Most Racist Movie Quotes

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Lol. I love movie quotes. I am of mixed race (Black, White, Latino, Indian, Native Amer.), but I LOVE racist quotes. Partly because I can relate to them so much. Its funny to laugh at how American society thinks of you, like irony. Some are mean and cruel and not funny at all though.

Most Racist one I can think of (Gran Tarino):

Asian Girl: You should come over for dinner.
Old White Man: Just keep your hands off my dog.

Very offensive, but people laugh at it. Don't you think society should move on? Isn't supremacy pathetic?

If we got rid of it, don't you think we would prosper? What is your stand on this?
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    rather not discuss such values !!!
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    What you described was a stereotype. "What people call ‘stereotypes' are what scientists call ‘empirical generalizations. Many stereotypes are empirical generalizations with a statistical basis and thus on average tend to be true. If they are not true, they wouldn't be stereotypes." Everyone is racist to a certain degree. Some way more so than others.
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    I think we all should learn from this thread...
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    Ok as many says such discussion will only bring negativity. When you talk about such issue only negative things will come out.
    Please stop discussing these things. Its not 1950's its 21st century. Talk about something positive.

    My request to moderator either delete or close this thread.

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