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A Problem is anything that brings about difficulty in human life and requires great thinking resulting to solution. Man was made by God to solve problem and that really make man to be different from other being. God has also given man an extraordinary ability to solve problems. Like I have said problem solving requires great thing and reasoning (consuming much energy) it also require time, but to my greatest surprise not everyone can solve problem! That is shocking you know. To solve any problem there are basically some principle (ways) that you can use and get instant result.
The Following are the six ways you can use to solve problem like a magic!

1. Identify the problem and its source:
one of the major reason why most peopleís problem are not yet solved is that they donít know where it originate from, and that could be another problem of its own because you can still be getting it tougher if you still stick to the source of your problem.

2. Have confidence that your problem can be solved:
I want you to know that no matter how big your problem may look, just have this understanding that it can be solve. As far, a thing is being thought and called a problem then it can be solved because man was made to solve problems. You will only be making your problem bigger if you think it cannot be solved. Do not be swallowed up by your problem. Where I will want you to get serious that you should see God to be bigger than your problem and see Cod helping you out, even it the doctor is saying that your problem will lead to death I want to tell you that it is the fact about your problem but not true, yes I mean what they said is the fact but not the truth, because when Godís hand reach out to you there will be an outstanding solution in your life if only you believe.

3. Get in touch with the problem solver and the solution giver:
So many people get into much bigger problem than they ever thought they would have gotten into in the cause of seeking solution from the wrong source. Let me share a bit of my experience with you maybe it will give you a better sense to accept the truth Iím about to unveil to you.

I woke up one day and found out that one of the internal organ came out through my anus and for weeks I was carrying it in my trousers, I just knew this would require a medical attention and I knew that the doctor will ask me for a surgical operation since I studied such cases in my early school days. But I didnít visit any doctor to diagnose what I was since I just believe that God was going to heal me if only I ask Him to, so I prayed (commanding the organ to return its original position in the name of Jesus) and Guess what? That organ returned to its original position, up till now it has never occurred and I never visited any hospital. Glory to God!
I know you would like to call it a miracle, yes it is! That is a wonderful work done by my Lord Jesus (I call him my lord Jesus and you too can call him you Lord it you will accept him to be) and Iím happy with it. You too can get your problem fixed up if only you believe.

4. Disassociate yourself with the wrong kind of people:
you arenít going to get any problem solved if you are still in relationship with those who caused your immediate problem or making it worse for you, or even those telling you that it will never get better, be it a professional, I want to tell you that they are on the negative side if they ever told you that. You will only be in more frustration if you still have them. There is a saying that if you put a bad egg among good ones the rest will get bad, keeping bad friends will make you lose more than you have and put you in dept.

5. Get an excellent tool to deal with it:
If you have identified what your problem really is, then your problem is half solve. However, you still need to finish it by knowing what next to do and doing it quickly. Thereafter you need the right materials to get it solved. I want you to know that not all problems may be diagnosed to be spiritual, because while some are spiritual some others are physical, mental, technique-cal and so on. Nevertheless, I have not said that you should not pray for all things to be solved. Now let me get you a little further, you donít need prayers to get your room bulb switched on if there is already electricity flowing in your house, expect you are handicap and cannot lift up your hands to get it switched on, then you need a miracle for that but if you are praying or sure miracle while you have your hands fixed up then you will be wasting your time!

One of the excellent tools to use is to get close to those who can help you out, and getting the right book that deals specifically with your problem. You can also make online searches to find such tool. Remember that not every book you see online can bring solution, first of all I want you to identify with the word of God (the Bible) Godís Word says ď the word of God is quick, powerful and sharper than any two edged sword. Therefore, you need an excellent tool to get problems solved.

