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For me Corey Rudyl really sold the dream, then I read Joe Karbo's book, then did nothing for 10 years lol, finally Stuart Goldsmith got me going.

So which IM'er got you going??
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    For me it wasn't a celebrity, or an "IMer" it was my few of my dads millionaire golfing buddies. They all operate in different industries, one owns a construction business, another owns a garden center, one makes private label sauces for own brand companies, and the last one I know runs an industrial estate and leases units.

    A lot of these people started out with nothing, the richest guy of them all who own a construction company started out with one small excavator he rented out. Showed me that there's a ton of money to be made out there, and you've just got to take risks and get to work!
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    Actually none..

    Now - I find motivation from people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Grant Cardone, GaryVee, etc.
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      It was my last boss, about 22 years ago. He said, "Work, or you're fired!" I've never looked back since then.
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    Hi Gary,

    No one in IM per se; more like Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Tim Ferriss.

    Really, freedom inspires me. Being able to circle the globe, help people, receive money and work and travel on my own schedule is a gift, an intent I hold, and as I hold it and help folks and have loads of fun the freedom intent continues to multiply in my life.


    PS...If you asked 8 years ago I'd say Frank Kern Dude still rocks but as my energy and intent changed I vibed with different folks.
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    my parents with love and understanding
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    Great thread! I'm going to move this into the /mind-warriors sub forum.

    One source of motivation for me is a little left field as it's multiple people who have achieved greatness. Jack Ma is a really strong motivator in my opinion based on his perspective on his own uphill battles.

    He doesn't sprint up the hills, rather he builds a stronger/taller foundation to stand upon each time.

    Inevitably though, with all successes and motivation in mind, there's nothing stronger than the perpetual words in my head that scream:

    "dream bigger."
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    Napoleon Bonaparte and some others on this caliber, I won't mention.
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    though i have listened to all the motivation performance guru's the motivation never led to any result .

    Last year just after moving to Las Vegas i ran out of money faster than expected i was a few hour from being homeless and called a guy to help who put me in an Allen from hang over costume ..

    the desire to not be homeless motivated me to work my ass off ..and put time in hustling ever day .

    results motivate me .. in any case im sill doing the costume thing and after injuring my knees twice in the last week i'm motivatto add other sources of income ..

    now my main motivation is the house i want to own in Hawaii on a few acers of land that i could put a little fish pond in .. so im visualizing eating fish a few times a week after just pulling it out of my pond then tossing it right on the grill ..yum

    anyway there are also negative thing you need to be aware of that motivate me at least ..average people are being fed to death ..there eating foods that lack minerals and cause multiple illnesses that put them on many medications ..and the catalyst is the high stress environment in most work places today ..

    how many people do you know in their thirties and 40's are fighting or have died from cancer..or are diabetic or so expensive medical condition .

    Taking care of my parents through the last years of their life and they had good retirements pension and ssi and health insurance and seeing the nursing homes suck them drie at the end and the lawyers get more from their life insurance than we children did ..

    I simply refuse to get back on the treadmill of average and work the next 30-40 years building a nest egg .. watching my eggs get stole every time their is a market down turn .. then ending my life waiting for the money to run out and then watch everything be taken away before i die ..

    blah i ramble .. it is up to me to create the life i want ..not try to be middle class when there is no such thing anymore
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    the biblical paul. I get lots of inspiration when ever I read his story in the bible. A guy who discovered his purpose and stuck with it despite all the troubles.

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    I'd say Tony Robbins originally. I remember his pain & pleasure talk and that really got me thinking. Recently it's been all YouTube motivation & inspiration videos though!
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    Marie Forleo, as a woman too, I can relate to how sometimes it's different but that doesn't count us out. So I got my butt up and moving...

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