Results Of Meditation.

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Meditation is something that everyone should do.

When i do it,i feel very relaxed mentally and physically.

If you do it,please share your results you got via meditation.

Watch these videos to learn it if you do not know how to do meditation -
Learn Mediation From These Videos!
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    I used to do this every single day when I was still in the seminary. And it actually makes you feel relaxed and feel serene. Its a time when you can free yourself from anything about the world, the world of pain, hardships, problems, struggles etc. Its the best time to divert your mind, yourself to the the beauty of life, how great life is.

    By logic, when you meditate you always inclined to go to the positive side of life instead of leaning to the negative, and in no time will make you insane. You are meditating, you are in solitude and you will think of negative things? you will get crazy.


    Again it boils down to one principle.

    Everything is in the MIND.
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    Learning meditation and living in the moment completely changed my life. My mind used to tell me a lot of nasty things about myself. Now of course I realize that none of what it said was in any way true! I pretty much went from depression to joy, and I've never looked back. My mind is very quiet nowadays.

    Shutting off the mind results in inner peace, calm and feelings of joy every time. Chris is right, it's virtually impossible to be negative when you meditate. It helps you focus too.
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    Meditation is the gateway to the soul. It provides the illuminated path of shifting from the ego self of the soul into spiritual oneness. It is the key to unlocking the ego self of the soul, shifting the energy of the ego self of the soul being one with our soul thereby bring spiritual oneness within us, within our soul. It is within meditation that we shift vibrationally to connect with Spirit. Meditation assists us with our spiritual journey to realize our life's purpose within this life experience. Benefits of meditation, though free from being sought in meditation, are indeed derived from meditation praxis. Some of them include being focused, centered, and grounded - especially amidst the appearance of the illusion called distractions, soul balance and harmony, a deep genuine feeling of calm and relaxation, a continuous state of absoulute love and well-being, a remembering of our connection with all, of all, for all, and in all that is, and an awareness of the one infinite moment.
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    I have a question - is not we are in a state of meditation when we fall asleep?
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    I'm so pleased that there are like minded people out there who meditate.

    I meditate for an hour every morning in our teepee which is in our garden. Man, it's so peaceful out. We live @ the foot of a mountain and there is a beautiful stream with salmon in it which runs at the bottom of our garden.

    I find that meditation helps focus the mind. Keep me alert and ready for the day ahead.
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    wow. good for you to have such conducive environment for meditation. I believe that its also the environment that adds more depth/value to our meditation. The environment should by nature be positive and once we are in meditation, we more likely be more aware of our sorroundings, that leads us to appreciating it, and will end up in more harmony with it. Consequently, we will have more sense of positivism to face each day, or anything ahead of us.
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    Yep meditation is great! It's not some hogwash BS, it really makes you feel good and clears your mind and makes you happier.

    I've had some pretty crazy (good crazy experiences while meditation.

    I can't wait to quit my job one day, set up a meditation area and meditate daily at home.
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    I meditate while i work by chanting affirmations - anything that focises the mind is a meditiation 0- although sitting still is the traditional way -
    im a bhuddist
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    "... something everyone should do"; perhaps. And certainly something that should be done every day, since the key to effective meditation is practice. As Vince Lombardi said, "Practice doesn't make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect." Anyone who knows meditation knows how difficult it is, especially at first.
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    hey there!
    Found this on a Blog somewhere.Seemed quite useful to me!

    5 Surprising Benefits of Meditation You Should Know:

    For decades meditation practice has been viewed with suspicion and often thrown into the same ‘esoteric’ pot as crystals, astrology and palm readings. However, the situation is changing fast as more and more people turn to meditation practice, looking for silence, inner peace and tranquility.
    If you have never meditated, below are some convincing reasons, why you might want to reconsider and give it a try.
    If you are practicing meditation regularly (or at least trying to), keep reading anyway to discover all the physiological, psychological and spiritual benefits that you get while meditating!
    5 Amazing Benefits of Meditation:

    1. Stronger, healthier heart.
    Meditation is not just a practice to calm down our mind. It has numerous physical health benefits as well. Recent studies have found that meditation can protect us against heart disease and stroke (both leading causes of death in the world). Your heart can benefit from regular meditation in many different ways: it lowers blood pressure, improves blood circulation, and reduces cholesterol and atherosclerosis (the buildup of plaque in the arteries that can cause heart problems).

    2. Slimmer, better looking body.
    It sounds too good to be true, but, never-the-less, it is true – you can shed pounds without sweating in the gym!
    It is not a secret that we gain a lot of extra calories due to our bad eating habits (like eating in a hurry or munching on something when we feel frustrated, sad or bored). Stress relief and relaxation provided by meditation promote more conscious eating helping us to eat healthier and, consequently, stay thinner.

    3. Reversed biological Aging Process.
    Biological age measures how old a person is physiologically, taking in consideration the functioning of the major organ systems. As it turns out, long-term meditators, who have been practicing meditation for more than five years are physiologically 12 years younger than their chronological age, while short-term meditators quickly reverse physiological signs of aging by 5 years! Try it for yourself and feel your body getting younger and healthier every day!

    4. Reduced stress and anxiety.
    Neurological studies of the brain show that meditation boosts the intensity of alpha waves – associated with quiet, receptive states that can not be achieved during sleep or other relaxation techniques. This relaxed state combats worry and stress by efficiently lowering “stress” hormones and shifting brain activity to the calmer left hemisphere.

    5. Stronger immune system and improved mood.
    It has been shown that meditation can help produce antibodies against illness as well as lift your spirits, when you feel frustrated or sad. But the most remarkable thing is that these positive biological effects can last up to four months after the end of meditation training. Which means that it is enough to meditate for a couple of weeks to stay healthy for months!

    As for me, Meditation has always resulted in a calmer & stabler mind. Its also agreat tresss Buster. The best part is , however small it may be,Mediatiaon always helps in personal well being.
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    Very nice discussion. I never knew meditating can be this powerful and amazing! I must try to do em for all these awesome benefits.
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    i meditate every day and find it gives me a great feeling of peace, and i believe helps boost my immune system and i now dont get as sick any more as stress melts away
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    When I try an meditate I tend to relax to the point of falling asleep. Before that happens my mind is a racetrack of thoughts so I can only assume the purge is happening. I do need to be more consistent with it.

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    When I use to try and mediate I would always fall asleep. Haven't tried it in a while. Need to do this. I know it would help me.
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    Yes, i also want to say something about meditation that Meditation is one of the five principles of yoga. It an important tool to achieve mental clarity and health. An overview of the different beginner and advanced meditation techniques will aid in choosing the right meditation exercise for anyone. I always do it in proper manner and see good result.
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    I would say the biggest impact that it had on me was more energy throughout day which I noticed becasue I didn't change else but implement it into to my days. I slept the same amount but I was more focused and energized.
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    I agree with Asanga, the whole purpose is to let go and be an observer of our life. If we loose focus, so what? Go back on track, you loose focus again? No problem, it's rather normal after years of stress and bad conditioning. Just breathe!
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    i do the meditation everyday...

    it make my mind feel lighter...
    its feel like you can get new inspiration in meditation...
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    I truely believe that meditation is one the best ways to get into a better vibration naturally. It may take some time, but after time, it doesn't really matter. I can't imagine a day without meditation. It's the same as I couldn't go with a day without brushing my teeth. It's a habit, it's enjoyable and it gives you so much piece inside. Just can't buy it. But need to experience it to truely understand it... I recommend it to anyone!
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    I feel more intune with myself and my business goals when I meditate.

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