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I"m looking for affiliate programs on the topic of LOA. I googled and didn't find any that really impresses me.

PLease point out to me any aff programs that you've had success with or highly recommend.

Many thanks,
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    Hi CHoying,
    You can certainly find what you are looking for by visiting my website.

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    I really like and use "Mind Movies", for both making promotional videos and also affirmation videos.

    "Mind Movies"are a great "Law of Attraction" affiliate product both to use and promote.

    Expect the Best
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    Mind movies is in fact a great one to use
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    I was wondering the exact same question.

    I'd never heard of mind movies, but I'm
    pretty impressed with what I read.
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    Hi, Here is an awesome program by Bob Proctor. It has a great affiliate program attached with it! the sgrprogram THE SCIENCE OF GETTING RICH
    I haven't done enough posts to put a link in so if your interested send me a personal message.
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    There are good Law of Attraction products with high percentage payout for affiliates.

    Here's is one of them: Law Of Attraction Affiliate Programs

    Check it out! It might be the best you've found!
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    Mind movies is one of the best ul come accross

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