Managing leads/prospects generated from online marketing efforts.

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I'm just trying to see if anyone can help me. I'm checking if it would make sense for a small to medium sized business to have a phone tool/system/technology?

I directed my potential buyers to call a hotline and I'm worried that I'd duplicate their records and get an inaccurate statistic. I hope this makes sense, I'm just not that familiar with phone tools, anything you can suggest would be appreciated.
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    What kind of business are you running? Are you selling products or are you selling services? Do you have a physical store or you're mainly based online? Are you selling and marketing to a local audience? What tool are you currently using?

    You might need to provide more info so responses can be more specific. If you're worried about duplicate records, I'm guessing your CRM doesn't do the job for you. This kind of things usually happens when your CRM software fails to detect an existing record and creates another record for another call from the same caller.

    You can link your customer database and your phone system of choice using an integration software like Tenfold. It links both of these systems and provides you with capabilities that can increase your team's productivity and efficiency. It can get rid of duplicate records, too (which I assume is one of your biggest hurdles) now.

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