6. Praying and getting results after praying:
First of all if you are not yet born again (accepted Jesus Christ as your lord and savior) then you are in the biggest of all problem because you cannot get God helping you then you will need to pray a prayer that I will give to you at the end of this write-up. I want you to put this in front of your mind and (never put good things behind your mind because you will surely forget). prayer for Excellency to handle your immediate problem because it is very necessary but note that not everybody will get an answer if they pray (I know you will like you ask who then can pray?) because the bible says ďany one that comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a re-warder of them that diligently seek HimĒ ď no one comes to God without coming through his Son Jesus ChristĒ so any one that does not believe in God cannot receive answers from him. When you pray tell God what you want Him to do for you, donít tell him your problem but tell God that you want your problem solved. (He has said that what ye ask that will I do). If you have been praying to God in other name than the name of Jesus then you have been making a very great mistake, I means you are praying to God the way He didnít ask you to pray! Thatís the reason why your prayers are not being answered. Every time I pray to God I get results. Yes I meant what I just said. Let me share another testimony of what I just got.

Some weeks back my phone fell and the phone got blind (the doesnít show picture on the screen)because I didnít budget to buy a new one I left it on my table, few weeks later I picked up the phone and opened it and to see if there is anything wrong with it but found nothing so I prayed like this with faith in my heart (I command you to start working now in the name of Jesus) and I coupled it back and switched it on and immediately it start working the way it used to. Hallelujah!
You too can achieve the same result if you have faith and pray. I see you solving your problems and having results.
Are you born again?
If yes, praise God but If you are not born again praise God also, why because it is not a coincidence that you are reading this. I believe that this is your perfect opportunity to become born again. God loves you so much that he sent his only begotten son to come and die in your stead as punishment for all your sins-past, present and future. All you need to is to become born again and you can simply do that right away by just saying these prayers after me aloud
Dear God
I admit that I am a sinner and have not recognized you to be my Lord, but now I come to you to forgive me my sins that I may become your child, I promise not to go back to do the bad things I use to do. I believe that you can solve my problems In Jesus name, Amen!
Hallelujah! Congratulation, you are now born again. If you just prayed this prayer then I would like to hear your testimonies, you can call me or email me.
You too can be an expert in solving your problems and that of others with these highlighted ways!
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    This was a killer and every IM guy (and gal) needs this.
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    great stuff,thanks for sharing.
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    Great stuff my friend. But i am little unsure about the organ stuff. Whats wrong in consulting a doctor? I mean lord jesus sent doctors here on earth, whats the issue is using them. I really liked your post. Its amazing stuff.
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    Interesting - I'll go with most of it....
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    You'v got a great read out there. Thanks for the share.
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    THis is really awsome stuff, Thanks for sharing
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    Great tips. Thanks for sharing this.
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    Interesting sarticle, i too was not sure about the "organ" bit or the relevence, but regarding solving problems Napoleon Hill quotes

    "Thoughts are things! And powerful things at that, when mixed with definiteness of purpose, and burning desire, can be translated into riches."

    I believe he meant all types of riches not just financial riches!
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    Thanks for sharing these great tips.


    Cris Stylez
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    Nice tips..thanx for the share,...being practical is more important along with this..
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    Originally Posted by ankur sharma View Post

    Great stuff my friend. But i am little unsure about the organ stuff. Whats wrong in consulting a doctor? I mean lord jesus sent doctors here on earth, whats the issue is using them. I really liked your post. Its amazing stuff.
    I agree that doctors and some medications have their place in God's divine plan for healing. I had a sister who died of breast cancer because she felt that surgery and medications were not of God and wanted no part of them. I believe that all healing, no matter how it comes, is in God's plan.
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    Nice sharing TQ fo the info
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    Interesting input, cheers...
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    wow man! great stuff you said here man! thanks!
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    great post, thanks!
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    Originally Posted by David Ford View Post

    Interesting sarticle, i too was not sure about the "organ" bit or the relevence, but regarding solving problems Napoleon Hill quotes

    "Thoughts are things! And powerful things at that, when mixed with definiteness of purpose, and burning desire, can be translated into riches."

    I believe he meant all types of riches not just financial riches!
    I agree when I read Think and Grow Rich a number of times I saw where he mentions that his techniques are for more than physical riches.
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    Great post man..thanks for sharing such kind of post.your steps will help to solve any problems and will help to make a person confident and self dependent....
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    Ya some really nice information to solve any problem of us and a good one keep it up warrior.......
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    Great post man! Thanks a lot for sharing, this really makes sense.
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    lovely post, nice formula - revolving around on your belief system.

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