How many times have you been fired?

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Hey Warriors!

How many times have you been fired?

I was listening to one of Perry Marshall MP3s and he asked how many in the audience had been fired.

Hands here, hands there, hands everywhere.

Lets just say it was A LOT!

Got me thinking if IM attracts ADD, authority questioning rebels?

I'm proud to say I'm been fired or "laid off" from just about every job I've ever had. I've 6 in my bag.

So, how many times have you been fired?
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    haha...well I just picked up and left the only job I ever had after only 3 months of work.

    I can't stand to sit around and do a bunch of pointless things that have no bearing on my life sooooo...I imagine if I got a job I'd be fired in weeks : 0

    If people don't get fired it's either because they enjoy their job(don't have a problem with that) or they've just been raised to work hard on what their task is no matter the outcome(not horrid either)..I'm pretty sure that most of us here have been fired or laid off...because if they cared they wouldn't be pokin around this forum!!

    So great thread dude
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    i was once fired... for being drunk/tipsy
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      I've been fired once and that was enough for me, lol!

      I was fired from a healthcare job that I (mostly) enjoyed and had been an employee at for approximately 15 years, almost my whole adult working life. I'd held three different positions there over the years. This job had been my "home away from home" and I had some really great friendships, connections and memories. If I *had* to work (and I did) it was a decent place to be. I felt pretty lucky. Not to mention, I needed that paycheck, of course!

      The firing was due to scheduling conflicts and lack of communication (on their part) as I had followed policy and procedure, as I had always done throughout the years there. The fact that I was being fired meant that any job doing a reference check on me that I applied to in the future would be told by my former company that I was not rehireable, despite all of my years there as an employee with a good reputation. Being that I spent most of my working life at this company, they were the only reference I could put down. I had no other options to choose from.

      I felt devastated and betrayed when it happened, but soon became very angry. They tried to fight me on unemployment, but I fought back, and "won" during phone court, so it turns out the state saw the company had been in the wrong, as well. I won't lie...I felt some satisfaction in that! However, even though it's now been a few years since this happened, I still feel some disappointment in that whole situation.

      This made me realize three important things for certain:

      (1) It CAN happen to you!

      (2) You can have a long history as a dependable, dedicated and valuable employee and give years of your life, but when it comes down to it, there is just no such thing as "job security"!

      3) You must figure out how to be your own boss!
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    This is a great thread, I bet a VERY high percentage of entrepreneurs have been fired.

    Most people are embarrassed to admit it. Not me. I was fired once. I've been self-employed ever since. At the time, I thought my world was ending. It only took a few months to understand that my LIFE was finally beginning.
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      Same here. My last boss/job was pushing unrealistic targets not to mention another member of staff in my same rank who felt the need to **** stir behind my back. Poisonous company and I left because I had the guy call me thinking I was my boss and begin to Bad mouth me only to realise seconds later it was me. Lol I laugh now but that was about all I was going to take. I quite the next day with no job to go to. I ended up working for myself and never looked back. I've had a fantastic time learning how and it made me realise you don't have to rely on someone else to line your pockets. I've had awesome up and bad lows but I feel I gained lots of knowledge in the process.
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    You wouldn't believe it but...

    13 times.

    Dead serious. One of the strangest advetures in my life
    was constantly forcing myself to realize that I am born
    to lead my own destiny, and not follow someone elses
    plan for me.

    I was actually a great worker, but my personality and
    confidence seemed to irritate those who wanted some
    one a little less...outgoing?

    Ah...but now I call the shots
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      I relate so much to what you're saying! I think you're the only person I've talked to that's been fired more than myself. Don't know if that will last at the rate I'm going. I wish I could find a way to be my own boss!
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    Fired 2x for correct reasons, RIF'd once.
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    Oh wow i run my own business ...
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    I've never been fired...
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    Only once, froma restaraunt, for not shaving. Oh and I was a host.
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    Once. One week they were telling me to "get management" and when they figured out I wasn't interested they canned me (6 days before Christmas).

    It turned out great though. I bought the equipment and went into business against them and was netting $150/hour (a little more than they were paying me).
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      I have been fired 3 times. I probably quit 6 different jobs. I just could not deal with working for someone except myself.
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    On my story on my work I'm not experience to fired as of now because i do all my best to maintain my good works.
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    3 times I guess, but everytime I quit myself for a better opportunity
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    When you are fired is better to stay on good terms with your old boss, especially considering that upcoming employers might be phoning your ex boss for references.
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    I've been fired twice. Once was technically a forced resignation.
    Some firms don't like firing, but it becomes a bear to get
    unemployment if you quit. The good thing is that usually
    they will give you a good word on your next job. It's
    a trade off.

    Received a layoff notice a year ago, but was rehired on
    a month to month basis.

    Hence, concentrating on online income like the rest of us!

    Carol Arty, AKA RT
  • Profile picture of the author miserman interesting question.....Though I never been fired but this time I am perceiving that I would be fire form my current position, but no worries at all :-)
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    None. Well, unless you consider it as firing myself when I decided to sell my businesses.
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      wow, I'm so happy this thread was revived.

      I still hold the same belief I did in 2010: Entrepreneurs get fired a lot more than the average worker.

      I take it as a badge of honor!

      In fact, I share getting fired in my six figures a year professional business practice: Our Story | Adam C. Libman
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    I was fired once. I worked in a salad factory where we made potato, macaroni, and all kinds of salads that got shipped to local supermarkets. I was on the macaroni salad packing line and it was a beautiful day out. I was 16 at the time, my summer job.

    I decided I wanted to be outdoors so I picked up a pint container of fresh-from-the-vat macaroni salad, walked over to the forman and dumped the container on to his shoes. Fired instantly, thought he was going to take a shot at me. Got a nice tan that afternoon.

    The gal who got me the job, the daughter of the owner, called me up that night laughing herself silly after hearing what I'd done and offered my my job back. I think she kinda liked me.... :p
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    Never have been fired but I probably should have been a few times due to my overall lack of interest in pretty much any job I ever had.

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