Does anyone here know about the "6 Questions"?

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Has anyone here heard of Marshall Goldsmith? He wrote this really interesting personal development book "What Got You Here, Won't Get You There". He's written some newer stuffs too like "Triggers" - another really great book if you're into personal development.

Anyways, there's this magic 6 questions that Marshall lectures about which has helped more than half of the people who do it to improve within 2 months or so...

It's "Have I done my best to create..."
1) Happiness?
2) Meaningful?
3) Engaged?
4) Build good relations?
5) Set clear goals?
6) Progress to goals?

And what you're supposed to do is rate it from 1-10.

I seem to be going up and down with my score, but I feel like my life has been improving. And I'd like to take this exercise to another level, and I was wanted to ask anyone out here who would be interested to partner with me on this?

The "other level" by the way, is to make a list of specific questions, for you - and get someone to check up on you about them once a week. The questions can be something about your life goal or something like - have you gone for a check-up at the doctor's? It's up to you to come up with the questions.

And this stuff is supposed to be very effective in changing your life.

Anyone interested to partner up for this?
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