"Where do you begin?" Wonder no more . . . this is where you start!

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You want to make money online and you have no clue where to begin.

Why not go to the Warrior Forum, introduce yourself as a newbie, and ask a simple question like "Where do I start?", or "What's the best business right now?", or "How do I make the most money?", or "What are the best money making niches in 2016?"

First, you need to understand this:

There are plenty of successful and profitable business owners to support every argument imaginable about the best way to start an online business. There is no one best or universal way to begin. If you ask this forum where to start, you will get many varied answers:
  • Go with what I am doing - it's working for me
  • Go with your passion
  • Go with what has been successful for other people
  • Go with what you know (your education)
  • Go with your past training and work experience
  • Become a student of a niche and learn as you go
  • Choose what is currently popular and trending
  • Go with what your maket research tells you is in demand
  • Ask on the WF "What are the best niches?", then go for it
  • Fake it till you make it
  • Buy this e-book or WSO - we have the secret to your success
  • There are other starting points as well

No matter how you choose to begin, there will be plenty of proponents of that method as well as nay-sayers that argue for a better or more enlightened approach.

Any approach can work and has worked in the past. Any approach can be a total failure and has been a failure in the past for some people.

So where does that leave us - what have we learned so far? Only that asking "What is the best way to start?" is not a good question.

Why? Because every answer you get could be right or it could be wrong, depending upon . . . well . . . depending upon YOU.

You are the single most important ingredient or variable that makes the most difference in answering the question "What is the best way to start?"

Here's the thing . . .

Every entrepreneur is different. We all bring widely varying backgrounds, training, education, experience, and business related talents to the table.

Every entrepreneur has one or more specific reasons, or goals, or ambitions for wanting to make money online - and there's a good chance mine are quite different from yours.

Every entrepreneur has a different work ethic, different attention span, different levels of persistence, different propensities for things like routine execution tasks, writing, communicating with clients, handling rejection, creativity, and analyzing problems.

Every entrepreneur has different amounts of time for running a business, money he can use to get started, tolerance for risk, and varying levels of support or antagonism from spouses, family members, significant others, mentors, friends, etc.

The only thing that really matters for someone starting out . . . is what pertains in their own case - their own circumstance.

What someone else did, or is doing, or can do in the future will be totally dependent on their own circumstances at the time.

So many people come to the Warrior Forum asking "What works best?"

There is no good answer that can be given until YOU and your talents and inclinations are factored into the discussion. And that is the part that almost always gets left out! What do you bring to the table?

I get it that newbies feel they need to rely on others with experience to guide them - it's a seemingly logical starting point.

In practical terms, however, starting a business is less about what others are doing and mostly about what can (will) you do?

The irony is that what will work best for the newbie will most likely be what only the newbie knows (or maybe they don't know because they have never been tested in this way). What he/she is made of. What they will or won't do in a given situation. How much skill and talent they have that can be applied to the business. How hard they will work and how adept they are at solving problems. How persistent and consistent can they be. How much risk will they tolerate and how well they can keep up their spirits when things don't go well. How good are they at adapting, recognizing opportunities, and taking significant action.

Always remember this . . . You are the business.

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