted on the Warrior Forum since I registered back in November 2009. I'm still buying products to find THE ULTIMATE ANSWER to my procrastinating problem in regards to starting an Internet business.

    Every time I hear of a product or a marketer, I always try to find if it's genuine and reliable by typing the name followed by "warrior forum" in Google. I really trust the information I find here.

    And now, I can see that I can find information on other subjects that interest me besides IM. Wow !!! Awesome !!!

    The WF is now even higher on my list of sites I can trust for reliable information. Thanks everyone.

    Philippe Moisan
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    I wouldn't bother with any of it, if I'm being honest. I've been meditating for years and years and have regular out of body experiences / astral projection / lucid dreams etc. (I'm not saying that the common consensus on these things is correct, i.e. that you ACTUALLY leave your body, I'm just saying that I regularly experience what others would call OBEs, APs, LDs etc.).

    I tried all these tapes when I was first starting and I've tried them on and off occasionally and they're all just distractions. If you want these experiences it just takes practice... there's no miracle answer I'm afraid.
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    If you're interested in binaural beats, you can download a free app called "SbaGen". Just Google it - it comes with about 20 different preset beat files and has quite a bit of info on the topic, including an analysis of holosync from a technical POV. Totally free.

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