Smiling - Your Most Powerful Social Weapon

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I just had to post this thread. You might or might not heard of this, but there MUST be someone that doesn't know.

Smiling - Your Most Powerful, Most Effective Social Weapon

Picture this:

You attend a social gathering and your usual buddies haven't arrive. But there are already lots of people(or strangers) that had arrived. You couldn't strike up a conversation, since you are too shy and know nobody there. Eventually, you wait and wait and wait until your buddies appear. Then only you become active and transform into your old self.

What you DON'T know is what you are missing out. You never know, unless you try. You might miss the opportunity to talk and share knowledge with a multi-millionaire. So, you HAVE to smile.

Smiling breaks the "invisible" barrier between you and the other stranger. When you smile, that particular stranger will, 99% of the time, smile back at you. They might think, "Hey is that someone I know?" After that, it's only natural to say "Hi!" and start the conversation.

And how much does this action of "smiling" costs you? Nope it's free. Zero cost, no catch. So why not utilize this free, powerful, untapped weapon? Here's something you can try.

The next time you stopped at the traffic lights, turn to the vehicle next to you and smile. Believe me, the receiving end will smile back and you might even wind down the mirror to spark a conversation! It's just that magical, but I notice that few people ever use this weapon. Utilize this free tool and see the change instantly!

"Smile your way to the bank!"


"Smiling is like traffic, even if you have the best website in the world, you would fail without a proper way to show your visitors."

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    I don't know, I think I'd be kinda freaked out if the guy next to me just shot me a random smile. I can see the conversation now *guy next to you rolls down window* "What the heck you smiling at buddy?". Lol
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    It all breaks down to social skills. Smiling if not done right can freak out people. It's all about non-verbal communication skills. Not just smiling.
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    This is a nice written post... i feel smiling is most essential in social life and to be healthy and happy in an individuals life.. but this completely depends on the scenarion in which you are and the circumstance that you are dealing with. Smiling at wrong time at wrong people can get you in t problems. Thanks
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    Smiling is important but I do not think that it is your most powerful weapon. I believe that good social skills in general is your most valuable social weapon.

    *Knowing when to speak
    *How to speak
    *Sound confident on what your talking about
    *KNOW what your talking about
    *Getting to know the person you are speaking with
    *Smiling(not crazy looking smile but a genuine smile)

    These all fit under the category of "social weaponry" These things do take practice as well so I highly suggest doing that so that you know what your doing when you are talking to people you are not familiar with
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    It also depends on how your smile looks. You can smile at someone all you want, but if you have a creepy smile your "social weaponry" may backfire.

    Best to practice in a mirror first
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    How about an open honest smile? - but only if you want to get into conversation!
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    Actually, my friend once tried this smile. The guy on the motorcycle next guy thought he was insane. My friend was putting up a stupid smile LOL!
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    Yes smiling is very powerful but as noted above, it must be done in a very indirect casual manner

    nice post!
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    It's definitely the difference between making your guests/surrounding people comfortable or uncomfortable. If you have trouble striking up a conversation with strangers, or just meeting new people you've never met before you SHOULDN'T. You can be whoever you want to new people! They learn to accept you for who you are when they realize your not the life of the party all the time
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    Very interesting post here. I do believe in the power of a smile. I make use of it a lot and I know for what it's worth, it makes me feel happy and light inside. Make new friends too.
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    Maybe I'm missing something but how come the words 'social' and 'weapon' are being used together? If you regard your smile as a weapon, aren't you going to send the wrong signals because the rest of your body language could tell others that deep down you're planning to attack them?
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    I agree. Smiling is indeed powerful especially when doing business with people. Somehow, when the person you're dealing with is smiling, conversations and meetings become lighter and more pleasing.
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